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Found 27 results

  1. Purpose of this thread is to have all the Master Codes and DMA-Disablers for all language versions of third generation games at one place. They are in ARv3/4 format which is the most used and should be supported by all current real hardware Action Replays and emulators. English French German Italian Japanese Spanish
  2. Here we go for a huge but simple project: contribute all Battle Pike and Pyramid Wild Pokemon (6+160) What do you need to help me? VisualBoyAdvance and an English or Japanese Rom of Pokemon Emerald. First open your game. In cheat/cheat list/gameshark enter the anti-DMA code For Japanese Versions 6ED6DA14 686DF10E 1C7B3231 B494738C For US/English versions B2809E31 3CEF5320 1C7B3231 B494738C ? Then be sure you're fighting the wanted wild Pokemon, go to tool, memory viewer. Enter 020243E8 (Jap) or 02024744 (US) then go. Click on the first character, then save, add 64 to size and give a name corresponding to the wild poke. The created file should be in .dmp Send me in PM or publish it here and I will decrypt the file thanks to @BlackShark tool and that's all!!! Note that the wild pokemon can be shiny. The complete list of Pokemon can be found here Battle Pyramid Obtainable Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paralysing Pokemon Plusle Minum Pikachu Electabuzz Villeplume Electsprint Breloom Jolteon Poisonning Pokemon Gulpin Roselia Butterfree Seviper Skarmory Ludicolo Crobat Gengar Burning Pokemon Growlithe Vulpix Magcargo Ninetales Medicham Weezing Dusclops Houndoom PP waster Pokemon Dunsparce Banette Misdreavus Ninetales Absol Gengar Dusclops Shedinja Levitate Pokemon Haunter Chimecho Solrock Misdreavus Claydol Weezing Flygon Gengar Trapping Pokemon Diglett1 Trapinch1 Wynaut1 Diglett2 Trapinch2 Wynaut2 Wobbuffet Dugtrio Ice Pokemon Glalie Sneasel Dewgong Piloswine Jynx Cloyster Lapras Walrein Destructing Pokemon Weezing Electrode Gengar Golem Pineco Solrock Forretress Shiftry Psychic Pokemon Wobbuffet Metang Exeguttor Slowking Xatu Alakazam Starmie Espeon Rock Pokemon Golem Steelix Omastar Luantone Shuckle Armaldo Cradily Aerodactyl Fighting Pokemon Poliwrath Hariyama Breloom Medicham Hitmoncham Hitmonlee Heracross Machamp Weather Pokemon Quagsire Tropius Pupitar Lapras Cacturne Flareon Walrein Gyarados Bug Pokemon Pineco Shuckle Venomoth Scizor Heracross Forretress Armaldo Shedinja Dark Pokemon Sableye Sneasel Crawdaunt Shiftry Cacturne Absol Houndoom Umbreon Water Pokemon Octillery Dewgong Pelipper Quagsire Ludicolo Slowking Starmie Blastoise Ghost Pokemon Duskull Haunter Banette Misdreavus Sableye Dusclops Shedinja Gengar Steel Pokemon Mawile Magneton Steelix Scizor Forretress Skarmory Aggron Metagross Dragon Pokemon Dragonair Vibrava Altaria Flygon Aerodactyl Gyarados Kingdra Charizard Evolution Stone Pokemon Arcanine Poliwrath Raichu Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Ninetales Starmie Normal Pokemon Kangaskhan Swellow Ursaring Porygon2 Tauros Fearow Snorlax Slaking Battle Pike Rom 1-280 Dusclops Milotic Seviper Rom 281-560 Electrode Milotic Seviper Rom 561-840 Breloom Milotic Seviper Rom 841+ Wobbuffet Milotic Seviper Those that are highlighted are ones that are already obtained. *reserved space for jojo12100* EmeraldBattleTowerPkm.rar
