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  1. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Hello. I have managed to extract the Stadium 2 GS JPN Satoru Iwata debuggers pokemon out of the "POKEMON STADIUM G&S.fla" file in the downloads section, and I have zipped the pk2/jpk2 files up. I also have bundled a JPN save file of Pokemon Gold that has the pokemon in the first box, while the second box has them, plus the JPN crystal debuggers pokemon and unofficially migrated copies of the Japanese RGBY Debuggers pokemon such as the Exeggutor that belonged to Ishihara-san, and the first programmed Rhydon, which is the first programmed pokemon. I have included the cleverly named JP gold save, and the zip with the new stadium 2 debug pokemon. If all are counted, it fills 27 pokemon, leaving room for the undumped Japanese variants of the unreleased trades in yellow. Make sure to use the latest PKHEX and 7Zip. Also, use trunc.exe (found by googling) to truncate the save to 32,816 32,767, 32,768, 65,536 or 65,535 (YMMV for emulators) to use the pokemon. (They may not obey.) Best Regards, St. GIGA Ishiwata.sav
  2. Hello there. I wish to let you know that @suloku and I have RNG'd a Timid 6x31IV Shiny Faraway Island Mew, in such a way that it has the visible info of a PokePark Taiwan 2006 Mew as well, making it a double event. It can be found in @ReignOfComputer's collection along with the other Mew that came from Eppie. It is truly one of a kind and very mythical, so treat it better than an average Mew by avoiding to use it as an HM slave if you can. Best Regards, St. GIGA
  3. Could you check my newest post. I have some PKM files from that I saved. Please check them.

    Here they are.

    PokeSavDB & Emtu's PKM DB WaybackMachine-archived

  4. copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's archives

    You're welcome. I did find WC4FULL proof of the NPOWER Pikachu, which is so rare, it is often doubted. We did end up with a redump of the Manaphy egg, and GEN4 Dumps of ALL Gen3 events, which may help us track stuff down. Also, which DB, as I extracted data from both?
  5. I have some PKM files pulled from the cached copies of and Emtu's PKMDB. I could not find any saved files... Anyhow, here is the zip below, since I know you can legality check, as you wrote the tool. Also, all Pokemon (including GBA) are and were in DS format, so trashbytes are dead. :-{


    PokeSavDB & Emtu's PKM DB WaybackMachine-archived

  6. Hello all. I just recently went through a 2009 Wayback Machine copy of Emtu's PKMDB and PokeSav's. I did not find any PKM files from the PKMDB. I do want to note that I had a hard time deciphering the urls, so they are unsorted. From what I was able to read they were sorted by legality/legitimacy. I was not able to save all of them... &:-{ I would appreciate it if somebody checked and sorted all of these, along with maybe adding the zip to @ReignOfComputer's PC/Event Gallery. I will attach it here. Of note is that I left the original zip files untouched. I can say there is some real goodies in here, like the Nintendo Power NPOWER Pikachu, 2 sets of Shiny starters, Shiny Regigigas, Ho-oh, and Suicune, and more, so please check this. Also in the zip are 2 zip files that have genuine legends. Also, some pokemon may be events, despite the filename, as they were compiled together in keeping with their original filenames. I advise you to check these, as some may be hacked, due to being this old, and due to any disclaimers being dead and unreadable. While you are at it, please extract the German Legit CHANNEL Jirachi from this RubyDe.sav file's party so we can give the German players a CHANNEL Jirachi. The save file has not been touched since April 7, 2004. Please add that Jirachi to the event gallery, @Sabresite, or @theSLAYER. I will sign off with this: Please enjoy my newest contributions, and let me know what you think. I do spend a lot of my time digging through google and archives looking for Pokemon data, which I am glad to share. Since I spend time doing this, I would like your opinion on me, so I can better serve you with old Pokemon Files. Sometimes, like today's batch, only certain files were archived before the site's death, so sometimes all there is to dump off that I give might seem pitiful, but it is a treasure just to even find these, even though the GEN3 events in it are ALL Pal-parked, and therefore useless for trashbyte dumping. I wish they weren't, but I have no control over that, so please acknowledge in some way that I do contribute, even if the contributions may not measure up to fresh dumps. I do have the Manaphy Egg wondercard in BOTH formats, which also applies to the NPOWER-USA Pikachu. There is Poketopia FR pokemon in there, along with a mew, and an Aura mew in what I think is french. So I have found good stuff, but it is in need of checking by Admins. Sincerely, St. GIGA PokeSavDB & Emtu's PKM DB WaybackMachine-archived RubyDe.sav
  7. Thank you. That is perfectly fine.
  8. I just checked the save in A-Save, and Mew's OT was corrupted. It also had no item, which was present on Mew. Could you use A-Save to re-insert the Mew from the PK3, as it is the SAME Pokemon. Sorry about that. If you want, you can also use that save. Edit: I just fixed the bug, all I did was use that PK3 file with A-Save to overwrite the corrupted Mew with the correct one. You can check if you doubt me. I have attached the fixed save to this post. Pokemon Emerald All Shiny Fixed.sav
  9. According to 3dbrew,, and, the data for the local friendcode seed is copied to the movable.sed keyslot, which is updated when transferring or formatting. Since sighax will let us decrypt the 3DS firmware, we may be able to figure out what part of the transfer/format is usable to update the seed, which will allow us to change the seed, remove and fake the RSA it is needed for, and possibly unban a console. According to, you can unban an error 002-0102 3ds via A: the method we know using 2 3ds, or B: use that page's method 2 which uses the movable.sed and a hex editor to unban NNID and LocalFriendCodeSeed via editing the seed in both locations. I think the 3dbrew research matches, but I am semi-positive it will work, but the source WAS gbatemp, at this link:
  10. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that my ambassador B9S 3ds's impact-related semi-recurring stuck pixels became stuck again, so therefore I have a reason not to turn it on due to ugliness, that and the ban wave. I also hid my friend code so nobody can see it, such as nintendo.
  11. Could you, by any chance, include my Shiny Flawless Mew from either the PK3 file below, or the JPN Emerald save file below??? 151 ★ - ミュウ - FA037942EF72.pk3 Emejap_stgiga_legituntouchedshinyflawlessrngfarawayislandpokepakkumew.sav
  12. Hello Pokemon Fans, and today, I made a huge discovery. I discovered that what I think is Either the N's Pokemon glow and/or seal data exists in B1W1, plus seal data in b2w2, (to insert it, THE PokeSav is a MUST, because PKHEX junks the data in the party at the last 5 bytes of the 220 byte data structure, plus offset 8D, which is ball capsule ID, and needs to match the Pokemon Party slot ID, but also be non-zero) Meaning, to get the full effect out of the attached pkm file, you need to inject it using Pokesav B1W1 to a B1W1 save, and trade using wireless/ir into the party of a B2W2 save, without letting the pokemon data get touched, or munged by pc boxes/dumb editors like PKHEX/Pokegen. When you send it out first, it will first shine due to being shiny, then it will shine again, as for what flag, I have no Idea other than that I enabled both the N's poke flag as a shiny leaf using hex editing, and I did the same for the remnant of the seal data. I think it semi-displays, so evaluate it yourself on a BW (preferably B2W2) copy. Here it is below. Also, use Pokesav, and do NOT mess with the Pokemon data or you will corrupt it. G5 Seals.pk5