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All 800+ Legal and Shiny Pokemon Sword and Shield [ Including Isle of Armor & Crown Tundra ] 2.2.3

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About This File

The save file is fully updated with a new save file that contains all the Pokemon currently exist in SWSH. This includes both DLCs.

  • Full Galar Dex [ Base Dex + Isle Of Armor + Crown Tundra ] 
  • There are some flags. Do check them but they're all minor flags

Missing Pokemon as of now

  • Victini, Volcanion, Diancie, Genesect [ Will add them when they get released ] 


  • Main Galar Dex - Completed
  • Isle of Armor - Completed
  • Crown Tundra - Completed

Main story - Completed 

Isle of Armor - Completed

Crown Tundra - Main 3 quests were completed. Regis, Birds captured

  • Side quests like Alolan Diglett hunting is still active

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Major Changes in Version 2.0:

  • The save file is now and English! (Au revoir French) Credits to @Heavysmackdown and @Aelhis for English Save games.
  • Shiny and Ultra Shiny Versions of both pokemon are now included! Thanks to @alaneed44
  • All Gigantamax Pokemon are now in the save file!
  • Fixed Legality for Console Region, Country, and Region on all of the Pokemon.
  • Changed OT of most of the Pokemon to "D Dark Zap" for tracking purposes
  • Illegal Pokemon are now in Box 29 and 30
  • The earliest catch date on any Pokemon should be 11/12/2019.
  • All Pokemon appear as legal as of 12/9/2019


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I think this will be very fun I just need a tutorial on how to get this on my switch

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Thank you very much!

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Wow awesome save file man 5/5. Thanks for having one the only Save files on the internet with every shiny/square shiny, I appreciate it so much. I bet you're a really cool guy. I'LL MAKE SURE TO COMMENT ANY QUESTIONS/COMPLIANTS I HAVE INSTEAD OF LEAVING A REVIEW. Thanks again :)

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I used your previous ones on the 3DS too. Good job and thanks for your effort. This lets me trade/giveaway Pokemon faster since i only need to change few things 

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this is amazing. Now is easier to have the files of pokemon created and tweak some of the content

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Thanks for the save, it’s greatly appreciated 👍

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thank u for that #1

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Now the save is in English with Female character. All pkmn are ok, i like much.

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lv 70 Hyper train?

Response from the author:

Four Pokemon out of 900 had this problem, and instead of responding with what they are, you leave a review for 4/5, AND it's your first action on the entire website. I fixed the save file though 🙃. Thanks for moving this download to the second page :)

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GREAT work as usual! Only thing I get when they're a shiny legendary from max raids, I get " Static Encounter Shiny Mismatch". Pretty sure this is a problem from PKHEX as they are able to be shiny through the max raids. I just hate seeing the Red Exclamation Mark and then trying to put them into game. Should be good to go still right? TIA!

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can someone help me.

i can not run tis how do i run it

and this is the best one i have seen in ages 

thnx for it 


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First of all, thank you very much for all the work you have put into this memory stand!

Unfortunately, it is now a bit out of date so that some pokemon are no longer marked as legal in pkhex. The pokemon which have been added via dlc are missing. I would be very happy about an update of the main file.

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im kind of scared to download this cuz it says a lot of pokemon are illegal? anyone else have this issue?

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One of the best and most updated save file if you want to start working on you pokemon on SwSh!thanks :D

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