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  1. Hi ! I'm fairly new around here, and I'm relatively new to rom hacking and to the NDS scene in general, but I'm working on several little projects for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky / Time / Darkness, and I thought it would nice to share it with others ! Especially with others with more technical knowledge than I ! I hope this will be useful ! :biggrin: And be sure to report any bugs, or tidbits of information you have ! Those would prove invaluable ! Feel free to mention whether it worked for you, or not so much ! Any feedback is always great ! You might need 7zip or another 7z compatible program to open the compressed files on this page. Looking for: - Need people to write tutorials for some of the tools ! - Need feedback on the tools! - Need people to discover what some of the "unk" variables in the character sprites do ! - Need info on the NDS's DSP. The Tools: Compression/Decompression: PPMD UnPX Description: A quick little implementation of a "PX" compressed data decompressor. Its based on Zhorken's Python script for decompressing the character portraits, which happened to be stored as compressed "PX" files ! Just feed it an AT4PX or PKDPX file by drag and dropping, or use the command line argument for specifying the input file and output folder. The result will have an extension appended, or not, depending on whether its currently possible to guess the content. Again, many thanks to Zhorken for finding out about the compression scheme ! Donwload: Version 0.41 : on Github PPMD DoPX Description: A compressor to compress files back into PX compressed files, either PKDPX or AT4PX files. Its still pretty new and experimental, so, watch out for bugs ! By default anything compressed is outputed to a PKDPX. To output to a AT4PX, the output filename has to be specified and to end with ".at4px" ! Donwload: Version 0.31 : on Github Packing/Unpacking: PPMD Pack File Utility Description: This tool unpacks and re-packs "pack files". Those are single file that contains many sub-files. Pack files often end with a .bin extension, and they can contain a lot of different types of files at the same time. Mostly for research purpose. GUI Image: Donwload: Version 0.53 + GUI 1.2 : on Github Graphics: PPMD KaoUtil Description: This utility allows to both unpack the kaomado.kao file containing all the pokemon portraits, but also to rebuild the file! Basically, you can add new potraits into the game using this tool ! It just extract everything like a zip file if you want. And you just have to add a properly named 4 bits per pixels/16 colors png or bmp image to the folder matching the pokemon you want, before repacking the parent folder again into a ".kao" fle. The first color in the palette is reserved by the game and is forced to pure black, so you have really 15 colors. Example: For example, here's a crappy little edit of Poochyena's basic portrait. I inserted it into slot 2, which correspond to the emotion named "Grin"! Poochyena by default doesn't have a portrait for this emotion, but by using the tool, I was able to insert this very easily ! GUI Image: Donwload: Version 0.41 + GUI : on github Dowload: Version 0.42 No GUI: ppmd_kaoutil_0.42 on github PPMD GfxCrunch Description : Handles converting various image formats from the game, including WAN sprites, BGP images, Compressed Pokemon sprites "*.pkdpx", and more to come! It exports animated sprites to XML for easier editing. It also can handle all at once the entire Pokemon sprites containers "monster.bin", "m_ground.bin", "m_attack.bin". Currently Supported Graphics Formats: Individual Pokemon sprites "*.wan" file ( Type 1 ). Compressed Pokemon sprites "*.pkdpx" Entire Pokemon sprites container "monster.bin", "m_ground.bin", "m_attack.bin" Currently Partially Supported Graphics Formats: Prop sprites with orphaned images "*.wan" file ( usually Type 0 or 3 ). Can extract, but wrong resolution and tile/pixel ordering, and can't be re-packed properly. WAT sprites "*.wat" file. (basically "*.wan" sprites with a different file extension and with their type byte set to type 3) Not tested. BGP Images. "*.bgp" files. Currently Unsupported Graphics Formats: WTE Image container. "*.wte" file. WTU Color animation data file ? "*.wtu" file. kaomado.kao. (Use ppmd_kaoutil instead for now!) Raw at4px-compressed images. (This will never be perfect, because its raw data.) Raw images. (This will never be perfect, because its raw data.) Everything else.. Donwload: Alpha 0.13 : ppmd_gfxcrunch_0_13_alpha on GitHub Stats/Text/etc..: PPMD StatUtil Description: A tool for exporting game statistics to XML, and importing them back into the game's files. Making it easy for third party tools developer to make more complete and user friendly utilities, can also be edited by humans directly and opened with anyone's favorite XML editor.(Notepad++ highly recommended) So far has limited support. Currently supports editing: Move data, Pokemon Data, Item data, Generic game text, Game scripts + game dialog. Donwload: Alpha 0.23 : ppmd_statsutil_0.23.2 on GitHub Tutorial/Example: here, also include a few files and tools to make things easier! Example Video for the Script Editing : Audio: PPMD AudioUtil Description: A tool for exporting, and eventually importing/modifying, audio to/from games using the DSE audio driver, such as PMD2 ! Can output the samples to wav files, or the samples and music tracks to a soundfont and MIDIs, or to MIDIs only. You can specify your own conversion rules for exporting only MIDIs, such as what instruments the native DSE preset translate to when converted into MIDI ! This program REQUIRE you to read the readme btw. Its a console program only, for now. There is so much stuff going on in it that there won't be a GUI frontend for a while.. Please Note: Its still far from perfect! Currently supports: Exporting Music to MIDI and soundfonts. Exporting MIDIs only. Exporting samples. Donwload: Version 0.36 (2016/05/01) : latest ppmd_audioutil on Github Source Code: All source code for all utilities is available. Its not always pretty, because this codebase is also used for research, and messing around. But its much better than not sharing anything at all, I guess. Main repository for the actual utilities : ppmdu Secondary repository for the GUI frontends : ppmdu_gui_frontends Research Notes: For the most reliable, tested, and up to date info, check the Project Pokemon Wiki: All my current personal research notes files: File Formats : General notes : PMD2_MusicAndSoundFormats: PMD2_MusicTracksAndInfo : A bunch of jumbled notes on scripts : Misc Unsupported Utilities Here are a few little utilities I made to help with researching the ROMs. They're nothing special, and probably not very stable, but they're really handy: SIR0PtrOffsetsDecoder : Use this to decode a SIR0 pointer offset list, which can help tremendously in finding out more about what a sir0 file contains! Just copy/paste the SIR0's ptr offset list only, and put it into its own separate file, and drag-and-drop that onto the .bat file, it will output the result in "decoded.txt". The program itself only output the result to the console, so use the batch script, or pipe the output! IntegerListDecoder : Use this one to decode a list of encoded integers. Things like the stats growths in "m_level.bin", the move lists in "waza_p.bin". You can just put all the lists one after the other in a new file, and drag-and-drop that onto the .bat file and all the decoded lists will be outputed to "decoded.txt" ! Pages of Interest: Todo
  2. Please be sure to hide any PSMD spoilers within spoiler tags, until the game is released in all regions ! About This Thread: This thread is mostly for posting on-going research notes/progress and findings for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon games. Both games use very similar formats, and work generally the same way, which is why they both share the same thread. Information: Here are links to interesting posts in the thread, and to external websites. How to extract PMD:GTI rom's content How to batch decompile the lua scripts A nice little cheat sheet + Lua primer for those interested! Lua 5.1 experimental sandbox escape exploit Notes: Here are some links to notes, or to the wiki on the various file formats and etc of the games. SIR0 format Megadrifter's notes on the IMG format Utilities: Here are some utilities for dealing with the file formats in PSMD/PMD:GTI : ... Current Problematic Issues: Here are some of the things that are currently holding us back right now: No way to test modifications/investigate on a 3DS/emulator. My 3DS isn't unlocked. So having someone with one willing to try things out would be nice! (EDIT: Actually,thanks to ironhax I can run homebrew on it now But not much else ) This post will fill up as time goes.
  3. Searching for kangaskhan

    Looking for a kangaskhan with this moveset : Fake Out Seismic Toss Body Slam Ice Punch I already did my researchs but didn't found the information to gen this pokemon Looking forward for a response !
  4. That would be the holy grail. That and a Wonder Card distro ROM. EDIT: Topic was started when theSLAYER moved posts discussing 10 ANIV carts after a couple members mentioned they had some and would be willing to share the generation algorithm (the thing a lot of people here actually want, myself included) but not the actual ROMs. EDIT 2: Considering the scope of this topic has expanded beyond 10ANNIV/10 ANIV research, I decided to rename it.
  5. So, I hacked the pokewalker.... I dumped RAM when I was on the transfer screen, and looked through it with a GameBoy tile editor. I found something interesting... The graphics for the Pokewalker are stored on HG/SS This also includes a DECOMPRESSED sprite of Spinda (because of the way the game handles his spots). So, this led me to conclude, the game transfers the Pokemon sprites when it connects, (and probably the sprites for that route youre on) I'd have to assume that if you transfer your pokemon back. The only time it transfers the menu Icons and misc sprites is the first time you sync it, or after you erase it, then sync again. I did this by hacking the sprites with AR, I made a code that will copy data from a hacked gba save file to the RAM.
  6. NARC file order (CLICK THIS FOR HUGE LIST OF NARC LOCATIONS): Notable files for ROM Hacks: /a/0/0/3 - Story Text /a/0/0/8 - Maps /a/0/1/1 - battle backgrounds /a/0/1/2 - ZoneData /a/0/1/6 - personal.narc (pokemon editing) /a/0/1/8 - level up moves /a/0/1/9 - evolutions /a/0/2/1 - Move data (type, bp, etc) /a/0/2/6 - title screen /a/0/3/0 - Start Menu Sprite /a/0/5/6 - Ingame Scripts /a/0/6/5 - Move Animations /a/0/7/1 - Animated Trainer Sprites (front, vs) /a/0/7/2 - Animated Trainer Sprites (back, send out) /a/0/9/1 - Trainer Data /a/0/9/2 - Trainer Pokemon /a/1/2/4 - Egg Moves /a/1/2/6 - Overworlds /a/1/2/7 - Encounter Tables /a/1/6/3 - In Game Trades /a/2/6/7 - Trainer Mugshots /a/2/7/3 - Hidden Hollow Encounter Table /a/2/8/2 - PokeMart Data /a/2/9/1 - PWT Board Trainer Sprites /a/2/9/6 - Pokedex Ingame Locations /a/0/1/6 indices and structure (personal.narc): Encounter Table: Now has 135 locations. Here's their entry->ingame location: Poké Mart Locations: Credits & Thanks To: personal.narc identification and structure: Codr and magical Location Map of encounter slots: xfr File identification: Kaphotics, magical, Bond697, Codr, veekun, Sanky, Jerry, Andibad
  7. The type effectiveness table is in code.bin (in ExeFS this time) @ 0x497554 In 1.1 update it's 0x499550 I couldn't find the info, so I found it myself. Here it is for others who have been looking.
