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  1. Can anyone sell to me one? I don't care what game is on it.
  2. Oh alright so I need pal or AUS channel though and us ruby sapphire can receive it appears correct?
  3. So the US version can distribute it? Tha5nks for the help.
  4. So apparently the distribution is only on PAL and AUS versions of Pokemon Channel? Do I have to have a PAL or AUS ruby and sapphire to receive it or it can be from any region? Also anyone know if channel jirachi can be shiny like the wishmaker one can be?
  5. Guys please help me! I'm so close to completing my goal! I only need one more to assemble the complete gen 4 and 5 USA and EUR distribution carts. I have 16/16 USA and 10/11 EUR. I'm only missing EUR Arcesus. If anyone has one, please I beg u please sell it to me. I really would like to complete my collection. So I can hang it up on my wall in a frame and case it like a work of art that I can admire Every time I walk by it. That would be wonderful. Guys please if you have the cart, please consider selling it to me.
  6. I'll pay 1000-1800+ for Euro arcseus if u can sell to me please let me know.
  7. I'm looking for Euro Shaymin Euro Arcesus Euro Shelmet/Karablast Euro Shiny Creation Trio (Y90P version) let me know if any of u can sell to me the physical cartridge of these to me
  8. I also noticed something off with my Melotta cart! The nintendo seal looks like a different color and I'm missing a sticker on the back. The PCB also appears to be a darker green. Please see the pictures below.
  9. Hi, I'm beginning to question the legitimacy of these carts that I own. Since all of my carts in question are ones that I purchased from other people, I'm not able to verify my concerns with known store copies. Please help me my friends and look at yours for comparisons. First off the words "Pokemon" appear a lighter blue than the rest of my distribution carts. This is for both carts in question. The Nintendo Seal appears to be a different color than all of my other distro carts. This is for both carts in question. My Keldo Cart says "GAMECARD #" on the sticker on the back instead of what I see on all of my other carts "NOT FOR RESEAL" My Y90E distro cart says "Asset #" instead of "NOT FOR RESEAL" like all of my other distro carts. The PCB visible on the back appears to be a dark green instead of a light green, like all of my other distro carts. I don't have a known example and am wondering if mine are fake. Please help me friends and post yours and post what yours has for comparison purposes. I don't dare open these carts, especially Y90E to take a peak at the PCB, but it already looks off from what I can see on the back. Thanks for any help. For the pictures the one that says not for resale on it is my manaphy cart that I believe to be legitimate. The one that says GAMECARD on it is my Keldo Cart. The one that says Asset on it is my Y90E cart. Thanks for any help!
  10. Thanks for the help, is there a guide on here some where on how to do it with latios latias tv
  11. Yea my question. Is it possible to ring the roaming 3rd legendary the roaming patios andd Latinas? I thought the pid was set on the tv when u press a that determines latias latiosattributes?
  12. Is it possible for latios and latias to be shiny in Gen 3 ruby sapphire emerald through random encounter and not the old sea pass were you go to the island to get the opposite one. I'm talkinb about the random encounter one.
  13. Oh which deoxys distro cart are u referri g to? The 2008 one for us? Nay have been 2009. The one at gamestop?
  14. What is this like I don't even know what ur talking about I'm not asking for it I just have no idea what is your talking about. You mean the US deoxys distro cart you found that? decchi.bin nonsense from Deoxys distro cart don't ask for any of it her l