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Found 99 results

  1. Hi all, Hopefully some of the larger researchers can assist me here. I'm wondering if there is a compiled list of Generation V shiny locks available. I've done a few searches and I can't find much other than the legendaries. To be more specific, I want to know which Pokémon in the game have been coded to never be shiny. Gift Pokémon (Hidden ability Eevee, Deerling & normal Magikarp, elemental monkeys etc) are inconsistent. I believe that the gift HA Eevee has been locked yet the Jellicent with its HA hasn't. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks,
  2. (Still looking for help) Hello i have a request for any PKHexers out there i currently have a powersaves, so im limited on what i can do, however i can offer spawned items if you are unable to spawn them with pkhex so i was wondering if someone could assist me in can you spawn these for me All with my Name (Ty) and Trainer ID ( 634894 ), 1.) lvl 5 FEMALE shiny Fletching All IVs 31, Nature Jolly, With Sword dance & roost. 252 Speed, 252 ATK 2.) lvl 5 MALE shiny Litten All IVs 31, Nature Adamant, with sword dance. 252 ATK 252 Speed 3.) lvl 5 MALE Shiny Beldum All IVs 31, Nature Adamant, 252 ATK 252 Speed 4.) lvl 5 FEMALE Shiny salandit All IVs 31, Nature Modest, with Sludge Wave. 252 SPATK, 252 Speed 5.) lvl 5 MALE Shiny Dratini All IVs 31, Nature Adamant with Dragon rush. 252 ATK, 128 def, 128 spdef 6.) lvl 5 FEMALE Shiny Staryu All IVs 31, Nature Timid. 252 SPATK 252 Speed, NATURAL CURE ABILITY For all of them can you please make the Country (united states), Sub Region (Georgia), and 3DS Region (Americas (NA/SA)) if possible? all to pass the legit test if possible .__. i would really appreciate it <3 i simply want to have my dream team as i do my play through :3 IGN: Ty FC: 3239-7663-0268
  3. So I found a shiny Mimikyu, and it has the worst nature possible for it, which I am very please about! (Not really) Pokemon Species: Mimikyu Gender: Female Held Item: None Level: 30 Ability: Diguise Nickname (If wanted): Lavender Trainer ID (If specific): 844611 OT: Hadditor Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Jolly Pokérus Status: Never infected Pokéball Captured In: Beast Ball EV Stats: None IV Stats: 15-HP 31-ATK 27-DEF 31-SPEED 31-SpD 31-SpATK Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: 12/11/2016 Thrifty Megamart Here is the one I found:
  4. Thanks to my n3DS being handily updated to 11.2 by my friend last month, my 3DS is running completely stock and I'm not able to do the stuff I want to, but that's another topic. I ran into a shiny Mimikyu, and it has the worst possible nature you could have on a Mimikyu, which is nice. I was wondering whether anyone here would be able to switch it for me using PKHeX? I am new to forums in general, so I am sorry if I have done something wrong, or if you are tired of these posts. I understand if you are haha. Let me know, thank you! Here is the bastard herself:
  5. Hello everyone! I don't know if there was any demand for this or if anyone really cared, but I've spent what little free time I had over the past 6-7 months creating this. It's a Fire Red save file you can open/import in any GBA emulator, and it contains every single pokemon, shiny, with legitimate stats, holding every legal ribbon it can own, having perfect IV's/EVs/ with Smogon competitive movesets. Basically anything you can possibly think of, it's on here. All completely "legal" in the sense that it will (should) pass all legality checkers and will transfer over to the newer generations without any red flags. NFE Pokemon like Charmander are level 98 and Charmeleon 99 in case you want to evolve them. For every non-bred Pokemon, I used the relevant PID Finder Method to ensure legitimate PID values for the designated event. I also gave the trainer 999 of every time, max money, etc etc. It took me forever to make this, but I finally finished it and want to share it with the world! I plan on sharing this via Dropbox to YouTube, but I