Gen 7 Legit Living Dex 1.0.0

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About This File

This is my living dex save file for my Pokemon Sun. All of these pokemon were caught or obtained legit. Also none of these pokemon should be duplicates (I didnt clone any pokemon and evolve the clones to save time. All are separate pokemon.


Also please note. Some of my Gen 1-2 Pokemon are not currently legit because they are from GS which isnt officially legit yet. Some of my pokemon are from crystal which has not been released yet, but will in the future.


The only Pokemon that are not legit are 

AZ Floette

Magearna old form


The Pokemon that are not from me (except for trades) are

Pikachu Sinnoh
Pikachu Unova
Pikachu Kalos
Pikachu Alola
Magearna old form

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I only count the pokemon in my box for the living dex. I'm not going to count the pokemon in my party as part of the living dex. Some of the gen 2 originating pokemon have gen 1 moves because I bred them in gen 2 so they have egg moves. As I said in the description the only pokemon that I didnt get legit (yet) were the ash cap pikachus because they haven't all come out yet. Magearna old form and marshadow. Also with the Kyurem. I know they arent legit because there are 2 of them in the box. I fused them in their originating game and just dragged them into these games. I know thats not what matters for kyurem but I wanted to make it at least a little more legit to say that I fused them manually in their originating game and then transferred them instead of just changing their form. Again for the ditto why would I count that as part of my living dex. Its a hacked one someone sent me online, but it was from japan, shiny, and 6IV, so I use it to breed sometimes. I dont understand if you think im trying to deceive people or something but what I posted was true. Ill upload the rest of my living dex if you want so you can see where all of these pokemon originated from.

Edit: with crystal its pretty obvious that they will be coming out with crystal. Im pretty sure the only reason they didnt release crystal with gold and silver is because it would have crippled the sales of those games since Gold and Silver are inferior in a bunch of ways.


I just wanted to do something nice for the community and it sounds pretty hostile is all im saying. Sorry if I mislead you.

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Thank you for sharing this. I've made a legit Living Dex with all other OTs, and am working on a living dex with only my OTs and a shiny living so I know how hard making one of these can be. I'm sure this'll be a massive help to a lot of people who have lives (unlike me, haha!) 

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