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  1. Since jojo12100 was an epic beast (lol) and helped us acquire a whole bunch of unreleased event Pokémon, shouldn't we work on acquiring the Pokémon in the ORAS Special Demo? jojo12100 wanted this to be done eventually as specified below. Yes, eventually we shall have these Pokémon with us in Gen VI. I figure since you've disappeared for some reason (inactivity, moving on, etc.) I say we keep the tradition you started and start with this ASAP.
  2. Check the permissions for the folder (you may need administrative access to do this).
  3. Would a Mega Metagross with 29/24/13/25/14/31 IVs work for your team, @KittyCats?
  4. I ban KittyCats for hating black shinies.
  5. 0... because it shall stay there...
  6. It certainly fits the 40000th thread... And LOL about that 40000 year old Pokémon look...
  7. This might help us when they start supporting XYORAS:
  8. The 40000th thread needs some sort of topic. Or is this it?
  9. You all may discuss on who would win if Dawn & May went into a battle together (completely unrelated to the contest battle in Sinnoh they had :P)...
  10. I ban theSLAYER for only having one Hoenn Gym Badge on his profile.
  11. Devereaux, isleep2late could help you in that regard... Just shoot him a PM...
  12. That's kinda sad... I was hoping to have triple Rayquazas everywhere... Guess that's out of the question...
  13. And possibly even vice versa (some non-shiny Pokémon might become shiny for some reason during transfer).
  14. I ban KittyCats because the Mew in his picture isn't shiny & that he denies the ultimate power of Mega Rayquaza & Shiny Mega Rayquaza...
  15. I ban evandixon for banning KittyCats because he didn't actually post pictures of Mew to demonstrate its cuteness. I also ban KittyCats because of his apparent "claims" of discrimination against cats & Sylveon (Dear god, they're just ). And now, here are some pics of both non-shiny & shiny Mew: Also, Rayquaza/Shiny Rayquaza FTW...