  3. Hello RNG'ers! Today, I have prepared a save file for those looking to RNG Japanese Emerald's Mew for me. It is a copy of the HaxAras ticket save, but with both ID numbers changed to a special set that makes the only timid 6iv flawless method 1 spread shiny after 176+ million frames. (Refer to my earlier posts and threads for my desired hex PID of 7942EF72, with TID 60510, and 31337.) Anyways, this save file is ready to catch mew when using frameskip 9/10, turbo mode, 1000%, and vblank patching (all from reddit and bond697) to speed the game up to the only flawless frame at 176,000,000+ frames, which, instead of 817 hours or 5 weeks, would, after skipping frames this way, would only take 23-24 hours to hit the frame on a fast PC. This allows Mew to be obtained. If HaxAras's save is unwanted due to cheating, just use Glitzer popping on InsaneNutter's Used Emerald Cart save to change both ID numbers before getting Mew if you abhor cheats. You can trade the Mew to an English RS with Pandora's box TID/NAME/SID/Gender manipulation to trick the name rater into allowing a legit 10 letter english Name before pal-parking without save flashing. Before I forget, on VBA-rr, audio must be off, and the frame counter script for JP Emerald must run, while in addition, the GBA bios is needed for timing accuracy and legitimacy purposes. The desired frame to jump to is frame 176,562,489, which has this PID. You can refer to my first and second threads for the info on these facts, and you can get more info from HaxAras, Ammako, BlackNight(???), suloko, SciresM (possibly), the_Slayer, trigger_death (for GBA RNG info,), and my theories/observations in the connected posts. r/pokemonrng on reddit may help. My earlier wish for an RNG'd 3GPKM is renewed, due to the info found on reddit which, with the battle video method, significantly makes this more doable on console after using an emulator to store the frame counter in the battle video using that namesake glitch on reddit, which allows you to hit the frame on console after save flashing to a JP emerald. This allows shiny 6iv flawless "event ID" method 1 pokemon to be legitimately caught on console with assistance from a wii with fix94's save dumper tool. With school, I have little chance or explanation to waste 24 hours waiting for mew on rng, so I leave the process of procuring shiny event legends with longer names to those in need. Interestingly enough, the Hadou mew can be made using these 2 id numbers into a fan event, which is nicknamed to 10 letters, because the word "Hadou" is 5 characters or less in Romaji and Japanese. This means a hybrid JP event mew is makeable by RNG users due to GEN 3 oversights. Have fun RNGing!
  4. Hello again Trainers! I am confused on what type of request this falls under, and what thread, so I was hoping somebody could clarify. Anyhow, what I would like RNG'd and added to the Pokemon archive is a shiny, docile, 6iv flawless mew from faraway island. In this post I will include all of the numbers needed to reproduce it yourself on an emulated JP Emerald copy, frame by frame. I hope you have better luck at landing frames than I do. In that way, I guess I am like HaxAras. I have one final request for the held item. If it is not holding its default item, a Lum Berry, please give it one for authenticity of it being the most perfect Pokemon. Now, on to the Directions: Origin Game: Japanese Emerald OT Name: Iwata Species: 151: Mew Pokemon Seed: BF0B02AA PID: E85091A9 Initial Game Seed: 0 VBA-M-RR TID Generation Frame (plus BIOS intro): 4435 Clock Battery: Dead TID Seed: 835EFA48 (according to VBA-M-RR when using the RNG Script Suite for JP Emerald) RNG'able TID: 15575 Desired Compatible SID: 17710 Nature: Docile Caught location: 201: Faraway Island Met Level: 30 Level: 30: HP: 109: 31IV/0EV Attack: 74: 31IV/0EV Defense: 74: 31IV/0EV Special Attack: 74: 31IV/0EV Special Defense: 74: 31IV/0EV Speed: 74: 31IV/0EV Hidden Power Type: Dark Hidden Power Level: 70 Ability Slot: 1 Pokemon PID Generation Frame: 3886 Time: 1:04.76 Ball: Dive Ball Item: Lum Berry Enjoy the Mew, as I could not make it into a PKM without Kaphoptics' finest work, and please do send me the resulting PKM