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  2. @Vipermagi not sure if I'm doing this right, but I set the theme to High Contrast and it still loaded a save just fine. The only thing that was hurt in this process, was my eyes XD Also just asking, if you drag a save file into the window (instead of using Open >> ), does it throw that exception? For the instance above, I used the Open >> option as you mentioned, to try to reproduce the error.
  3. Trash Bytes for Nickname/OT the game compares the full sequence for the OT name (including trash bytes)
  4. Reading this reminds that when I generate a Pokémon, even though I have the correct name, gender, and ID, the Name Changer detects it as a trade (or something) and does not allow a name change however if I generate the exact same Pokémon but turn it into an egg, and hatch it in the same area, level, and time, I can change the nickname through the Name Rater, so on top of this undiscovered IR flag issue, it seems there’s also a flag for caught/hatched Pokémon that is not yet implemented in PkHex when generating pokemon
  5. Could not reproduce. Can you attach a screenshot?
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  7. I have the stuff needed to randomize pokemon omega ruby but when i try to randomize the TMS it not randomized in the game. Any idea on how to fix it since i don't have Hans for my homebrew?
    (for version 1.0.1) Half of this program is really good. The XD tool works very well, is very well designed, and I have thus far experienced no problems. It edits (or randomizes) every part of the game. The best tool you could want. However the colosseum tool, which is what I wanted to use, doesn't work at all. It appears as if the colosseum program is an edited version of the XD program (for example, the program name in the top bar is 'XD tool'). The interface looks fine but upon attempting to load a Colosseum.iso, the program will always crash. Hey, StarsMmd, I've seen that you update these programs very often. Could you fix up the Colosseum tool so that it actually works? Also, to all those asking for the program to be ported to windows: this program appears to be built from the ground up, for mac. A Windows version would likely need to be built from scratch, and be a large undertaking for StarsMmd (if they could do it at all). If you cant access a Mac, I'd look for StarsMmd's tutorials, which don't require the use of his tools, rather than badgering him for a windows version.
  8. I spend a good little while trying to fix this problem and found no information on someone else encountering it so I wanted to document it when I could. PKHeX launches perfectly fine, however, if you go to file -> open, it immediately throws a fatal exception in the COM service. This Error isn't specifically caused by PKHeX (although it might be possible to code it to handle the exception and even work around it) but with Windows Themes. If Windows Themes is disabled (In Windows 7, 8, and 10), or if High Contrast Mode is enabled, it will cause this error preventing you from loading any files in PKHeX. I apologize if there is a more appropriate way to say this. Criticism welcome.
  9. @jojo12100 This is the last question plz. At least I hope it is lol
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  11. Done: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/0156958f1aa330b73d19ca7978829465108eff5a
  12. Only the first evolution in the index of a branched line will work, but for fully evolved pokemon with alternate forms, like sawsbuck, vivillon or meowstic, can you choose any of them or are you still restricted to the first one in the index? Would like to know if you could have a mega evolution as the evo, also
  13. How do I access the bottom options under ExeFS editing tools? They are all greyed out but I did extract ExeFS alongside RomFS..? Edit: I did see that I had to rename to .code.bin, let's hope this works. Edit2: xD How in the heck do I use the pickup editor?
  14. Got it, I'm going to try this method for my Moon version, and for my Sun version I'm going to replace my entire save with JKSM. I just can't find the import button into JKSM
  15. if you only wanted the Pokemon, here are two ways you could have done it. 1. Use Pokebank to transfer the Pokemon from this save into the Bank, and receive it on the intended save or 2. Dump the Pokemon from the save using PKHeX, then Load them into the intended save using PKHeX (as circled below) [I don't think a tutorial exists for this]
  16. Anyway, I already saved my Ultra SUN save, with JKSM, what sould I Do next? How do I upload that save with 800 pokémons into my game?
  17. Change it to a bunch of zeros. When you connect online, the server will assign you a new set. I doubt it. I don't use it.
  18. Ok then I'm going to edit with PKHeX(20190207) I Changed Traineer Name Country SubRegion SID - random numbers TID - Random Numbers Can I change Game Sync ID to random Numbers?
  19. Yes, loading the entire save means you're replacing the character in your existing save. it replaces the entire save. I don't mean to be blasé, but I doubt anyone knows for sure. If a lot of people use the same save, it might be odd to the server (if they take notice of such things) I'll recommend that you change some details of the save, like the Original Trainer Name, Trainer ID, Secret ID, Game Sync ID.
  20. I'm going to upload this one Into my pokémon ULTRA SUN game, Am I going to replace my character? Is there a problem uploading this save into my 3ds ? Thank you
  21. Overall guide for managing 3DS saves: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/ Yes, but that's for using a hacked 3DS (not exactly Pokemon related, unless you use something ridiculously hacked)
  22. How can I upload a SAVE into my 3DS? Is there a tutorial somewere? As I said, I have FBI and HOMEBREW installed. Could I get banned, I love to play competitive
  23. If the data is lost (ie they deleted it from Bank), then you won't be able to get the exact ones back from Bank. [Nothing we could do. It's on the server, so Nintendo/TPCi has to help you regarding that] We do have a bunch of mons and saves in our Downloads section, so just take a look there.
  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/3DS/comments/at36gl/i_lost_all_my_pok%C3%A9mons_from_pok%C3%A9mon_bank/ Hi I've just lost all my pokémons. I want then back, is there a way to upload a save file from another 3ds? I have Pokémon Ultra sun, Pokémon OR and Pokémon X/Y I just want my pokémons back, Is there a way to edit pokémons into my 3ds or upload someones save? I have homebrew and FBI.
  25. Yup! If you change your starter into something else, nothing will happen.
  26. how did you do this? did you just make your starter the different evolutions?
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