thought ProjectPokemon should hear about this first, especially if the community might find some use for this in terms of research & development. Here are the files along with a copypasta from the Readme I plan on attaching to the Dropbox: [ATTACH]12971[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]12972[/ATTACH] "There are too many people who have contributed to this project without my consent. Kaphotics was an invaluable resource in providing essential information on this endeavor, as well as contributing a slew of .3gpkm Celebi files. cH053n is a user who helped guide me on finding the correct PID values to create what would otherwise be a "legitimate" event Pokemon. KazoWAR created A-save, the most useful 3rd gen save editor I've found. Other save editors used in this endeavor include Metropolis, Encyclopedia, Ciro's, and Pokestock I really wish I could thank more people, I'm sorry. But if you've ever submitted a .3gpkm or 3rd gen .pkm file, you are more than likely someone I should thank. Some things to note: -Pichu will not transfer over with Surf. It CAN legally learn Surf in Fire Red/RSE, but even legit Pichu's with Surf will be locked into staying in 3rd gen -The Jirachi will not transfer over even though it is legit. This was the Pokemon that took the longest to obtain. In the large folder with the individual .pkm files you will see a non-shiny version of Jirachi that WILL transfer to future gens. That's because even though you CAN get a shiny Jirachi (extremely, extremely rare, and if you see one irl it's probably hacked), Nintendo did not intend for you to have one, lol. -Ditto is not shiny. That's because it's 6IV. What would you rather have, a shiny Ditto, or a foreign perfect IV one that you can use to breed competitive Pokemon? -Certain Pokemon are not perfect IV, even though they don't have Hidden Power. That's because HP is a valid option to have on this Pokemon, so I wanted to leave you with the option. -Some aren't shiny, I know. That's because they're probably from Colosseum or some shit. But I gave them the best stats they could possibly have, though it can't be perfect (if you want it to look legitimate). -You'll notice that the items are a little disorganized. I tried to give you guys some special stuff, like exclusive non-Fire Red items, Old Sea Map, Mach/Acro bike (PS: The Item Bag + PC can't hold EVERY single item written in the code of the game. So I gave you only the "really good" items.) -The Party pokemon are a little messed up. That's because they're the exact team that Twitch Plays Pokemon used to beat the Elite Four. -The last set of 6 Pokemon in Box 14... enjoy They're the only ones blatatly hacked. I gave them 252 EVs in every stat and illegal movesets. They're what you would call "Hackmons". WHAT THAT MEANS IS THAT THERE IS NO SINGLE SAVE EDITOR THAT YOU CAN USE ON THIS FILE THAT WILL 100% RETAIN EVERY DETAIL I INCORPORATED. A-save has a 510 EV restriction, so if you open this using A-save and re-save, the hackmons won't hae 252 EVs in every stat. Metropolis can't read Japanese text, so if you use it on this save then the Japanese Pokemon will have messed up names." [Mods: I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, since it does contain many Event files but is obviously more than just events. If you need me to move this or remove it, please let me know and I will be more than happy to oblige.] Thank you for your time, isleep2late
  6. So I'm playing Pokemon Platinum in my emulator, the usual "completing the Pokedex" and I decided to clean up my box and place the Pokemon in their "proper boxes". Then I released a Shiny-Chained Scyther. I just realized what I did... I know I'm in an emulator and I can cheat all that but what the...?!
  7. I've been to many 'specific site' and they all require a Friend Code which I can't do due to the lack of 3DS and NDS Servers shutting down. I came hoping to finally get what I needed. It seems difficult and I hope someone can do it. If not, a simple explanation for the issue would suffice. Thank you.
