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  1. I hope nobody minds that I released these. Also, if anybody such as HaxAras, ReignOfComputer, or anyone who has helped me with this wants, they can inject this mew into their saves freely, just as long as they give a mail to it indicating its clone status, and briefly saying that due to gen 3 PID/IV/ID limits, such a stellar mew can only exist once uniquely, and that me and suloku have the only original one. This mew is a double event, as it is actually a Faraway Island Mew, that pretends to be the similar PokePakku Mew that was distributed a year later, up to a day after my actual birthday in 2006, and started on Mexican Mother's Day, which is 2 days after the end date of the Japanese Gather More Pokemon! Event, also on Mother's Day, but this time American Mother's Day. Coincidentally, both events have similar trainer ID numbers, and possibly matching Secret ID numbers. The number after the non-Mew Event's ID Number is also a Palindrome as an even further coincidence, making this Mew super special, especially considering that it is flawless, shiny, is a legit rng'd hybrid of 2 near-identical 1-year-apart events for the same pokemon, has a secret id that spells out elite in hacker-speak, has an evet-compatible nature, is untouched, and is capable of fulfilling all the basic requirements of both the events when Pal-Parked, making them indistinguishable from the actual event. All this comes at a high price, as you lose all variety and customization when obtaining this, as only this exact 3gpkm meets the requirements of both Japanese GBA Mew events in complete harmony. So again, I hope nobody minds that I released these, and that RoC will put the mew, savestate/files, and other data in his github collection and the event gallery, while HaxAras/InsaneNutter do the same thing, but add the Mew to the FR save instead as either an Ingame Event, or a Japanese PokePakku Mew. BTW I did not mess with the mew's generation at all. I just do not want to see massive clones of this Mew floating around on WiFi, as I want this freely available, yet just as valuable as ever due to it's stats, similar to how Eppie distributed his similar Shiny Mew. Thank you for following my rules! Now go have fun with this Mew... Reasonably, of course!
  2. Here is the Save file Suloku sent me, with the OT Gender changed to the official PokePakku Mew's OT Gender of Female, and Mew Given its native Lum Berry, in addition to the initial save file still in its zip file. In addition, I have included the 80byte boxed 3GPKM file for the mew with the berry and female trainer, with all trash bytes still intact. If pk2pk is used to migrate, skipping generations into english saves will cause name problems with the OT, so you have to migrate one gen at a time. I will leave those interested to extract the untouched 3gpkm from the original save with a shorter name themselves. EventMew.3gpkm Emejap_stgiga_legituntouchedshinyflawlessrngfarawayislandpokepakkumew.sav
  3. Good to hear that it will not affect official matches, is totally valid, and all that, but I am just worried that any time someone goes on wifi, the player will get smashed with flawless mega rayquaza or flawless mewtwo megas with psystrike and other "godmons" with 6x31iv stats, such as mew. The worst part of all players using them would be that they cannot be hit by Nintendo for hacking due to them being legitimately RNG'd Pokemon. I am just afraid that all legendary Pokemon I face in multiplayer random matchup are either hacked or based on misused copies of my research done for the reason of trouncing opponents, and thereby ruining smogon's anything goes/balanced hackmons unrestricted tiers due to IV overload on the part of the rayquaza, mew, mewtwo, Deoxys, Regis, and Lati@s. I just want to be sure that people just do not spam or scam/over spread these theoretical legends, as not only are they extremely difficult to get, practically are clones due to their static PID and restricted id which is the only one that works on Emerald, usually require cloning, are highly powerful, are shiny, and are uber/ag tier.
  4. Suloku, how is the RNG going? I hope it does not break competitive tiers or the battle frontier/tree due to 31iv 6iv flawless mega rayquaza/mewtwo shenanigans, invincible mews, godlike Deoxys and Near-Hax Lati and Regi duos and trios. These Pokemon will be thorns in Nintendo's side if somebody misuses this knowledge. If somebody does, I will be sorry that it happened. Just note that the one thing to justify these Olympus Pokemon's use in multiplayer/trades is their 5 week straight time gap requirement to be obtainable in shiny flawless on compatible trainer id numbers.
  5. HaxAras knows a bit on how to make roamer Pokemon have better PID data for shininess and stat purposes. It has to do with memory locations and higher level RNG manipulation.
  6. Wow! Impressive! Hope things go well. Hopefully the rebattle flag code can be found so we can get the other legends in shiny flawless.
  7. Hopefully someone gives Eppie a clone or the save file to impress them. I hope that one day some one does not use this knowledge to make the ultimate mega rayquaza that never slows down, is nearly invincible, is shiny, time traveling, and knows devastating drake from Draco meteor if possible. That would be a crisis of unimaginable proportions if a 780 base stat Pokemon got access to well fitting flawless stats, all done legit. That would be very bad for battle online, as fairy types would have trouble countering it, and m-Ray would be banned by Nintendo. At least using it in the battle tree/elite4 would be hilarious to watch the computer fail at cheating you out of your victory cash.
