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  1. Here is the Mew save from ''cirellio'' (be aware that the Mew is touched though). Pokemon Yellow Mew save (from cirellio).sav Credit goes to ''cirellio'' and ''suloku''.
  2. Here:
  3. This happens to me as well. When i load the 10ANNIV distribution rom and pick the Pokemon i want to send, the first window will freeze, but when i open the Pokemon game in my second VBA Link window, the first window will work as it should be and the ''Waiting...'' message appears immediately. The second VBA Link window will freeze for me when the ''Transferring...'' message from the first window of VBA Link disappears (meaning you come to the selection screen). Then i close the first window and the second one will have no problems and it works like it should be (the ''You are receiving the Pokemon now. Please do not turn off the power.'' message appears right after i close the first window). I dont know if there is a solution to all these ''problems'', but its working more or less (at least for me).
  4. I made a guide for using the distribution roms (Aurora Ticket and 10Anniv) on VBA Link 1.8. So im just posting it for anyone who is interested in this. This one is for the 10ANNIV Distribution rom: While this one is for the Aurora Ticket Distribution rom: Im not sure if it could be shorter, or if it contains any errors, but these instructions worked for me so i thought i should make a guide and share it witht everyone.