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  1. According to 3dbrew,, and, the data for the local friendcode seed is copied to the movable.sed keyslot, which is updated when transferring or formatting. Since sighax will let us decrypt the 3DS firmware, we may be able to figure out what part of the transfer/format is usable to update the seed, which will allow us to change the seed, remove and fake the RSA it is needed for, and possibly unban a console. According to, you can unban an error 002-0102 3ds via A: the method we know using 2 3ds, or B: use that page's method 2 which uses the movable.sed and a hex editor to unban NNID and LocalFriendCodeSeed via editing the seed in both locations. I think the 3dbrew research matches, but I am semi-positive it will work, but the source WAS gbatemp, at this link:
  2. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that my ambassador B9S 3ds's impact-related semi-recurring stuck pixels became stuck again, so therefore I have a reason not to turn it on due to ugliness, that and the ban wave. I also hid my friend code so nobody can see it, such as nintendo.
  3. Could you, by any chance, include my Shiny Flawless Mew from either the PK3 file below, or the JPN Emerald save file below??? 151 ★ - ミュウ - FA037942EF72.pk3 Emejap_stgiga_legituntouchedshinyflawlessrngfarawayislandpokepakkumew.sav
  4. Hello Pokemon Fans, and today, I made a huge discovery. I discovered that what I think is Either the N's Pokemon glow and/or seal data exists in B1W1, plus seal data in b2w2, (to insert it, THE PokeSav is a MUST, because PKHEX junks the data in the party at the last 5 bytes of the 220 byte data structure, plus offset 8D, which is ball capsule ID, and needs to match the Pokemon Party slot ID, but also be non-zero) Meaning, to get the full effect out of the attached pkm file, you need to inject it using Pokesav B1W1 to a B1W1 save, and trade using wireless/ir into the party of a B2W2 save, without letting the pokemon data get touched, or munged by pc boxes/dumb editors like PKHEX/Pokegen. When you send it out first, it will first shine due to being shiny, then it will shine again, as for what flag, I have no Idea other than that I enabled both the N's poke flag as a shiny leaf using hex editing, and I did the same for the remnant of the seal data. I think it semi-displays, so evaluate it yourself on a BW (preferably B2W2) copy. Here it is below. Also, use Pokesav, and do NOT mess with the Pokemon data or you will corrupt it. G5 Seals.pk5
  5. Hello to all. I am somewhat off hiatus, and I bring to you 2 patches made out of many I have found this week, which will A: On Japanese Crystal, enable the debug menu (from TCRF/GCL), B: On the American Copy, instead finish and enable the Safari Zone, add the PokeCom center from JPN Crystal with normal PokeCenter functions with the unused scripts and references (Both from pokecrystal-restored on Github, along with the bonus of having the Crystal-only ingame Egg/Celebi events usable normally via cheap asm that unlocks them before JPN players got them story-wise, and the unused house in Olivine City being restored in the same initial patch, plus some mobile functions after Surf, maybe more), the added ability to reset your clock in the PokeGear by using U/D from a rare dump hack, along with 2 features from tcrf that apply to both regions, The JPN Gold SGB border, and the Prototype JPN Crystal Title Screen. I prefer the NTSC-U version, because it has a working battle tower. The Mobile features are half-deactivated in a hard-to-understand simple way, that still yields semi-legit results. Before loading normal saves (which do work), I recommend not going to Fuschia or Goldenrod. A known-good save spot is Celadon PokeCenter. Yes, you can mess with the clock without resetting in the NTSC version. This is technically in the JPN debug, and in normal crystal, so it is not actually illegal, just mis-activated. The Celebi is Illegal, as we did not get the GS ball, despite what the Anime tells ya'. Yes, you can have a Level 30 Celebi before the 3rd gym with YOUR OT. Have fun sweeping that gym. Here is the zip with the patches. Remember, use the correct patch for the correct NTSC-U version. NTSC Pokemon Crystal Beta Reconstruction Hack Compilation AIO Patch
  6. I would definitely be interested.
  7. I just want to wish the PokePark Taiwan 2006 portion of the ポケパ-ク Mew Happy birthday. Enjoy, and thanks for downloading. Your feedback will be appreciated. Check out the other entry if you need a later-gen format. I suggest using PK2PK or PKHEX to convert a 4th/5th gen file from that archive yourself to the later gens to avoid HT issues.
  8. Not to divert the topic or spam, but I want to say happy birthday to my Mew below in a long-fashion, so I am trying not to spam by hiding it in a spoiler for 56k users: This is the hex for my Mew mentioned in the spoiler above: 0x72EF42795EEC697A708553FFB0610003381301029F599BAE58FF000003FA000097008D0000550000006400000100900005007600230A140A00000000000000000000000000C99EA1FFFFFF3F00000080
  9. Yes, I do have your private save. I also have your JPN Colosseum save, and the English Colos save with the celebi in the pc. I will provide you with the save. Raw memcards are made of multiple saves, so if you want something from a raw save, you need Dolphin Emulator, and then you need to use the memcard manager to extract the normal gci file, before you can open the gci in PKhex or Trigger's PC. Pokemon Colosseum - Celebi
  10. Exactly, maybe Vaporeon was a runner-up, and was programmed into the distro cart before voting ended, and was not fully dummied out by Nintendo.
  11. Perhaps a 10ANNIV Vaporeon was planned, but ended up scrapped due to how hard Vaporeon is to obtain in GEN 1, so most would barely remember???
  12. You're welcome!
  13. @Dark_Lucario, there is a very easy way to dump saves without modding. First you should download FIX94's save dumper here: Then go to Next, fill out your Wii's MAC Address from Network/Internet settings, then on the page, cut either wire after filling out the spam-trap. Next, extract the contents of the ZIP file to the root of an SD(HC) card, and if you want to keep your console stock, DO NOT keep boot.dol as-is on the card. Instead, rename the Link-Cable Dumper Wii version .dol file to "boot.dol" after extracting the file to the Desktop or SD card. Once done, put the card in your Wii, go to the Messageboard, and check yesterday, 2 days ago, today, or tomorrow on it for a red letter. Click it, and follow the instructions. You need a GCN-GBA cable in Port 2, and preferably a GCN controller.
  14. I think you may mean a save with Mew actually caught, so I will give you the save of JPN Emerald that has the Mew @suloku and I RNG'd. PS: @theSLAYER, I am not trying to spam, only be helpful. If you have to take this down, just let @scottishdanstfu download it. Thanks. The Mew is in the party, and was caught with a wondercard added using the same methods as the above. Ultimate JP Emerald Save (With Mew!!!).sav
  15. I think it is a (possibly hidden) trainer's pokemon.