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  1. 3DSban
  2. I'm thinking about turning off my router so I can switch the wifi off on my 3DS. Might be pointless but I wanna play some PSMD. Ha
  3. This ban is affecting gamers with CFW on their 3DS'. A Game Sync ban would be ideal.
  4. IX
  5. Sept
  6. Cinq
  7. Out of all of the routes/locations that I referenced and then tried in Crystal, Met Location: (none) along with (current) level 5 were flagged as legal in PKHeX. I noticed a similar event with most of the Pokemon too; the starter Pokémon being excluded.
  8. Having mentioned that you have the item in your bag.. Have you tried giving the item to Silvally in game instead of in PKHeX? Youre using the latest PKHeX?
  9. Not at all. However, this post may be of interest to you:
  10. Pay attention to the alert that pops up: Held item: Fairy Memory - the alert suggests to also change Silvally's form, which will be fairy
  11. Enjoy your new Pokémon @LadyoftheOshawotts!
  12. I'm attempting to add these to my box. I will help you with these trades @LadyoftheOshawotts
  13. Thank you for sharing your adventures RoC!