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  3. I actually have a question: Are shiny odds improved in this because it would be interesting to see people do Shinylockes on these games.
  4. I've already posted about this in other forums, but I want to reach as many people as possible who are able to help. I've been trying to figure this mystery involving the scripts of Pokéstar Studios, and I am so near yet so far from completely uncovering it. As the above image explains, you can activate "special events", featuring otherwise hidden lines of dialogue, by using certain moves while shooting certain films. However, there is no in-game indication that this easter egg exists, nor is there any notification that you've used the right move. The only way to even see these special events is at the theater after filming is done. By looking at the Project Pokémon text dump of Black 2, I have determined that out of the 40 available films, 19 have special events. (The scripts of all the films are found in Message Files #181 through 260.) So far, I have found 15: Brycen-Man Strikes Back 2: Thief Full Metal Cop 3: False Swipe Invaders 2: Gravity Big Monster 4: Ember Timegate Traveler 1: Future Sight Timegate Traveler 3: Future Sight Love and Battles 1: Attract Love and Battles 2: Attract Love and Battles 3: Attract Mystery Doors of the Magical Land 2: Substitute The Giant Woman 3: Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, or Glaciate Red Fog of Terror 3: Defog Everlasting Memories 3: Charge Beam Ghost Eraser 3: Foresight Ghost Eraser 4: Swords Dance I don't know how to activate the special events of the four remaining films: Big Monster 3, The Giant Woman 4, Everlasting Memories 1, and Everlasting Memories 2. Oftentimes the correct move to use is related to the film's scenario, but what I thought were the obvious answers didn't work. I've been analyzing and reanalyzing their scripts for any hints as to which moves they could possibly be. The hidden dialogue is typically found at the bottom of the message files, but I will link the exact line they start at for convenience: Big Monster 3: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer] The Giant Woman 4: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer] Everlasting Memories 1: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer] Everlasting Memories 2: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer] Because coding and hacking are completely foreign to me, my current strategy has been to slog through every move and check the results. As you can imagine, it is very tedious. I want to ask to those of you who are experienced in analyzing and messing with ROMS, if it's possible to look into the games' code to see which moves trigger the hidden dialogue?
  5. Yesterday
  6. In generation 3 the PID, IVs, and nature are all linked and that applies to eggs. So to try and answer your question these factors also apply to eggs and by changing these values on an egg will cause legality issues. So don’t modify these or check with a RNG program to find a new valid combination.
  7. It depends on the generation. What game is this for?
  8. Does the PID of egg hatched pokémon need to be changed for "legality" or is the problem with the wild ones? Thanks and sorry for my english.
  9. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4613-international-shiny-zamazenta/ Can I check if these are legal? Not sure where else can I check because PKHeX 20211001 is showing them as illegal
  10. Thanks for the clarification! I've tried to modify HT/WT before and that didn't work. Probably because I wasn't changing them in a correct way.
