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  1. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Yeah, I totally forgot about the Surfing Pikachu Minigame tbh. But that's little effort compared to this. I'm not sure but I don't really see it happening... And I get the point, I really would like to see a legit Shiny Celebii too. I think we all do, right? I think it's about time. Yeah, I get that the Gen 1 VC success was huge. But do they get it? If they wanted to do it they could do a lot of things, but speaking of "Events"... We're talking about the same company that distributed Gen 1 VC Mew only in Japan and UK. Can you imagine that they completely ignored the USA? I think it's the first time that this happened. That's how much they care about Event Pokemon being released for Virtual Console Pokemon Games. I think we can be happy if they distribute Celebii at all.
  2. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    I thought a lot about it, but now I think they won't release Crystal. As cool as it would be and I admit it. But especially when it comes to the Japanese Version... if they don't patch it in any kind of way they literally would release an unfinished game. The Pokemon Communication Center would still be there, the Battle Tower would still be there... I really can't imagine they would release a game like this. But I also can't imagine that they would put much effort into this. By the way... even if they release Crystal, the chance that they patch the GS Ball into the save file via PokeBank is unlikely IMO, considering they never did something like that before. It doesn't really sounds like the Pokemon Company/GameFreak to me... so I'm not sure why they would do it that way... I think the only Celebii we might see in Gen 2 VC will be similar to Mew Gen 1 VC. But I also must say that I'm not so keen about having the original GS Ball Mobile Event again, other than for research and it would be interesting to see it working without the original mobile adapter... And with that in mind I also mean the Trades, Battles, the Odd Egg Event... but when it comes to having the GS Ball Mobile Event? Sounds rather frustrating... The GS Ball is kinda like the prototype of all distributed Event Items. But it was not free like the later Event items. You had to earn it. The original GS Ball Event was part of the Pokemon News feature were in some issues you could win prices for participating in a Pokemon Quiz. Among other Items you could win (depending on the News Issue) the GS Ball Event was triggered by a synchronized Score System, but only if you made it to Rank #1. In this case a message pops up when you check the rank that congratulates you and then you would receive the item when you leave the Pokemon Communication Center. Not all GS Ball distributions are documented except 1, but I think it might have been maybe 2 or 3 times... So only very few people where able to actually get the GS Ball. Imagine if they really would reuse the same system... things wouldn't be so different except if they release many news issues or overhaul the whole system... Otherwise the GS Ball will remain extremely scarce and this is something that would have to be considered in terms of legality.
  3. https://wiki.ポケモン.com/wiki/なぞのタマゴ The Japanese Pokemon wiki says it's 50%. I believe it's likely 0/0/0/0 or Shiny 2/10/10/10 and the chance 14% like in the international versions. The mobile features are being researched by @Háčky from GlitchCity. (https://forums.glitchcity.info/index.php?topic=7509.0) It can even be emulated using his Python Script, just btw... Edit: There's another thing I'm not certain about, which are the IDs... We can only hope that the data of the なぞ and the ODD Eggs were identical. On the other hand the Trainer ID gets erased as soon as the Egg hatches anyway.
  4. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    . Incorrect. The Fateful Encounter flag remains after hatching. + Pokemon Box Eggs have no Fateful Encounter flag.
  5. Btw. did you knew that the Battle Recorder can be used to manipulate the PRNG state? From what I learned it seems that it can be used to save and load PRNG states, I don't know what it does exactly though since I haven't read about what it does in detail. Just wanted to add this to the topic since I think it plays another role when it comes to the question how realistic it is to actually get such a flawless shiny Mew and others as well.
  6. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    Oh, I see. That's ironic. Because the Fateful Encounter flag is important in this case. Without it a 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Egg isn't legal. Edit: That's the case for the other PCNY Events. But in this case it's a Mystery Gift. You received a Wonder Card and then get the Egg in the game from the green delivery guy in the 2F of the Pokemon Center... And at this point the Egg gets generated using the hardcoded give Pokemon command... Unlike in regular 3rd Gen Events Pokemons case the whole generation process happens in the game. If the WC was distributed by a machine or a GBA with Distro ROM is unknown, but it doesn't really matter.
  7. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    I actually meant the Fateful Encounter flag...
  8. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    There's on more little detail in an 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Egg: Edit: Yeah, well... he can try to RNG one... Good luck with that. (I'm not even sure if this spread is available...)
  9. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    PCJP2004 and PCNY Wish Egg's PID Types are known and public since many years. It's ABDE, same as all 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Eggs. At least IMO they're not really this rare compared to other 3rd Gen Events, considering that @Gold Ursaring downloaded a lot of these eggs. Edit: I would recommend to use suloku's Tool to create and inject Egg WCs and to generate them naturally ingame:
  10. Gen III Event Contribution Thread

    When it comes to Event Pokemon we still miss what @Sabresite said + Sapporo Pikachu, PokePark Taiwan Jirachi, Rocks Metang, and Jeremy... (To confirm Trash Bytes ect. so everything needs to be Gen3!) Mystery Events: I think the Eon Tickets are completed. Except if there was a distribution in America other than the e-Card... Mystery Gifts: All what's missing in terms of Mystery Gifts you can see in the first post.
  11. Yeah, that kinda makes sense. There could be many explanations for it and it would also explain why it was leaked after all. I mean it seems like nearly everything that was leaked was leaked in Europe... interesting... Edit: From what I remember there was at least one European Aurora Ticket Cartridge being leaked as well. I think I saw it on ebay before. Do you know anything about that?
  12. @Invader TAK of course. I forgot to mention that. But Emerald wasn't released until almost 1 year after the Distribution happened. @Purin Is that true? I hear about this for the first time. I personally prefer to call it American tho', since we can assume that this version was made by NOA. When did the Bergsala Distributions took place exactly? I have no informations about Denmark, would be cool to have it with some kind of proof. BTW. in the meanwhile I worked together with @Lady Ariel to update the Bulbapedia article: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_other_event_distributions_in_Generation_III The fake American Mystic Ticket is gone for good...
  13. Yep, you're correct @Sabresite. The interesting thing is that the American Aurora Ticket ROM is compatible with all FRLG language versions, except the Japanese. Of course the Wonder Card and Script is always the same English Mystery Gift. But it works in all versions. And yes the Rom is incompatible with the Japanese versions unlike it was claimed before... there was a Japanese save file circulating with a corrupted American Aurora Mystery Gift in it and it was claimed that it was received using real hardware but I have doubts. I rather think it was a hack of some kind. Dunno if either the Aurora Ticket Rom was hacked or if it was a Japanese save file forced into an English game... (Last option is more likely.) The European Aurora Ticket Rom BTW... is an enhanced Version which is compatible with FRLG and E. I really wished we could get this one in our hands for many reasons... It's interesting to note that it automatically recognizes which game you inserted, game version and language. All Mystery Gift Scripts are stored back to back on it. Like this: English E - French E - German E - Italian E - Spanish E - Unknown Data - English FRLG - French FRLG - German FRLG - Italian FRLG - Spanish FRLG - Unknown Data Since the routine (as in all 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Roms) grabs always 995 Bytes, it takes Bytes from the data after the actual Script as well and then a checksum gets computed for the whole package. It's kinda funny that almost half of the data it takes are nothing but Trash Bytes...
  14. Why VC Crystal is delayed

    I wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon Crystal won't be released as VC version at all. But I really hope it will... with some Wifi enhanced features as already mentioned. How awesome it would be? I just wonder if they would be included in the west versions.
  15. The GBA wireless adapter contains a 2.4GHz radio frequency chipset from Motorola. Bluetooth should do it.