  8. I've tried to modifiy the cheat code for have the complete phonebook. Editing the quantity of added numbers with this code: 94000130 fcff0000 62111880 00000000 b2111880 00000000 d5000000 00000000 c0000000 00000001 THIS IS THE CHANGED BYTE d8000000 0000c0fc d4000000 00000009 THIS IS THE CHANGED BYTE d2000000 00000000 d0000000 00000000 The first hacked code change the quantity of numbers to 77, that is the max numbers that you can record (when before was 4C in hex instead of 4D 'cause starts with the 0), after the hack add 2 numbers, 'cause I changed the 4C byte with 01. The second hacked code before was 01, and this mean that add numbers in importance order (I think) but if you change with 0-2-3-4 etc. add for the other numbers after MUM always the same number. Then you can fill your phonebook with 77 MUM numbers and then if you try to add someone else you don't receive error messages, but the phonebook will not updated. This hacked code actually change the first two numbers in the phonebook with MUM and BILL, 'cause BILL is the 10th (hex 09) pokégear official number, then as example if you want to delete YOUNGSTER JOEY (I know that you want!) you can move his number in 2nd position and overwrite with BILL's number. IMPORTANT: JOEY will try to add you again, then the flag is in the same phonebook list, if is deleted ask you again to add him. However the code could be dangerous, you have to put MUM number in first position to overwrite with the right number and you have to overwrite JOEY with a number that yet you don't have. In my case BILL is perfect, 'cause I don't added him yet, but if you already have him in your phonebook you can duplicate his number... Not is right... However I discovered that if a number is deleted or overwrited the trainer ask you to add again. But I don't have a code for delete as example the last number in the phonebook. Will be wonderful found a way to clear specific trainer's numbers, maybe with their script that verify if you added them and ask you also to delete their numbers when you talk with. Someone can work into to discover a way to edit as example JOEY script?
  9. Not sure if this is the right place as I don't know how much of a breakthrough this is so mods please let me know if this should be moved elsewhere. There's been multiple posts asking about how to remove the banned Pokemon restrictions on Battle Maison in X/Y/ORAS (Some people are even offering bitcoin incentives to have this figured out). I've spent pretty much the entire day working on this/trying to figure this out but for the life of me could not, so to have this day not go to waste I'd like to share some of the progress/things I found out and discovered along the way. Hopefully someone out there can pick this project up and finish working on it. So how do you remove the Battle Maison restrictions? My conclusion, after a lot of experimenting, is that you have to edit the DllBattlePartySelect.cro file. Here are my reasons: 1) After messing with that .CRO file, I rebuilt romfs using PK3DS, loaded the patch using Hans, and my game was running completely fine up until the point where the Battle Maison lady asks me to select Pokemon. The game freezes at a black screen and I'm forced to power off. 2) I messed with DllBattlePartySelect.cro by reading it through a Hex editor. Call me crazy, call this a conspiracy theory, but there are 31 instances of the Hex-value sequence "FE FF EB" in that file, and there are exactly 31 Pokemon banned in Battle Maison. Now I know it's been said before that CRO files can't be edited, and if they do then the game just crashes, but after some research I came across this thread and heard people saying that CRO editing works with Luma3DS (I use Gateway3DS for launching Hans using homebrew). So I spent time setting up Luma and between the CRO resigner and Luma I couldn't get anything to work lol. After patching static.crr with cro_tool.exe the game wouldn't boot so I used the old static.crr, and patching the romfs into a .cia file for Luma3DS didn't work either... So in short, editing DllBattlePartySelect.cro by modifying the 31 iterations of the "FE FF EB" hex values is my best guess at figuring out how to remove Battle Maison restriction (I am using Alpha Sapphire, sorry if that becomes relevant). The million-dollar question is figuring out how to edit CRO files using a Hex Editor without having the game crash. Maybe Kaphotics or SciresM would know how to do this. I know there are some CRO editing capabilities that Pk3DS has, but still no way to edit that golden DllBattlePartySelect.cro file.
  10. I didn't want to necro this thread but what I found might be useful information to anyone who plays on Battle Subway. Just so you know I've only tested this on Pokemon White 2, but this should in theory work on all other Gen 5 versions (note MeroMero's different narc locations for BW vs BW2). If you follow that thread (and read the replies too), you will see that, for Black 2 and White 2, you have to use a Hex Editor on a\1\0\6 (in this case). In this case, I am using HxD so this next sentence will make sense if you're also using it: After changing all the sequences laid out in that thread, I changed the second "B0 0E" to "00 00". This can be found in Offset (h) row 000000B0 columns 0C and 0D. After you change those 2 Hex values, recompile using PPRE beta 0.14 and try playing in Battle Subway You will notice that Soul Dew is no longer banned and you can use the same pokemon multiple times, holding the same items, and you can even play with 4, 5 or even all 6 of the pokemon on your team. As far as I know, this removes every single restriction on Battle Subway, so you will not only be able to play with banned pokemon, but you can essentially... go all out with whatever haha. Hope this helps!
  11. I recently started using Ohana3DS to extract assets from ORAS and noticed it's tedious to find a particular pokemon's model and texture. These files are found in folder a/0/0/8, and are labelled with file_#### instead of pokemon names. I searched around for an easy way to find which file goes with which pokemon, like a search function or list, but haven't found anything. Has anything like this been made yet? If yes then it should be made more public. Well anyway I started mapping the files to pokemon on my own, and it's pretty crazy. There are over 8000 files! So I'd like some help with this, and possibly make it a public project to identify all the model and texture files in a/0/0/8. Here's what I've got so far: I've also discovered some things that would make this easier. About half the files can't even be opened in Ohana3DS, so that reduces the work a lot. There all also patterns with how the files work. In general, it seems a pokemon consists of a block of 8 files. These blocks tend to contain the following files: Pokemon model (geometry) (.pc file) A (<10 KB) .pf file that can't be opened. The texture of the pokemon (.pt file) The texture (shiny version) of the pokemon (.pt file) A .pt file that can't be opened, size varies a lot A medium (<100 KB) .pb file that can't be opened A medium (<100 KB) .pk file that can't be opened A small (<10 KB) .pc file that can't be opened Also, does anyone know what the significance of these extra files are? Are they animations? Note there are separate blocks for different forms of pokemon, which includes gender differences. This makes it hard to come up with a general formula for mapping pokemon to their corresponding files. Even if there was such a formula, there is still value in attempting to open the files. It'll be useful for bugtesting Ohana3DS; for example finding pokemon whose textures don't render correctly, or at all (Charizard, for instance). So would anyone like to help? A list like this would be very handy to have. Most importantly, if someone already did this please share it before we do a lot of work for nothing... (wouldn't that be embarrassing huh?)
  12. If a Pokémon uses Endure, is supposed to take damage equal or superior to its current HP, and happens to consume a held damage-reducing Berry the same turn Endure is used, then: _the Enduring Pokémon won't be left with Math.floor(Expected damage / 2) HP , nor 1 HP if Expected damage >= 2 * current HP; _but instead will be left with Math.floor(Current HP / 2) + 1 HP, or 1 HP if Current HP <= 2. In other words this tells us that Endure, if successful, is checked before damage-reducing Berries, which is obviously a bad design. A similar problem happens with Counter, Mirror Coat and Metal Burst (possibly Bide as well) where the damage sent back is doubled from the damage that was to be taken BEFORE damage-reducing Berries are checked (showcased here).
  13. I have visited the IRC many times and asked for advice on how to help with Save Research and Development on various Pokemon games and their respective systems. However, all of my notes were erased when my laptop messed up (currently undergoing repairs). I would like to help out if at all possible, but I would like to know if I have everything I need and if not, what would be next step/software and hardware I need? I wanted to make this thread for others who might be eager to help and to have it all in one thread. I apologize to those who have talked with me in IRC before about this and that it may need to be mentioned again. Here is what I own, all of which are authentic and working: Pokemon Games: Hardware: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I could not find any thread (at least as much as I looked being exhausted) that would teach people who would like to help on how to aid with research all in one source. I would like to apologize if this was already asked, but I figured it would be alright since I am also unsure if what I have is enough, etc. Pictures here and here
  14. The first post will be the patch and instructions and the second will be a look into how I managed to do this. Using this will be a little bit complex for now until the new version of Kazo's trainer editor shows up. I don't know if he'll be doing it or if I'll be doing it, but it will be available at some point soon-ish. Until then, there are basic instructions in the text file and obviously you can ask questions in here. So what we've got here is the first implementable hack for 5th gen Rom hacks. For now it will just be for B2W2, but will eventually be for BW as well. As the title states, it lets you pick the nature for opposing trainers' pokes. Also, here's a pic of what I was talking about in the text file: The red square is byte 0x4B, the one you're supposed to edit.
