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  1. Checking it yourself is incredibly easy... inject into your game and try to wonder trade it, use it on battle spot etc. I can't check the pk7 now since I don't have my laptop with me, but make sure the met location is from a gen 3 game and under, Poke Transfer hatched from an egg.
  2. I'm in the normal mode, and I checked the legality by holding control right click like you said. It still says it's legal. I have been re-setting them in the boxes with their correct abilities with no luck. It still shows as "(None)" or has the ability of the Pokemon before it.
  3. For some reason, box data report get's the abilities mixed up. I check in pkhex, and it still says the correct ability. When I inject the Pokemon into my game, it shows up as the wrong ability and then I can't use it online. If you look at magnezone, it has Sand Stream as the ability... But if I look at it in Pkhex, it still says the correct ability. I injext magnezone into my game, and it says Sandstream as it's ability.
  4. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
  5. There was a thread posted here or on reddit that provided all gen 5 and under events. I foolishly didn't bookmark it when I had the chance and now I can't find it. If someone has the link or something I would be really grateful.
  6. Whenever I open boxdata report an error message pops up.
  7. Is there supposed to be a toolbar at the top of the box data report box? Asking because I don't see it.
  8. Where do I find the Database search advanced filters?
  9. Woah, I never knew that... thank you!
  10. Something similar to the box data report but instead of the only option to convert it to CSV we have an option to convert to markdown too. Similar to how keysav does it? Thanks. Also if is there possible if you ever are going to implement this feature can we choose what data of the Pokemon we want to be recorded? To explain more, let's say I don't want relearn moves in the table. Could you add so that we could hide that part of the table so it won't be part of the mark down table? Sorry if this sounds confusing... if you need more clarification just ask.
  11. I somehow was able to get it to work. It still occasionally crashes though. I'm trying to edit my partner to be Skitty and add boosts to moves. (Like you get Tackle+1 by drinking the ginseng) EDIT: Btw I use a 3ds.
  12. I go to File > Save > Save/SaveAs. The program waits a few seconds until a popup comes up saying that an error as occurred. And, yes, I am using version 4.0.11 Edit: Also after the error, it force quits. The only thing I have been able to edit without the program crashing is the team name. POKEDUN SORA.2.sav
  13. Hi, I'm trying to use this save editor. But whenever I try to save, the program crashes. The program also crashes regularly when editing. What am I doing wrong?? I'm using TWLoader to backup and restore my Explorer's of Sky save
  14. I asked some people and they said that the Macho brace it had on was the problem since Macho brace isn't legally obtainable on Sun/Moon
  15. It said "There's something wrong with this Pokemon" I attached the PK6 of the Pokemon. I apologize if it's not there or something, new here... 132 ★ - Modest - 355A9A014BCF.pk7