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  1. I'm going to take a guess and ask if you've installed .NET Framework 4.6, found here.
  2. UPDATE: I've found that the bug only occurs when I give the move 3 PP Ups. If I give it 2 or less PP Ups, it retains its PP when the file is re-opened.
  3. Another Screech issue, this time with PP. When I edit a Pokémon like say, Persian, and give it Screech, the move has 0 PP when I reopen the .pkm file. 053 - PERSIAN - 09A9.pk1
  4. I thought so. RBY Golbat with Screech is not illegal, after all. This should be fixed in PKHeX.
  5. A few days ago I posted this at the PKHeX GitHub errors page. I asked why Golbat with Screech is marked as illegal in PKHeX. I accepted the answer and thanked the responder. However, as Smogon recommends Screech on Golbat for its moveset here, I decided to look again at Golbat's RBY learnset on Bulbapedia as well as the Levels you can obtain him at in the Seafoam Islands, and I still don't think I understand. If Golbat can be caught at Level 27 in the wild—which is the lowest Level it can be caught in those games—it should have Screech, as well as Bite, Supersonic and Confuse Ray. PKHeX recommends Leech Life when I click on the box surrounding the moves, but according to Bulbapedia Leech Life comes before Screech on the learnset, meaning Leech Life should be overridden by Confuse Ray if you catch Golbat at Level 27 in the wild, not Screech. I'm confused.
  6. Sorry for the double-post again, but I've actually made a (admittedly extremely crude) Base Stat/EV Calculator in LibreOffice Calc, a free and open-source alternative to Microsoft Office Excel. It calculates Base Stats for the first two generations (in Gen II, Special Base Stats are calculated from the defeated Pokémon's Sp. Attack stat) and EVs for future generations. I can't figure out how to make an Exp. calculator as the formula is too complicated for my simple brain and changes with each generation. I have tried, but to no avail. So Metalkid and Psypoke it is. I have, however, sent a request to Metalkid in hopes for correcting the error with his Exp. Calculator. There! Now I feel like I've actually accomplished something. pokemon base stat-ev calculator.ods
  7. I apologize for this idea. I don't think I took into account just how complicated this would be. It seems this won't happen. Oh well. Game Over, I guess.
  8. I used Rattata as an example, but to answer the first question, I thought one could select a Pokémon from a drop-down list and select its Level, as well as tick Exp.-related boxes like "Is the defeated Pokémon wild or trained?" or "Is this Pokémon holding a Lucky Egg?" and it would give you the Exp. you'd gain and the Base Stats/EVs. Then one could repeat the process for a second Pokémon and it would automatically calculate the results. To answer the second question, I thought that some PKHeX users would want a way to Base Stat/EV Train their Pokémon without having to manually fight Pokémon after Pokémon in the game(s). It would also help PKHeX users who don't want to max their Pokémon's Base Stats/EVs and consequently breeze through the game. By the bye, I also found Psypoke's Experience Calculator which seems to be more accurate for calculating Exp. for the first four generations than Metalkid's, though it only lists Pokémon up to Gen V and doesn't take into account the scaled formula (as Bulbapedia calls it) for that generation like Metalkid's does.
  9. Thank you.
  10. This post I made suggesting an DV/EV and Exp. Calculator is not only in the complete wrong part of the forums, but is basically a re-iteration of this post. I got confused because there doesn't seem to be a place to request programs. How do I remove the offending post? Thank you for your time.
  11. Sorry for the double-post, but in case somebody wants to implement this feature anyway, these sites would immensely help. Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by base stats (Generation I) Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by base stats (Generation II-V) Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by effort value yield (Generation III-IV) Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by effort value yield (Generation V-VI) Bulbapedia: List of Pokémon by effort value yield (Generation VII) Metalkid: Pokémon Experience Calculator Note that Metalkid's Experience Calculator sometimes gives results 1 point higher for trained Pokémon. For example, a Lv5 Eevee yields 97 Exp. when defeated but the calculator says it yields 98 Exp.
  12. I understand. I thought I was talking quite big there and it would take a long time to implement. Oh well, it was an idea.
  13. Not even a reply? I'm guessing I'm in the wrong part of the forums or something. Maybe it's not PKHeX's job to do something like this as it could easily be a separate program when I think about it.
  14. I'm probably talking quite big here, and the title needs elaboration. Say I fight a wild Lv4 Rattata in the grass. If I defeat it, my Pokémon would gain approximately 32 Exp. It would also gain the following EVs/Base Stats, depending on the generation: • Generation I-II: 30 HP, 56 Atk, 35 Def, 25 Spc and 72 Spe (Base Stats) • Generation III+: 1 Spe (EVs) What I was wondering is, is there a way for PKHeX to calculate EVs/Base Stats and experience gained from defeating Pokémon? I'm guessing it requires the Batch Editor if it does. I was asking because I don't want to give my Pokémon max EVs/Base Stats as that would make the game too easy, and manually calculating everything is really tedious. If PKHeX doesn't have this feature, I do understand it would take a long time to implement it. OK, have a great day, everybody.
  15. So it was me doing something wrong after all. *bangs head against desk* OK, thanks for the info and sorry for wasting your time.