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  1. You misunderstand, I never wanted it to look like an event, as it is already close enough, and the bytes will not matter. I only wanted to know if trashbytes are random, and not determined by other data in a 3gpkm as it is created. If anything making it look like the PokePakku Mew would flag hack checkers as suspicious, as that Mew is to our knowledge shiny locked. I just wished to know if something like the OT gender bit would set it. You gave me the answer that I needed, and I have no intention of erasing the bytes after hearing that it is just junk RTC/DMA/RNG data in areas where memory was conserved. The OT gender does not matter when the ID number or SID is rng'd, so why should random trash bytes be any different ingame? Now I can safely say that the Mew is legitimately 99.99% accurate to both events, with the Trash Bytes and Secret ID of 31337 being the only things besides shinyness distinguishing the mew from an original PokePakku Mew. So suloku, I was not trying to give an ingame pokemon restricted event trash bytes. I just wanted to know if the OT gender would have affected the outcome. As we now know, it will not. Thank you, and sorry for leaving you hanging. Hopefully this relieves you that I was not trying to invalidate an event. Sorry about being off-topic ajxpk. We all do not need to worry about this anymore due to me getting the news I needed, me not wanting to mod the trashbytes to copy the event, as it could never happen due to lack of available 3gpkms of the event to copy and your news and my guess about how the trashbytes are not affected by OTG and Held Items, and me being satisfied at this outcome, so I won't bring it up again. BTW suloku, I did use your offset to make the Trainer Gender accurate to the event, but NOTHING else, except for legitimately giving Mew a new Lum Berry and exporting it as an 80byte boxed GBA 3gpkm file using A-Save and VBA-M-RR. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience. Please understand my curiosity. St. GIGA
  2. Can someone answer Could someone answer this?
  3. Yeah, I meant ingame events, as those I cannot figure out what changes trash bytes. For instance, the attached copy of my Faraway Island Mew has a static PID of 7942ef72 which is needed to make it Flawless, but it also has a static SID of 31337 and TID of 60510, plus a Static OT gender of Female, the same moves, no nickname, a Lum Berry, and all that. I would like to know if the trash bytes on the attached Mew from RoC's are valid. Suloku says they are, but I want to double check that. Just to inform those wondering, this Mew is a test Mew to see how faithful I can get it, as Suloku's Save that he hat had caught Mew on for me with the ID in the PKM did not get the Trainer Gender right, so I fixed that and added a Lum Berry ingame after harvesting one. I also wish to inform you that the Mew was caught by suloku on an emulator without the vblank patch, and that only the OT gender was edited on THIS particular 3gpkm to make its OT Female to match the Real Pokepark Mew event. In game, I enabled the clock and obtained one lum berry for Mew. I just need to know if the one OT gender bit change affects any trash bytes. This is only for research, but I do not know if I accidentally submitted this one to RoC. If I did, and trash bytes check out, consider this a happy accident turned bugfix from suloku's original Mew. It is possible that glitzer or pomeg bugs could do this without A-Save (which I used on a duplicated copy of suloku's mew Save file that he gave me. He also said when he released it that he would provide offsets for editing the trainer info so anyone could customize the mew without re-waiting 34.25 days) 151 - 60510 - Mew - (Timid) - {S} {F} {St. GIGA} {Suloku}.3gpkm
  4. Does anybody know how to check trash bytes on Japanese Pokemon Emerald Method 1 Pokemon, and what might affect the trash bytes in both the OT and Nickname? I would like to know how to check my Mew that Suloku RNG'd.
  5. Have you by any chance extracted the Pokemon Stadium pokemon? I would suggest doing the Japanese V1.0 Non-151 version of Pocket Monsters Stadium, as the Pokemon and Trainers in it are clones of actual 1997 Tournament Pokemon as JPk1 files. More info was found by suloku.