  8. Hello fellowes! I'd like to make a little request, because i am tired of hatching larvesta (who knows how long it takes, understands my pain). That's why i beg you to create for me shiny larvesta. My 3DS is up to date, that's why i cannot use the expolits. Held Item: ability capsule (if possible) Level: 1 Ability: swarm Nickname (If wanted): Fiery Lady Trainer ID (If specific): 00092 Secret ID (If specific): i do not know my SiD T_T Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): I can accept the egg ;3 Nature: Modest Pokérus Status: On Pokéball Captured In: Love Ball EV Stats: Maxed on Spec Attack and Spec. Def ; rest (6 points) on hp IV Stats: 5 IV please, all, expect Attack Ribbons (If any): dont have to ;3 Location/Date Met: Date of creation/Pokemon Daycae at battle resort in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Same Friend Code (If Trading): 4227-3212-1861 I'd be very pleased, if someone could do it ;3 Thanks for helping me! Pm me via mail or this site ;3
  9. yep! i caught a shiny raticade at the burnt building and a shiny votorb at the power plant today while i was looking for the key and zapdos. can't wait to migrate them to platinum. if i can get a 3rd one today, i'm going to buy some lottery tickets ---------- Post added at 03:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ---------- actually on second thought, i just now capture the votorb, i dropped the ds to post about this and forgot i haven't captured it at the moment lol
  10. Can someone gen this for me and then trade to me thanks [gen] --- *FC: 5000-5190-8033 *Mii Name: Chxchap *IGN: Chxchap *Game Version: Omega Ruby *Timezone: EDT --- *Pokemon: Mew *Event: Old Sea Map *Link to event page on Bulbapedia or Serebii: *Shiny: Yes *Gender: Genderless *Ability: Synchronize *Nature: Careful Move *1: Pound Move *2: Transform Move *3: Mega Punch Move *4: Metronome *IV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31 EV Spread: 252 HP/224 SpD/32 *Spe Held *Item: None *Met Location/Level: Faraway Island/ *Met at Lv. 30 *Met Date:18 July 2005 *Level: 30 Ball: *Pokeball Ribbons: None *Region: Hoenn
  11. I've been looking for the location in the arm9 file, but I don't know where I need to go, and what values to change. I found out how to do it in B/W, but I would like to do it in Soul Silver. Can I get some help please?
  12. been trying so hard to get them hacked but been failing then i find you guys, can you please help me by getting all 6 of them for me? [Pokemon] Celebi [Hold Item] Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Timid [Gender] Unknown [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Speed : 176 Hp : 252 Sp. Attack : 80 [iVs] Contest Stats] all ribbons [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Moon Ball [Ability] Natural Cure [Moves] -Substitute -Baton Pass -Psychic - Leech Seed [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 40 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Seccond Order~~ [Pokemon] Charizard [Hold Item] Salac Berry [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level]100 [Nature] Adamant [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : 252 Speed : 252 Defense : 4 Sp. Defense : Hp : Sp. Attack : [iVs] 30 Hp Contest Stats] all ribbons [Nickname] Charizard [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Master ball [Ability] Blaze [Moves] -Belly drum -Substitute -Fire Punch - Roost [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 3~~ [Pokemon] Milotic [Hold Item] Life Orb [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Modest [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 56 Defense : 80 Sp. Defense : Hp : 152 Sp. Attack : 220 [iVs] Contest Stats] All ribbons [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Net ball [Ability] Marvel Scale [Moves] -Hydro pump -Ice beam -Hidden Power Electric - Recover [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 4~~ [Pokemon] Vaporeon [Hold Item]Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Bold [Gender] Female [shiny] no [Pokerus] infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 68 Defense : 252 Sp. Defense : Hp : 188 Sp. Attack : [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] no nickname [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Great Ball [Ability] Water Absorb [Moves] -Wish -Protect -Surf - Hidden Power Electric [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Violet City [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 5~~ [Pokemon] Tyranitar [Hold Item] Leftovers [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Quiet [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : 52 Speed : 28 Defense : Sp. Defense : Hp :252 Sp. Attack : 176 [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Static [Moves] -Substitute -Focus Punch -Dark Pulse - ThunderBolt [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Lake of Rage [Date Met] 3/27/10 ~~~Order 6~~ [Pokemon] Gengar [Hold Item] Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Timid [Gender] Male [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 252 Defense : Sp. Defense : Hp : 4 Sp. Attack : 252 [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] Hunter [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Moon Ball [Ability] Levitate [Moves] -Substitute -Shadow Ball -Focus Blast - Hypnosis [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Blackthorn City [Date Met] 3/27/10
  13. What is your first actual shiny pokemon that you have ran into or caught WITHOUT THE USE of Pokesav or other cheating device? Mine would be a Rattata on PKM Silver. I attempted to catch it, but it fled eventually.
