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Unreleased/Beta PKM Gallery

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This section lists various unreleased/beta Pokemon and Pokemon related files,
gathered from the various generations.

In most cases, the Pokemon here WILL NOT BE LEGAL. Use at your own risk.

77 files

  1. PK3: XD Purification Demo Shadow Loudred

    Back in the day there was a strange post in the glitchcity forum, claiming that a unobtainable Shadow Loudred briefly appears during the purification demo.
    It took us a year but we finally got in our hands. Other shadow entries (presumably from the same Purification Demo) has also been included.




  2. PK1: Unused Trade Pokemon

    This page features unused trade Pokemon found in Generation I.

    In Pokemon Red Blue and Green, it was found that there is an unused trade, whereby players can trade their Butterfree for a Beedrill from an NPC.

    Pokemon Yellow added two more unused trades, where players can trade a Mew for a Mew, and a Pidgeot for Pidgeot.

    Thanks to @jojo12100 and @SwagKey for obtaining these Pokemon for us!

    Original Thread:




  3. PK7: Demo - Totems and other unobtainable Pokemon

    Throughout the gameplay of the Pokemon Sun & Moon - Demo Version,
    there have been many encounters with Pokemon that cannot be captured or transferred,
    due to various reasons set up by the developers by various story elements.

    As these Pokemon are uncatchables, they were obtained by extraction from RAM dumps.
    (For Kukui's Pikachu, it's obtained by having it "transferred to nature" which actually goes to PC, then extracted using PKHeX)

    This page features the following Pokemon Sets:
    Kukui's Trial: VS Totem Hakamo-o Ash's Greninja Pikachu Loaned from Professor Kukui Various Wild Encounters
      In case it isn't obvious,
    These entries were obtained by @jojo12100, @BlackShark and @theSLAYER
    Original Thread:




  4. PK2: Unobtainable Egg Moves Pokemon

    Programmed into Pokemon Gold & Silver, are 3 Pokemon that have Eggs moves, that are normally inaccessible to them.
    Back in Generation 2, Egg Mechanics dictates that Pokemon can only learn moves from their fathers.
    Below is the breakdown of the Pokemon that have inaccessible egg moves.
    Pokemon Moves Explanation Oddish
      No Pokemon in the Grass Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Smoochum
      Lovely Kiss
      Only Pokemon in the Human-Like Egg Group that learns Lovely Kiss is Jynx (100% Female Pokemon),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Staryu

      Aurora Beam
    Supersonic Being Genderless species, it can only breed with Ditto (which normally only knows Transform),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the moves.

      No Pokemon in the Monster Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Bulbasaur
      No Pokemon in the Grass or Monster Egg Groups can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move.
    These impossible moves would later be removed from Pokemon Crystal.
    These are all obtained by getting Ditto to learn the move, then to pass it down, all thanks to @jojo12100.




  5. PK2: DA00 Glitch Map Pokemon

    Thanks to GlitchCity researches we discovered in Gold/Silver an unused map called DA00 in Kanto that generates wild Pokemon.
    Chances of corrupting your save with it are very high and Pokemon are over lv100.
    Apparently another like that exist also in Crystal but it was not documented.




  6. WC7: Test Cards for Ash's Pikachu

    Various Ash's Pikachus have appeared online, as per any other tests.
    Additionally, there were a few instances that the same card was uploaded multiple times.
    This page will host only unique variations. (exact duplicates of the same card will not be uploaded)

    However, it is important to note that every one of these Pikachu have some detail that is different from the official release,
    such as Incorrect WC ID and TID/SID combo, or using Charizard as a base.
    As a result, none of these wonder cards are legal.

    It appears only the English cards were tested.

    Below will be display a few examples.
    Target Charizard as base card:
     Species   Charizard   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Bullseye   TID   100117   Distribution   Testing   Location   a lovely place   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   SM    Lv. 50                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Blaze (1)   Item   Red Card   Bundled Item   None 

    Classic   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Dragon Dance   Flare Blitz   Fly   Earthquake   WC ID 627: 「Pikachu test」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Pikachu test Pikachu test Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170919_2100

    Original Cap (incorrect WC ID & TIDSID):
     Species   Pikachu (Original Cap)   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Ash   TID   090898   Distribution   Testing   Location   a lovely place   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   SM    Lv. 1                                                                  Nature   Hardy   Ability   Static (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   Pikashunium Z 