file. If you would, Please PokeBank it, and let me know how it reacts. I did not share the PKM file, as this is firstly the wrong thread, and possibly otherwise damaging to my reputation on the web. You are free to archive the Pokemon data files. For extra legitimacy (which I sort of half-care about), my challenge to you is to use suloku's tool, in dol format, without a permanently traceable modded console, (such as using or Wilbrand directly with the Gen III wonder card tool, on a virgin Wii if possible, otherwise, if taking on the challenge with a virgin Wii is too costly, just do the above on your hacked Wii without using bootmii or the HBC (it will be untraceable in the PKM. I prefer using PokeLoad on gc forever if you care about legitimacy. To flash the memcard for use with PokeLoad using gcmm without the HBC or Bootmii, just use Smash Stack with gcmm instead of hackmii, and then load the memcard up with your favorite working gc Pokemon game, and use the tool for max legitimacy. All RNG must be done in VBA-M-RR, so Fix94's link cable dumper must be loaded the same way for the highest legitimacy. For the most legitimacy, use the SD reader bundled with JP channel. Feasibly this complex setup simulates corrupted memory cards, and could very remotely happen if a wish maker Jirachi was caught at it's best shiny spread first time, first try.
  5. Hi, I am trying to make a mew with soft-boil and defog, but for some reason, it can't be used in battle spot and can't be traded with other players. I used this file, which worked for gen 6 games: Mew_Defog_Leftovers_Synchronize_Careful_Defog_Soft-Boiled_Taunt_Psychic.ekx
  6. Does anyone have a file with all Gen III Events? I've been looking for it with no luck , It'd be very helpful for me if you share, tnx
  7. Hi, I've been replaying pokemon emerald recently, this time however I want to my pokemon to have the appropriate ev, is there a cheat code ,GameShark or code breaker , where i can either obtain 255 evs or let me bypass 100 limit of my vitamins
  8. idea

    Simple explanation: the emerald equivalent of Roland's Perfect Platinum Why Culminating Emerald for the name? The Gen III regional dex has 202 Pokemon in it. 202 in hex is CE. Culminating means "at the peak of development." Culminating Emerald is CE. Essentially my idea for this ROM hack is a version of Pokemon Emerald where you: -catch all National Dex Pokemon (including events) --have some pokemon (such as Deoxys, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, maybe the Eon Duo, etc.) forced as shinies (if possible. I know it wasn't for Roland's PP mod, but this is a different game) -start with the National Dex -have a more balanced, fair game --have the second May/Brendan battle not be harder than Geometry Dash's Theory of Everything 2 level (seriously that fight's crazy) --dial down the leveling curve ---and maybe have a buffed version for the hardcores? You get the point. Now that you see what the mod would offer, hopefully you understand the choice of the word culminating - it's Emerald at its peak. Maybe someday this'll happen. I'd do it myself if I had the tools, time, knowledge, and patience, but I don't have those things per the situation. ~wundr
  9. Hallo Guys, I´m new here because off some problems I have with save-editing on 3.Gen (at the moment) So, my first Question is: ,,How can I edit the region/language of a save-file?" I want to make a (J)Japanese Emerald.sav an (E)EU/German/... Smaragd.sav Is there a tool I missed on my search through the WorldWideWeb? Or do I have to Hex-editing it on my own? I need a little "CrashCourse" in Hex-Editing or even a Tutorial because I can´t finde a side where to learn it. Next Question: Does PSavFixV2 edit all 3.Gen checksums correctly or only R/S (E?/J?/UK?) I hope for an answer BlueMew92
