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Found 2 results

  1. PKHeX for Mac Made with Winebottler This thread's purpose is to help those of us that love PKHeX but are unable to run it in it's native form. In this thread, I will be using and troubleshooting Winebottler with you. If you are having issues wrapping PKHeX with Winebottler, I will help you sort out your issues. I do ask that you surf this thread first for troubleshooting tips. I encourage anyone that can help to contribute too. In addition to that, I will post the that I have made using Winebottler. As bugs are fixed and newer versions of PKHeX become available, I may wrap those versions and post them as well. I bundle Wine when I wrap PKHeX so you do not need to have it installed to run the app. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Click the link to download the .ZIP file which contains the PKHeX.dmg. Mount the .DMG then drag PKHeX into the Applications folder. It's really that easy! (17.2.25.) is HERE (17.2.25.) is HERE (Illegal Mode) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Download Winebottler HERE Download, compile, troubleshoot and learn about Wine HERE (Alternative way to run .EXE files without using Winebottler) Download XQuartz HERE (It's possible that you may need this installed for Wine) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Other links that may be helpful for you: Get the latest PKHeX.exe as well as view the latest release notes HERE PKHeX forum is HERE
  2. Dear creator of PKhex. I request that pkhex's change to .net 4.6 be reverted for a build that actually works on mono found in wine, as I use linux, and would not like to waste space on my hdd with .net 4.6. If you could make your code more universal, that would be very desired. Sincerely, St. GIGA