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  1. As you guys may already know, there's unused text that may have been used for Hilda/Hilbert. Would it be possible to fix Hilda/Hilbert & make them battleable in the PWT in B2W2? And if so, would the PWT editor require a recode to allow them in a PWT file? Note that the PWT file would require this patch to work fully.
  2. Those pokes are in the unreleased section if you wanna take a peek for yourself.
  3. Wasn't there an Eevee distributed for this event as well? Does anyone have a wc7full of that?
  4. event archive

    I think you're forgetting about Alolan Cap Pikachu, @theSLAYER... shouldn't it be in this list already? It's a little weird that it isn't here...
  5. hey dude can u follow me i followed you :D


  6. If you have the card already & it has a code try using it on the 13th.
  7. Does anyone want to battle in B2W2 anymore? Me, @Sabresite, & @evandixon would certainly like to run a WFC server similar to that running on If anyone is interested in such a server, drop a post here.
  8. Try using it early. Maybe you'll get lucky & get it on the 13th
  9. I've been working on this little project for a day or so, & it looks like there's gonna be one heck of a wild goose chase to get all the info together for this. Me & @theSLAYER have been talking about it for around the same time (we had been wondering if one existed, & it didn't, so I thought "Wynaut make one?" I already have the majority of info ready for Brendan's team (& no, I'm not making the same mistakes TPCi did with his team). Anyways, if you guys want the current version of the PWT (It's currently based on the VCS2012 Junior Division Challenge PWT ULed by @evandixon), I can post it, but only if there's enough interest for this to go ahead. Just let us know if you want to join in in this effort, via posting or PM.
  10. We all know the truth, Celebi. Stop hiding him, because we all know about the relationship. And plus, if it was truly genderless, we would be using neuter pronouns (it/itself/whatever).
  11. The only thing that's different with those 2 wondercards is basically the OT. Otherwise, they're basically the same Pokémon...
  12. Yes. That was what I was talking about. I think both colorations just look adorable...
  13. Not every. Some signature moves it cannot learn though...
  14. However, Mew may not be a she. It's technically an it, as we don't know it's real gender (it's never been revealed).
  15. It turns out that the edits @BlackShark made to them were unnecessary. I found that out when I was comparing the data to the data of the released WCS2012 tourneys on this site. I've already made pwt files that remove the unnecessary testing text, ready to challenge. I haven't gone through the toned-down ones yet though... I'll send them here in due time (They use the actual World Championship music & announcer/win/lose texts now. Some of them didn't, & some allowed dupe pokes/items when the real championship didn't). Also, the Masters Division one banned the use of Transform instead of Sky Drop . It seems that the WCS2012 (& WCS2013) itself also banned the use of Sky Drop, but they forgot to do that when they released the pwt files online.