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  1. haha Hopefully not! Been using it for a while now. I've been very content with it. I might EXE-orcise it and put it onto the APP-ropriate OS. But for real though, thank you!
  2. I understand your first statement and am thankful for that alert. Yes that would be annoying to see a flag for every viewed pokemon. My thoughts are that after we modify each pokemon individually and then check its legality (or the pkmn is changed to legal status) something like prompt ~ pokemon is legal/illegal, set? [yes] [no]. yes=sets and exits prompt, no=exits the prompt. In the spoilers, my example displays one mod that isnt a bigy if forgot to set before moving on to the next pokemon. But mulitple mods to one pkmn that arent set is my ultimate sway.
  3. Since we are on the topic of suggestions, I would like to make one.. After clicking to check the legality of a Pokémon, a window will pop up displaying its legal status, as we know. @Kaphotics what do you think about an additional button next to the confirmation button that will execute the "set" command? Like an airhead, sometimes I forget to set Pokémon after I have finished editing them. Maybe others make the same error? Haha
  4. PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated to reflect version 17.03.18

    Holy snapple! Love the title. This is an excellent library! Well organized. Y'all should check it out. Thank you very much!
  5. Check out the Support Forum for PKHeX. That is the appropriate location to search for topics as well as to ask questions and or to report bugs.
  6. Search the PKHeX forum... but here ya go... \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
  7. Im working on the update. wait for the the thread to be updated. try that one.
  8. After it says verifying and asks if you want to open it and then you click yes, go to Settings > Security & Privacy. Close to the bottom of that window in the "Allow apps downloaded from:" section, click "open anyway" I feel like this will be the solution. I may be wrong. The version of PKHeX that you have and that works, did you get it form this thread? Either way keep an eye out for the lastest version (17.03.05) wrapped for Mac.
  9. quick question... did you "set" each pokemon after you edited them? I notice that in your description you didnt mention that step before you export sav.
  10. Cool. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. You need to follow these steps that were posted earlier in this thread
  12. PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated with the latest version of PKHeX (17.2.25.) available to download.

    Additionally, you will find that my download now contains a PKHeX.dmg file instead of just the PKHeX.app.  I feel that using a disk image will simplify things for some users.

    Check it out >>> PKHeX for Mac

  13. @EvoXiGhOuL and @Pingchan try to put your app in the application folder.