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PK4: Unreleased Hall of Origin Arceus .

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Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions, is an unreachable location called the Hall of Origin.
There, players will be able to challenge and potentially capture a level 80 wild Arceus.
However, the key item that would activate an in-game event to reach this place, the Azure Flute, was never released.

Based on an interview with Junichi Masuda with Nintendo World Report in 2013,
it was revealed that the Azure Flute event was thought to be too confusing for players, hence the idea of distributing it was scrapped.

Before the JP Movie Arceus distribution in Gen 6, one of the reasons why this event is much coveted,
with many attempting to get a tweaking method to succeed, is due to the fact that this Arceus can be encountered shiny.


This page contains the Arceus that would have been encountered there, achieved by some form of cheating:

  1. [SPA] Spanish Arceus, credits @suloku
  2. [ENG] English Arceus, credits @theSLAYER (TID/SID/OT modded to follow suloku's copy)
  3. [KOR] Korean Arceus, credits @theSLAYER
  4. [JPN] Japanese Arceus, credits @theSLAYER


To contribute an Arceus of a language not yet contributed, do so here:

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Thanks. I modded my copy of this to use my OR OT/TID/SID...

But it only knowing Defog... That's just sad for something like this... :(

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ALso note that if traded to HeartGold/SoulSilver, this Arceus can activate the second part of the Sinjoh Ruins event and allow the player to obtain a second Sinnoh legendary from the Ruins of Alph.

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2 hours ago, TiffanyDarlet said:

hello, this arceus can be stored in pokebank?

Hi, it can't be stored in Pokébank, that means that can't be transferred to Gen VI/VII neither.

Edited by XxPhoenix1996xX
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XxPhoenix1996xX is correct in most scenarios: as it is, it cannot be transferred up via Transporter into PokéBank.
Well I don't know about now, but previously with certain in-game conditions, it was possible to transfer up into PokéBank.

However we're not going to disclose how to circumvent Pokébank's hack checks (no matter how moronic and ridiculous those checks are).

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7 hours ago, prime2050 said:

how about to make melaten and it's evloution compatiball to ultra sun ultra moon

you're already PMed me with this nonsense. No.

Arceus encounter (the one above) was already programmed into DPPt, it's just that it went unused.
Meltan/Melmetal did not exist as of USUM (else we would have known).

So no.

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