  10. idea

    Hello all. So I've never done a ROM hack before and I wanted to do something with all the spare time I have recently. It's an extremely simple idea really. I just wondered the other day, how well would the Kanto pokemon get on in Hoenn. If the only pokemon available to the player are from Gen 1, but all the trainers still use the same pokemon as they usually do. The game probably wouldn't feel too different, so I just would like to know whether you guys would think this is worth it? Ryan
  11. HI, I was wondering if anyone could please find my SID for My emerald game. My ID is 24248 If you need anymore detail please let me know. P.S. I don't have any cheating device or any shiny Pokemon, that's why i need help. Thanks
  12. This is WEIRD. First off, I know all the signs of the Berry Glitch, but this is different. My Ruby and Sapphire both fell victim and were patched, although my Ruby's battery is dead now. Anyway, I got a used Emerald cart about 2 months ago with about 80:00 on it. I myself have about 50:00 on it so far. I know the cart is legit; there are no saving problems, and the PCB is correct and everything. Lately though, strange things have been happening: While the clock in my room works fine and shows the correct time, the Lilycove Lottery lady keeps telling me to come back tomorrow, even 2 days later. Also, the Battle Tower apprentice is gone for good. But some things do seem to work: the Pacifidlog TM guy just gave me Return (again), although I don't remember the last time I got one from him. I haven't checked the Berry Master, but the Mirage Island guy has never seen it, and no odd events occur on TV like Energy Guru sales. What's up with my cart? It doesn't give me the internal battery message, but time events are wacky! Should I sit in Shoal Cave? Are Elgyems tampering with my cart? I should probably mention I use my DS flashcart to backup and restore saves for faster Breeding RNG, but that hasn't stopped the clock or messed it up or anything.
  13. Hey Guys and Gals So I have been having fun editing Pokemon Crystal (may post the link [albeit unfinished] if someone can tell me how to make an ips patch from it), but I have decided to move onto Emerald now. I am going to change each of the gyms and the Elite Four, as well as a lot of the trainers. I will also revamp the overworld (not necessarily a 386 hack but close enough), including changing map themes, changing weather effects and so on and so forth. I am presently looking for ideas for good challenging gyms? For reference, the starters are Numel, Wailmer and Cacnea. The overall aim of the hack is to make the game more challenging whilst also showcasing/upgrading some Pokemon (i.e. making Pinsir Dark/Fighting, Teddiursa/ring Ground/Normal, Pidgeot into pure flying) So far, I have Roxanne's gym changed to an Ice Type gym, and will be looking to change the look of it too. If anyone can give any ideas, that would be great. Part of me is thinking of maybe having the latter gyms specialise in two types but I dunno right now. I also wish to ask if there is a tool available to let me change the typing of a move? Also, is there a tool to change overworld sprites (i.e. may, brendan, mother etc...) Thank you, Robbie
  14. i'm trying to edit Tm/Hm in Pokemon Emerald & Fire red but the tool that i recently download won't even open and all it says when i open the program is Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. and i was hoping that there is a Tool like Advance Trainer that don't require Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid since it is such a pain in the ass
  15. it looks real! can someone please help me understand! I NEED THIS REMAKE NOW!