  11. To clarify, the datapoint HT/WT doesn't exist in USUM. And HOME doesn't add data to it when you transfer up.
  12. On the main tab set Height and Weight to 0. 645-01 ★ - Landorus - CF220AD5AEEA.pk8
  13. Yeah, its a fun thing it took the data from the OT in english.
  14. Yeah the OT name was missing. I'm wondering if it is a remnant from you trying to change the OT name or something.
  15. Oh wow I must try that too. Thank you!
  16. Hey there. I'm trying to make a square shiny Landorus in SWSH. I know that all the shiny pokemon from Max Lair is locked to be star shiny. So I tried to make one with USUM being the origin game. However, I got two same warnings of "Invalid: Incorrectly transferred from previous generation". I want to know if there is a fix with that or it is just impossible to make it legal with PKHEX only (I do not have a 3DS with me right now so I cannot transfer it through Home) I've attached the file in pk8 and a screen shot of the warnings if that is helpful. 645-01 ★ - Landorus - 44F50AD5AEEA.pk8
  17. That's very nice! Yes, so regarding the comparison between SARA and SARA, perhaps what we see in the picture is the value that addresses the character in the font map. So, hypothetically speaking, a full-width “S” stands as FF in the Japanese character map. And the regular “S” stands as FF in the English character map. However, if you enter a regular “S” in the Japanese character map, it doesn’t stick because it’s different than the fullwidth character “S”. When you change the PKM region to JPN, an OT name in “fullwidth text”* is expected; if you enter a name with the “standard text” you get an error. The error being “name is to short”. I can switch my keyboard input in the computer, so then I edited the OT “writing in Japanese” (that was my workaround). I did not have to change the name with the hex editor. So, the name sticks if you employ (for example) Japanese input, this is why I suggested updating the error message from “name is to short” to “use asian encoding”. When I entered the name using fullwidth characters the error was gone, it also was gone when you hex-edited the file because you assigned the correct S “via code”. BTW, I didn’t know the OT name wasn’t there until you asked for the OT name. I did not delete it, I saved the PKM egg using standard characters so you could see “the bug”. Interestingly, I changed the name to “Neko” but the file was saved with data from my sav file (hence the “utr” characters you pointed before). *(which I have been calling “Asian text” or “Asian encoded text”). Thank you both for the great replies.
  18. Last week
  19. Was the egg's OT name originally blank? Did you make this egg from scratch or received it in-game? Writing an OT to the egg in current stable PKHeX doesn't stick. I had to modify the pk3 with Hex editor for the egg to show up legal. I wrote the line into PK3 via hex editor
  20. No, I put an "english encoded" name (it was NEKO) but it did not save with the file. The name from my sav was Sutr, but since it had said issues I changed it to NEKO (but it seems the name was deleted after I saved the file).
  21. Just a reminder to readers: this applies to Gen 3. The encoding/characters format changes in other generations. I didn't apply your workaround. My egg is an egg I received in-game on an ENG save, free from modifications. Relating to your "Asian encoding" statement, what you see is just a quirk with the Gen 3 encoding, or maybe I should say it is a quirk with eggs for how PKHeX chooses to display them. The encoding table for Roman characters between both International and Japanese games are the same. It is just that PKHeX parses them differently based on the language selected on the Pokemon file. They are not actually encoded as "Asian" characters by themselves. The way they appear changes based on language byte. (remember, Eggs in Gen 3 games come with JPN set as the language byte) My Egg examples: In-game caught Pokemon: Notice how despite they appear different, the bytes are actually the same? The issue here is with your OT name. Why does it start with a terminator? There's data after the terminator, implying there other characters. (Characters U, T and R) So let me ask again. Was the OT removed? What was the OT of the save that received the egg? :3 I'm curious. Did you delete the name? Maybe it bore other characters and PKHeX yeeted them? Maybe the other OT characters don't go into an egg before it hatches? Need to know what is your OT name, and whether this egg was modified before extraction. Perhaps provide your save so I can take a look.
  22. done https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/640cb3bad10c568462071adf236fd73e26531b99
  23. Thanks! I noticed you applied “my workaround”. So, Pokémon eggs (GEN III) must be encoded as Japanese region Pokémon regardless of the sav file region. Since I was not aware of this detail, I had the impression this was some sort of bug. Then the """issue""" (not a real issue) is that Pokémon eggs are encoded with Asian characters; PKHex updates the OT name with the name in your sav file and if you load an English sav file, the OT name displays with non-Asian characters (e.g. NEKO instead of NEKO) and this returns the legality check issue. If Pokémon eggs must be Japanese, it would be good to automatically switch the region of the Pokémon to JPN after checking the “is egg” box, just like the name is automatically changed to タマゴ (tamago, egg in Japanese). An ideal addition would be automatically transposing the OT name from english to asian encoding (e.g. “A” to “A”) when checking the “is egg” box. Alternatively, we could have the error message changed from “OT name is too short” to “OT name should be in ASIAN text encoding”.
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