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  3. I would like to try this but the link for PSaveFixV2 is broken. Can someone link me to another PSaveFix?
  4. Okay, just found out the strange things on the Pokemon Locations guide, specifically abbreviations used for certain parts of it and managed to somewhat translate them: Lake Verity Pre-GAL/Post-GAL: This is either one of two: Getting Across Lake. Lake Verity has two patches of tall grass where to find Pokemon and the person made a distinction on them. It was easy to see due to the fact that the other two lakes only have one patch of grass to go. Galactic Attacks Lake. Lake Verity is also the only lake visited before Team Galactic attacks, thus it may also be that the lake's state and wild Pokemon. Also, it seems you can't get across the lake until AFTER the events on Lake Valor Route 205 Pre/Post-EF: Eternia Forest. The route is split in half by the Eternia Forest, the Pre-EF is the south portion leading to Floaroma and the Valley Windworks, while the Post-EF is the northern portion, leading to Eternia. Mt. Coronet WTRFL: Waterfall (kind of obvious, actually). Complementary, ABV is Above, related to the part that is above said waterfall. Also, the person who wrote it clearly did it with a printed version in mind, because there's a couple of ETC in the last printable column, which means they can be found in more places but the person making them didn't list them so it could be properly printed, thus are missing. The mons listed with the ETC are: Clefairy, Zubat, Golbat, Machoke, Geodude, Graveler, Onix, Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp, Gyarados, Noctowl, Steelix, Corsola, Remoraid, Nosepass, Meditite, Medicham, Roselia, Barboach, Whiscash, Bidoof, Bibarel, Floatzel, Bronzor, Finneon and Lumineon. Any wqay to get the whole list for those mons?
  5. If you try to use both at the same time, it will fail because my patchers don't know how to safely merge things yet. For the time being, you'll need to either disable the starter mod's portrait patching (right-click the project, click properties, uncheck the appropriate checkbox, and save) or don't use the portrait mod.
  6. Yeah - I actually found the relevant bits concerning the third slot & hidden abilities when I was playing around with save files a while back. Anyway, this was purely a matter of curiosity - I haven't really touched Gen 6 for a while, and I've already collected all of the Friend Safaris that I really care about. It just seemed like an interesting problem.
  7. Okay, so keeping the hacked pokemon in your party will preserve the hacked stats, if I read that right. What if the hacked-stat pokemon is also a permanent mega/primal? In my experience, permanent mega/primal pokemon revert to their normal forms after saving/quitting and starting the game (not sure if this was changed with an update, though I'm pretty sure my version of PKHaX is up to date). I assume modified stats would be lost upon reverting to normal forms? Also, is there a way to modify the game itself such that it does store the edited stat values, allowing for storage of hacked-stat pokemon in the box? I figured ROM hacks would allow me to change base stats, but if I went this route, would I still be able to battle my friend with the edited pokemon? If so, would I need to modify his game as well as my own? Thanks for the quick reply! I know I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience!
  8. The game stores pkm data in the box without storing the current stat values. Don't store stuff with hacked stats in the box. Alternatively, mod the ROM to have different base stats.
  9. Okay I posted something similar to this a while ago and tried my hand at ROM editing, but burned out and stopped working on it. Recently I wanted to try something similar, but I don't know if I have all my facts straight. Short version; my friend and I like to hack pokemon to battle each other with (we never go online with hacked pokemon), and I want to edit the raw stat values of one particular pokemon. For example, I want to create one charizard with an unusually high physical attack, and another charizard with a unusually high special attack. I understand that in PKHaX, one can simply check the "hacked stats" box on the stat screen and change the stats manually. But I notice that the stat values reset after setting the pokemon in a box and viewing it (referring to the above example, I'll set the charizard's physical attack to my liking, set the pokemon into a box, then view it and see the normal charizard attack stat). I read on another post that the hacked stat is still there, only it displays the 'normal' value; is this true? If so, and the hacked stats are still there, is there any way to display the hacked stat properly (via rom-hacks or other means if necessary)? If not, how can I work around this? Any clarification is helpful! EDIT: forgot to add, I'm doing this on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  10. I would like to say something about this sentence: Well, I'm sure the events, especially the old ones, are mostly long gone. But IF this is not the case it doesn't mean that someone would be willing to share them here even if they are a member. People can do whatever they want, I'm not saying that they HAVE to share anything with the community, but we have members here who own these type of things and won't share a single thing! Not even details or information. Nothing! Is this bad? Hell no! Like I said, they can do whatever they want. It's their decision and we have to accept and respect that! But acting like that the members here would be willing to share everything with the community and are helpful and/or cooperative is a false assumption! And by ''share' I'm not only talking about files in the first place! Just my two cents! But back to topic: It is very unlikely that these events will see the day of light but it's not impossible as proven otherwise countless times! We have to ''just'' keep an eye out for them. Some examples: I know it's not the Celebi you are looking there, in fact Celebi is just mentioned once there. But who knows, from the links I posted or from other sources a Celebi or any other Event Pokemon back then might pop up one day...
