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  2. Does anyone know if there are any Gen II save editors that allow modification of the HoF data? If not, are the offsets of this data in the save file known by anyone?
  3. Hello i am new to this forum and as the title says i want your help to make a script thaat mades a ferry boat goes to navel rock in pokemon fire red. Can you help me please? Thank You!
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  5. Adding the ribbons via save editor kinda defeats the purpose, then. I don't believe that ribbons affect trash bytes though. (Trash bytes do not change when transferring from 4 to 5.)
  6. Does it work if you randomize a clean Platinum rom first, and then patch? (turn off checksum validation in the patcher)
  7. If you're able to get a clean Emerald save file pre-National dex, and make a copy of it once you unlock National dex, in the event editor in PKHeX, under the Research tab, you can load both save files in FlagDiff researcher, and it should help you figure out which flags are changed in-between both save files. If you figure it out, it would be appreciated if you could post your findings, then hopefully everything can be properly implemented at some point.
  8. Hello, I signed up because I had a question that is more on the technical side of things. I recently played through Emerald again on the vba, as I had lost my original GBA team and I wanted to recreate it. Fast forward to today, and I finished the game, got everything done: All good! I was talking to a friend who's a little more into save editing and such than I am, although I'm certain he's far from suuuper knowledgable about it either, but his comment concerned me. Basically, I played through the game and did everything completely legitimately. However, I added a contest ribbon set to my starter because I used to have it, and I didn't really feel like going through all that again. I also then saved all my Pokemon files that I wanted to transfer, and directly put them into my Gen 5 save, which is the only retail card I have that I can access on my PC. Now here's the thing that worries me a little bit: He said the added ribbon and the "illegal" transfer would change trashbytes, meaning that if someone was REALLY knowledgable and looked through my files, they would view the Pokemon as hacked. This worries me because a.) they're not, although I understand why the ribbon'd one would be viewed as such and b.) because I personally do not want hacked mons at all. I use save editors for convenience, but I don't want to have even legal/surface-legitimate Pokemon in my games. I'm pretty strict on that end. I understand that in practice this makes no difference, but for my own peace of mind: If someone were to hypothethically go through these mons and view their data to some excruciating degree, would they not be legitimate? I was thinking I could just reload an old save state and not attach the ribbons this time, but what about the transfer through files, rather than the Pal Park/Poke Transfer in-game? Would that also make them, on some minute level, not legitimate? Thanks in advance for all help!
  9. Amazing hack, but one request; It seems the patches modify the ROM in a way that confuses randomizers, could this be fixed? Having the fast early-game makes this a really awesome hack for doing randomized runs. Specifically, NARCArchive::readNitroFrames (from Universal Pokemon Randomizer) seems to fail on an arrayCopy call claiming something is out of bounds, but it seems to work fine on the base platinum ROM.
  10. Yeah, I used a legit FRLG save with the Sevii quest done. The problem is locating the flags with a hex editor (especially because they are only zeroes when not activated)
  11. Hello! I am using the Model Texture Extractor supplied by Made_S, a user of this forum. I'm trying to rip textures from all of the pokemon from pokemon colosseum. However, the default offset, 3712, does not yield any results. How would I find the correct offset without having to resort to hex editing (I suck at that... )? If anyone already knows the correct offset, please tell me! Thank you! P.S. Dolphin Emulator, when dumping and importing textures, has some select textures that cannot be changed even after dumping them and importing them.
  12. How would I run this? It's just a bunch of class files. I don't know if they are executable or not. Nevermind about that, I just used Eclipse and java sdk. Now, after opening the program (Model Texture Extractor/Inserter), I found that with the default offset, there are no textures found. What offset do I need to extract all the model textures of the pokemon? Edit 2: I just tried with xd with the default values, still no materials found
  13. Just to be completely certain, do you have the national dex unlocked in FR/LG, along with the Ruby/Sapphire post-game quest in Sevii Islands done? Given how convoluted the National dex flags seem to be, it's not impossible that there could be another flag which no-one has noticed yet, separate from the actual National dex activation flags, to allow trading with FR/LG. So this might require more research. But it's also important to remember that FR/LG has additional requirements in order to trade with RSE, just in case that might be the problem.
