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  1. This Volcanion would be nearly indistinguishable from the Volcanion given out using the used Helen Volcanion wondercard.
  2. The only problem is, this particular Feraligatr has been levelled up to ~Lv. 46. The original Feraligatr distributed may have already been lost to time.
  3. I hope we can grab this sooner or later... Let's hope something online for Shiny Tapu Koko happens in English...
  4. This would be awesome to have! I'm with @Sabresite on this. Let's hope the either of you are attending this!
  5. In the latest PKHeX, for some reason, my legit Pokémon Link Glalie shows up as illegal (Pokémon Link Glalie does NOT need the Classic Ribbon BTW). I've trained it to level 100 (& use it as one of my mains), so this is quite strange to me. @Kaphotics, mind fixing this please? I can upload the Glalie to take a look if you wish.
  6. Don't need it. Just install it as a CIA & done. Playable (& acts like a digital copy of the game). I know I'm necroquoting here, but I thought this would be useful information nonetheless...
  7. MEW

    Don't I remember hearing that this particular Mew can be shiny?
  8. The wondercard for the Eon Ticket here helped me to receive it & get the Lati@s (it's just chillin' right now because I'm trying to shiny hunt it in the future). Thus this has been self-fulfilled.
  9. Shouldn't it be upgraded to support backwards conversion though? I don't get it...
  10. I thought this was ALREADY in PKHeX anyway...
  11. Pokémon B2W2 is no longer upcoming as it has been out for literally forever. Mind fixing this, @evandixon?
  12. Adding those to the 48 Shadow Pokémon in the final Colosseum, that means there are 61 Shadow Pokémon to purify in the code. Can we go get these 13 others you mentioned?
  13. Can anyone send this particular Mew to the event gallery please? Since you're doing the Gens 1/2 Event Gallery uploads, @theSLAYER, you could add this Mew while you're at it...
  14. I just checked, & YES, this wondercard activates the Eon Ticket scripts, allowing you to catch Lati@s... My save's in South Island right now because of it...
  15. It sounds like he has unbanned himself... for now that is...