  16. idea

  17. NOTICE SINCE I HAVE NOT BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR A WHILE I HAVE COME TO A DECISON I WILL BE MAKING A GROUP AND IT WILL BE CALLED POKEMON DEATHBLACK AND ALL OF WHO WISH TO HELP ME MAKE THIS HACK MUST JOIN THE GROUP GROUP LINK: Hack Of Emerald UPDATES CHAPTER 1 COMPLETED WITH A WOPPING 1 MAJOR GLITCH CHAPTER 2 POKEMON ROBBERY ALMOST COMPLETED 5TH GEN POKEMON COMPLETELY REMOVED POKEMON OBTAINED THROUGH STORY SO FAR CHAPTER 1: PICHU: LEVEL 8 CHAPTER 2: MEW: LEVEL 21 ITEMS OBTAINED THROUGH STORY SO FAR CHAPTER 1: NONE CHAPTER 2: MASTER BALL In Games Development Pokemon PitchBlack And Pokemon PaleWhite Im Going To Start Map Editing Today And I Will Post Screenshots Soon Map Screenshots NAMED AREAS Kanoko Town (Previously: TOWN) Description: A Clean Green Town Central Town (Previously: TOWN2) Description: A Town Of Paridise (After Chapter 1) Description: A Plasmetic Town (Before Chapter 1 And During Plasma Attacks) Chapter 1 - Complete In Games Development Pokemon PitchBlack I Have Decided To Remove The 5th Gen Pokemon Because Pokemon Black And White Get Released Next Month Downloads LATEST PATCH CLICK HERE CURRENT PATCH: DEMO 5 DESCRIPTION: REMEMBER YOU MUST LOAD GAME STARTUP.SGM TO PLAY THE GAME ONCE YOU HAVE LOADED THAT YOU CAN STILL USE SAVE STATES FOR THE GAME UPDATES IN DEMO 5 Universal Trade Center Added I Updated Demo 5 With The Trade Patch Maker Click Here To Download The Unpatcher Description: To Download The UnPatcher You Will Need To Put In A Password The Password Is UNPATCHME Key MAJOR MINOR FIXED GLITCHES When You Talk To The Guy In TOWN2 In The House Which Leads To Factory The Game Will Glitch Up And You Cant Leave The Room When You Talk To The Factory Manager The Text Stays On Screen After Recieving Master Ball Updates Pokemon PitchBlack Gym Style No Longer Will The Gyms Be Compulsory The Gyms Will Be Turned Into Battle Colosseums Which Can Be Accessed After Chapter 3 Where You Will Recieve Colosseum Badges Each Major Area Will Have A Colosseum And You Can Start Battling Them After Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Updates Name: A Champion Battle For Sucsess What Happens Upon Arriving In Zentovia Town Hero Enters The Pokemon Deluxe Center To Find That The Champion Battles Round 1 Is Being Held Here Excited Hero Joins In The Competition Champion Battle Round 1 Trainers - 63 (64 Including You) Trainers Through To Round 2: 30 Trainers Left In Round 1 You Trainer 1 Trainer 2 Trainer 3 Leader: Quanta Leader Location: Isshu Factory Colosseum You Must Win 2 Trainer Battles Self Trading You Can Now Trade With People Across The World How Its Done Step 1: One Trainer Decides To Trade One Of Their Pokemon (One Trainer Makes Patch With Pokemon They Are Trading) Step 2: The Other Trainer If They Accept The Trade Must Make Another Patch Containing The Events Of Their Trade Pokemon For The Other Trainers Pokemon Step 3: First Trainer Patches The Second Trainers Patch Onto Their Game And Makes Trade Step 4: Second Trainer Patches The First Trainers Patch Onto Their Game And Makes Trade Step 5: Both Trainers Must Apply The Trade Completion Patch To Their Games Trade Complete Take Good Care Of The Other Pokemon The Universal Trade Center Is Now Open You Can Conduct A Sample Trade With A Trainer Called John And Get An Azurill For A Poochyena You Can Now Make Pokemon Trade Patches And PM me The Patch Download Link and I Will Post It Here When Making Trade Patch Tools Required Advance Map Trader Advanced To Make The Trade Use Trader Advanced To Edit The Rustburo Trade And Do What The Image Says Special Events If You Win The Champion Battles Final You Have The Choice Of Becoming A Champion Leader To Battle Other Trainers If You Choose Yes Then You Recieve The Key Item Champion Ball Plus You Get To Choose Your Own Colosseum Location From Divina Town Or Kanoko Town Or Central Town If You Win A Battle Against The Trainer Then You Get Money If You Lose Then You Hand Over A Champion Badge The Battle Frontier The Battle Frontier Of The Isshu Region Can Be Accessed By Boat After Winning You Can Resign As A Leader And Become A Frontier Brain If You Want You Can Resign Either Positions At Anytime By Talking To Either Scarth Or Zoey (Scarth For Frontier And Zoey For Leader) You Can Also Take Back The Positions At Anytime By Talking To Them Again Other Region Pokemon To Be In Game Sinnoh Pokemon List Buizel Munchlax Thats All For Now Starter Pokemon Update I Am Making An Update To The Way You Get Your Starter Pokemon Instead Of Getting It And Doing A Wild Pokemon Battle You Head To The Lab And Get One I Will Be Making It So You Can Get One Of 3 Different Pokemon Cyndiquil Chikorita Totodile Final Update Before Demo 6 Features For Demo 6 Chapter 3 Completed Trade System Completed Day Night System Revamped Champion Battles Round 1 Finished
  18. idea

    This is the storyline of my new game: Pokemon Mystery Version (If you come up with a better name PM me) # is the name of the region (not decided yet) @ is the name of the professor (again not decided) Nacita is the main legendary and finally & is the bad team (name not decided) Pokedex entry for Nascita to come soon. If you have a name for anthing PM me and you will get a place in the credits.