  15. It's been a loooong time, but finally, I've discovered how the BDHC files work. Please, if you are gonna copy this post in other site, give credits! First of all, I have to thank JayT, who discovered how is the file structured in different parts. Now, I'm gonna explain what does each part. Part P Sets the coordinates of certain points, used later to build rectangles or "plates" of different heights in the Part S. The structure of each element is the following one: 00 00 XX XX 00 00 YY YY XX XX are the coordinates in the X-axis, and YY YY the Y-axis ones. Keep in mind that the origin of coordinates is located at the midpoint of the map, not in a corner. This means that the lower right corner always use positive numbers, but the upper left corner instead must use negative numbers. Remember that FF FF = -1, FE FF = -2, FD FF = -3... The four tiles in the midpoint of the map are (FFFF, FFFF), (0000, FFFF), (FFFF, 0000) and (0000, 0000) respectively. Thus, the point of the upper left corner is: 00 00 F0 FF 00 00 F0 FF And the lower right corner: 00 00 10 00 00 00 10 00 Part Q It may be related to the stairs, but I need to investigate further. I've already solved this part, but I've still got to translate it to English Part R It sets the different heights where the hero can be in different rectangles or "plates". The structure of the elements of this part is: MM MM ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ refers to the complete-tiles height, ie; for example if the character is at a neutral level, then ZZ ZZ = 00 00. If we climb some stairs and now we are in a height +1, then ZZ ZZ = FF FF (at higher height, instead of growing, it decreases) . If we were at a height +5, it would be FB FF. And if for example we were at -2; 02 00. MM MM measures, instead of full tiles, 65536-ths of tile. For not to talk complicated things; MM MM = 00 80 if the character is in a lake (it would be half a tile down, ie -0.5 tall) and MM MM = 00 00 if the character is anywhere else. For example, if we have: 00 80 FF FF it would mean: FF FF = Height +1 00 80 = Height -0.5 Total height = +0.5 Part S Link points of Part P to create the "plates" or rectangles, and assigns a height of an element of Part R. AA 00 BB 00 QQ 00 RR 00 AA is the number (in hex) of the Part P element where the point of the rectangle in the upper left corner is. Remember that the first element is 00, the second is 01, the third is 02... BB is the number (in hex) of the Part P element where the point of the rectangle in the lower right corner is. RR is the number (in hex) of the Part R element which establishes the height of the plate. If in Part P, for example, we have this: 00 00 F0 FF 00 00 F0 FF 00 00 10 00 00 00 10 00 And in the Part R we have: 00 00 FE 00 00 00 01 00 In the S part we have to write: 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 so we create a plate covering from (-16, -16) to (16, 16) (ie, the whole map) and setting a height in the Z axis +2. If instead out: 00 00 01 00 00 00 01 00 It would be the same as the previous one, but with a height of -1. Part T It divides the map in horizontal strips. Everything must be divided so if we move vertically (up or down) and thus we get in/out of a lake, stairs or similar, we must also be entering a new strip. It's hard to explain; the game can not detect when you enter an area with different height when you move vertically in the same strip (horizontally no problem) so you have to create a new separate strip. As I know it's hard to understand, here's a little picture: There is an element for each strip there. The structure of each element of Part T is: 00 00 YY YY NN NN UU UU Where YY YY is the Y-axis line where the lower limit of the strip is. NN is the number of elements of the Part U that are taken, and starting counting from element number UU UU. Do not worry, I'll explain later. For example, a map where there were two strips, one in the upper half and one in the lower half, would be: 00 00 00 00 NN NN UU UU 00 00 10 00 NN NN UU UU Part U It is a list or enumeration of adjacent plates/rectangles to the strip with which it is linked in Part T. That is, if I'm in the strip 00, Part T load a number of elements of the Part U where there are numbered all the plates where the player is or can access, from this strip. The structure of the elements of Part U is: SS 00 where SS is the number (in hex) of the Part S plate. Part U have many elements of these, and they are usually "segmented" in "zones". In Part T is loaded the number of items to be taken (NN NN) and the number it starts counting (UU UU). For example, in Part U we have: 00 00 01 00 02 00 04 00 00 00 03 00 04 00 And in the T part we are: 00 00 YY YY 04 00 00 00 00 00 YY YY 03 00 04 00 Then, from the first strip, we are or we can access the plates 00, 01, 02 and 04, while from the second strip we are or we can access the plates 00, 03 and 04. Remember they are all adjacent plates, ie, plates belonging to the strip and the ones which are in the limits but do not belong to it (ie, those plates whose height the game has to load while the player is in the strip).
  16. I have managed to successfully read and save Pokemon Box saves and have them load without issues on the actual game. An editor actually does exist for Pokemon Box with source code Here which is what I based some of my findings on however this program doesn't have saving. Thank you Kaphotics for finding it. Save File Structure: Size: 0x76000 (+64 if it contains GCI data) 0x0 - GameCube Memory Card Data 0x02000 - Save Slot 1 0x30000 - Save Slot 2 Save Slot Structure: Size: 0x2E000 0x0 - Array of 23 blocks of data. There is no data after that. Each save file contains 23 blocks from start to finish. There is no leftover data. Save data is stored in an almost identical fashion to the GBA games. Block Structure: Size: 0x2000 Variables: 0x0 - ushort ChecksumA in big endian 0x2 - ushort ChecksumB in big endian 0x4 - u32 BlockID in big endian (from 0-22 inclusive) 0x8 - u32 SaveCount in big endian 0xC-0x1FFB - Actual Data 0x1FFC - u32 Footer (unsure what this is used for) Calculating the Checksum (In C#): uint checksum = (ushort)((ushort)BlockID + (ushort)(BlockID >> 16) + (ushort)SaveCount + (ushort)(SaveCount >> 16)); for (int i = 0xC; i < 0x1FFC; i += 2) { // Read the next ushort in big endian then add it to the checksum. uint word = (uint)(((uint)RawData[i] << 8) + RawData[i + 1]); checksum += word; } ChecksumA = (ushort)checksum; ChecksumB = (ushort)(0xF004 - (ushort)checksum); Actual Data Structure: Size: 0x2BEA0 0x04 - u32 CurrentBox in little endian. (The last box the player was viewing before saving) 0x08 - Start of Pokemon Boxes, Each Pokemon is listed every 84 bytes until the last Pokemon in box 25 0x1EC38 - Start of box names, each is spaced 9 bytes appart and uses Gen 3 GBA Character Encoding and is 9 bytes in length. A name starting in 0 or 255 is empty and the default name for that box should be used. 0x1ED19 - Start of box wallpapers. Each wallpaper is 1 byte in length. Each wallpaper's id corresponds to its order in the menu. GBA Pokemon Character Encoding First load each block then order them from lowest to highest block id. Then dump each block's actual data into a single array and use that as the save file containing your data. Pokemon Data Structure: Size: 0x54 (84 bytes) 0x00-0x4F - Gen 3 GBA PKM Data 0x50 - u16 Trainer ID of sender in little endian 0x52 - u16 Secret ID of sender in little endian GBA PKM Data Structure Saving Pokemon Box: Saving is pretty straight forwards assuming you're reading the file correctly. You don't need to increment the save count or anything and you only need to update the most recent save slot. Keeping the order the blocks were in works when saving the game and loading it on Pokemon Box. I haven't had anyone test it with sorting the blocks.
  17. At the request of @Nebaku I poked around the files for pokemon battle revolution a couple of weeks ago. I don't really have the time to do a proper write up atm but thought I'd at least post some basic information for now in case anybody wanted to play around with it. If you haven't seen my thread on extracting files from .fsys archives in colosseum and then check it out in this thread -hacking-tutorial-part-1-File-decompression-recompression'> The useful part is part III of the tutorial as pokemon battle revolution also has .fsys files in the same format. You can extract the .fsys files from the iso using dolphin but I haven't actually tried importing into gamecube ISOs so I don't know if there are any good programs for doing it automatically. Unfortunately afaik all the files in the .fsys archives in PBR are named "(null)". It's super annoying but we can't do anything about that. The file names usually give hints as to what they may contain so without them there's a lot of guess work involved. I spent some time looking through the files in common.fsys since that's where all the useful stuff is in colo/xd. If you use my BMS script from the thread linked above, and choose the option to automatically rename files with repeat file names, since all of the files are called "null" you get a bunch of files named (null)xxxxxxxx with a hexadecimal number in place of the xs. I will refer to the files by their file number since they don't have useful names. The files from null - null0x20 are data tables, some of which I've figured out. null 0x21 is in the same format as the scripts from pokemon (-scripting'> I haven't tried disassembling it yet though. The rest of the files are textures. mes_common.fsys contains a string table which follows the same format as in colo/XD except with different escape characters. Info on the data tables: Header :- number of entries at offset 0 (number of rows) entry size at offset 4 (length of each row of data) first entry at offset 0x10 (offset to start of the data/end of header) file size (minus header size) at 0x14 file size (including header size)at 0x18 base stats in common.fsys in null_00000008.fdat :- entry size 0x34 (52) first entry at 0x3c0(index 0) offset length data c 2 string id in mes_common 12 1 base stats (1 byte each ) 18 1 types (1 byte each) common null1 list of countries. common 4, type weakness table. 00 super effective, 01 neutral, 02, not very effective, 03 no effect, 04/05 unknown but only used for type indexes after the last one used. interestingly there are extra type indexes making a total of 32. common null6 list of clothing for avatars. null9 same number of entries as pokemon (0x1f5 501) evolution table. entry size 0x2a 42 offset length data 0 2 evolution type (e.g. 04 by level up) 2 2 level/condition 4 2 target species common null0x13 item list? common null0x18 list of avatar clothing. common null0x1e moves list offset length data 0x00 2 effect 0x08 2 nameid 0x0a 2 description id 0x0f 1 base power 0x10 1 type 0x11 1 accuracy 0x12 1 base pp 0x13 1 effect accuracy 0x14 1 priority 0x15 1 some kind of mask. probably flags which include category. last bit is phys/spec so an odd value here is physical while an even value here is special/status Bear in mind that none of this is confirmed. These are just the notes I wrote a couple of weeks ago after a few hours of looking at the hex. I didn't test any of them but tbh it's all pretty obvious just by looking at the data since it's all really similar to colo/XD in terms of the format. Sorry that the information isn't very well structured but I'll aim to write tools for Colosseum, XDGoD and Battle Revolution once I'm done with my end of year exams.
  18. I have a lot of information on which I'll be adding to this post. I've been writing an app to streamline the hacking process and I've pretty much completed the logic and just need to complete the UI now. As a result there is a lot of code that is quite useful as a reference. It's all in the swift programming language which I doubt many people here use but it should be simple enough to figure out what it all does. Here's a link to the repository : -Code'> Part 1 of my tutorials: -hacking-tutorial-part-1-File-decompression-recompression'> I'll be updating this post with more details. Enumerations: Constants: Texture Editing: Data Tables: Gift and Trade Pokemon:
  19. Maybe this was already known but I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet, so here I go. I think I may have found something weird about how the Counter / Mirror Coat / Metal Burst trio behaves against damage-reducing berries (including the Chilan Berry). Note that this behavior is for Gen IV only (Gen V onwards it behaves like one would expect it to.) What is already known: Counter sends back to the attacker 200% of the damage taken by a physical attack, and fails against special attacks and Ghost-type Pokémon. Mirror Coat sends back to the attacker 200% of the damage taken by a special attack, and fails against physical attacks and Dark-type Pokémon. Metal Burst sends back to the attacker 150% of the damage taken by an offensive move, provided the attacker was faster this turn. What I accidentally stumbled upon: Damage-reducing berries, when activated, doesn't touch the actual damage value (like it does with Focus Sash for example), rather it seems that the calculation for halving the damage is done separately from the actual damage value read by the game. Hence for example if a move was supposed to deal 200 HP damage, the berry will activate and will deal instead 100 HP damage (rounded down), but the game doesn't update the damage value (it still reads it as -200). Thus if a damage-reducing berry was activated this turn and the user happens to use one of the "Sends back to attacker" move, it will deal 200% damage (150% damage if Metal Burst) of the value stored in-game instead of the actual damage dealt. That is in this example, Counter/Mirror Coat (Metal Burst) would deal 400 HP (300 HP) damage and not 200 HP (150 HP) like one would expect! If this was already known, I'm sorry and you can slap me a thousand times.