    Wishing   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Thunderbolt   Quick Attack   Thunder   Agility   WC ID 626: 「Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap)」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap) Ash and Pikachu have been together
    since their fateful encounter on
    Ash's 10th birthday. Pikachu has been
    at Ash's side since his first step toward
    becoming a Pokémon Master! Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170919_2101
    Hoenn Cap (Incorrect WC ID, TID possibly being completely wrong):
     Species   Pikachu (Hoenn Cap)   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Ash   TID   091303   Distribution   Testing   Location   a lovely place   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   SM    Lv. 6                                                                  Nature   Hardy   Ability   Static (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   Pikashunium Z 

    Wishing   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Thunderbolt   Quick Attack   Thunder   Iron Tail   WC ID 626: 「Ash's Pikachu (Hoenn Cap)」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Ash's Pikachu (Hoenn Cap) Ash and Pikachu travel across
    the ocean to the amazing Hoenn region.
    Together with their faithful
    companions, they embark on
    a high-spirited adventure. Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170919_2101




  7. PK8: Uncatchable Raid Mewtwo

    This is a Mewtwo that was set to be catchable, from the Pokémon Day 2020 event, that featured a lv. 100 Mewtwo that is not catchable.

    Even tho it was battled with 6 perfect IVs, when caught, it doesn't have any IVs.




  8. PK3: XD Demo Pokemon

    These files are the 2 starters you got from XD Demo, the 3 shadow pokemon you snatch and a random Zubat from the first trainer.
    Not that you can shinyhunt the starters (ID/SID/IV random but Nature fixed).
    The demo can be found on the Multiboot Demo Disc of October 2005.




  9. PK5: Pokestar Studios Prop Creatures (Studiomons)

    In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, lies the facility Pokestar Studios, which allow players to create "films",
    which is done by having users battles Props (between a pair of legs and Mecha Tyranitar),
    which are not traditional Pokemon.
    Fan term for these Studio Creatures/Props are known as Studiomons.

    At present, the only Pokemon dumped from RAM is are(thanks @jojo12100):
          Majin   F-00   Black Door   White Door
    Bringing any of these "Pokemon" out of the PC will cause it to turn into an unusable bad egg.
    The only way to use it via the Battle Box feature,
    but do note that none of the Studiomons have a back sprite, so it will appear as a black square.

                                           illus: Studiomons appearing as a Black Square

    Presently it appears PKHeX may allow importing into a B2W2 Save (perhaps with limitations),
    but if it doesn't, this programs accepts it's usage too:




  10. PK6: ORAS Demo Unobtainables

    In Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Special Demo Version, you get to choose a starter for the initial mission,
    evolve your starter, get the Mega Stone for your first Mega Evolution in the Special Demo Version,
    defeat Team Magma & Aqua admins, and capture a Glalie International region 3DS / Steelix JP region 3DS, that will be transferred to the main game,

    For subsequent missions, you'll begin the demo with the final evolution of all the starters, all holding their Mega Stones.
    Accompanying you, is also the Pokemon obtained from the initial mission, that is also holding it's Mega Stone.

    This page contains various for these Pokemon, as well as other unobtainable Pokemon encountered throughout this Special Demo Version, obtained by @jojo12100 & @BlackShark.

    What we have, but not limited to:
    Initial Starters (Grovyle, Combusken, Marshtomp) Mega Stone Holding Starters (Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert) Mega Evolving Gift Pokemon (Glalie & Steelix) Steven's Shiny Metagross Team Magma Admin Tabitha's Camerupt Team Aqua Admin Matt's Sharpedo Various other Wild Pokemon, including Wild Shroomish (that cannot be caught) Missing entries that I'm aware of:
    Secret Mission: May's Pokemon  
    Original Thread:




  11. PK2: Impossible Korean Celebi

    With the release of Pokémon Crystal on the Virtual Console for 3DS, Celebi (shiny and non-shiny) can be transferred up using Pokemon Transporter,
    due to the fact that VC Pokémon Crystal allows players to get the GS BALL legitimately (without hacking or glitching).

    However, Pokémon Crystal was not released to the Korean 3DS's, neither in Korean (as Korean Pokémon Crystal didn't exist back in the day) nor in international languages (as in Korean 3DS never got it).

    As such, the only Virtual Console games that do not have access to Celebi are the Korean versions of Generation II,
    as the Korean Virtual Console titles cannot communicate with the Japanese nor International versions.

    While it would be illegal, Pokémon Transporter allows the transfer of a Korean Celebi from Generation II.

    This page contains a shiny and non-shiny Celebi modeled after the one caught in Ilex Forest of Pokémon Crystal.