  14. I went on to Pokecheck and there isn't a single shiny Victini! I know its possible to get one, and every other pokemon has a shiny version on there. If anyone can send me a file with one or at least give me some instructions on how to get one i would be really grateful. Also I want it to be able to be brought over to X and Y, I manually made one but it wouldn't transfer over. Thanks!:bidoof:
  15. Links:- The Global Terminal HQ | The Original Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution Thread Event Pokemon List (3rd/4th Gen) | Event Pokemon List (5th Gen) | OT/ID/SID Hack Blacklist | DW Pokemon List Thread Table of Contents:- -Introduction -Connection Guide -DNS Settings -The Distro Servers -Frequently Asked Questions -Checking Information -Credits ~Well Haii Thar!~ Ever wanted to get some free awesome Pokemon? You've come to the right place! Introducing... The Global Terminal! Basically, instead of me having to engage in a trade with you to receive the Pokemon, in which we both have to be on at the same time, I can now send you Pokemon, ANYTIME! (And I don't have to be on!) Before you embark on your journey into The Global Terminal, PLEASE, PLEASE, and for the third time, PLEASE, read all the information data to avoid any mistakes or errors. ~How to Connect~ The step by step guide of success! ^^ YouTube Guide ^^ Here's where things get a little technical. To be able to connect to me, you need to:- 1. Have connected to the in-game Global Trade Station before (just for the knowledge of how to use it). 2. Make sure you have a working connection, then visit your game's title menu (the one with the continue button). 3. Now click “Nintendo WFC Settings”, and then the nice blue button on the left. 4. Then, click “Ready” on the connection you use to connect to the internet from your DS normally. 5. This brings up the “Edit Settings” page for that connection. Scroll down, and change “Auto-obtain DNS” to “No”. 6. Your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are now editable. Edit them to the values shown below (they're the same). 7. Do a connection test by pressing “Test Connection” at the top right. It should give you a “Connection Successful”. 8. Save the settings (remember to press the button), and go into your game. 9. Enter into the GTS as normal. 10. You should then be connected to The Global Terminal instead of the original Nintendo GTS. Once you're done with whatever you need to do, simply go out, change “Auto-obtain DNS” to Yes, and save. Your connection should then be back to normal. Note: Newer games will require you to edit Internet Settings from the System Menu instead (for DSi/3DS). Please view the YouTube tutorial for those instead. Hmm... Easy, huh! Anyways, once you establish a connection to The Global Terminal, then what you do next depends on which service you want. Below are the DNS Settings for The Global Terminal. • For Distro Server 1 (4th/5th Gen: DPPtHGSSBWB2W2) RNG'd and Shiny Pokemon! ~ Server Sponsored by willaiem, owner of The DNS Server settings should read : Primary DNS : N/A Secondary DNS : N/A • For Distro Server 2 (4th/5th Gen: DPPtHGSSBWB2W2) Event Pokemon! The DNS Server settings should read : Primary DNS : N/A Secondary DNS : N/A To test if a server is running correctly, press the Server Check button. Please change your DNS back once you are done using The Global Terminal. Using any other features in-game outside of the GTS such as trading with others will be blocked.
  16. i have moltres , zapdos and Xerneas want to trade for shiny pokemon . ..
  17. I want to increase the chance to encounter a shiny pokemon in the wild for my custom pokemon black rom. Is there a way to do this?
  18. Hey guys, I've edited a pokemon to make them shiny by using the generate shiny ID feature - this changes the SID to create a shiny pokemon as far as I am aware. When I've sent my save file back to my DS, the game treats my pokemon like it has been traded. I assume this is because the SID doesn't match - is there a way to make them match while still having the pokemon shiny? Thanks!
