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Pokemon Ranger Blank Mission Saves 1.2.0

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About This File

Here you can find blank save files that include all of the Special Missions as well as all of the Extra Missions for EU, US and Japanese versions of the NDS Pokemon Ranger games.

You have to finish the game to be able to play the missions in the Ranger Net!

The included missions are the following:

Pokemon Ranger - Shadows of Almia

  • Recover the Manaphy Egg! (reward: Manaphy Egg)
  • Rescue Kidnapped Riolu! (reward: Riolu)
  • Liberate the Tower! (reward: Darkrai)
  • Dialga in Hia Valley!?
  • Palkia in Haruba Desert!?
  • For the Bride and Shaymin!

Pokemon Ranger - Guardian Signs

  • Protect The Blue Sphere (reward: Manaphy Egg)
  • Investigate the Odd Eruption (reward: Heatran)
  • Deoxys and the Odd Temple (reward: Deoxys)
  • Rescue the Lost Shaymin!
  • Find Giratina's Griseous Orb!
  • Pledge to Arceus

Pokemon Ranger

These missions were available via local wireless in Japan and without downloading by just entering a password in any other region (see below).

  • Recover the Precious Egg! (reward: Manaphy Egg)
  • Gain Deoxys’s Trust?!
  • Rescue Celebi!
  • Find Mew, the Mirage!

For EU/US Pokemon Ranger you can unlock the missions by entering one of the following codes. Press R + X + Left in Ranger Net, then enter the code for your language.

  • US-English: P8M2-9D6F-43H7
  • EU-English: Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8
  • French: DY4g-k28S-QB9F
  • German: R3d4-cv2S-WC7W
  • Spanish: C58f-t3WT-Vn79
  • Italian: FH38-fwD8-5S2a

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


Added Japanese Pokemon Ranger Mew Mission

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I have a Japanese Ranger cart with a save file. It's slim but I'll dump it and share it in case it has a mission downloaded.

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6 hours ago, BlackShark said:

@HaxAras I looked at your save file and unfortunately there's no mission inside. Thank you very much though.

It was a longshot. But at least neither of us have to wonder anymore. I might buy a few more carts to dump their saves. That one was about 1.70$ 
Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my wallet. For the greater good. 

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