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  1. All the Delete key did was blinking the selection line. For that matter, tried the Backspace key as well and it did absolutely nothing. I think I'm being more of an annoyance than a help, you know? I mean, I wanted to make the Pheromosa gifs since I like it, but if I've been following the instructions exactly as I'm told and still can't do it... well, either my computer works differently (and I don't know how does it do with these kind of programs since, as I said, it's my first time using one) or I'm just not getting something right. I'm gonna keep trying to get the thing done, but I dobut I'll be able to.
  2. That's what I can't do. I mean, of course I can use the wand to select the whole thing I need to change But I have no way to delete the selected thing, the rubber doesn't work on it and I've tried using the bucket, the backgrounds, and everything I've expected to be useful somehow. How do you exactly delete the selected area?
  3. Well, it's what I did, but for some reason I cannot even do that on the right image. God, I feel so stupid, it's my first time trying to edit something outside MS Paint .-.
  4. Oh, of course, forgot to say it, I'm using the program wrathsoffire76 suggested here: There's more. I can actually add transparence to the static image (the one in the left, as you can see) with the rubber, but it doesn't work at all on the gif. (Guess the screenshot would be easier for you to read if the program was in english but since my system is in spanish the program used that language even though I set english as installing language, and I don't see any setting to change the language)
  5. Nope, if I use the color picker and try to use it on the gif frames, it just applies the regular color with no transparence at all. ...Either that or I'm too much of a noob at this and I'm doing something wrong.
  6. Gasp.. as much as I'd like to help out, I just can't do it. I've been struggling all noon long trying to figure out how to add transparency for starters, but to no avail. Hope you find someone capable of doing this .-.
  7. Yes, that's something I'm aware of, I thought frame-by-frame editing would be a possibility, but... I don't have Photoshop, nor can I purchase it, so I didn't know wether it could actually display gifs that way.
  8. While I might be wrong, as far as I've read it's not even possible to get a gif to be actually translucent. Transparency, as all of us know, is supported to a certain extent. While you can put a translucent element on a gif and make it part of it, and you can have a transparent background, I've never heard nor read about a way to make the gif itself to be partially translucent in such a way to keep the translucency when putting it over another image/gif. Of course, as I said, I might be wrong. Perhaps I just haven't searched enough.
  9. Favourite Pokémon Type

    I've always been really fond of the Flying-type. Guess it's just because I like birds IRL, nothing that deep.
  10. Gen4: Editing a pkmn generates italian pokedex entry

    Oh, I didn't know! Since I just use english, japanese and a couple of spanish Pokémon...
  11. Gen4: Editing a pkmn generates italian pokedex entry

    He said that on his post. But, are you sure you've not accidentally changed the language? If that's the case, well, it might be a bug indeed, I can't check it myself since I don't have german nor italian saves.
  12. I heard they sorta did that in XY as well, though I don't know to what extent, I haven't checked it myself but I've seen several players criticizing how areas with tremendous potential (name the Power Plant) have little to nothing to do on them.
  13. There's this thing I've been wondering about since months ago. What's that huge whirlpool-like thing in the Lake of the Sunne/Moone supposed to be? What's that even for? Neither the whirlpool nor those pillars are visible by regular means. Did they intend to do something neat with it at the start but dropped it later? or is it some prototype thing for USUM? It just feels so wrong for such an amazing place to be there solely to get Cosmog. On a side note, it's kind of visible if you walk behind the entrance as well, but you can't normally see it, either.
  14. Well, I was expecting it to have at least 3 maps (due to, as you said, being Mallow's house as well),but didn't expect Akala and Ula'ula restaurants to have special maps for when you eat (Poni was obvious since it's completely different look-wise). As for the Battle Buffet, I had checked already, it's just map ID 36, there are no more maps related to it.
  15. That's why I thought they were the same map. What about Akala's restaurant in Konikoni? Are there two different maps for it as well? or do they just use the regular map when eating?