  20. For a while I thought to myself, there should be a ROM hack format that patches individual files in the ROM, instead of the ROM itself. Meanwhile, psy_commando had a similar idea (I'm making a new thread so that one will be exclusively for PMD2). The current discussion for those who haven't read it: I've been working on upgrading Sky Editor to make making ROM hacks like these easier, and before I actually write code for making patches, I think it's time that we ROM hack tool developers discussed and made a standard. Here's my proposition: a "mod pack" zip contains one or more smaller mods and the patching tools. A "mod" zip contains all the data needed for 1 patch. Having various smaller mods allows them to be reused in other packs, and to let users pick which mods to apply to their ROM. For example, maybe in Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire, what if I hypothetically wanted the increased XP curve, but didn't want any changes to items. I could then apply the "XP Curve" mod, but not the "Item Balance" mod. Here's a more technical proposition: File structure of the Mod zip (probably called .ndsmod or .3dsmod): /Mod.json Contains information about the mod like Name, Author, Target ROM, etc. Lists IO operations that need to be done (maybe I want to swap /Data/Sound/BGM/bgm0045.smd and /Data/Sound/BGM/bgm0003.smd or delete the entire /TOP directory) Can optionally list other mods that must be applied before or after this one. (For mods of a mod; patching files that are added by other mods). (Optional) /Patcher.exe Optional patcher in case weird file types are included, or to allow for randomizers. Usage: "patcher.exe [directory]", where directory is the path of the ROM directory (the one containing arm9.bin, arm7.bin, and the Data and Overlay directories). /Files/ Contains certain kinds of patch files in the same directory structure as ndstool extracts them. Ex. /Files/Data/BACK/expback.bgp.xdelta is an xdelta patch for the file at /Data/BACK/expback.bgp Ex. /Files/Data/FONT/kaomado.kao.kaopatch is a special file the patching utility knows how to handle that adds more images inside the file at /Data/FONT/kaomado.kao. The advantage over a binary difference is that multiple mods can independently add images without interfering with each other. Ex. /Files/Data/Back/MyBackground.bgp.file is a brand new file to be added at /Data/Back/MyBackground.bgp Any directories present anywhere in the folder hierarchy in /Files will be added in the appropriate place. File structure of the Mod Pack zip: /Pack.json Contains information about the mod pack like Name, Author, Target ROM, etc. /Patcher.exe and/or /Patcher.bat and/or other comparable OS specific patcher file. Should probably be required to support command line arguments (patcher.exe [inputFile] [outputFile]). /Mods/ - contains one or more mod zips. /Tools/ - contains any tools or executables needed by the patcher. Exact name doesn't matter as long as end users don't need to worry about its contents. /Tools/FileFormats.json Maps executables (or comparable files like .py) that know how to handle individual file patches to the proper extension, like the .kaopatch example above Ex. Could have an entry for .kaopatch that points to "/Tools/RomEditor.exe -kaopatch -i {Input} -o {Output}", where {Input} and {Output} are replaced with input and output paths. Ex. Could have an entry for .kaopatch that points to "/Tools/KaoPatch.exe" where usage "kaopatch.exe [inputFile] [outputFile]" is implied This format is designed for NDS Roms, but should also work with 3DS Roms (as long as the patcher is included). Formats of the .json files can be finalized later. This format should be as legal as xdelta patches unless I've overlooked something. Feel to post questions/comments/concerns about any aspect of it, especially if you're a ROM hacking tool developer or a ROM hack developer. [Edit 8/2] Updated details to match my current development.
  21. Hey I was going through some scripts in my HeartGold ROM with PPRE yesterday when I found something quite interesting. When you open the map editor and open the map "Burned Tower R1-02" there's three scripts. The first one just checks a flag and the second one triggers Raikou and Entei to roam, the third one, however, is quite interesting. This is its code: Fanfare 1500 Lockall Faceplayer Cryfr 245 0 Waitcry Setflag 164 [b]WildBattle2 245 40 0 [/b] Clearflag 164 CheckTrainerLost 0x800c If 0x800c 0 CheckLR 1 func_4 StoreEmbStatus? 0x4002 If 0x4002 3 CheckLR 1 func_5 If 0x4002 4 CheckLR1 1 func_6 Releaseall End As you can see in the bold part, it uses the command WildBattle2 245 40 0. Now 245 is the number for Suicune in the Pokedex. Does that mean it was originally planned for Suicune to be catchable right in the Burned Tower like in Crystal? Interestingly enough, the flag 164 that it sets before and clears after the battle is the one that is also checked in the first script. As I said, I have only started to look into this yesterday so I don't have much knowledge about scripting in general (it's very hard to even find information about scripting for the fourth generation) but I guess my assumption is right? Well the command clearly triggers a battle with Suicune, that's for sure. Is there a way that we can find out the means to trigger this script in the game? Lastly I want to say that I'm sorry if this is an already well-known fact but a quick google search before posting this didn't bring up any results. I'd like to have your opinion on this. For reference, the ROM I looked into was the US version of HeartGold and I can guarantee that it was not modified in any way. I do not know if that script is also present in SoulSilver, might have to look into that.
  22. **The first part of my tutorials is here if you're looking for it - -hacking-tutorial-part-1-File-decompression-recompression'>** images: There are still a lot of things I haven't been able to figure out on my own so far. It is to be hoped, that with my knowledge of pokemon colosseum and hacking now available to more people we will see some progress. Some things on the list are things I've started to piece together but got stuck. Some things I just couldn't find at all. I. physical/special split Done II. Editing map scripts Done III. Editing textures Done IV. Editing models - Things I haven't been able to figure out at all - I. Where is the weakness/resistance table ?! Done It's been in the same format in all the other games but I can't seem to figure it out for colosseum or . II. I know where the sound files are but I don't know how to edit them. Their file names and magic bytes might give the formats away though. I just don't know much about music formats and its a low priority for me. III. ASM hacking Done The majority of it will be in start.dol. The gamecube runs on the powerPC architecture which is very well documented and in fact I have a hex editor on my mac that was able to disassemble the code for me without me needing to specify any details. My assemly programming isn't great though as I kind of missed those lectures in uni ... (damn!) Understanding the game's programming could allow all sorts of hacks like making new move effects (e.g. trick room or quiver dance), make new abilities (e.g. adaptability or mega launcher) increasing the walking speed or adding new battle mechanics from later generations like drizzle expiring or not switching in your next pokemon when one dies until the end of the turn (For those who don't know, back in gen III, in double battles if one pokemon fainted you had to replace it straight away meaning if you doubled up on a slot then you could knock out that pokemon and then hit the next pokemon switched in on the same turn). We could also change things like the chances of finding shiny pokemon (which is set to 0 in ) or the critical hit chances and damage multiplier like in gen VI. Research images Research images
  23. the type effectiveness table is in DllBattle.cro @ 0xD12A8
  24. the type effectiveness table is in DllBattle.cro @ 0xDB428
