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  1. But it is different from the English version. In the English version it is written without any space. EDIT: Solved, injected by Mystery Gift Tool with the official WC3
  2. There is a little error in the Aurora Ticket Injected Wondercard. I tryed to use the program to inject an Aurora Ticket in English LeafGreen and "AURORATICKET" is written "AURORA TICKET".
  3. Guys i love you all <3 Great work to all of us! We achieved the primary goal :')
  4. It was a pleasure to have helped you! if you need anything else, just ask me
  5. Save dumped and sent to suloku
  6. Just received the cart back
  7. Nintendo received the cart today at 10:53 AM
  8. The hype is Real.96 xP sorry, i didn't resist ahahaha
  9. "FINALLY" ahahaha yes i know, i made you wait a lot >.< so sorry for that >.<
  11. I'm going to the Post office to ship the french shappire cart our dream is near!
  12. Ok guys, now i can tell you for sure that day 19 french shappire cart will be shipped to Nintendo sorry for the waiting
  13. 3000€ D: oh god...
  14. Still not t.t so sorry for being so late in doing this. I'll try to do it this weekend >.<
  15. Hey i'm still alive sorry if i didn't write so much, but i'm in summer holdays >.< i still didn't ship the shappire cart. Day 23 i'll be back home, i'll try to ship it on the 24-25. But don't worry i'm still alive