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  1. Use the magic wand. it saves a tonne of time
  2. Oh, in that case then I'll be doing Araquanid (all 122 frames)
  3. Favourite Pokémon Type

    Umm, idk. I don't really have anything for you to do
  4. No biggie, GIMP can open gif files by layer and it's free. Also, @theSLAYER I will have a go at doing this
  5. Favourite Pokémon Type

    I typed in Google "Pokemon black all you need to hack site:ganefaqs.com" (The site: tag only searches for the query in those sites)
  6. Favourite Pokémon Type

    @Got_Eevees Is this the post you were looking for? https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/989552-pokemon-black-version/58954548
  7. Concerned with TID and related implications

    No, the Gen7TID is only valid for native Pokémon that came from Sun and Moon (The + icon), you can have a 5 digit TID and it will be legal if it is not from gen 7 (sidenote, please make your titles shorter in future)
  8. Favourite Pokémon Type

    Sure I'll have a look
  9. Favourite Pokémon Type

    Lol, I'm doing fine. How are you? (And yes, I will allow this because this is my club and not part of the wider forums)
  10. What is your favourite Pokémon type and why?
  11. "Unsupported Save File Type" in TWLSaveTool (Pearl)

    The screenshot shows that you have v1.1. Try downloading v1.2 here and see if that works
  12. Requesting a mew

    I can do it if you want I'll load the Pokémon on my save and send you a DM.
  13. Gen4: Encounter Type PID Mismatch

    Here's what you would be looking for
  14. Gen4: Editing a pkmn generates italian pokedex entry

    What language is your save?
  15. Gen4: Editing a pkmn generates italian pokedex entry

    It might be that you are setting the language of the Pokémon to Italian.