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  1. On a similar note, if you want to have a lv100 pokemon obey you without modifying the Stamps, Just make the OT, TID & SID of the pokemon match your actual OT, TID and SID. (Or edit a pokemon which you have caught as you require. They will always obey you regardless of your level)
  2. You mean the decorations for Secret bases in Gen3? There is software which does pretty much what you want - I am not sure about Gen4 though.
  3. Torchic, Treecko & Mudkip and their evolutions can be in Dream balls. But PKHeX flags them as illegal.
  4. @Kaphotics would you please take a look at these?
  5. Here is the Vivillon I was referring to. Thanks for the confirmation, theSLAYER! 666-10 - KoreanVulpix - 4493FF01AE3D.pk7
  6. I have a couple of minor "bugs" with certain pokemon:- 1) Vivillon - It evolves at lv12 from Spewpa but I still get a Evolution not valid error. I had received it as an egg from someone in Gen6 and evolved it to Vivillon in Gen6. Then Pokebanked to Gen7. 2) Starly can be in Dream ball according to Serebii but PKHeX flags it as illegal.
  7. Ah okay! Thank you!
  8. Yup that may be possible but the chance of that being actually true is next to impossible. If I am not wrong, even in Gen7 to nickname a pokemon the gender & OT should also match. Which makes it quite unlikely for someone to match them. That would be great! Thank you! I am not sure how advanced search works. Is there a list of commands I can refer to?
  9. Hello! Typically event pokemon cannot be nicknamed legally except in rare conditions.But the Legality checker does not check for the nickname status. Also I was wondering if it was possible to add any option to refine the search results for Event Database by Language. You can see many Greninja in the above photo. Most of them are the same Ash-Greninja event pokemon with just different languages. So it would be useful to have an option which helps refine the results by showing only the event pokemon of a particular language. Thank you!
  10. I can confirm that the same happens with ENG tagged ones. The eggs are nicknamed with their species name.
  11. Ah thank you! I am having a bit of a trouble explain my other question but I will try to be as clear and specific as possible. Each pokemon "file" consists of Hexadecimal values right? and each set of those values represent something. Like the first few Hex values are the Encryption Constants. Then the next couple are "Sanity" ones. I wanted to know if there was a complete list of those hex values along with the corresponding "what-they-stand-for". Sorry for the confusing explaination.
  12. Hello! So if I want to edit the ESV of an egg to match a given TSV, how can I do that in PKHeX? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Side question, Is there a Hex table which shows each binary value and its corresponding name for a PK7 file?
  13. Ah so the items are not set when importing. Alright! Thank you for letting me know!
  14. Thank you for the Ability checks! But the items which exist in later generations, for example, Lucky egg, are not retained when importing the pokemon. You can see in my video, the charmander with Lucky egg does not retain it.
  15. My Event Database has .pgt, .pcd & .pgf event pokemon files for Gen4 & Gen5. I have downloaded them from here from Event Gallery / Event Collection. I had placed them all in the 'mgdb' folder. When using the Database, I am able to view/import the wc6/wc7 event pokemon with their items but for .pgt, .pcd & .pgf files, the item is imported. I have made the video of this below:- Thanks!