  14. Oh! Thanks, sorry I hadn't seen that one before. ^^;
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  16. I thought the guy above already claimed them. Nvm some of them are still valid since I just got one.
  17. Thanks for the response and info! Exactly, that's what i'm interested in. Basically streamlining a method of sending PKMN from EMUs to DS/3DS. Wanted to see if anyone had already tried going down that rabbit hole.
  18. For gen 5 they were distributed in jjapan at different events and in europe they had them at VGC events. For Gen 6 i am not sure anymore. maybe there was one in japan.
  19. If you're asking on how you can obtain a code personally, you can get codes from visiting EB games (Canada) or digital code from Pokémon Pass (US). If you want to use the code Sabresite provided.. then your question doesn't matter, since that code can immediately used in the games >< I'm confused, are the codes Sabresite provide (in his post) all used up? ><
  20. Hey! I was just working on backing up all of my pokemon, and I've just found out that the "view" option from the database dialog is broken. I've tried it with multiple pokemon in the database, and it just doesn't seem to want to work! Here's the error log. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for your time!
  21. No method of sending your own Mystery Gift over WiFi from PC works for Gen 6 and 7, at least not publicly. As for Gen 5, such a tool from PC probably exists, but I'm not sure frankly. Anyhow, you could just use PKSM or PKHeX to inject wondercards. Or receive events (Gen 4 & 5) by connecting to someone's server via the "DNS exploit" AFAIK no. If such methods exist, I imagine people would be happily trading between their emulators and DS.
  22. I don't know where else to put this, but I think it's worth looking over. So I got back to playing Gen 5 again when I came across the Battle Institute building. Similar to the PWT, there's an option to allow you to download scenarios and battle against them...except I don't recall ANY being distributed during the game's relevance. From what I heard only one of these ever got released, but other than that I've ran into nothing else. I know Gen 6 had the same building so I'm not sure if the supposed scenario was for those games and/or Japan only. If these generations truly had no Battle Institute scenarios distributed at all then maybe someone could look into it and possibly re-enable the features through something custom like the PWT download tournaments. Also, if one single scenario did get distributed, to my knowledge it hasn't been preserved yet. Either way, for such a forgettable feature of these generations I think someone should look into this.
  23. Well...dang that was quick. Of course I'm one of those people that doesn't have access to the app, so if anyone can send me a few codes I would really appreciate it!
  24. Well, A-Save worked... Except that it still doesn't allow trading with FRLG, which is the most important thing about the NatDex... I've tried hex editing, but every save seems to start at a different offset, so I never know where the flags are.
  25. Damn that’s a lot btw it’s like paper code or I have to download pkmn pass
  26. You're not wrong. Looks like PKHeX doesn't really handle that right now. I don't think that flag in question actually unlocks the National pokédex, but rather, it's a separate flag which activates when the National dex is obtained, so that the game knows not to repeat that event/cutscene again. There's a thing under Event Constants for National pokédex, but proper values for it haven't been documented. Save files with the National dex unlocked seem to have it set to 770, but this doesn't actually unlock the National dex when I try to do that. For the time being, you should have better luck with this: If PKHeX could be eventually updated to have a National Dex checkbox in the Gen. 3 Dex editor which handles setting all the appropriate flags as needed, that'd be pretty convenient.
  27. Hello, I'm aware of methods to send PKMN to the GTS via a PC tool, but I was wondering if there are any existing methods of spoofing a local trade (preferably on Gen7, but 5 and 6 are still helpful) with a PC over wifi. As far as spoofing Mystery Gift, I know there are some ways to go about it such as modding a distribution cart/ROM, but would also be interested in methods that send custom pokemon using a PC over wifi. It's also fine if there aren't any complete solutions, as any info is appreciated. It may be something I'd like to work on when I have free time. Thanks.
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