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  1. What newest developments are you referring to exactly? I heard the original source of the carts who sold them to XJ55 didn't steal the carts so there were no legal obligations. But this is all he said she said lol.
  2. Well XJ55 was smart he profited from selling the cart and having the ROM dumped to the public. Now all the hoarders can no longer profit from selling the ROM. He decided to take the profit while he still could. Now no one else can profit from it. I think it was smart of him. Now only the original will be worth money. This is how it should be. The ROM shouldn't be worth money. Only the original. There's a reason why anyone can download the Nintendo Championships ROM and play it for free, but can sell the original for 25k if they have the original cart. I honestly think they should all be dumped to the public to keep it from the possibility of not standing the test of time and being lost forever. It would be smart to sell all unreleased ROMs to be dumped to the public while they still can. If XJ55 doesn't take the profit from it, someone else will, so why not right him take the profit before someone else does? Selling the ROM will preserve it, and preserve the value of the original cart.
  3. Yes but in the case of the damaged ds distro carts, that's more of nintendo throwing them out and not disposing of them properly. Making one persons trash another persons treasure. I think those are ok. When nintendo bills them for the unreturned 10 anniv cart, is the store not essentially purchasing the cart?
  4. And doesn't nintendo charge the store for non returnedd carts like the 10 ANNIV system and thereby the store is buying it
  5. I thought they were leaked from the distribution site, ur saying it's died to a certain distribution site? But it would not reveal who leaked it from the distro ution site?
  6. You had the gba zigzagoon rom earlier? Do u have others? Can u please share?
  7. Do you know how can delete my save (everything) so I can get another? Bulbapedia says with other hardware and software you can delete the save (com0letley) so u can get more than one. But doesn't elaborate how. Anyone can provide details on how to do it on a retail cart? And exactly what hardware and software is needed?
  8. Can anyone sell to me one? I don't care what game is on it.
  9. Oh alright so I need pal or AUS channel though and us ruby sapphire can receive it appears correct?
  10. So the US version can distribute it? Tha5nks for the help.
  11. So apparently the distribution is only on PAL and AUS versions of Pokemon Channel? Do I have to have a PAL or AUS ruby and sapphire to receive it or it can be from any region? Also anyone know if channel jirachi can be shiny like the wishmaker one can be?
  12. Guys please help me! I'm so close to completing my goal! I only need one more to assemble the complete gen 4 and 5 USA and EUR distribution carts. I have 16/16 USA and 10/11 EUR. I'm only missing EUR Arcesus. If anyone has one, please I beg u please sell it to me. I really would like to complete my collection. So I can hang it up on my wall in a frame and case it like a work of art that I can admire Every time I walk by it. That would be wonderful. Guys please if you have the cart, please consider selling it to me.
  13. I'll pay 1000-1800+ for Euro arcseus if u can sell to me please let me know.
  14. I'm looking for Euro Shaymin Euro Arcesus Euro Shelmet/Karablast Euro Shiny Creation Trio (Y90P version) let me know if any of u can sell to me the physical cartridge of these to me