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  1. Aren't the trainer's pokes in JP Stadium copies of the ones in the real tournament? Just curious... Also, I think JP Stadium 2 (US Stadium) may have the same things, but for Nintendo Cup 98 instead of 97. Same for JP Stadium G/S (US Stadium 2), but for Nintendo Cup 99 (and also 98/97 apparently).
  2. Welp, the QR teams aren't exactly much of a surprise... But why the dragon in a water ball?
  3. Screw canon, someone better release this already or *self-destructs*
  4. Why has no one released this Greninja? Has TPCi lost their minds, because this looks even better than the nonshiny (remember, it's supposed to resemble a ninja, & the black works great with the Greninja concept).
  5. I wonder why the tournament editor doesn't have any listings for the studiomons... Then I'd prolly make one with Tyranitar, MT, & MT2... And yes, I think PWT supports Battle Box but I could be unsure...
  6. Is it possible to use Pokéstar Pokémon in the PWT? I'd like to try to use Mecha Tyranitar (& maybe try to make a backsprite for it if it's possible to keep the animations for it, if any).
  7. Here's a crazy coincidence: This release will happen exactly 1 year after the unknown Lycanroc form was discovered.
  8. I knew about this, but didn't play them on my actual birthday so never got to see it for myself on real hardware. That'll hopefully change next year
  9. I've been wondering if it'd be possible to insert Unova Champion Iris into a PWT file. Is it possible to add Iris's sprite into the PWT, & allow her champion music to play when she enters? Her team's not an issue at all to put in, it's just the sprite/music that trips me up a bit. [Posts merged: 2017-06-21] I've been wanting to add an entry for Iris in the Champions Tournament since I've seen her team in action (it may be Dragon-type like Lance's but hey, that Haxorus could tear everything up if your team's unprepared, so that's why I've been wanting to do this). How would I be able to do such a thing in the Champions Tournament? [Posts merged: 2017-06-22] I've figured it out, but the only problem is where are the ingame tournaments stored (Champions Tournament is what I need). Also NARCTool throws an exception whenever I try to unpack the narcs for the trainer data/pokes.
  10. Would it be possible to trade the stadium poke from the cart to the VC release somehow? I suppose if we can figure that out then we could very well fix that issue.
  11. Stadium pokes can be transferred to Gen 7, through Stadium->Gen 1 cart->Gen 1 VC->Bank->Gen 7, and they should work fine in online battles once transferred.
  12. best to grab the actual disks and have the event preserved that way... That should be a last resort option.
  13. So who'll be there for the disks?
  14. This could end up being a preorder thing with USUM itself, so if it is, should we preorder USUM to get the event? Of course, it's still debatable at this point how the card'll be distributed...
  15. If you have the time, anyone, mind trading me this poke? That'd be a nice addition to my legal events I already have on me. This is for Gen VI, not Gen VII (as I don't have those games, nor do I plan to send this poke to Gen VII). This is a SUM2014 Heracross that is being transferred (although if I can figure out Gen VI RNG, as it's now possible to RNG Gen VI, then I'll probably do that with the wondercard). Thanks in advance. 214 - Heracross - 4E58D761129E.pk6