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  2. I believe gen every generation before gen 6 didn't give trainers natures or even EV's. What you can do in replace of this is to simply give the Pokemon slightly higher IV's. It won't change the stat you are going for but instead it will raise every stat. it should be an alright replacement
  3. there has to be wrong with your transfer process or your Sword isn't version1.1.0 Cause I took your files, and showed you that it loads. I don't know what else to advice you otherwise.
  4. theSLAYER

    PGO: Generation 5 Pokémon

    The Frillish and Jellicent female sprites aren't out, apparently.
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  6. I can load my files too, but I can't restore them in my Switch
  7. Just to clarify... @nicosop Did you re-download PKHeX? I downloaded PKHeX and I could load your files (last ones you posted) just fine
  8. Checkpoint is the last version, Pokemon Swords have not avable upgrades and the folder is only one
  9. Make sure Checkpoint is up to date, make sure the update for Sword is installed. Make sure you restored the correct folder back into your game.
  10. So, what do I have to do?
  11. No idea what it doesn't work for you. I just restored those exact files and it works fine on my end.
  12. now show me a screenshot of the folder your restoring (show the screenshot from your PC) both the backup and main isn't corrupt.
  13. When I restor them, I can't see them in my folder backup main
  14. send me both the files again fresh from your folder, I'll take a look.
  15. It doesn't work and I don't know why
  16. I loaded my main too and it works, but if I restore with checkpoint it doesn't work. Anyway, I'll try another time.
  17. It's not related to the existence of a poke_trade file. I loaded your main (and a copy of the main renamed as backup), with a poke_trade and it works fine. Look, my previous post has a screenshot that has your trainer card. Make sure you have the latest Checkpoint, make sure both main and backup aren't corrupted, then try again to restore. If it continues to not work, go into settings for your Switch, delete the save file, play Sword again and save as early as you can, then try to restore the save after that.
  18. I'll explain what I did: I used the working main file, I copied it in the empty Pokemon Sword folder and I renamed it "backup"; I copied another time the main file; I restored the folder with Checkpoint, but I can't play. After this, I opened another time previous backup and main file with PkHex and I've got an error message, since the file is too large. I've not any poke_trade file
  19. Is the based on the previous restore, or one you just did? Cause based on the previous example the backup was corrupted. because I just restored only a copy that is main and backup, and it works.
  20. If I restore with Checkpoint a folder that contains a working main and a working backup file, I can't play After i restored it, main and backup can't be opened using PkHex
  21. I made an error in my previous post. It was supposed to be " then just restore a folder with a working backup and main " So just restore a folder with a working copy of both files, then let me know how it goes.
  22. then just restore a folder with a working backup and main
  23. I don't have other folders of Pokemon Sword
  24. you should have had it in your folders. If you, try to restore the folder, with both a working main and backup
  25. Where can I find poke_trade?
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