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  3. Presently, I'm under the assumption that the shadow data isn't actually stored on the XK3, but rather PKHeX refers to the "Shadow Monitor" in the save. Presently, the issue lies with a Shadow Teddiursa (ID 1), that isn't being recognized as a Shadow Pokémon on PKHeX. This save was taken at a point before I've unlocked the Purification Chamber.
  4. I'm getting a Switch soon and LGPikachu. I've called around and there is no unpatched Switches available, so I'll be biting the bullet here. However, there is one thing I really would like to get is an amazing Melmetal for my own person collection and in-game fan team. Would someone let me know if the pkm is legal enough to be traded to me when I get my game? I don't mind who the OT is or what have you, just that the stats and moves are there, y'know? Please and thank you! 809 - Melmetal - 5F040C00B196.pb7
  5. This might work I suppose it depends on what you're trying to edit in the save
  6. If you want a save with all the Pokémon already redeemed, well we don't have such a save, but you can use PKHeX to inject them. If you want a save with all the events as Mystery Gift (before redemption), not possible, as there are not enough redemption slots. In case no one else replies to you, you can get USUM saves here, here, and here. What you requested, is something you can do for yourself. :3
  7. Please help! I need a save file have all mystery gifts, code events pokemon but not play yet. Please help me!!
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  9. it also should be noted that none of these pokemon will be legit/legal after transferring over
  10. hey just noticed some missing pokemon alolan ratata alolan geodude alolan graveller alolan diglet alolan meowth
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    In June 2019, a Japanese copy of a Debugging variant of Pokémon Diamond Version was found and subsequently dumped. When pressing down Select on the start screen, a debug menu appears. If the player opts to proceed with the debug start, instead of the standard way to start a fresh game, the player will end up having 3 Pokémon in their party, namely: Infernape, Piplup and Finneon, all at Level 99. It appears that it may be possible to shiny hunt these entries. Special thanks to the @TheShadyRelapse for the speedy retrieval of these Pokémon. As usual, these files would be illegal and should not be transferred. Use at your own risk. [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
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    Back in the day there was a strange post in the glitchcity forum, claiming that a unobtainable Shadow Loudred briefly appears during the purification demo. It took us a year but we finally got in our hands. Other shadow entries (presumably from the same Purification Demo) has also been included.
  13. Good news everyone today we got a debug Diamond version. Unfortunately apart the starters which are already contributed in the site somewhere else nothing interesting (in my opinion). Will share in public the XD Extra Shadow discovery in order to enlight it and maybe find someone to purify that Shadow Loudred.
  14. I had a question, if I wasn't happy with my Blazakins nature after I captured him and purified him. Can I release him and recapture him?
  15. Enjoy! 456 - ケイコウオ - A110CBC391E1.pk4 393 - ポッチャマ - 6F6AF4E0AE85.pk4 392 - ゴウカザル - 06E74A21D784.pk4
  16. I'd like to swap the trainer theme with the battle trainer theme in for randomised Black 2 roms. Whenever I use the universal randomisor it changes the file size from 512MB to 274MB which means I can't use the trainer battle theme modifier cheat. I'v been trying to use to swap the music but I'm not sure how to do it. I've extracted the music file. I've tried to use Crystaltitle to swap the hex values of the trainer theme and subway theme. 127-SEQ_BGM_VS_SUBWAY_TRAINER is the music file of the Subway music, 126 is the normal battle theme. From what I know I need to change the values and find the offsets but I'm not sure how to find them.
  17. Wait a minute. Just realized .rts probably stands for real time save, so I got the wrong save file. Woops. I grabbed the emulators real time save file instead of the in-game generated save file. MY BAD.
  18. So I emulate with supercard dstwo, which comes with a DS emulator and GBA emulator. I played through fire red on the GBA emulator, then I grab the fire red save file (a .rts file) from my dstwo, and try to load it into PKHeX, and it throws me this error "Attempted to load an unsupported file type...". I tried changing the PKHeX settings to gen 3/SAV3, but same thing. I'm assuming PKHeX doesn't support this .rts file? I guess emulators don't read/write the same save files that the real devices and games do? How do I convert it or make it work? Thanks.
  19. Your title. No. Save file and and any new captures are not rendered illegal by TID modification. (Also, if you edit existing mons in PC/Party, isn't illegal as long as they don't have event OT/TID/SID)
  20. Not for Gen 6 what? It would be fine (as in, the savefile/Pokemon will still be legal)? Or it's not possible to RNG? From what I can gather it's likely possible utilizing PKMN-NTR and 3DSRNGTool but I'm not quite sure how to get it working. Documentation is excessively poor.
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  22. I'll periodically update this page. Using it to keep track of stuff I may be interested in doing (but after my exams) Entry: 16 June 2019 1. Adding FRE/GER/ITA/SPA/KOR Shiny Tapu Fini to Event Gallery on-site. (we should already have it on our Github) 2. GP1 Shiny Onix, Shiny Horsea 3. Add GP1 Shiny Abra (probably a mistake, but was still available) [1][2] 4. Add GP1 Shiny Clefairy info being wild (temporarily) to it's page? (still considering) [1][2] U. Write program that partially fixes stuck in Void saves. (reference) V. Gen 5 Legendaries to In-Game Encounters. W. Upload Mythical Ga-olé QR codes that I've found so far. X. Track down remaining Mythicals Ga-olé QR codes. Y. Double checking Gen 3 e-card image -> .RAW coding Z. Finish coding Encounter and Gift table dumper
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