  19. NOTE:YOU MUST HAVE THE MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0. UNOWN FROM GBA NOW SUPPORTED JEREMY POKES SUPPORTED NEW SYNCHRONIZE CHECK NEW SHINY GBA ZIGZAGOON CHECK Update - 02/18/2010: - Fixed the bug with japanese slot 1 pal parking in D/P - Fixed the bug with certain NoK pokemon having the wrong distribution regions. Update - 02/07/2010: - Added Pikachu colored Pichu (USA) - THanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others - Added Jirachi (USA) - Thanks Nigoli, Person, Kelly, and others - Added 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53b) - Thanks Nigoli - Added Unown GBA (Fr/Lg) Algorithm - Thanks DarkDragonite - Added X-Act Method 3 (A-C-D-E, this is theoretical until I see one) - Cleaned up NDS and GBA validation so there is no confusion. - Removed A-B-D-E from NDS. - Restricted 10th Aniv HGSS Mew (53a) to HGSS only. - Cleared up the source code for basic legality checking - Added a wider support for GBA legality Update - 12/21/2009: - Fixed various bugs with mystery gifts - Fixed a bug with ARIO Pikachu support Update - 12/20/2009: - Fixed a bug with all generation 4 mystery gifts - Added ARIO Pikachu - Added 10th Anniv Mew - Fixed a bug with USA Platinum Trash Bytes Update - 12/10/2009: - Fixed a bug with trash bytes on Non-Jap First slot Pokemon. Thanks to negator. Update - 11/08/2009: - Added Big Brother Slugma - Added AUS/USA Arceus - Fixed various small bugs Update - 10/12/2009: - Added all JEREMY pokes - Added OTG checks to mystery gifts and static pokes - Fixed various bugs with evo checks and hometown checks Update - 10/12/2009: - Added all Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in-game traded pokes - Added all Emerald in-game traded pokes - Added various HG/SS in-game traded and static pokes - Fixed a bug with mystery gift evolution checks Update - 10/10/2009: - Added PikaCafes - Added Release Date checks for mystery gifts - Added Language checks for mystery gifts - Added Hometown checks for mystery gifts - Added Evo support for mystery gifts - Added display of acquisition date Update - 10/08/2009: - Added 2009 CMEX Kyoto Pikachu - Added 2009 Birthday Chimchar - Added "Big Brother's" Special Eggs Update - 09/20/2009: - Added missing Japanese Diamond/Pearl trash bytes thanks to adrenalize - Added French Regigigas - Added Sync check to Chain Shinies (may not apply in all cases though) - Added Berry Glitch Shiny Zigzagoon Check #1 - Thanks to Invader Tak, Godzilla, McFizzle, and Neo for their contributions. Update - 09-09-2009: - Added Synchronize validity which restricts the legality of any Pokemon that might be synchronized when encountered. - Thanks to mingot Update - 09-06-2009: - Added VGC 2009 Milotic - Added European (Spanish/Italian) Regigigas - Added all current Korean Mystery Gifts - Added Birthday Charmander 2009 - Added a few more checks to Manaphy antishiny Update - 07-18-2009: - Added Movie 12 Arceus Update - 07-10-2009: - Added NZ Jirachi - Added Pikachu colored Pichu - Added Platinum Trash Byte Support - Now Trash Byte Normalizer is in the same archive. Update - 05-29-2009: - Added USA Shiny Milotic Update - 05-23-2009: - Added Movie 11 French/German Shaymin to mystery gift list Update - 04-16-2009: - Added Osaka Meowth to mystery gift - Added Movie 11 Spain/UK Shaymin to mystery gift - Added NoK Mew to mystery gift - Added another check for all mystery gifts Looking to support the Legality Checker? [noparse][thread=645][img=][/thread][/noparse] It has come to my attention that some Antiviruses such as Kaspersky are blocking our signature banners. To get around this please add our website to your Anti-Banner/Anti-Spam exception list. Here is a screenshot of how it looks in Kaspersky.
  20. I'm using PPSE DS, and I have absolutely no idea how to make a Pokemon shiny. I'm relatively sure there isn't a box to check or something, so what I'm left to assume is that I'd have to edit the hex to make it shiny, or change the SID and TID to make it shiny. Any help on that?
  21. This program makes pokemon shiny! Download Here! BEWARE THIS CHANGES YOUR POKEMON'S IVS Simply start the program and type in the file that you want to make shiny and presto! instant shiny! Non IV changing version coming soon.
