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Local Moderator

To apply, please fill out the following form. There is no minimum or maximum length as long as you answer each question fully.

Previous moderation experience is not required, but applicants must still meet the following requirements:

  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must have a reasonable post count (exceptions will be made for those with high-enough quality posts)
  • Must have no active or recent warnings
  • Must have reasonable knowledge about the subject matter of the assigned forums

Responsibilities of the position include:

  • Routinely check assigned forum to ensure users are following the rules
  • Handle reports for assigned forums
  • Engage with members whenever possible, including answering questions (if able) and participating in discussion
  • Participate in discussions about forum-specific policy such as thread prefix guidelines, forum-specific rules, or other forum-specific customizations.
  • Decide what threads to stick or feature
  • Attempt to spark activity in dead periods

We are accepting applications for the following forums:

  • Pokémon Games Discussions
    • Generation 8
    • Generation 7
    • Generation 6
    • Generation 5
    • Generation 4
    • Generation 3
    • Generation 2
    • Generation 1
    • Mystery Dungeon
    • Other Spinoffs
  • Pokémon Online Play
  • Pokémon Franchise

You may choose to apply for any subset or combination of these, or even forums that are not listed above. If you apply to a forum that already has a local moderator, you will need to make a stronger case as to why you believe you're qualified.

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