  19. is there any way to go back into old save files on a emerald cartirge???
  20. Question: Is an AuroraTicket possible to obtain on a US copy of Emerald? I know they were possible on European copies because you could send them in to Nintendo, but I don't think there was anything like this for the US. Also as far as I know the distribution of AuroraTickets in the US stopped before Emerald came out.
  21. hi i just bought ultimate action replay codes for pokemon gba and i cant find a way to get to birth islend or get mew ho-oh lugia and the other lati can somebody plese help me?!!???
  22. I hadn't really owned a cheat device since the GB/GBC gameshark quite a while ago, however I recently purchased an Action Replay Max from, in order to get access to the event islands in Emerald and FireRed. I recieved the AR a couple days ago, and I found these codes for Emerald today, which are actual enablers for the in-game event as opposed to just warp codes to the islands: My main question regarding these, is whether or not using the AR will leave some kind of trace in my save file. I'm not that familiar with the way the GBA/SP Action Replay works, so right now I'm just holding off until I get the opinion of someone with a bit more experience. I'm hoping that these codes are designed to trigger the same flag in the save that recieving the tickets via mystery gift would've at the action event. If using it will leave some kind of evidence, what I'll probably do is backup my unmodified save file, use the codes, capture the Pokemon on the islands, trade them to another game, and then restore Emerald to its unmodified state. I'm hoping I'll be able to find some similar enabler codes for FireRed, as well. I haven't looked into those yet, though.
  23. Well, I thought that I would start a new game on my emerald version. I just wanted to see what people would think of my ingame team. I'm currently taking on the Mossdeep gym so I have a ways to go. [sprite]260[/sprite] Lv 43 Swampert Mudkipz are the best Sassy nature so SDef is up. Defences are nice and even. [sprite]286[/sprite] Lv 42 Breloom Breloom is next. He majors in fighting. No spore but he can still put a dent in any enemy. Except ghost >.> Jolly nature so he's speedy [sprite]282[/sprite] Lv 42 Gardevior In most of my games I have used Gardevior. She's a special sweeper/wall. Mild nature is the best I could get. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon I need to get or raise [sprite]121[/sprite] Another special sweeper. I thought I would try Starmie for a change. It took FOREVER! but I got one with a modest nature and natrual cure ^-^ It's a lv 29 staryu right now and I still need to get a water stone. [sprite]171[/sprite] Another staple on my team. I'm hoping on getting one with V-absorb and maybe a + Sdef nature. I need to get dive first. The last slot is my HM slave. I need to find where a water stone is located. If people have any Ideas for nicknames please post. My nicknames need a little work ^^" I just felt like posting this but I'm not sure if it is approprite so if it needs to be moved or deleted Etc. be my guest.=/
  24. I know the code exists, I used it a few years back before D/P/Pt came out and I was constantly playing FireRed or Emerald. I'm looking for a rebattle code for Sudowoodo at the Battle Frontier. I've been looking for a few hours now with no luck. Am I just blind, or is it a side effect of one of the other rebattle codes?
  25. Okay, so I used the Complete Pokedex AR code for Emerald, and it only completed the Hoen dex, and it took away my National Dex too. Is there any way I can unlock it again via code or in game event? Thanks Anyone?