  12. PKX: Uncatchable Ghost Marowak

    In Pokemon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow, and Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen,
    player's encounter a literal Ghost, the undead spirit of a Marowak, that was killed by Team Rocket as it tries to protect it's young Cubone,
    and serves as an obstacle, stopping you from reaching Mr. Fuji at the top of the Lavender Tower, if you did not have the Silph Scope to unmask it's identity.
    (yet oddly allowed Team Rocket Grunts to climb up there to stop you and hold Mr. Fuji hostage)

    These 2 entries were collected by @jojo12100
    Original Thread:




  13. WC4: Unreleased Winter Celebi (GameStop)

    Winter Celebi (GameStop)
    This Celebi was included on the same distribution cartridge as the three GameStop Johto Beasts,
    but was replaced with a new one containing the Celebi with the WIN2011 OT before the event began.

    While never officially released, some customers and employees were able to receive this Celebi through changing the clock on the DS with the distribution cart.
    In HeartGold and SoulSilver, this Celebi can activate an event at Ilex Shrine involving time travel and a battle with the Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.
    When it is sent to Black or White versions via the Relocator, it can be used to meet a Zorua in Castelia City.
    Wondercard ID 062 PID Random Games DPP HGSS Type Local Wireless Dates (Unreleased) Nickname CELEBI Gender Genderless Level 50 Nature Random Ability Natural Cure OT GAMESTP SID 10415 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Leaf Storm Recover Nasty Plot Healing Wish




  14. PK4: Unreleased Flower Paradise Shaymin (DP)

    Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions, are event locations called Seabreak Path and Flower Paradise.
    After using the event item Oak's Letter, Route 224 gains an extension (Seabreak Path) which will lead the player to Flower Paradise.
    There, players will be able to challenge (and potentially capture) a level 30 wild Shaymin.
    However, Oak's Letter was never released for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
    (Pokemon Platinum Version was lucky enough to get the event)
    Shaymin encountered in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will not be considered a fateful encounter,
    and will not trigger the Gracidea gift in future games.
    The Gracidea itself, can be used on any Shaymin, including ones caught in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions.

    This page contains the Shaymin that would have been encountered there, achieved by some form of cheating:
    [KOR] Korean Shaymin, credits @theSLAYER




  15. JPK2: Unobtainable Japanese Crystal Debugger's Pokemon

    Discovered in the scripts of Pokemon Crystal's debug menu, 4 Debugger's Pokemon has been found!

    Credits to @Kaphotics and @jojo12100 for these.

    Original Thread:




  16. WC7: Unreleased Testing Marshadow

    On September 07th, 2017, around 09:12 GMT, a Marshadow test card was uploaded for testing, and quickly removed.
    As per previous tests, it was likely to test if the the Serial Codes they have on hand can retrieve the card from the correct Wonder Card ID slot.

    As per similar style as the recent Charizard combination cards, this card is fused with Ilex's Celebi event.
    Here's the few things that is wrong/notable about this card:
    1. For one of the Marshadow, it instead uses English Silvally's Wonder card ID.
    2. Despite using English Silvally's Wonder Card ID, most of its details is from the Japanese Ilex's Celebi event.
    3. Despite using Japanese Ilex's Celebi's details, it uses the English OT Ilex, as opposed to the original Japanese OT.

    Editior's note: apparently, even the testing staff is excited for Marshadow!

    Internal Name: 0626_Marshadow_test
     Species   Marshadow   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Ilex   TID   112199   Distribution   None   Location   the Johto region   Dates   Unreleased   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   SM USUM    Lv. 30                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Technician (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None 

    Souvenir   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Heal Bell   Safeguard   Ancient Power   Future Sight  「MARSHADOW」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. MARSHADOW MAAARSHADOW! Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20171012_1742


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  17. PK7: Unobtainable QR Rental Team PGL Pokemon

    For the "Get BP at the Battle Tree" Global Mission,
    2 sets of QR Rental Team PGL Pokemon were uploaded online, for players who wants to use a different team to challenge the Battle Tree.

    As per any other QR Rental Team, the team normally cannot be saved as part of the player's Pokemon.

    Credits and Original Thread:




  18. PK3: Unreleased METEOR Jirachi (ENG)

    After disassembling the code of a multiboot gba rom discovered in Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (US),
    @Bond697 found that it distributes an unreleased METEOR Jirachi,
    that seems to be the translation/mirrored version of the ネガイボシ (Wishing Star) Jirachi.
    Original Thread describing the find from years ago:




  19. PK4: Unobtainable Roaming Darkrai

    Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, is a script for Darkrai to be encountered as a roaming Pokemon, but the script went unused.
    It is now speculated that perhaps Darkrai was supposed to be roaming, like it's counterpart Cresselia, before it attained Mythical status and became an event-only encounter.

