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Found 9 results

  1. Looking for a kangaskhan with this moveset : Fake Out Seismic Toss Body Slam Ice Punch I already did my researchs but didn't found the information to gen this pokemon Looking forward for a response !
  2. I have visited the IRC many times and asked for advice on how to help with Save Research and Development on various Pokemon games and their respective systems. However, all of my notes were erased when my laptop messed up (currently undergoing repairs). I would like to help out if at all possible, but I would like to know if I have everything I need and if not, what would be next step/software and hardware I need? I wanted to make this thread for others who might be eager to help and to have it all in one thread. I apologize to those who have talked with me in IRC before about this and that it may need to be mentioned again. Here is what I own, all of which are authentic and working: Pokemon Games: Hardware: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I could not find any thread (at least as much as I looked being exhausted) that would teach people who would like to help on how to aid with research all in one source. I would like to apologize if this was already asked, but I figured it would be alright since I am also unsure if what I have is enough, etc. Pictures here and here
  3. I have managed to successfully read and save Pokemon Box saves and have them load without issues on the actual game. An editor actually does exist for Pokemon Box with source code Here which is what I based some of my findings on however this program doesn't have saving. Thank you Kaphotics for finding it. Save File Structure: Size: 0x76000 (+64 if it contains GCI data) 0x0 - GameCube Memory Card Data 0x02000 - Save Slot 1 0x30000 - Save Slot 2 Save Slot Structure: Size: 0x2E000 0x0 - Array of 23 blocks of data. There is no data after that. Each save file contains 23 blocks from start to finish. There is no leftover data. Save data is stored in an almost identical fashion to the GBA games. Block Structure: Size: 0x2000 Variables: 0x0 - ushort ChecksumA in big endian 0x2 - ushort ChecksumB in big endian 0x4 - u32 BlockID in big endian (from 0-22 inclusive) 0x8 - u32 SaveCount in big endian 0xC-0x1FFB - Actual Data 0x1FFC - u32 Footer (unsure what this is used for) Calculating the Checksum (In C#): uint checksum = (ushort)((ushort)BlockID + (ushort)(BlockID >> 16) + (ushort)SaveCount + (ushort)(SaveCount >> 16)); for (int i = 0xC; i < 0x1FFC; i += 2) { // Read the next ushort in big endian then add it to the checksum. uint word = (uint)(((uint)RawData[i] << 8) + RawData[i + 1]); checksum += word; } ChecksumA = (ushort)checksum; ChecksumB = (ushort)(0xF004 - (ushort)checksum); Actual Data Structure: Size: 0x2BEA0 0x04 - u32 CurrentBox in little endian. (The last box the player was viewing before saving) 0x08 - Start of Pokemon Boxes, Each Pokemon is listed every 84 bytes until the last Pokemon in box 25 0x1EC38 - Start of box names, each is spaced 9 bytes appart and uses Gen 3 GBA Character Encoding and is 9 bytes in length. A name starting in 0 or 255 is empty and the default name for that box should be used. 0x1ED19 - Start of box wallpapers. Each wallpaper is 1 byte in length. Each wallpaper's id corresponds to its order in the menu. GBA Pokemon Character Encoding First load each block then order them from lowest to highest block id. Then dump each block's actual data into a single array and use that as the save file containing your data. Pokemon Data Structure: Size: 0x54 (84 bytes) 0x00-0x4F - Gen 3 GBA PKM Data 0x50 - u16 Trainer ID of sender in little endian 0x52 - u16 Secret ID of sender in little endian GBA PKM Data Structure Saving Pokemon Box: Saving is pretty straight forwards assuming you're reading the file correctly. You don't need to increment the save count or anything and you only need to update the most recent save slot. Keeping the order the blocks were in works when saving the game and loading it on Pokemon Box. I haven't had anyone test it with sorting the blocks.
  4. ***Please read these rules carefully and make sure that you understand them. Failure to follow them can result in an infraction which can lead to a ban*** 1) We DO NOT support piracy. Do not ask for ROMs, links to ROMs or how to get a ROM. How to get one is outlined here and we will assume that if you have a ROM this is the way you got it. The correct way to obtain a ROM for the game you want to edit is to buy the game and make a back-up using a flash cart and either wi-fi or an EZ 3-in-1. Here are some useful tutorials for how to back up you games using this software: 2) You can only distribute patches for your ROM. The recommended patching program is: _________________________________________________ Of course, you are expected to follow the general rules, and although these two rules are in the general rules, I want to put them here as well as a constant reminder. We think ROM research is very important and we think that there can be much enjoyment from making your own ROM edit with the programs that come out of ROM research, but we want to keep everything fair. It is not fair to the people who worked hard to make pokemon, for anyone to get their game without buying it and then change it to something else.
