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theSLAYER's public schedule

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I'll periodically update this page.

Entry: 17th July 2019
1. Add Shiny Alolans: Diglett, Geodude, Rattata, Exeggutor, Sandshrew, Grimer, Vulpix, Meowth
2. Maybe add GP1 Shiny Abra (probably a mistake, but was still available) [1][2]
3. Add GP1 Shiny Clefairy info being wild (temporarily) to it's page? (still considering) [1][2]
4. Dump Super Secret Base entries of the QRs we have. [original issue: folks without 3DS/functioning 3DS camera.]

W. Write program that partially fixes stuck in Void saves;analyze changes done by Recovery Program. (reference)
X. Gen 5 Legendaries to In-Game Encounters.
Y. Double checking Gen 3 e-card image -> .RAW coding
Z. Finish coding Encounter and Gift table dumper

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