  22. Requires this class: class bf(object): def __init__(self,value=0): self._d = value def __getitem__(self, index): return (self._d >> index) & 1 def __setitem__(self,index,value): value = (value&1L)<<index mask = (1L)<<index self._d = (self._d & ~mask) | value def __getslice__(self, start, end): mask = 2L**(end - start) -1 return (self._d >> start) & mask def __setslice__(self, start, end, value): mask = 2L**(end - start) -1 value = (value & mask) << start mask = mask << start self._d = (self._d & ~mask) | value return (self._d >> start) & mask def __int__(self): return self._d Function: def shinygen(pokemonid): """Returns Tuple of Shiny TID and SID for given PID""" shiny=False n=0 while shiny == False: tid=bf(random.getrandbits(16)) sid=bf(random.getrandbits(16)) pid=bf(pokemonid) n +=1 shiny = True for i in range(0,13): if int(pid[15-i]) + int(pid[31-i])+ int(tid[15-i])+ int(sid[15-i])== 3: shiny = False break elif int(pid[15-i])+ int(pid[31-i])+ int(tid[15-i])+ int(sid[15-i])== 1: shiny = False break if shiny: return (tid,sid) else: return False Demo Program that generates shiny TID/SIDs: (on dropbox because py2exe is too big to upload [barely])
  23. Can anyone here help me and trade me my pokesav files to my pkmn White? I just need someone who can access the pkmn. files and put it into their own games via (AR) or whatever and trade it to my white version. I would be very grateful, as im desperate for these pokemon as I need them to battle friends D:
  24. Can anyone here help me and trade me my pokesav files to my pkmn White? I just need someone who can access the pkmn. files and put it into their own games via (AR) or whatever and trade it to my white version. I would be very grateful, as im desperate for these pokemon as I need them to battle friends D:
  25. I'm starting my own region. It's called Hihntunova. It's my best combination of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. It will have 10 gyms and 4 Elite Four Members. A battle Frontier will be included as well. Your Pokémon may hold ANY item, as long as it isn't hacked. Oh yeah, that reminds me; NO HACKS!!! Although, I have one hack exception: Shinies ARE allowed. Also, no teams with more than 1 legendary. Discuss rules with the leader you challenge (such as switching out, or possibly needing to quit if you don't finish in time.) Once a challenger beats every Gym Leader and Elite Four Member, in order, can then challenge me. One last thing: I must test you, to make sure you're worthy of my league you must include the team you use in the email ( Name, Stats, Moves, and Lvl). If you want a position to apply for, use the exact format I have provided for each position. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HELD ITEMS!!! Provide your name and friend code when registering. And when I mean "name," I mean GAME NAME, not your real name, unless your game name IS your real name. The prize is ANY POKEMON OF YOUR CHOOSING (and position IF THERE HAS BEEN more than 3 reported problems with a leader). WARNING: If you switch out Pokémon during battle or quit/turn off your game without warning, the leader has every right to report to me.!!!* Note: All battles are single! Here's my info: Mike FC: 4598-9380-1449 Email: Games You May Use For This League:* -Diamond -Pearl -Platinum* -HeartGold -SoulSilver -Black (I'll use this) -White Gym Leaders : Leader must have 6 Pokémon of the same type. Challenger can have up to 6 Pokémon of any type.* 1st Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 2nd Gym Leader Name: Team:* Type: FC: 3rd Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 4th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 5th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 6th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 7th Gym Leader* Name: Team: Type: FC: 8th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 9th Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: 10th*Gym Leader Name: Team: Type: FC: Elite Four : Member must have 6 Pokémon of the same type. Challenger can have up to 6 Pokémon of any type.* 1st Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: 2nd Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: 3rd Elite Four Member* Name: Team: Type: FC: 4th Elite Four Member Name: Team: Type: FC: Champion : Champion can switch their party around at any time. Name:Mike (Me) Team: ?????? Type: ?????? FC:*4598-9380-1449 Battle Frontier : Frontier Brain must have 3 Pokémon of any type. Challenger can have up to 3 Pokémon of any type. Battle Power Plant* Name: Team: FC: Battle Fábrica* Name: Team: FC: Battle Utopia Name: Team: FC: Battle Mansion* Name: Team: FC: Battle Vault* Name: Team: FC: The Battle Braniac -Braniac can switch his team around at any time. Name:Mike (Me) Team: ?????? FC:*4598-9380-1449