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    Re: Shiny Jirachi from WISHMKR????

    If it's the GBA itself, you don't need a Japanese GBA - all GBAs are regionfree and will play GBA carts from anywhere in the world.
  2. Sticky: Poll: Re: Is the GameStop Celebi 02271 still Legit?

    The new ROM is the cart sent to Gamestops to give out Celebi. It contains Celebi only (no gerbils) and the dates for distribution are slightly different from that of the old ROM. The Celebi given...
  3. Sticky: Re: "Pokémon Generation I & II Event Guide

    Do you want any information on the Gen 1 and 2 events in Australia (a Mew giveaway and a Celebi giveaway)?
    I attended them both and still have my Mews and Celebis on my old Gen 1 and 2 carts at...
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