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  1. I think that's pretty cool on what they're trying to do. I should probably start watching the anime too
  2. Oh ok I can see that. I haven't been up with the anime either. Thank you :3
  3. Anyone know why this event says met at lvl 18 when it's lvl 20? Usually serebii is wrong but serebii says met at lvl 20. I'm just waiting for bulbapedia to update :L
  4. I don't have luma. I just have soundhax for 11.2. I purposely left one of my 3ds to use for pkhex.
  5. I just have the 11.2 update so I'm not sure if it's save to update to 1.2 on cartridge
  6. This is exactly what I'm afraid of ;-;
  7. Is it safe to update to 1.2 update? I usually switch between 3ds and I have a 11.2 so I don't want to ruin my ability to pkhex
  8. My fingers are crossed for their HA abilities :3
  9. I plan to ask again today so I can attempt :3
  10. My GameStop refuses to give the codes out early
  11. Ah ok I gotta wait until the 15th to get mine ;-;
  12. I remember the talk of the Lycanroc slayer had that was different. Is it possible that it would be uploaded because the updated one came out?
  13. Hopefully they release the code for sandshrew today :L
  14. Darn well ok. Thank you very much ^ ^
  15. Does anyone know if the pid is shiny locked?