  8. Got it about the dead battery, and with gen 4, you can get even a docile flawless in less frames than even the 30-45 day calm modest and timid gen 3 spreads for flawless method 2, but with different spreads and frames for obvious reasons. I agree about the dead vs live battery issue, as, without access to the save, you cannot tell if the battery/time/seed? and event ticket were hacked in from a PKM alone. This makes legitimacy hard to gauge without the tool, as the tool can say what emerald's frame time was, but only for RS if a dead battery is present. On one hand RS uses random seeds when a live battery is present, and clock events work. So if somebody was lucky enough on a live battery, way, way, way less time is needed for RS method 1 Pokemon/ id numbers if the game has been played enough. So I agree that RTC-based checking should not be done to pk3 files, as that may hurt innocent players despite detecting game skips. The other problem is that RS has a variable initial seed after a certain point. How would groups like smogon and the like treat Pokemon from gba or ds method 1 that are shiny flawless? Would they be banned in tiered match category sets, as only one unique Pokemon plus species can exist on gba per TID/SID combo. They would all have the same PID. I think it would be cloned to death enough that it becomes the newest Pokemon to float around on wifi. I already tested a simulation of the results, and it CAN battle on wifi, but cannot be traded except to friends or via link trade/local wireless due to the fateful encounter flag needed for obedience in gen 3. It migrates fine to gen 4 and 5, even without a date, but does it go through bank? I think that even Pokemon with null dates will migrate via bank, but I don't know, as I use PKSM 4.2.0 to migrate due to its ability to preserve held items.
  9. Other than those low ds method 1 frames that work as high gba/Emerald method 2 frames, I do not think I have a frame like that. If you wanted to use the 800million docile flawless with the id for any practical means, you would need 5000% speed with 9/10 frame skip, above highest process priority, the vblank patch, turbo mode enabled, and an msi Apache or better to run vba as fast as your PC can handle it, speeding 800 days to around 12 hours straight. This makes the whole thing impractical on a real gba without the battle video frame storage glitch done on the save file using speedups. But yes, on the previous page, the docile PID will work, but you need to speed the game up to reasonably get it. Also, nice job on Mew. I hope the tool does it's job. There are 3 other easier to get natures for flawless gba method 2 and ds method 1 Pokemon besides the 800 day PID, and they all fit within 30 to 45 days or less as compared to the docile spread's long time. I may have confused 800 days with 137, so please let me know if I did. Hope I helped.
  10. FYI, according to Google, the gba runs at 59.73hz, (possibly 59.725hz counting in lag.) Hopefully this info helps improve the tool.
  11. I also think an RTC time stamp calculator for live battery Emerald/RS should exist, which should be optionally tied to the other seed/PID data to help check higher frames for practicality. This would all be based on how the RTC affects the RNG and the seed. If this can be found out, more could do this. Hypothetically, 5000% speed, 9/10 frame skip, vblank patches, turbo, and above-highest process priority on lowest settings, no sound, while running VBA with a GPU would possibly shorten the ditto frame down to at least 2 days. This means that it may be possible to do, but only with battle videos. One hopes that the frame counter fails to overflow at around 2 billion 147 million, 500,000 (the highest computer integer value) That would probably be around one year realtime. This should be the cutoff for unreasonable to illegal, but still mathematically possible according to computer science. If a PID occurs after 2 billion 147 million 500thousandish frames, then that PID is impossible due to limitations on integers. In computers. By that time, the timer would overflow to 0 and possibly glitch the game/RTC if present. That integer is the highest 32bit signed integer. The highest unsigned one is double that, which is the same odds that 2 Spinda have identical spots, or have different spots, were caught on different games, and are able to be renamed on the opposite game. In case of the game's frame timer using unsigned values, (which I think it does) the above limit is doubled to 2 years real time, and 4 days max possible speed. After this, the RNG would read 0, and overflow, possibly setting you back to the initial seed after rolling back the timer to 0 with lesser glitches if unsigned integers are used, as compared to the negative rollback that signed integer overflow that integers give you. For idiot proofing, the Max value for checking should be 2 years real time, and should be indicated as almost impossible to be legit. This even goes beyond what RNG reporter would allow as max results without exe patching in a hypothetical situation. Anyhow, hopefully this helps decipher the mysteries of hackmons in Pokemon, and whether they are possible.
  12. Since Pokemon RS to my knowledge use a seed of 5a0 on boot, (as long as the clock is dead) this repl could be used to check RS Pokemon, and we could find out how long we need to wait for id no. Generation in RS. This all assumes a dead battery in RS is doable. This may be useful for the RS Regi trio, or Archie's Voltorb pile/the gift Castform/kecleon. The southern island Lati@s will also work. For lulz, the harder to get frames/180 day mode should have an ever-decreasing legitimacy/practicality score the closer it is to 180 days if this repl is in the final tool to ensure/indicate whether the PID is valid, similar to legal.exe or pokecheck.
  13. Got it. Maybe this checker should be added to pKHex or another save/PKM editor to aid in legitimacy checking of method 1 gba, and possibly method 1 ds Pokemon so that smogon/marriland/filb/pokebeach can check legality of stationary legends that they are suspicious of, while also getting a good idea of legitimacy and whether a Pokemon editor was used based on practicality. Imagine if this tool existed during pokecheck days. This repl could be the tool we finally are looking for to check legitimacy of legal pokemon we think are impractical/impossible to get.