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  1. @Dark_Lucario Thanks! We know that the American Aurora Ticket Distribution Rom is compatible with all language versions. As a matter of fact we did Research about 3rd Gen Mystery Gifts for 2 years, so we know almost everything. What @suloku and I want to know is if the American Mystic Ticket Distribution Rom was compatible with all other language versions as well. Because that's a question that remains unsolved. We're asking this question to anyone who has downloaded an American Mystic Ticket netherless, because since there is no leaked Distribution Rom of it, so this is kinda the only chance to answer this question.
  2. Yeah, I just wanted to say that! You mean because of the lottery, right? No, but I'm still interested in these PokePark Jirachis. I need to confirm the OT Gender determination method. This would also help to determine if another PokePark Jirachi is legit/legal if one pops up... I doubt that this will ever happen tho'.
  3. Yeah! I'm actually damn proud to have traded with him. I had to be really patient since he's retired as you know. He has not shown me the pictures tho', since he was damn busy so didn't even mentioned it. Interested to see it actually... Great! I'm looking forward to check them.
  4. I traded with @DannyB01. Don't worry they're in good hands. I have the Gen 4 files too, it's really hard to tell... Anyway, when you find the Stamp Pokemon in Gen 3 feel free to send them to me. I know ways to determine if they're legit or not. By checking Trash Bytes ect.
  5. I have them now. I needed those two to determine what's legit in terms of PokePark legendaries and to confirm their Trash Bytes. Wow, do I get you right, you really have Stamp Pokemon in Gen 3? If you want I can take a look and see if there is something suspicious or if they're ok.
  6. As you know we made a lot of progress recently when it comes to this Research. I was also able to collect more files through trades and contributions. In the meanwhile I was even able to collect rare Events like Party of the Decade and the PokePark Taiwan Legendaries. Also we almost solved all the existing Algorithms, with the newest being Negaiboshi Jirachi and the Pokemon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs. I want to thank at this point everyone who was helping us with the Research and those who contributed. Just FYI here is what's still missing and what we're still looking for... Japanese Events: Stamp Sapporo Pikachu More DS Download Play Events (Especially Hadou Regirock...)Taiwanese Events:PokePark JirachiAmerican Events:Rocks MetangPCNYsJeremy IMPORTANT: If possible we need these Events still in Gen 3. Only this way we can confirm what's legit/legal and transferring via Pal Park removes very important data which we need.
  7. Thanks @HaxAras! Why not the easy way? So someone with good japanese skills is welcomed to contact the webmaster. Best would be to know if they know about "あひるのワンダーランド" and if there's any contact data of あひる known. What we need to know is... Where did the 5th Anniversary Pokemon Eggs that were offered at the website coming from? Was a distribution cartridge leaked or where they downloaded directly at the Event? Questions like that...
  8. Cool! @Purin Thanks for this information. Who knows, maybe we might even become able to get in touch with the people who downloaded the PCJP03 Eggs... This would be extremely helpful for this Research, since there are open questions about it... @Sabresite told me something that made me thinking... I mean the fact that these Events are generated using a RTC opens up new questions about legitimacy that hasn't been in 3rd Gen Events before. The big question is if only the generated Event Pokemon in that official distribution time frame can be seen a legit. In the case of PCJP03 this would be 23 days and in case of Negaiboshi Jirachi this would be 37 days. So we could agree that everything above that time frame is illegal. But what if one of the units was turned on... like for testing purposes... before the actual distribution started? Questions over questions... Edit: One more thing... because I already heard some complains about my words of before. I DID NOT say the Japanese Collection is worthless... I said I was told that the files having no (or at least not much) trade value in Japan. It came from people I was asking to trade with. Just to make that clear. It's something completely different... I think we all can agree that there are a lot of people here who would like to have these files. Also thanks to Purin we also know now that these files weren't as public as some people claimed and that changes a lot. If it's true this means not everyone had access to these files and that makes a difference.
  9. The funny thing is no one seems to really know anymore what the site was, how it was called and stuff like that. It has almost become like a myth... and that's actually why I tried to get in touch with people from japanese boards to find out about it... Without success unfortunately... @DannyB01 told me in one of our conversations before that the website was archived. However other people I asked told me it's not the case... so what is the truth now? I think the best chance to get in touch with the people would be to get in touch with the people who were in charge a decade ago. http://pf.ksrn.net/game/ruby_sapphire/special_pokemon.html One of these names is たかさん (Takasan), someone with who we're familiar with. He preserved most of the Japanese Mystery Gifts. So IMO the chances are big that any of these guys know more about this or maybe even was involved in preserving Japanese 3rd Gen Events. Unfortunately I haven't found any of these people since there are no contact informations like e-mail addresses left behind. And if someone wants to contact any of those... some japanese skills would be highly recommended. I will continue my research but who knows, maybe someone else has more luck than me. Edit: Nevermind.
  10. @Shadowdarkrai1 When he talks about widely circulated he means these are the only japanese files you are trading with. Which I can confirm. Almost everything in terms of japanese 3rd Gen files that is in the trading scene came from that website... If they as a "complete collection" are really this widely spread I leave that open... Regarding the value of these files.. What I said is that since the website you mention was a public site like PPorg which preserved and offered Events for download. That's why these files have no trade value in Japan. You can compare it with the Events from PKMDB which is a similar story. Because that site is down as well but the files have gained no trade value netherless. When it comes to these Japanese files, they might be down but many files traders in Japan (most of them inactive now anyway just btw...) have these files. So ironically these files have some value here because they're kept scarce, but in Japan they have no value. Btw. @St. GIGA. I feel honored that you mentioned my name, but I have to say when it comes to Reverse Engineering @Bond697 is our man. About the Trash Bytes, I already had a theory about it and I confirmed it yesterday thanks to the help of @Purin
  11. I agree. It definitely was leaked, I mean how else were the same people able to download so many of these eggs...
  12. I just want to tell this because I think it hasn't been mentioned here yet. It appears that the RTC information comes from the Distribution Cartridge, not from the Ruby & Sapphire Games. In other words, if you want to fix this Distribution Rom you would not only have to create a Master Rom for the sample0519.bin, you would also have to implement SIIRTC_V001 as well.
  13. Yeah, you're right. So there is the potential of a 4th American Mystic Ticket. But it's really hard to tell if it exists or not... Also I'm wondering what they distributed in the Latin America. All things we will never know 100% for sure. I'm actually pretty satisfied that we came this far, I rather feel sad about the Pokemon Egg Presents.
  14. 3rd Gen Mystery Gifts have different Trash Bytes as well which is the data that was on the Rom located after the Script and was just copied and pasted with it. There is no way these Trash Bytes can be reconstructed, so we definitely would have to collect those missing Mystery Gifts. Regarding the missing Mystic Ticket Wonder Cards... the case is clear with TCG World Championships 2005 but the Pokemon Rocks 2005 header remains unknown. Would be kinda nice to have it and if it's just at least for the Bulbapedia article... Let's hope a miracle happens over the time.