    Thanks to @Aurum for discovering and providing the file.

    Video of this, seen below:
    (Aurum also fled from a shiny that is encountered by abusing the cute charm glitch)




  20. WC7: Unreleased Proto Clovis Salazzle

    As early as June 12th, 2017, this event has been uploaded onto the servers for testing.

    Two different versions (namely Full TID 8087 and 080817) were uploaded, and differs from the final release.

    English example:
     Species   Salazzle   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Clovis   TID   (various)   Distribution   Serial Code   Location   a lovely place   Dates   (Unreleased)  PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   SM    Lv. 50      Nature   Random   Ability   Corrosion (1)   Item   Focus Sash   Bundled Item   None 
    Classic   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Fake Out   Toxic   Sludge Bomb   Flamethrower   WC ID 607: 「Salazzle is ready for battle」's receiving text  0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Salazzle is ready for battle This venomous Poison- and Fire-type
    Pokémon Salazzle has its signature
    Corrosion Ability, which enables it to
    make even usually resistant Steel- and
    Poison-type Pokémon badly poisoned
    using its potent Toxic move!


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  21. WC7: Unreleased Proto No Guard Lycanroc

    On March 12th, 2017, a testing wonder card for Lycanroc (for the US Serial code) was first uploaded to the Mystery Gift servers,
    and was removed as quickly as it came.

    On April 9th, 2017, an image popped up, showing the US version of a Code card. (also in screenshot section above).

    EU event starts on May 05, and US event starts on May 15 (uploaded early on May 13).
    The actual Event differs from this Early testing card, only by Trainer ID.

    Data as follows:
     Species   Lycanroc (Midnight)   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Rocky   TID   005157   Distribution   Serial Code   Location   a lovely place   Dates   Not Released   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   US: SM    Lv. 50      Nature   Random   Ability   No Guard (HA)   Item   Life Orb   Bundled Item   None 
    Classic   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Stone Edge   Fire Fang   Sucker Punch   Swords Dance   WC ID 606: 「Lycanroc will not miss!」's receiving text  0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Lycanroc will not miss! Opponents cannot hide from the
    Rock-type Pokémon Lycanroc!
    Its No Guard Ability makes sure
    hard-hitting moves such as Stone Edge
    and Fire Fang will not miss.




  22. ECT: Debug Pokemon Ruby Version - Debug E-reader Trainer

    Out there in the wild, exists a German Language Debugger's/Developer's Edition of Pokemon Ruby Version,
    which contains many debugging tools, including Mystery Event distribution subroutines.
    Working on the data first documented by The Cutting Room Floor and GlitchCity Forums,
    the E-card Trainer was finally extracted by @jojo12100 using @suloku's tool.

    There are e-Reader cards that allow you to challenge trainers in the old man's house in Mossdeep City,
    and the trainer can be swapped out by scanning a different card.

    This card data contains a trainer that is a Pokemon Ranger, with his name being "Card E" (Japanese: カードいイー),
    and rather peculiarly have the names of his Pokemon being in English ("TOURNAMENT").
    Note: Japanese games are hard coded to only display up to 5 Characters for Trainer and Pokemon Names,
    even if the Pokemon has a longer name, as seen in the comparison below.

    It's possible that this e-Card was originally Japanese in a earlier revision of the debug rom,
    which was likely based on a japanese debug rom, before it was adapted for localization.
    The nicknames of the Pokemon was likely changed during localization.

    [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
    Original Thread:




  23. PK3: Unreleased AGATE Celebi (ENG)

    The international version of the Ageto Celebi Event was translated and programmed into Pokemon Colosseum, but was never released to players.
    @HaxAras managed to use some codes and trickery to gain access to them.
    He has a youtube video that details his exploit.
    Original Thread:




  24. PK4: Diamond/Pearl Kiosk Demo Partner Pokemon

    A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Demo exists, where it allowed players to bring their Nintendo DS to Kiosks,
    to temporarily download the game via Download Play, and have a trail run.
    Players randomly start as either the male or female playable characters and Diamond Version or Pearl Version.

    It is normally not possible to save in the demo, but if one manages to hack force their way to a place that forces saving, it'll cause an error.

    Thanks to @BlackShark's help, these Pokemon were located and extracted from the RAM.

    Original Thread:




  25. WC7: Unobtainable Test Cards Dialga and Palkia

    February 3rd 2018, players received their first event for the Year of Legendary, with the Original Trainer as 2018 Legends.
    It is interesting to note, that before the release of the event, there were a few test cardsm with the OT as Legends 2018 instead.

    This page hold those normally unobtainable test cards.




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