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  1. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    I honestly question people who claimed that they've never tampered their 3DS and got a ban. I also feel like a PGL banwave is around the corner, too. What CFW settings do you guys have enabled in Luma/whatever you use? And were you banned?
  2. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Update: She texted me and said she can connect to the internet. Also, I have every option on the latest Luma to off and Clock+L2 on my N3DS. I also did the same for hers but without the Clock+L2 option if that helps, if anyone wants to share their CFW configurations.
  3. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    One of my friends got B9S and has "Send data to Nintendo" on. He uses apps like CIAngel, JKSV, HBL and FBI but hasn't been banned. So I don't think tickets are the cause, or maybe it's just luck he dodged the hammer. I would suggest not to put a Homebrew app as your favorite title in Friend's List or maybe turn off wireless when accessing those kinds of apps. I also heard some people that got it saying the ban lifted for them, but I dunno if they're lying or not considering it's supposed to be permanent.
  4. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Ok, after turning on my 3DS I'm not banned and made my way to turn off "sending data via SpotPass" in System Settings. Also after talking to some friends that have CFW 3DSes I can confirm they're safe. Thank God! What I'm scared of now though is that I installed A9LH for my cousin's O3DS back in February and I don't know if she'll be banned considering she's still on an older Luma version. Should I still tell her to go online even though she hasn't had the time to play it for the past weeks?
  5. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    Woah... Nintendo's usually been lenient but now it looks like they're going Sony. I've recently played it yesterday to finish off SoV but I don't think I got a ban. I also have "Send data to Nintendo" on but now after hearing this, I don't think I want to turn on my 3DS. :[
  6. [UPDATE] Pokémon GO Fest

    I don't play the game anymore, but is this still an issue?
  7. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Oh so they've done away with Pokemon Link? And what about the item distributions they also wondercards? Something else I found (which I'm sure everyone expected it anyways since GF announced it before) Also, does anyone know the formula on how the 6-digit TID is displayed? I know it's by combining the TID and SID bytes but how do I get a specific 6-digit number that I want? Thanks in advance sidenote: Nintendo America claimed the datamine videos...
  8. SM - Daisuki Solrock and Lunatone

    Well I was referring to the serial code itself but appreciate the translation tho. And it's going on until October 31!
  9. SM - Daisuki Solrock and Lunatone

    Well that explains it! It's likely the man's name, and the code seems to say that he's been lost for 30 years.
  10. SM - Daisuki Solrock and Lunatone

    "Sakuji" and "Oyaji"... what are they referencing?
  11. Sun & Moon stat records

    Hi guys, long time no post in this thread. I'm looking for anyone who has participated in the following Global Missions: "Find Pokémon Using Island Scan!" "Get BP at the Battle Tree!" To find out your score for them, go to the Festival Plaza gate and talk to the receptionist (on the right next to the PC), then after it updates the mission board, go to either of the missions I listed above and select it, it will say "<Your name>'s current record" and your score, write down your score and then backup your save. Open your save in PKHeX and click "Trainer Info". Next under stats in the bottom right corner, click on the drop-down list that says "Steps Taken".and scroll all the way down through 175-187 and find your score you wrote down (shouldn't be the ones listed in the post above this one) then post it here! PS: These are the last missions Take as many photos that exceed 10,000 points as possible with your Poké Finder! Catch as many Crabrawler as possible! They're hiding behind Berries! Win as many Master Rank Battle Royals as possible during the mission period! I'm guessing it'll be over for Sun and Moon GMs in late October considering the fact they'll have to do maintenance for USUM near its launch.
  12. SM - Pokemon Team Battle Mew (KO)

    According to Bulbanews, it'll share the same WC ID as the May distro. It's still good to confirm if anything else may differ (such as a different TID) regardless! https://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mew_distribution_to_be_repeated_in_South_Korea