  25. First of all credits go to Andibad for kindly lending me the source to work with. I merely interpreted the data for anyone to see clearly. #001 Bulbasaur: Skull Bash Charm Petal Dance Magical Leaf Grass Whistle Curse Ingrain Nature Power Amnesia Leaf Storm Power Whip Sludge Endure Giga Drain Grassy Terrain #004 Charmander: Belly Drum Ancient Power Bite Outrage Beat Up Dragon Dance Crunch Dragon Rush Metal Claw Flare Blitz Counter Dragon Pulse Focus Punch Air Cutter #007 Squirtle: Mirror Coat Haze Mist Foresight Flail Refresh Mud Sport Yawn Muddy Water Fake Out Aqua Ring Aqua Jet Water Spout Brine Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere #016 Pidgey: Pursuit Feint Attack Foresight Steel Wing Air Cutter Air Slash Brave Bird Uproar Defog #019 Rattata: Screech Flame Wheel Fury Swipes Bite Counter Reversal Uproar Last Resort Me First Revenge Final Gambit #021 Spearow: Feint Attack Scary Face Quick Attack Tri Attack Astonish Sky Attack Whirlwind Uproar Feather Dance Steel Wing Razor Wind #023 Ekans: Pursuit Slam Spite Beat Up Poison Fang Scary Face Poison Tail Disable Switcheroo Iron Tail Sucker Punch Snatch #027 Sandshrew: Flail Counter Rapid Spin Metal Claw Crush Claw Night Slash Mud Shot Endure Chip Away Rock Climb Rototiller #029 Nidoran♀: Supersonic Disable Take Down Focus Energy Charm Counter Beat Up Pursuit Skull Bash Iron Tail Poison Tail Endure Chip Away Venom Drench #032 Nidoran♂: Counter Disable Supersonic Take Down Amnesia Confusion Beat Up Sucker Punch Head Smash Iron Tail Poison Tail Endure Chip Away Venom Drench #037 Vulpix: Feint Attack Hypnosis Flail Spite Disable Howl Heat Wave Flare Blitz Extrasensory Power Swap Secret Power Hex Tail Slap Captivate #041 Zubat: Quick Attack Pursuit Feint Attack Gust Whirlwind Curse Nasty Plot Hypnosis Zen Headbutt Brave Bird Giga Drain Steel Wing Defog Venom Drench #043 Oddish: Razor Leaf Flail Synthesis Charm Ingrain Tickle Teeter Dance Secret Power Nature Power After You #046 Paras: Screech Counter Psybeam Flail Sweet Scent Pursuit Metal Claw Bug Bite Cross Poison Agility Endure Natural Gift Leech Seed Wide Guard Rototiller Fell Stinger #048 Venonat: Baton Pass Screech Giga Drain Signal Beam Agility Morning Sun Toxic Spikes Bug Bite Secret Power Skill Swap Rage Powder #050 Diglett: Feint Attack Screech Ancient Power Pursuit Beat Up Uproar Mud Bomb Astonish Reversal Headbutt Endure Final Gambit Memento #052 Meowth: Spite Charm Hypnosis Amnesia Assist Odor Sleuth Flail Last Resort Punishment Tail Whip Snatch Iron Tail Foul Play #054 Psyduck: Hypnosis Psybeam Foresight Future Sight Cross Chop Refresh Confuse Ray Yawn Mud Bomb Encore Secret Power Sleep Talk Synchronoise Simple Beam Clear Smog #056 Mankey: Foresight Meditate Counter Reversal Beat Up Revenge Smelling Salts Close Combat Encore Focus Punch Sleep Talk Night Slash #058 Growlithe: Body Slam Crunch Thrash Fire Spin Howl Heat Wave Double-Edge Flare Blitz Morning Sun Covet Iron Tail Double Kick Close Combat #060 Poliwag: Mist Splash Bubble Beam Haze Mind Reader Water Sport Ice Ball Mud Shot Refresh Endeavor Encore Endure Water Pulse #063 Abra: Encore Barrier Knock Off Fire Punch Thunder Punch Ice Punch Power Trick Guard Swap Skill Swap Guard Split Psycho Shift Ally Switch #066 Machop: Meditate Rolling Kick Encore Smelling Salts Counter Close Combat Fire Punch Thunder Punch Ice Punch Bullet Punch Power Trick Heavy Slam Knock Off Tickle Quick Guard #069 Bellsprout: Encore Synthesis Leech Life Ingrain Magical Leaf Worry Seed Tickle Weather Ball Bullet Seed Natural Gift Giga Drain Clear Smog Power Whip Acid Spray Belch #072 Tentacool: Aurora Beam Mirror Coat Rapid Spin Haze Confuse Ray Knock Off Acupressure Muddy Water Bubble Aqua Ring Tickle #074 Geodude: Mega Punch Block Hammer Arm Flail Curse Focus Punch Rock Climb Endure Autotomize Wide Guard #077 Ponyta: Flame Wheel Thrash Double Kick Hypnosis Charm Double-Edge Horn Drill Morning Sun Low Kick Captivate Ally Switch #079 Slowpoke: Belly Drum Future Sight Stomp Mud Sport Sleep Talk Snore Me First Block Zen Headbutt Wonder Room Belch #083 Farfetch'd: Steel Wing Foresight Mirror Move Gust Quick Attack Flail Feather Dance Curse Covet Mud-Slap Night Slash Leaf Blade Revenge Roost Trump Card Simple Beam #084 Doduo: Quick Attack Supersonic Haze Feint Attack Flail Endeavor Mirror Move Brave Bird Natural Gift Assurance #086 Seel: Lick Perish Song Disable Horn Drill Slam Encore Fake Out Icicle Spear Signal Beam Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Water Pulse Iron Tail Sleep Talk Belch Entrainment #088 Grimer: Haze Mean Look Lick Imprison Curse Shadow Punch Shadow Sneak Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Scary Face Acid Spray #090 Shellder: Bubble Beam Take Down Barrier Rapid Spin Screech Icicle Spear Mud Shot Rock Blast Water Pulse Aqua Ring Avalanche Twineedle #092 Gastly: Psywave Perish Song Haze Astonish Grudge Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunder Punch Disable Scary Face Clear Smog Smog Reflect Type #095 Onix: Flail Block Defense Curl Rollout Rock Blast Rock Climb Heavy Slam Stealth Rock Rototiller #096 Drowzee: Barrier Assist Role Play Fire Punch Thunder Punch Ice Punch Nasty Plot Flatter Psycho Cut Guard Swap Secret Power Skill Swap #098 Krabby: Haze Amnesia Flail Slam Knock Off Tickle Ancient Power Agility Endure Chip Away Bide Ally Switch #102 Exeggcute: Synthesis Moonlight Ancient Power Ingrain Curse Nature Power Lucky Chant Leaf Storm Power Swap Giga Drain Skill Swap Natural Gift Block Grassy Terrain #104 Cubone: Ancient Power Belly Drum Screech Skull Bash Perish Song Double Kick Iron Head Detect Endure Chip Away #108 Lickitung: Belly Drum Magnitude Body Slam Curse Smelling Salts Sleep Talk Snore Amnesia Hammer Arm Muddy Water Zen Headbutt Belch #109 Koffing: Screech Psywave Psybeam Destiny Bond Pain Split Grudge Spite Curse Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Toxic Spikes #111 Rhyhorn: Crunch Reversal Counter Magnitude Curse Crush Claw Dragon Rush Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Skull Bash Iron Tail Rock Climb Rototiller Metal Burst Guard Split #113 Chansey: Present Metronome Heal Bell Aromatherapy Counter Helping Hand Gravity Mud Bomb Natural Gift Endure Seismic Toss #114 Tangela: Flail Confusion Mega Drain Amnesia Leech Seed Nature Power Endeavor Leaf Storm Power Swap Giga Drain Rage Powder Natural Gift #115 Kangaskhan: Stomp Foresight Focus Energy Disable Counter Crush Claw Double-Edge Endeavor Hammer Arm Focus Punch Trump Card Uproar Circle Throw #116 Horsea: Flail Aurora Beam Octazooka Disable Splash Dragon Rage Dragon Breath Signal Beam Razor Wind Muddy Water Water Pulse Clear Smog Outrage #118 Goldeen: Psybeam Haze Hydro Pump Sleep Talk Mud Sport Mud-Slap Aqua Tail Body Slam Mud Shot Skull Bash Signal Beam #122 Mr. Mime: Future Sight Hypnosis Mimic Fake Out Trick Confuse Ray Wake-Up Slap Teeter Dance Nasty Plot Power Split Magic Room Icy Wind #123 Scyther: Counter Baton Pass Razor Wind Reversal Endure Silver Wind Bug Buzz Night Slash Defog Steel Wing Quick Guard #127 Pinsir: Fury Attack Flail Feint Attack Quick Attack Close Combat Feint Me First Bug Bite Superpower #131 Lapras: Foresight Tickle Refresh Dragon Dance Curse Sleep Talk Horn Drill Ancient Power Whirlpool Fissure Dragon Pulse Avalanche Future Sight Freeze-Dry #133 Eevee: Charm Flail Endure Curse Tickle Wish Yawn Fake Tears Covet Detect Natural Gift Stored Power Synchronoise Captivate #138 Omanyte: Bubble Beam Aurora Beam Slam Supersonic Haze Spikes Knock Off Wring Out Toxic Spikes Muddy Water Bide Water Pulse Whirlpool Reflect Type #140 Kabuto: Bubble Beam Aurora Beam Rapid Spin Flail Knock Off Confuse Ray Mud Shot Icy Wind Screech Giga Drain Foresight Take Down #142 Aerodactyl: Whirlwind Pursuit Foresight Steel Wing Dragon Breath Curse Assurance Roost Tailwind Wide Guard #143 Snorlax: Lick Charm Double-Edge Curse Fissure Whirlwind Pursuit Counter Natural Gift After You Belch #147 Dratini: Mist Haze Supersonic Dragon Breath Dragon Dance Dragon Rush Extreme Speed Water Pulse Aqua Jet Dragon Pulse Iron Tail #152 Chikorita: Vine Whip Leech Seed Counter Ancient Power Flail Nature Power Ingrain Grass Whistle Leaf Storm Aromatherapy Wring Out Body Slam Refresh Heal Pulse Grassy Terrain #155 Cyndaquil: Fury Swipes Quick Attack Reversal Thrash Foresight Covet Howl Crush Claw Double-Edge Double Kick Flare Blitz Extrasensory Nature Power Flame Burst #158 Totodile: Crunch Thrash Hydro Pump Ancient Power Mud Sport Water Sport Ice Punch Metal Claw Dragon Dance Aqua Jet Fake Tears Block Water Pulse Flatter #161 Sentret: Double-Edge Pursuit Slash Focus Energy Reversal Trick Assist Last Resort Charm Covet Natural Gift Iron Tail Captivate #163 Hoothoot: Mirror Move Supersonic Feint Attack Wing Attack Whirlwind Sky Attack Feather Dance Agility Night Shade Defog #165 Ledyba: Psybeam Bide Silver Wind Bug Buzz Screech Encore Knock Off Bug Bite Focus Punch Drain Punch Dizzy Punch Tailwind #167 Spinarak: Psybeam Disable Sonic Boom Baton Pass Pursuit Signal Beam Toxic Spikes Twineedle Electroweb Rage Powder Night Slash Megahorn #170 Chinchou: Flail Screech Amnesia Psybeam Whirlpool Agility Mist Shock Wave Brine Water Pulse Soak #172 Pichu: Reversal Bide Present Encore Double Slap Wish Charge Fake Out Thunder Punch Tickle Flail Endure Lucky Chant Bestow Disarming Voice #173 Cleffa: Present Metronome Amnesia Belly Drum Splash Mimic Wish Fake Tears Covet Aromatherapy