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  2. Is there a list of all the obtainable pokemon and where to catch them?
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  4. just drag a legal Arceus pk4 file into a PKHeX window with gen 7 save loaded. PKHeX will emulate the transfer process for you.
  5. Hello again all, is there a simple way to get the Toys R Us Arceus into Gen 7, along with it being legal? Tried 'pk2pk' to convert it to .PK7, but still get the "Invalid: Incorrectly transferred from previous generation" message.
  6. Comment a tu fais pour faire plusieurs melmetan shiny???
  7. im having a really hard time with this can someone explain it step by step or post a good video to help
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  9. @sobbingsobble stop multi-posting unnecessarily. Any new information, edit it into your latest unanswered post. Also, stop cursing. Read our rules.
  10. Hey Me and a friend want to battle some Pokemon but we both can't find our games/save files. We only really want to battle online every now and then, it would be superb if someone had a save file for BW2 (black 2 or white 2, it doesn't matter) with a good selection of "competitive ready" Pokemon to just choose from and battle. It's a really picky request, I can't find anything like this on the net so I thought I'd sign up here and ask. Thank you
  11. Today in "I screwed something up again," I can't get this save file to open. Help? ||--merged 1--| Oh, for f***'s sake. Problem solved, it was a damn bootleg cartridge. Now I'm cranky. ||--merged 2--| Actually, f*** it. How do I save edit a bootleg?
  12. That functionality isn’t related to fashion block. And I don’t know.
  13. When I go to the artifacts it says there are no feeds, so I can't download the files to randomize :(
  14. Hi guys! I can't import the emerald .sav file on the Super Card SD: I can play new game, but I want to transfer my .sav ROM file from emulator to the Supercard. How can I transfer the saves?
  15. Gotcha, thanks. Also, do you know if there is an updated 1.1.0 patch for disabling exp share? The patch for 1.0.0 (base game) doesn't work with 1.1.0...
  16. As Kaphotics says, you just need to edit the Pokerus/Infected value.
  17. It creates confusion and then people ask if Pokemon are legal/legit. It is much easier to use the WCs.
  18. Good to have you here, thanks for your contributions!
  19. Hmm...never got that comment. Seems odd to do extra steps, if a pk8 is available/provided. I just sent OP the files. Have a great day!
  20. @rbz2005 I removed them, cause as I said in the comments about 24 hours ago, we have them in the gallery. PKHeX can support wonder card -> Pokémon conversion, so no need for seperate event uploads. Removing the reuploads.
  21. I posted a fly pikachu event recently. Not sure why it was taken down. Here is the pk8 file. (Removed)
  22. Hey i checked your pokemons and nothing seems to be wrong. The Legal checker seems to say it's legal. The only thing i can think is the OT in combine with the TID and SID which is different on every pokemon. I hope you can fix it. Best of luck
  23. Just edit the pokerus value or untick infected.
  24. yes sir i know that , i’m just missing the black and purple (shiny) marshadow
  25. They are shiny locked. So you can make them, but they will result as cheat pokemon
  26. Version .


    This Pokémon is encountered at the Watchtower Lair's Den when the event item is used. Even though it was programmed for both games, this encounter is only valid for Pokémon Sword.
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