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Generation 7




Alola region begins and you have 802 for collect the problem in this game began from medals in not longer in this gen and some mode of battle its completely removed the games its not bad but i hate the changes overall the fact of crystal its okay the trials its ok but i consider its no precise swipe completely the medals because its former element makes pokemon name of pokemon in minus of 13 beat the game and yeah after that complete the battle tree i recognize use save state on my 3ds for beat battle tree after that and pokedex complete and all stamps loss my interest until download UM and of course you are banned you lost completely the interest my opinion overall of the game its character are great but when i find characters hate for eixample i hate lillie but i respect others love her its difficult but yeah i did it consider others love lillie the problem its lillie its part of history when you hate lillie you hate part of pokemon and yeah thats the problem this game appears things make me hate this gen but all reduce its in changes since begining i feel this game are incomplete and his story its kinda epic but mixed of feelings certain point you feel bad



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On 6/19/2018 at 10:16 AM, CorniFan said:

I like alola. Its a cute region. :3

the problem of that "cuteness" its people make that gurls his waifus for a average weeb

dont mention narrative use of lillie its annoying in all aspects i dont deny its cute and simpathetyc gurl but i have another taste in that point korrina its better than lillie

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I like cuteness.

I do prefer kalos to alola though. Afterall, Kalos has Korrina xD

I'm glad to have been complimented by you for my crush on Korrina. Thanks for that :)

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On 6/21/2018 at 1:22 AM, CorniFan said:

I like cuteness.

I do prefer kalos to alola though. Afterall, Kalos has Korrina xD

I'm glad to have been complimented by you for my crush on Korrina. Thanks for that :)

korrina are good developed character with a decent lucario

maybe for you its so normal but i hope in real life use the word "crush" for korrina because maybe people takes bad conclusions for you crush have another meaning for you want to tell me

kalos its good region but you can broke the game so easy when you have battle maison the game are completely broken after that all my team are lvl100 from battle maison training

with anything else for tell you have a good day and remenber find another meaning of your words

sometimes its better check what words are used for change it and find something fits with context

for example you love someone you can t mention korrina all the time because there is something  fictional and the other person thinks you are something can hurt you

in any case hope my words helps you

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I didn't really understand your post at all....But i don't go around telling people about my crush on korrina in real life.

Remember I have autism too. It works differently for all people. For some people on the spectrum, yes, a fictional crush may be the one thing that gives them comfort.

I'm pretty sure if I didn't have Korrina in my life and my feelings for her I would end up in a hospital or something. Thats just how my autism seems to work right now. I prefer not to see it as a 'bad' thing, though. Because I LIKE being a Korrina fan girl, even if it IS a bit of an annoying 'life or death' thing for me in some context. For me she just feels happy and interesting and fun, all flaws aside. Okay? So please don't get critical about my liking her if you still wish to have me as a friend....Not meaning to sound harsh, just telling things as they really are. :/

I don't care if i'm weird for how I am either. People only thrive if they can be themselves about things. Especially if it keeps them from generally going around hurting other people. :)

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Okay, I re-read your post. I guess you weren't really dissing my crush at all, and I flew off the handle a little...maybe you just are saying people in real life may not understand?

I guess I still don't always understand your posts o_O; Oh well. No one said I was perfect....

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