Stored Power Tickle Misty Terrain Heal Pulse #174 Igglybuff: Perish Song Present Feint Attack Wish Fake Tears Last Resort Covet Gravity Sleep Talk Captivate Punishment Misty Terrain Heal Pulse #175 Togepi: Present Mirror Move Peck Foresight Future Sight Nasty Plot Psycho Shift Lucky Chant Extrasensory Secret Power Stored Power Morning Sun #177 Natu: Haze Drill Peck Quick Attack Feint Attack Steel Wing Feather Dance Refresh Zen Headbutt Sucker Punch Synchronoise Roost Skill Swap Simple Beam Ally Switch #179 Mareep: Take Down Body Slam Screech Odor Sleuth Charge Flatter Sand Attack Iron Tail After You Agility Eerie Impulse Electric Terrain #183 Marill: Present Amnesia Future Sight Belly Drum Perish Song Supersonic Aqua Jet Superpower Refresh Body Slam Water Sport Muddy Water Camouflage #185 Sudowoodo: Self-Destruct Headbutt Harden Defense Curl Rollout Sand Tomb Stealth Rock Curse Endure #187 Hoppip: Confusion Encore Double-Edge Amnesia Helping Hand Aromatherapy Worry Seed Cotton Guard Seed Bomb Endure Grassy Terrain #190 Aipom: Counter Screech Pursuit Agility Spite Slam Double Slap Beat Up Fake Out Covet Bounce Revenge Switcheroo Quick Guard #191 Sunkern: Grass Whistle Encore Leech Seed Nature Power Curse Helping Hand Ingrain Sweet Scent Endure Bide Natural Gift Morning Sun Grassy Terrain #193 Yanma: Whirlwind Reversal Leech Life Signal Beam Silver Wind Feint Feint Attack Pursuit Double-Edge Secret Power #194 Wooper: Body Slam Ancient Power Curse Mud Sport Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Counter Encore Double Kick Recover After You Sleep Talk Acid Spray Guard Swap Eerie Impulse #198 Murkrow: Whirlwind Drill Peck Mirror Move Wing Attack Sky Attack Confuse Ray Feather Dance Perish Song Psycho Shift Screech Feint Attack Brave Bird Roost Assurance Flatter #200 Misdreavus: Screech Destiny Bond Imprison Memento Sucker Punch Shadow Sneak Curse Spite Ominous Wind Nasty Plot Skill Swap Wonder Room Me First #203 Girafarig: Take Down Amnesia Foresight Future Sight Beat Up Wish Magic Coat Double Kick Mirror Coat Razor Wind Skill Swap Secret Power Mean Look #204 Pineco: Pin Missile Flail Swift Counter Sand Tomb Revenge Double-Edge Toxic Spikes Power Trick Endure Stealth Rock #206 Dunsparce: Bide Ancient Power Bite Headbutt Astonish Curse Trump Card Magic Coat Snore Agility Secret Power Sleep Talk Hex #207 Gligar: Metal Claw Wing Attack Razor Wind Counter Sand Tomb Agility Baton Pass Double-Edge Feint Night Slash Cross Poison Power Trick Rock Climb Poison Tail #209 Snubbull: Metronome Feint Attack Present Crunch Heal Bell Snore Smelling Salts Close Combat Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Focus Punch Double-Edge Mimic Fake Tears #211 Qwilfish: Flail Haze Bubble Beam Supersonic Astonish Signal Beam Aqua Jet Water Pulse Brine Acid Spray #213 Shuckle: Sweet Scent Knock Off Helping Hand Acupressure Sand Tomb Mud-Slap Acid Rock Blast Final Gambit #214 Heracross: Harden Bide Flail Revenge Pursuit Double-Edge Seismic Toss Focus Punch Megahorn Rock Blast #215 Sneasel: Counter Spite Foresight Bite Crush Claw Fake Out Double Hit Punishment Pursuit Ice Shard Ice Punch Assist Avalanche Feint Icicle Crash #216 Teddiursa: Crunch Take Down Seismic Toss Counter Metal Claw Fake Tears Yawn Sleep Talk Cross Chop Double-Edge Close Combat Night Slash Belly Drum Chip Away Play Rough #218 Slugma: Acid Armor Heat Wave Curse Smokescreen Memento Stockpile Spit Up Swallow Rollout Inferno Earth Power Guard Swap #220 Swinub: Take Down Bite Body Slam Ancient Power Mud Shot Icicle Spear Double-Edge Fissure Curse Mud Shot Avalanche Stealth Rock Icicle Crash Freeze-Dry #222 Corsola: Screech Mist Amnesia Barrier Ingrain Confuse Ray Icicle Spear Nature Power Aqua Ring Curse Bide Water Pulse Head Smash Camouflage #223 Remoraid: Aurora Beam Octazooka Supersonic Haze Screech Rock Blast Snore Flail Water Spout Mud Shot Swift Acid Spray Water Pulse Entrainment #225 Delibird: Aurora Beam Quick Attack Future Sight Splash Rapid Spin Ice Ball Ice Shard Ice Punch Fake Out Bestow Icy Wind Freeze-Dry Destiny Bond Spikes #226 Mantine: Twister Hydro Pump Haze Slam Mud Sport Mirror Coat Water Sport Splash Wide Guard Amnesia #227 Skarmory: Drill Peck Pursuit Whirlwind Sky Attack Curse Brave Bird Assurance Guard Swap Stealth Rock Endure #228 Houndour: Fire Spin Rage Pursuit Counter Spite Reversal Beat Up Fire Fang Thunder Fang Nasty Plot Punishment Feint Sucker Punch Destiny Bond #231 Phanpy: Focus Energy Body Slam Ancient Power Snore Counter Fissure Endeavor Ice Shard Head Smash Mud-Slap Heavy Slam Play Rough #234 Stantler: Spite Disable Bite Extrasensory Thrash Double Kick Zen Headbutt Megahorn Mud Sport Rage Me First #236 Tyrogue: Rapid Spin High Jump Kick Mach Punch Mind Reader Helping Hand Counter Vacuum Wave Bullet Punch Endure Pursuit Feint Ally Switch #238 Smoochum: Meditate Fake Out Wish Ice Punch Miracle Eye Nasty Plot Wake-Up Slap Captivate #239 Elekid: Karate Chop Barrier Rolling Kick Meditate Cross Chop Fire Punch Ice Punch Dynamic Punch Feint Hammer Arm Focus Punch #240 Magby: Karate Chop Mega Punch Barrier Screech Cross Chop Thunder Punch Mach Punch Dynamic Punch Flare Blitz Belly Drum Iron Tail Focus Energy Power Swap Belch #241 Miltank: Present Reversal Seismic Toss Endure Curse Helping Hand Sleep Talk Dizzy Punch Hammer Arm Double-Edge Punishment Natural Gift Heart Stamp Belch #246 Larvitar: Pursuit Stomp Outrage Focus Energy Ancient Power Dragon Dance Curse Iron Defense Assurance Iron Head Stealth Rock Iron Tail #252 Treecko: Crunch Mud Sport Endeavor Leech Seed Dragon Breath Crush Claw Worry Seed Double Kick Grass Whistle Synthesis Magical Leaf Leaf Storm Razor Wind Bullet Seed Natural Gift Grassy Terrain #255 Torchic: Counter Reversal Endure Smelling Salts Crush Claw Baton Pass Agility Night Slash Last Resort Feint Feather Dance Curse Flame Burst Low Kick #258 Mudkip: Refresh Uproar Curse Stomp Ice Ball Mirror Coat Counter Ancient Power Whirlpool Bite Double-Edge Mud Bomb Yawn Sludge Avalanche Wide Guard Barrier #261 Poochyena: Astonish Poison Fang Covet Leer Yawn Sucker Punch Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Me First Snatch Sleep Talk Play Rough #263 Zigzagoon: Charm Pursuit Tickle Trick Helping Hand Mud-Slap Sleep Talk Rock Climb Simple Beam #270 Lotad: Synthesis Razor Leaf Sweet Scent Leech Seed Flail Water Gun Tickle Counter Giga Drain Teeter Dance #273 Seedot: Leech Seed Amnesia Quick Attack Razor Wind Take Down Worry Seed Nasty Plot Power Swap Defog Foul Play Beat Up Bullet Seed Grassy Terrain #276 Taillow: Pursuit Supersonic Refresh Mirror Move Rage Sky Attack Whirlwind Brave Bird Roost Steel Wing Defog Boomburst #278 Wingull: Mist Twister Agility Gust Water Sport Aqua Ring Knock Off Brine Roost Soak Wide Guard #280 Ralts: Disable Mean Look Memento Destiny Bond Grudge Shadow Sneak Confuse Ray Encore Synchronoise Skill Swap Misty Terrain Ally Switch #283 Surskit: Foresight Mud Shot Psybeam Hydro Pump Mind Reader Signal Beam Bug Bite Aqua Jet Endure Fell Stinger Power Split #285 Shroomish: Fake Tears Charm Helping Hand Worry Seed Wake-Up Slap Seed Bomb Bullet Seed Focus Punch Natural Gift Drain Punch #287 Slakoth: Pursuit Slash Body Slam Snore Crush Claw Curse Sleep Talk Hammer Arm Night Slash After You Tickle #290 Nincada: Endure Feint Attack Gust Silver Wind Bug Buzz Night Slash Bug Bite Final Gambit #293 Whismur: Take Down Snore Extrasensory Smelling Salts Smokescreen Endeavor Hammer Arm Fake Tears Circle Throw Disarming Voice #296 Makuhita: Feint Attack Detect Foresight Helping Hand Cross Chop Revenge Dynamic Punch Counter Wake-Up Slap Bullet Punch Feint Wide Guard Focus Punch Chip Away #298 Azurill: Encore Sing Refresh Slam Tickle Fake Tears Body Slam Water Sport Soak Muddy Water Copycat Camouflage #299 Nosepass: Magnitude Rollout Double-Edge Block Stealth Rock Endure Wide Guard #300 Skitty: Helping Hand Uproar Fake Tears Wish Baton Pass Tickle Last Resort Fake Out Zen Headbutt Sucker Punch Mud Bomb Simple Beam Captivate Cosmic Power #302 Sableye: Recover Moonlight Nasty Plot Flatter Feint Sucker Punch Trick Captivate Mean Look Metal Burst Imprison #303 Mawile: Poison Fang Ancient Power Tickle Sucker Punch Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Punishment Guard Swap Captivate Slam Metal Burst Misty Terrain Seismic Toss #304 Aron: Endeavor Body Slam Stomp Smelling Salts Curse Screech Iron Head Dragon Rush Head Smash Superpower Stealth Rock Reversal #307 Meditite: Fire Punch Thunder Punch Ice Punch Foresight Fake Out Baton Pass Dynamic Punch Power Swap Guard Swap Psycho Cut Bullet Punch Drain Punch Secret Power Quick Guard #309 Electrike: Crunch Headbutt Uproar Curse Swift Discharge Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Switcheroo Electro Ball