  6. Hello to all. I have just figured out that the midi mappings that Pokemon Black and White in (which are direct rips of the game files), and (again, direct rips of the midi files) use are almost completely compatible with the sound mappings for the default Roland MT32 and CM32L patches when mapped to 16 channels. A way to emulate this on GS modules is to force all channels to the last bank, and set the drumset to the last one in the default bank. This gives MT32 Sound, which maps better than GM, and is universal across all areas of the game's music. For a DS-sized MT32 bank, you can either google "2GMGSMT.sf2", "4GMGSMT.sf2", "5GMGSMT.sf2,", "8GMGSMT.sf2", or "16.5mb gm gs mt32 bank v2.51.sf2", and add "LuckyMax" to the query. The bank was made in '01. It is not very accurate to the real MT32 though. I will provide a 1 gig sampleset via google drive, but in case a homebrew music project is in need of even more sounds, I will provide a mod of Zandro Revielle's DB50XG sampleset which has the inaccurate MT32 samples, and the SC-88 samples from a similarly accurate SC88 soundfont in this post. The link to the 1GB uncompressed 24bit MT32/CM32L/BW/RSEFRLG/HGSS/DPPT soundset is here Attached to this link is the soundfont containing the DB50XG Mod, the SC-88 Samples, and the MT32/CM32L samples: The file above is 32.5MiB Below, I have an even less accurate, but more faithful version of the MT32 samples, but with GM and GS drumsets, and GM instruments where possible. It is 8mb. MT32.sf2
  7. Mod edit: (title isn't entirely correct, this post ain't a PSA, changing it) Original Title: [PSA to the Mods] Lock or Delete the controversial political debate threads. I already got warned, and I almost ignored the warning. Please make sure that nobody goes nuts. /edit end// I got warned due to reporting old posts rapidfire. I would request that my SQL file be rolled back to 1 hour earlier from now, and that the thread I overliked be locked and hidden to all but moderators. This would keep the forum clean. I never meant to ddos this lovely place, but my snark got the better of me. While at it, PLEASE lock that topic. I do not need a warning to blemish my record. I do not crave a ban, but my brain cannot help itself. Please keep others from falling into the same trap. Please shut down the topic, and lock it. Sorry. Please understand that I regret everything that happened in the past 90 minutes. Undo it for me, OK.
    This mew is perfect for any collection. One thing wrong with it is that it is so good, people thought it was a hack.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    This 7Z archive contains my Shiny Flawless Old Sea Map Mew extracted from ReignOfComputer's Collection, in addition to an unseen set of .pk4 and .pkx variants of it, and a "- 5th.pkm" variant, all of which are for those using older and newer injection methods. Suloku RNG'd it on my behalf due to school while speeding the game up to ludicrous speeds, so I will credit him for this discovery as well. It is not a hacked PokePakku Mew, but instead a majorly RNG'd Faraway Island Mew. Suloku can verify this, and was donated the wonder card dump used to get to Faraway Island in his thread on the subject of GEN 3 Mystery Gifts, so extra credit goes to him for making this once-in-a-lifetime Pokemon possible to easily get. One word of warning is not to flood the trade economy with this one-of-a-kind Mew, as all copies of it will always be clones. Even this PKM Collection is ripped out of the original Emerald save without deleting it, so it too is a clone. The VBA-M-RR save is included so legitimacy can be verified, and so that you can transfer it without cloning if you care about not cloning. Anyhow, here is the Mew, so have fun! P.S. Use it well!
  9. Oops, guess I was a bit headstrong. I will try better at explaining nicely next time.
  10. Yes, but 2 hours after he posted. I also explained the secret id being the watermark indicating its RNG'd faraway island status, and disclaiming it from a real PokePakku Mew. Toby never saw the 3gpkm's met location of faraway island, which is what I guessed from his posts. He thought it was fake, but I explained that it is possible to happen for the OT, OTG, and TID to match the event, while also being shiny flawless. I also told him this mew can only exist once with no cloning. I also told him that I RNG manipulated that way on purpose to make a double event mew that is a one of a kind Pokemon. The TID can match via RNG or soft resetting, and the secret id is 31337 for pure irony only.
  11. Somebody named Tobyheiam THINKS that my legit mew is hacked, due to the false excuse that faraway island mew cannot have the OT of PokePakku, when in fact faraway Island mew can have any Japanese-compatible OT names, including PokePakku mew's OT. More details are in the issue #5 on github for RoC's PC. If he, Toby makes an account, give him an infraction for trying to discredit suloku's hard work.
  12. Any chance you could tell me when the files will be added to the collection?