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Thread: How Would You Improve Some Pokemon (Competitively)?

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    Re: How Would You Improve Some Pokemon (Competitively)?

    That's only because of certain ridiculous noob Pokemon like those with 147 attack AND Mold Breaker AND nearly perfect coverage AND quite fast with access to speed and attack boosting moves and some other overkill Pokemon. :/

    Beartic can get Ice Punch right? It already does I believe. Intimidate and Thick Fat would definitely help, though I'd like Ice Body for more bulk. Speaking of Ice Body, that should be Articuno's ability. Snow Cloak is redundant with Pressure and Pressure is actually better.

    Overall, Beartic doesn't really lack anything because it has nearly perfect coverage with most of its moves. Its only problem is that its typing is horrid defensively, allowing easy revenge kill from the likes of Fighting/Steel priority.
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    Re: How Would You Improve Some Pokemon (Competitively)?

    Agreement. Ultimately, there should be at least one ability that would make Beartic effective outside of rain/hail, because relying solely on weather is not my cup of tea.
    Types Ice could grow to resist are:
    Grass - Freezes them
    Bug - Bugs hate the cold, or at least most do
    Perhaps water (meaning they would both resist each other)

    A Bug/Ice Pokemon would be among my favourite pokemon if they made it... Speaking of which, MAKE IT HAPPEN GAMEFREAK!
    Mmmm, now I'm thinking of tea...

    Speaking of tea, which constitutes classiness (because it does, don't argue with my absolutely perfect logic), here's a pokemon that is "classy" but kinda pathetic:

    Type: Bug/Flying
    Ability: Pressure
    Stats: 70/80/102/80/102/40

    Vespiquen has the stats, the movepool (I think), but it has one major disadvantage: it's type. I honestly think that Vespiquen should be the gem in the dark cave, the rare specimen whose pre-evolution is total garbage (which Combee is at least), but it evolves into something great. There could also be a male variant of Vespiquen focusing on mixed offences, although if it's speed was that low that would suck... It doesn't need to be a Psuedo legendary, no, but it could be more interesting type-wise. This pokemon is royalty, and I think it looks awesome (but kinda generic at that), so it's a shame it's typing let's it down so much.
    They could actually make an evolve form of this pokemon with these traits, which would be cool. Also give me BUG/ICE NAO

    So, here's my proposition:
    Type: Bug/Psychic, or Bug/Dark.
    Abilities: Levitate/ DW Pressure/Marvel Scale (<- No)
    Stats: 85/80/105/80/105//50
    BST: 505 (pretty high indeed, but it's a queen, come on)
    Though this does not mitigate it's rock weakness, it does make it more interesting type wise. I think it should have a more interesting type due to it's nature/origin. Also, am I the only one who thinks a Psychic Bug would be neat? Nonetheless, here's the run-down:
    Bug/Psychic rundown:

    - Maintains it's massive resistance to fighting types
    - Loses out on a massive 4X weakness to rock, although is still susceptible to them
    - Becomes more of a check for fighting types, and would probably wall most special attackers
    - Has levitate, which keeps it immune to ground type moves
    - Some added weaknesses such as dark and ghost are not very commonplace attacking types
    - Susceptible to dark types
    - Does not really provide much more bulk/walling capabilities I suppose
    - Added weaknesses of Ghost, Dark, and Bug, on top of Fire, Rock, so it lowers some weaknesses and yet adds some more.

    Flavour to support type: It uses telepathy to communicate with it's hive/minions, blargh

    Bug/Dark Rundown:

    - Grants an immunity to Psychic, neutrals out Fighting, Resistant to Ghost, dark, and removes weaknesses to electric, ice, and 4x to rock
    - Perhaps better than Bug/Psychic. Can put a stop to certain Psychic, Ghost, and Dark Pokemon
    - Maintains levitate
    - More balanced out STAB if going offensively
    - Neutrals out one of the main highlights: massive resistance to fighting.
    - Still weak to bug
    - Fighting types become more of an issue

    Flavour to support type: The epitome of royalty in the hive, she orders the many workers of the hive to do her bidding, regardless of their physical state.

    But Lorsh, why not Poison? Because Poison is boring...

    Roost - because
    Signature moves Bug attack/Bug Defend
    Heal Bell/Aromatherapy
    Psychic Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Psyshock, Light Screen/Reflect, Zen Headbutt
    Dark Moves: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Crunch, Payback, Taunt (useless)

    For fun, male variant Vespiquen! It's a king, but unlike the defensive Vespiquen, it's offensive! Yay! We cetainly don't have enough of those!!
    Type: Bug/Flying or the opposite of Vespiquen's "new" type
    Stats: 50/105/80/105/80/85
    BST: 505, the same as Vespiquen
    Ability: Levitate/DW Guts
    (Wasps die easily, right?)
    Similar movepool, just caters to offensive sets. It may lose access to support moves, but gains access to offensive moves, such as Leaf blade, or poison moves.
    Swords Dance (I imagine a kingly conquistador like thing, with blade arms or jaws or something)
    Leaf Blade
    Night Slash (Dark)
    Psycho Cut (Psychic)
    Special movepool would not be barren.
    should it have agility, or would that be unfair given it's already decent speed? It may behave like Heracross does, except with a different type and levitate, so it could be popular with choice scarf sets. It would also be a mean attacker to some pokemon.
    So what do you think? Are these eligible improvements, or do they both suck? I highly doubt Vespiquen would go to the top tier with these changes, but it would be viable for RU or UU.
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