Shock Wave Flame Burst Eerie Impulse #311 Plusle: Wish Sing Sweet Kiss Discharge Lucky Chant #312 Minun: Wish Sing Sweet Kiss Discharge Lucky Chant #313 Volbeat: Baton Pass Silver Wind Trick Encore Bug Buzz Dizzy Punch Seismic Toss #314 Illumise: Baton Pass Silver Wind Growth Encore Bug Buzz Captivate Fake Tears Confuse Ray #315 Roselia: Spikes Synthesis Pin Missile Cotton Spore Sleep Powder Razor Leaf Mind Reader Leaf Storm Seed Bomb Giga Drain Natural Gift Grass Whistle Bullet Seed #316 Gulpin: Acid Armor Smog Pain Split Curse Destiny Bond Mud-Slap Gunk Shot Venom Drench #318 Carvanha: Hydro Pump Double-Edge Thrash Ancient Power Swift Brine Destiny Bond #320 Wailmer: Double-Edge Thrash Snore Sleep Talk Curse Fissure Tickle Defense Curl Body Slam Aqua Ring Soak Zen Headbutt Clear Smog #322 Numel: Howl Scary Face Body Slam Rollout Defense Curl Stomp Yawn Ancient Power Mud Bomb Heat Wave Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Endure Iron Head Growth #324 Torkoal: Eruption Endure Sleep Talk Yawn Fissure Skull Bash Flame Burst Clear Smog Superpower #325 Spoink: Future Sight Extrasensory Trick Zen Headbutt Amnesia Mirror Coat Skill Swap Whirlwind Lucky Chant Endure Simple Beam #327 Spinda: Encore Assist Disable Baton Pass Wish Trick Smelling Salts Fake Out Role Play Psycho Cut Fake Tears Rapid Spin Icy Wind Water Pulse Psycho Shift Guard Split #328 Trapinch: Focus Energy Quick Attack Gust Flail Fury Cutter Mud Shot Endure Earth Power Bug Bite Signal Beam #331 Cacnea: Grass Whistle Acid Teeter Dance Dynamic Punch Counter Low Kick Smelling Salts Magical Leaf Seed Bomb Nasty Plot Disable Block Worry Seed Switcheroo Fell Stinger Belch Rototiller #333 Swablu: Agility Haze Pursuit Rage Feather Dance Dragon Rush Power Swap Roost Hyper Voice Steel Wing #335 Zangoose: Flail Double Kick Razor Wind Counter Curse Fury Swipes Night Slash Metal Claw Double Hit Disable Iron Tail Final Gambit Feint Quick Guard #336 Seviper: Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Body Slam Scary Face Assurance Night Slash Switcheroo Iron Tail Wring Out Punishment Final Gambit #339 Barboach: Thrash Whirlpool Spark Hydro Pump Flail Take Down Dragon Dance Earth Power Mud Shot Muddy Water #341 Corphish: Mud Sport Endeavor Body Slam Ancient Power Knock Off Superpower Metal Claw Dragon Dance Trump Card Chip Away Double-Edge Aqua Jet Switcheroo #345 Lileep: Barrier Recover Mirror Coat Wring Out Tickle Curse Mega Drain Endure Stealth Rock #347 Anorith: Rapid Spin Knock Off Screech Sand Attack Cross Poison Curse Iron Defense Water Pulse Aqua Jet #349 Feebas: Mirror Coat Dragon Breath Mud Sport Hypnosis Confuse Ray Mist Haze Tickle Brine Iron Tail Dragon Pulse Captivate #351 Castform: Future Sight Lucky Chant Disable Amnesia Ominous Wind Hex Clear Smog Reflect Type Guard Swap Cosmic Power #352 Kecleon: Disable Magic Coat Trick Fake Out Nasty Plot Dizzy Punch Recover Skill Swap Snatch Foul Play Camouflage #353 Shuppet: Disable Destiny Bond Foresight Astonish Imprison Pursuit Shadow Sneak Confuse Ray Ominous Wind Gunk Shot Phantom Force #355 Duskull: Imprison Destiny Bond Pain Split Grudge Memento Feint Attack Ominous Wind Dark Pulse Skill Swap Haze #357 Tropius: Headbutt Slam Razor Wind Leech Seed Nature Power Leaf Storm Synthesis Curse Leaf Blade Dragon Dance Bullet Seed Natural Gift #358 Chimecho: Disable Curse Hypnosis Wish Future Sight Recover Stored Power Skill Swap Cosmic Power #359 Absol: Baton Pass Feint Attack Double-Edge Magic Coat Curse Mean Look Zen Headbutt Punishment Sucker Punch Assurance Me First Megahorn Hex Perish Song Play Rough #361 Snorunt: Block Spikes Rollout Disable Bide Weather Ball Avalanche Hex Fake Tears Switcheroo #363 Spheal: Water Sport Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Yawn Curse Fissure Signal Beam Aqua Ring Rollout Sleep Talk Water Pulse Belly Drum #366 Clamperl: Refresh Mud Sport Body Slam Supersonic Barrier Confuse Ray Aqua Ring Muddy Water Water Pulse Brine Endure #369 Relicanth: Magnitude Skull Bash Water Sport Amnesia Sleep Talk Aqua Tail Snore Mud-Slap Muddy Water Mud Shot Brine Zen Headbutt #370 Luvdisc: Splash Supersonic Water Sport Mud Sport Captivate Aqua Ring Aqua Jet Heal Pulse Brine Entrainment #371 Bagon: Hydro Pump Thrash Dragon Rage Twister Dragon Dance Fire Fang Dragon Rush Dragon Pulse Endure Defense Curl #387 Turtwig: Worry Seed Growth Tickle Body Slam Double-Edge Sand Tomb Seed Bomb Thrash Amnesia Superpower Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Earth Power Wide Guard Grassy Terrain #390 Chimchar: Fire Punch Thunder Punch Double Kick Encore Heat Wave Focus Energy Helping Hand Fake Out Blaze Kick Counter Assist Quick Guard Focus Punch Submission #393 Piplup: Double Hit Supersonic Yawn Mud Sport Mud-Slap Snore Flail Agility Aqua Ring Hydro Pump Feather Dance Bide Icy Wind #396 Starly: Feather Dance Fury Attack Pursuit Astonish Sand Attack Foresight Double-Edge Steel Wing Uproar Roost Detect Revenge Mirror Move #399 Bidoof: Quick Attack Water Sport Double-Edge Fury Swipes Defense Curl Rollout Odor Sleuth Aqua Tail Rock Climb Sleep Talk Endure Skull Bash #403 Shinx: Ice Fang Fire Fang Thunder Fang Quick Attack Howl Take Down Night Slash Shock Wave Swift Double Kick Signal Beam Helping Hand Eerie Impulse Fake Tears #406 Budew: Spikes Synthesis Pin Missile Cotton Spore Sleep Powder Razor Leaf Mind Reader Leaf Storm Extrasensory Seed Bomb Giga Drain Natural Gift Grass Whistle #408 Cranidos: Crunch Thrash Double-Edge Leer Slam Stomp Whirlwind Hammer Arm Curse Iron Tail Iron Head #410 Shieldon: Headbutt Scary Face Focus Energy Double-Edge Rock Blast Body Slam Screech Curse Fissure Counter Stealth Rock Wide Guard Guard Split #417 Pachirisu: Covet Bite Fake Tears Defense Curl Rollout Flatter Flail Iron Tail Tail Whip Follow Me Charge Bestow Ion Deluge #418 Buizel: Mud-Slap Headbutt Fury Swipes Slash Odor Sleuth Double Slap Fury Cutter Baton Pass Aqua Tail Aqua Ring Me First Switcheroo Tail Slap Soak #420 Cherubi: Razor Leaf Sweet Scent Tickle Nature Power Grass Whistle Aromatherapy Weather Ball Heal Pulse Healing Wish Seed Bomb Natural Gift Defense Curl Rollout Flower Shield #422 Shellos: Counter Mirror Coat Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Yawn Memento Curse Amnesia Fissure Trump Card Sludge Clear Smog Brine Mist Acid Armor #425 Drifloon: Memento Body Slam Destiny Bond Disable Haze Hypnosis Weather Ball Clear Smog Defog Tailwind #427 Buneary: Fake Tears Fake Out Encore Sweet Kiss Double Hit Low Kick Sky Uppercut Switcheroo Thunder Punch Ice Punch Fire Punch Flail Focus Punch Circle Throw Copycat Teeter Dance Cosmic Power Mud Sport #431 Glameow: Bite Tail Whip Quick Attack Sand Attack Fake Tears Assurance Flail Snatch Wake-Up Slap Last Resort #433 Chingling: Disable Curse Hypnosis Wish Future Sight Recover Stored Power Skill Swap Cosmic Power #434 Stunky: Pursuit Leer Smog Double-Edge Crunch Scary Face Astonish Punishment Haze Iron Tail Foul Play Flame Burst Play Rough #438 Bonsly: Self-Destruct Headbutt Harden Defense Curl Rollout Sand Tomb Stealth Rock Curse Endure #439 Mime Jr.: Future Sight Hypnosis Mimic Fake Out Trick Confuse Ray Wake-Up Slap Teeter Dance Healing Wish Charm Nasty Plot Power Split Magic Room Icy Wind #440 Happiny: Present Metronome Heal Bell Aromatherapy Counter Helping Hand Gravity Last Resort Mud Bomb Natural Gift Endure #441 Chatot: Encore Night Shade Agility Nasty Plot Supersonic Steel Wing Sleep Talk Defog Air Cutter Boomburst #442 Spiritomb: Destiny Bond Pain Split Smokescreen Imprison Grudge Shadow Sneak Captivate Nightmare Foul Play #443 Gible: Dragon Breath Outrage Twister Scary Face Double-Edge Thrash Metal Claw Sand Tomb Body Slam Iron Head Mud Shot Rock Climb Iron Tail #446 Munchlax: Lick Charm Double-Edge Curse Whirlwind Pursuit Zen Headbutt Counter Natural Gift After You Self-Destruct Belch #447 Riolu: Cross Chop Detect Bite Mind Reader Sky Uppercut High Jump Kick Agility Vacuum Wave Crunch Low Kick Iron Defense Blaze Kick Bullet Punch Follow Me Circle Throw #449 Hippopotas: Stockpile Swallow Spit Up Curse Slack Off Body Slam Sand Tomb Revenge Sleep Talk Whirlwind #451 Skorupi: Feint Attack Screech Sand Attack Slash Confuse Ray Whirlwind Agility Pursuit Night Slash Iron Tail Twineedle Poison Tail #453 Croagunk: Me First Feint Dynamic Punch Headbutt Vacuum Wave Meditate Fake Out Wake-Up Slap Smelling Salts Cross Chop Bullet Punch Counter Drain Punch Acupressure Quick Guard #455 Carnivine: Sleep Powder Stun Spore Razor Leaf Slam Synthesis Magical Leaf Leech Seed Worry Seed Giga Drain Rage Powder Grass Whistle #456 Finneon: Sweet Kiss Charm Flail Aqua Tail Splash Psybeam Tickle Agility Brine Aurora Beam Signal Beam #458 Mantyke: Twister Hydro Pump Haze Slam Mud Sport Mirror Coat Water Sport