  5. Post additions (pinned replies): [Apr 24th, 2009] AngelSl (pcap log of GTS communication): post#12 [Mar 1st, 2010] LordLandon (logged GTS communication in more close details): post#39 [Mar 2st, 2010] LordLandon (information on actually trading with a fake GTS server): post#41 [Mar 2st, 2010] LordLandon (python script to act as GTS server): post#43 [Mar 22nd, 2010] LordLandon (python script, IP fix): post#100 [Mar 23rd, 2010] magical (clarification how data prefix is encoded on website): post#104 [Mar 23rd, 2010] イーブイ (started Wiki article, check next page after clicking this link for more test results): post#105 [Apr 8th, 2010] AngelSl ( modification hint -to support CNAMEs and not only IPs): post#193 [Apr 10th, 2010] Vlad (port check tool in AutoIT3): post#224 [Apr 11th, 2010] Vlad (dns and http server package): post#129 Note about LordLandon's Python application: You get "An error occurred while attempting to communicate (00000) Please turn off the power, restart this DS system, and try again. If this message keeps appearing, please contact Nintendo Consumer Service." when the .pkm file is a storage file. It must be a party file in order to work properly (issue is that storage files are 136bytes while party once are 236bytes). Original post text: Odd that no one is curious, but I am so here I go! Basically the game talks to Nintendo and the global trade center, but I wonder if we can get some of that data from external tools. I am pretty sure the official GTC flash site also reads from here, anyway I found out the URL addresses by hex searching in the rom file (platinum), here are the results: Obviously one is the battletower and other is the trade. Now it seems to operate on GET and POST, since I found a lot of HTTP headers. They also set a User-Agent that I think is called "GameSpyHTTP" (but might be a variable name or refrence, as I also saw "User-Agent: HTTP_X_GAMECD" a line or two above. Anyway it is possible to get information of trades and pokemons available using external tools, thus you may create a "alert me when X is available" tool if you like, or filter out those "I want a Mew for a Mew" people that are just annoying. Any thoughts or information you have learned?
  6. I reply the same that I put in gbatemp: I made a bit of researcher in the save files and this is what I found: - The size of 1 "save state" is 0x24000. - In the file (512 KB) there are 2 "save state" (just like before), however, the second "save state" does not begins in the offset 0x40000, but 0x24000. - This seems that in the "save state" is only one block/footer, it is in the offset 0x23F8C with 16 byte of size. - The footer structure is (little endian): --- 0x0: Current number of save count (uint). --- 0x4: Size of the block (it is 0x23F9C) (uint) --- 0x8: Constant of the game (in White is 0x31053527) (uint). --- 0xC: Padding = 00 00 (ushort) --- 0xE: Cheksum (unknow to me). Well, the checksum, the most important thing, seems to be changed, I don't know if this is still CRC16, but maybe (I thinks so) GF just changed the initial value or the final XOR value, but I don't know how to find this. However, the pokemon structure DON'T changed, and fact, anybody can manualy put a pokemon of 4 generation (.bin extension) in the save with the correct offset (but ofcourse too, fixed the checksum), except the size of the pokemon in the party, now is 220 bytes. This is another usefull offsets: - Party pokemons: 0x18E08 - Box pokemons: 0x400 - Trainer name: 0x19404 - PD: I hope that my english can be understand ^ _ ^ U.
  7. Hi im trying to learn as much as i can about pokemon coding all that sortta stuff if any one can help i would greatly appreciated it, im not sure if this is the right place to post this please warn me if it is so i can move it to the correct thread
  8. Basically the title spells it all. This thread is dedicated to using RAM editing or even using Hex Editors To allow unused Sprites to serve a purpose in the game. Basically this thread can be considered an extended version and derivativeof here: I decided to focus not just on Arceus, but on other unused sprites, if any known. From what I know the currently unused pokemon sprites are as of the following: Shellos: Gastrodon: ??? Arceus: BETA Shaymin and Giratina: What we do know is for Arceus to Stay in Curse (???) type, It's ability must not be MULTITYPE or it will transform back to normal type if not equipped with the correct item. Using the offset of 0x00000040 for HEX editor, The value for Curse Arceus is found to be at least, 4C - 4F. (4D is my preference though). I'm currently trying to get the Shellos and Gastrodon, And on Platinum (using 0x00000040=4D) Gastrodon appears weird, Shellos unsucessful. If anyone manages to come up with any values, Note the value under which offset, and also which game (D/P or Pt) My Current List in mind: Gastrodon Shellos Shaymin (Pt) Beta Origin Giratina (Pt) Curse Arceus Cherim (Sunny 'mode' without activating Sunny Day) Substitute? DP sprites in Pt
  9. Well, I've been wondering lately what makes a wurmple evolve into a cascoon and what makes it evolve into a silcoon. Although I do know that in platinum you can catch both forms and their evolutions I was just wondering for research sake. Most places I've seen have said that it is completely random. However, I am persistent. I do believe that there is a way to guarantee the evolution into either a cascoon or silcoon. So I am calling on all that are willing to join me in the quest to find the answer. Also if you breed two silcoons together does it guarantee a wurmple which will evolve into a silcoon. Or does it just make a silcoon. I am wondering the same thing about cascoons. I have been performing my own research on it but help would be appreciated. If you do help try evolving it at different times. Possibly that could effect. Or maybe the level, if you press b you can keep the pokemon from evolving I am not sure if that is permanent though. Plus if a pokemon is holding an everstone it stops the evolution until everstone is removed. Maybe natures have something to do with it. PLEASE HELP I would like to know the answer *Could someone tell me if this is in the appropriate place on the forums because I'm not sure.