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  1. Change rival names in Emerald?

    @wrathsoffire76 Oh well, thank you for your help anyway!
  2. Change rival names in Emerald?

    @wrathsoffire76 Hm, is there a way to convert a .sav file to a rom or .gba, and then re-inject it once the changes have been made?
  3. Change rival names in Emerald?

    @wrathsoffire76 Will it work for .sav files? I want to edit the cia I've installed on my 3ds, not a pc rom.
  4. Firered & LeafGreen GBA VC Help?

    @BlueBraviary Oh oh! Sorry to semi-necro this post, but I just got a new computer and I believe I stumbled upon your crashing issue when getting the software set up! When you open it and it asks you to select a save file format, pick NDS, NOT GBA! Gba will insta-crash the software, but NDS works just fine for me. Try it out!
  5. Title pretty much explains it. I'd like to change Brendan's name to Sapphire, and Wally's to Emerald. I'm sure it could probably be accomplished via hex editing, but I don't know if there would be a character limit, like a rename for Wally could only have 5 characters to keep from messing up the text boxes. I wouldn't imagine that would be the case, since the text boxes seem to be generated to accommodate the length of the player's name (i.e. adding an extra if the you used all ten spaces when naming the character, as opposed to three or four, pushing the dialogue after the player's name forward, if that makes any sense) but I'm not entirely sure. Coding pros, got any suggestions?
  6. Firered & LeafGreen GBA VC Help?

    I don't have the skill to suggest a valid solution, but I would make sure that you extracted the entire thing, plugins, extensions and all from the zip file. @Kaphotics, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing, do you have a solution?
  7. Firered & LeafGreen GBA VC Help?

    Have you tried this program? It's what I used to convert my save to 128 KB to use in Suloku's Mystery Gift editor. Try it out if you haven't
  8. So I've injected a region-free cia of FireRed into my system, and it works fine (aside from the obligatory 'save file is corrupted' message that does nothing at all) But when I go to back it up via JKSM to do some editing, I get an error stating 'error opening save archive'. I tested with a USA version of LeafGreen, and got the same result, however the cias of Yellow and Crystal work just fine. I also have a cia of Emerald that I have yet to test, but I'd imagine it would get the same result. Is it something about the GBA games that messes things up? How can I fix it? EDIT: I managed to somehow get it backed up (through a slew of error messages) and got my editing done, but now I can't figure out how to import it back in. I probably just suck, and the solution is simple, but for the life of me I can't get Decrypt9 to cooperate. EDIT 2: Apparently the Decrypt9 error message means nothing, because it imports regardless. Well then. At least I know what to do now.
  9. Gen V Walking Pokemon?

    Would it be possible to program in companion Pokemon into the Gen V games, like in HGSS? I know it probably wouldn't be possible on a cartridge, but perhaps an emulator? I know every Pokemon has an overworld sprite even if they would never appear in the overworld normally, so would it be possible to somehow take the data from when NPCs follow you (i.e. Bianca in Reversal Mountain), replace the sprite, and apply it to the whole game? Walking Pokemon was one of my favorite features in HGSS, and I'm not saying interaction would be necessary, but having the little sprite following you wherever would make the games that much better. Could it be possible?
  10. @BlackShark Success! Thank you so much for your help!
  11. I attempted to do so, but after I copied the code over to (hopefully) the right place and went to open it in BW Tool, I got an error message saying 'invalid file'. TWLSaveTool says the file is the wrong size, but on the SD card it's still the same old 512 KB. What did I do wrong?
  12. I imported your Memory Link file onto my Black 2, and switched the trainer name, TID and SID to my own, fine and dandy, but upon receiving the Prop Case with the BW trainer's props, the game refers to the BW trainer as Suloku, which is neither the default Memory Link name or the name I inserted. I don't know much about coding, but I assume somewhere you inserted a (placeholder?) name that got left on accident. Is there a way to edit that somehow? (Just for the record, the prop case is the only incident I've encountered so far with that error--the memory that triggers N's Pokemon to appear in the wild had no such problem, so I can assume it's just that one scenario) Thank you for any assistance! (A+ tool btw, has been quite helpful in simulating the defunct online services, 10/10)