  11. The program is open source; if you want custom functionality you'll have to tweak the code yourself.
  12. Going through the files, I notice that non-starter pokemon have blank backdrops for the appropriate emotes when there's no portrait to fill that. If I'm using the starter mod and edit any of these portraits to make a full set, will it still default to the default expression for my new starter pokemon, or will it use the edited images set up in here?
  13. Send over your save after you collected your starter. I'll then implant flags in, and test if it works.
  14. If it's anything like Mirage Spots (long thread with research and documentation), It could have used friend codes to seed the Mersenne twister or something... Probably too complicated IMO. Barely relevant information: We do have a Friend Safari Editor (Well, not exactly an editor, but an unlocker) I think it only unlocks the third slot, if you already have friends on that device.
  15. I've sent you a message so we can hopefully make some plans to get your save backed up
  16. Would love to get the UK, even though the DVs are the same. Never know, trash data could be diff? Haha
  17. The stats seems to be the same as the others distributions: HP 5 ATK 10 DEF 1 SPEED 12 SPECIAL 5 Still, even if it's easy to clone that, the savefile is pretty valuable to share as an historical contribution, and of course, to have the original cartridge.
  18. I wanted to try and figure out how X & Y determine Friend Safaris based off of friend codes. I've tried looking for this in a variety of places online (and even in a couple of different languages). A couple of people have suggested that they figured it out, but there's no proof anywhere that I could find. Most threads around this died a few years ago, but I figure some people might still be interested so I thought I'd ask about it here. Here's what I have found out: Friend codes seem to be saved within the save file as a truncated 32-bit integer. In other words, the friend code is treated as a 12-digit base-10 integer & then stored in a 32-bit value. This is alongside some other data (like whether or not the 3rd slot is unlocked, or if you've unlocked hidden abilities). I did find the area in memory that lists the Pokemon in the Friend Safari in order. It's simply a list of 216 Pokemon (any Pokemon with a 50% chance of appearing for a given slot appears twice in the list). I uploaded the list as a text file, for anyone who's interested. It's split into sections, with each line representing one slot & the Pokemon are in the same order as in the game's memory. With the ROM I was looking at, the list starts at address 0x65EDEA, if you want to look for yourself. I've tried a few different things using friend codes: 1) Using the friend codes directly (like XORing the high and low words, or XORing all of the bytes & then looking at the result mod 18) 2) Using the friend codes as a seed for the PRNG, and then doing more math on that result (more XORs & mod 18 math) I haven't had any luck discerning any kind of pattern just using math & logical operators. Also, some people have suggested that the Friend Safari is based on additional factors (like region and/or birth date), although I'm not certain about that ... but if it's true, then it would be even more difficult to work it out this way. The other approach, of course, is to look at the code's disassembly & try to figure it out from that side. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with disassembly, so my attempts there haven't met with any success. Any thoughts? FS_Pokemon.txt
  19. Last week
  20. I can't really remember but I know my character is called Ash so it would lead me to believe to did the glitch about 19 years ago to get that one. But the others were definitely from the machine at the event that I went to which after discussing with my dad was confirmed to be the one in Ipswich, UK.
  21. Never heard about that ASH Mew but the UK one is documented despiste the fact that we don't have any. I hope that those are legit and that someone can dump them for you!!! Looking foward for them EDIT: Maybe the ASH one you got from the glitch?
  22. Hello, Is there a way to change the Wild Encounters mode so that only a maximum of 5 Pokémon can be found on a route when i press Randomized All?
  23. Just checked and i got 5 of these Mews from the event I attended. Are these any good to anyone?
  24. For some reason, I can't find a full save for Let's go Pikachu anywhere. The only one's I can find are the one's for Yuzu at the start of the game. If anyone can share a save file, that would be much appreciated
  25. That's a shame, but thanks for confirming and clarifying. At least I can move on now....
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