Splash Signal Beam Wide Guard Amnesia Tailwind #459 Snover: Leech Seed Magical Leaf Seed Bomb Growth Double-Edge Mist Stomp Skull Bash Avalanche Natural Gift Bullet Seed #495 Snivy: Captivate Natural Gift Glare Iron Tail Magical Leaf Sweet Scent Mirror Coat Pursuit Mean Look Twister Grassy Terrain #498 Tepig: Covet Body Slam Thrash Magnitude Superpower Curse Endeavor Yawn Sleep Talk Heavy Slam Sucker Punch #501 Oshawott: Copycat Detect Air Slash Assurance Brine Night Slash Trump Card Screech #504 Patrat: Foresight Iron Tail Screech Assurance Pursuit Revenge Flail #506 Lillipup: Howl Sand Attack Mud-Slap Lick Charm Endure Yawn Pursuit Fire Fang Thunder Fang Ice Fang After You #509 Purrloin: Pay Day Foul Play Feint Attack Fake Tears Charm Encore Yawn Covet Copycat #511 Pansage: Covet Low Kick Tickle Nasty Plot Role Play Astonish Grass Whistle Magical Leaf Bullet Seed Leaf Storm Disarming Voice #513 Pansear: Covet Low Kick Tickle Nasty Plot Role Play Astonish Sleep Talk Fire Spin Fire Punch Heat Wave Disarming Voice #515 Panpour: Covet Low Kick Tickle Nasty Plot Role Play Astonish Aqua Ring Aqua Tail Mud Sport Hydro Pump Disarming Voice #517 Munna: Sleep Talk Secret Power Barrier Magic Coat Helping Hand Baton Pass Swift Curse Sonic Boom Healing Wish #519 Pidove: Steel Wing Hypnosis Uproar Bestow Wish Morning Sun Lucky Chant Night Slash #522 Blitzle: Me First Take Down Sand Attack Double Kick Screech Rage Endure Double-Edge Shock Wave Snatch #524 Roggenrola: Magnitude Curse Autotomize Rock Tomb Lock-On Heavy Slam Take Down Gravity Wide Guard #527 Woobat: Charm Knock Off Fake Tears Supersonic Synchronoise Stored Power Roost Flatter Helping Hand Captivate Venom Drench Psycho Shift #529 Drilbur: Iron Defense Rapid Spin Earth Power Crush Claw Metal Sound Submission Skull Bash Rock Climb #531 Audino: Wish Heal Bell Lucky Chant Encore Bestow Sweet Kiss Yawn Sleep Talk Healing Wish Amnesia Draining Kiss #532 Timburr: Drain Punch Endure Counter Comet Punch Foresight Smelling Salts Detect Wide Guard Force Palm Reversal Mach Punch #535 Tympole: Water Pulse Refresh Mud Sport Mud Bomb Sleep Talk Snore Mist Earth Power After You #540 Sewaddle: Silver Wind Screech Razor Wind Mind Reader Agility Me First Baton Pass Camouflage Air Slash #543 Venipede: Twineedle Pin Missile Toxic Spikes Spikes Take Down Rock Climb #546 Cottonee: Natural Gift Encore Tickle Fake Tears Grass Whistle Memento Beat Up Switcheroo Worry Seed Captivate #548 Petilil: Natural Gift Charm Endure Ingrain Worry Seed Grass Whistle Sweet Scent Bide Healing Wish #550 Basculin: Swift Bubble Beam Mud Shot Muddy Water Agility Whirlpool Rage Brine Revenge #551 Sandile: Double-Edge Rock Climb Pursuit Uproar Fire Fang Thunder Fang Beat Up Focus Energy Counter Mean Look Me First #554 Darumaka: Sleep Talk Focus Punch Focus Energy Endure Hammer Arm Take Down Flame Wheel Encore Yawn Snatch #556 Maractus: Bullet Seed Bounce Worry Seed Leech Seed Seed Bomb Wood Hammer Spikes Grass Whistle Grassy Terrain #557 Dwebble: Endure Iron Defense Night Slash Sand Tomb Counter Curse Spikes Block Wide Guard Rototiller #559 Scraggy: Drain Punch Counter Dragon Dance Detect Fake Out Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunder Punch Amnesia Feint Attack Zen Headbutt Quick Guard #561 Sigilyph: Stored Power Psycho Shift Ancient Power Steel Wing Roost Skill Swap Future Sight #562 Yamask: Memento Fake Tears Nasty Plot Endure Heal Block Imprison Nightmare Disable Ally Switch Toxic Spikes #564 Tirtouga: Water Pulse Knock Off Rock Throw Slam Iron Defense Flail Whirlpool Body Slam Bide Guard Swap #566 Archen: Steel Wing Defog Dragon Pulse Head Smash Knock Off Earth Power Bite Ally Switch Switcheroo #568 Trubbish: Spikes Rollout Haze Curse Rock Blast Sand Attack Mud Sport Self-Destruct #570 Zorua: Detect Captivate Dark Pulse Snatch Memento Sucker Punch Extrasensory Counter Copycat #572 Minccino: Iron Tail Tail Whip Aqua Tail Mud-Slap Knock Off Fake Tears Sleep Talk Endure Flail #574 Gothita: Mirror Coat Uproar Miracle Eye Captivate Mean Look Dark Pulse Heal Pulse #577 Solosis: Night Shade Astonish Confuse Ray Acid Armor Trick Imprison Secret Power Astonish Helping Hand #580 Ducklett: Steel Wing Brine Gust Air Cutter Mirror Move Me First Lucky Chant Mud Sport #582 Vanillite: Water Pulse Natural Gift Imprison Autotomize Iron Defense Magnet Rise Ice Shard Powder Snow #585 Deerling: Fake Tears Natural Gift Synthesis Worry Seed Odor Sleuth Agility Sleep Talk Baton Pass Grass Whistle #587 Emolga: Roost Iron Tail Astonish Air Slash Shock Wave Charm Covet Tickle Baton Pass Ion Deluge #588 Karrablast: Megahorn Pursuit Counter Horn Attack Feint Attack Bug Bite Screech Knock Off Drill Run #590 Foongus: Gastro Acid Growth Poison Powder Stun Spore Rollout Defense Curl Endure Body Slam #592 Frillish: Acid Armor Confuse Ray Pain Split Mist Recover Constrict #594 Alomomola Pain Split Refresh Tickle Mirror Coat Mist Endure #595 Joltik: Pin Missile Poison Sting Cross Poison Rock Climb Pursuit Disable Feint Attack Camouflage #597 Ferroseed: Bullet Seed Leech Seed Spikes Worry Seed Seed Bomb Gravity Rock Climb Stealth Rock Acid Spray #605 Elgyem: Teleport Disable Astonish Power Swap Guard Swap Barrier Nasty Plot Skill Swap Cosmic Power Ally Switch #607 Litwick: Acid Armor Heat Wave Haze Endure Captivate Acid Clear Smog Power Split #610 Axew: Counter Focus Energy Reversal Endure Razor Wind Night Slash Endeavor Iron Tail Dragon Pulse Harden #613 Cubchoo: Yawn Avalanche Encore Ice Punch Night Slash Assurance Sleep Talk Focus Punch Play Rough #616 Shelmet: Endure Baton Pass Double-Edge Encore Guard Split Mind Reader Mud-Slap Spikes Feint Pursuit #618 Stunfisk: Shock Wave Earth Power Yawn Sleep Talk Astonish Curse Spite Spark Pain Split Eerie Impulse Reflect Type Me First #619 Mienfoo: Endure Vital Throw Baton Pass Smelling Salts Low Kick Feint Me First Knock Off Ally Switch #621 Druddigon: Fire Fang Thunder Fang Crush Claw Feint Attack Pursuit Iron Tail Poison Tail Snatch Metal Claw Glare Sucker Punch #624 Pawniard: Revenge Sucker Punch Pursuit Headbutt Stealth Rock Psycho Cut Mean Look Quick Guard #626 Bouffalant: Stomp Rock Climb Headbutt Skull Bash Mud Shot Mud-Slap Iron Head Amnesia Belch #629 Vullaby: Steel Wing Mean Look Roost Scary Face Knock Off Fake Tears Foul Play #631 Heatmor: Pursuit Wrap Night Slash Curse Body Slam Heat Wave Feint Attack Sucker Punch Tickle Sleep Talk Belch #632 Durant: Screech Endure Rock Climb Baton Pass Thunder Fang Feint Attack #633 Deino: Fire Fang Thunder Fang Ice Fang Double Hit Astonish Earth Power Screech Head Smash Assurance Dark Pulse #636 Larvesta: String Shot Harden Foresight Endure Zen Headbutt Morning Sun Magnet Rise #650 Chespin: Synthesis Belly Drum Curse Quick Guard Spikes Defense Curl Rollout #653 Fennekin: Wish Hypnosis Heat Wave Magic Coat #656 Froakie: Bestow Mind Reader Toxic Spikes Mud Sport Camouflage Water Sport #659 Bunnelby: Spikes Defense Curl Rollout #661 Fletchling: Tailwind Snatch Quick Guard #664 Scatterbug: Stun Spore Poison Powder Rage Powder #667 Litleo: Entrainment Yawn Snatch Fire Spin #670 Flabébé: Copycat Captivate Camouflage #673 Skiddo: Defense Curl Rollout Milk Drink #675 Pancham: Quash Me First Quick Guard Foul Play Storm Throw #676 Furfrou: Role Play Work Up Mimic Captivate Refresh #677 Espurr: Trick Yawn Assist Barrier #679 Honedge: Metal Sound Shadow Sneak Destiny Bond Wide Guard #682 Spritzee: Disable Wish Captivate Refresh #684 Swirlix: After You Yawn Belly Drum Copycat #686 Inkay: Simple Beam Power Split Camouflage Flatter Destiny Bond #688 Binacle: Tickle Switcheroo Helping Hand Water Sport #690 Skrelp: Toxic Spikes Play Rough Haze Acid Armor Venom Drench #692 Clauncher: Aqua Jet Entrainment Endure Crabhammer Helping Hand #694 Helioptile: Agility Glare Camouflage Electric Terrain #696 Tyrunt: Dragon Dance Thunder Fang Ice Fang Poison Fang Rock Polish Fire Fang Curse #698 Amaura: Haze Barrier Mirror Coat Magnet Rise Discharge #701 Hawlucha: Agility Me First Ally Switch Entrainment Mud Sport Baton Pass Quick Guard #702 Dedenne: Eerie Impulse Covet Helping Hand Natural Gift #704 Goomy: Acid Armor Curse Iron Tail Poison Tail Counter Endure #707 Kelfki: Switcheroo Thief Lock-On Iron Defense #708 Phantump: Grudge Bestow Imprison Venom Drench #710 Pumpkaboo: Disable Bestow Destiny Bond #712 Bergmite: Recover Mist Barrier Mirror Coat #714 Noibat: Switcheroo Snatch Outrage Tailwind The only egg move not reported here (as far as I noticed) is Ally Switch for Tyrogue. And for good reason, the only way for Tyrogue to get Ally Switch as an egg move would be for one of the hitmons to learn the move, which none can (whether it is by level-up or by TM51 in BW/B2W2). This probably foreshadows a level-up change for the hitmons in ORAS.