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  1. @DannyFrozenVGC sorry I forgot to answer your question. In fact it's like @Sabresite says, the Eggs will be legal. They will match exactly with the Eggs that were actually distributed. At least as long as the Pokemon and Moves you choose are correct. However I would not recommend to spread customized WC3s... Chances that we get one of the official ones are very low. But @suloku's Tool gives you the opportunity to make your own ones for private use.
  2. I already said it in public before I guess. Japanese and International Wonder Cards are NOT compatible with each other. The Mystery Gift function is looking for some specific data for a checksum validation and it then checks if the 2 checksums are correct. If either of these Checksums is wrong it becomes a bad result and the Mystery Gift function ends. Logically the Japanese Mystery Gift function computes the checksum using different Offsets and with less Data as needed in the International versions, so the result would be always false... You would not be able to recognize this, because no Error Message pops up. The Game wouldn't be able to recognize that it's a legit Wonder Card and return as it is a bad result. Visually it appears like there is no Wonder Card at all. So you won't even recognize that there's a Wonder Card on your save file. (I would personally not recommend to do it, because of the mess... even tho it should be cleaned up when you download another one... it shouldn't do any harm but I personally like to keep my save files clean...) Now the Egg question. Hen or Egg? What comes first? lol I think it's more efficient when we take a look at the HEX data. There is something I haven't talked about yet and maybe we can solve this together. Something really strange! Let's take a look at Bulbapedia... http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_data_structure_in_Generation_III#Language Hex Language 0x0201 Japanese 0x0202 English 0x0203 French 0x0204 Italian 0x0205 German 0x0206 Korean 0x0207 Spanish But the strange thing is... All the Japanese Event Eggs I have checked so far have this Hex Value... 0x0601 Could this be an undocumented language code that's being used only for Eggs? I don't know if this is the case normally and if it's the case with Wish Eggs too, so I think we might check other Eggs too. Also including the Egg you're talking about @Sabresite.
  3. Sorry. Cleaned the mess in the first post... Not perfect, but should do it for now. Indeed. This has been confirmed many times. One indicator is the PID Type that indicates that the Eggs were generated ingame... (You should know it! It's Uncommon GBA Type... A-B-D-E...) But also it was confirmed ironically because of a story I heared from someone else. It was about how GoldUrsaring was able to receive so many Eggs. The story is that he was able to do this by receiving an Egg WC, picking up the Egg ingame and then tossing the WC. He then he repeated this over and over... I also confirmed not too long ago how he was able to do that. It's because when you toss an Egg Present Wonder Card, the flag gets erased as well. As you can see in @suloku's post the whole "checkflag", "setflag" process is part of the Script that's downloaded. The flag is actually set right between Wonder Card and the Mystery Gift Script. And when you toss a Wonder Card almost that entire section gets cleared. (Except a few Bytes here and there...) But the same thing doesn't happens when you just download another WC. So you have to toss it before you download another one.
  4. Thanks @Invader TAK. Just received some new files to work with and finally able to go back to research. These are 4th Gen tho' and I said this before, but I'm not a friend of these "palparked" files. Even I'm aware that it's almost impossible to get original files now. But I really wished people would have backed up their original files before they did. Because Gen 4 Files are "touched"... which is horrible in terms of Event Pokemon... It's good for hackers because they're more easy to hack, but for people who care about legitimacy it's bad. Because important and sensitive data like Trash Bytes getting removed, Met Location gets changed, Held Item taken... And Pikachus with Surf or Fly can't even even be transferred before you get rid of their Special Moves. But since this is all I'm able to get after such a long time, let's get started... For now I want to talk again about ROCKS Metang, also to answer @HaxAras question. About the question wether the algorithm is identical to the Japanese フェスタ Metang... I would have thought that this is the case... but it's hard to say... There is this information at Bulbapedia and other sites that ROCKS Metang had 2 possibilities when it comes to the OTG. I believe that's not the case but in order to that I have to proof it. Which isn't that easy without evidence... As ridiculous it sounds, since it's obvious that フェスタ and ROCKS mirror each other, right? But there isn't any untouched ROCKS Metang I can surely say is legit. I'm still not even able to fully confirm wether the Metang we have from you is legit or at least legal. By comparing it with my other files I noticed that it's exactly the same Metang that was included in the PKMDB.COM Collection Now the question is where is this 3rd Gen Metang is coming from all over sudden? Is it the original Metang before it was palparked? Or maybe it's a hack based on this Metang. I'm afraid to say that the 2nd case is more likely and it kinda would also explain why its Trash Bytes were so different from anything else... So yeah... I fear it doesn't look good... The only thing I can say IF these files are legit. (And I have 3 ROCKS Metangs in total now...) Then they would proof that the OTG is indeed always Male.
  5. Yeah, you're right. lol Which explains why I can't find any Pikachu with Surf at all... As a matter of fact, I didn't even knew that there was a Pikachu with Surf (Journey Across America) and even one with Fly (Party of the Decade) in the US until a while ago... And I think I do know 3rd Gen Event Pokemon pretty well. Wait I will send you a message...
  6. @Sabresite No there is nothing new about Pikachu with Surf and pretty questionable if I will get one at the moment. It's kinda hard to get an overview what's actually there, but when I went through the Shops I noticed that it seems that there is NO Pikachu with Surf still in Gen 3. The same goes for ROCKS Metang. And I'm not too interested in Gen 4 files, because the chance that they are hacked is more likely, so I would only go for those if there is no other cance and if it's necessary. I can't reach my most important contacts in the moment which is very unfortunate, last time I talked with them they were pretty busy. At this moment PCJP03 Eggs (Most important right now) and 10 ANIV Party of the Decade (to confirm Trash Bytes) are on Top of my list of the files I would gather for research. But if there is something else important let me know and I will see what I can do. Back to the research... As I said earlier, I have this Pikachu with Agility. I don't know wether the Move would be on rand5 if it was determined by a rand. Should have said it earlier but the Pikachu I have has OTG Female and this was definitely decided by rand5 just like other 10th Anniversary Event Pokemon. Which makes me believe that Journey Across America's Pikachu's Move was not determined by a rand. Except if it was on rand6 or rand7... I believe it's rather likely that it has its own ROM. Especially if Bulbapedia listed the order of Moves correctly, because I suppose the Special Move would be last Move. I think we should wait what Bond has to say about that.
  7. Sorry, didn't saw this before. Looks like it was added over the time. Pretty cool!
  8. From what I see it's information about the Nintendo Space World '97 Mew Distribution.
  9. Just found another CoroCoro shot of a Mew Distribution. Source: http://kinryokuseki.blog16.fc2.com/blog-entry-269.html The full size version of the picture isn't available anymore. Which is very unfortunate... However the Blogger is still active. Might be worth for a contact? Edit: Thanks @Shin-Chan!
  10. According to this article at the Japanese ポケモンWiki the Mews that were distributed at the Nintendo Space World Events had these OT Names: Nintendo Space World '97 マクハリ Nintendo Space World '99 マリオ ルイージ ピーチ ヨッシー クッパ Also I noticed that the Japanese Event Pokemon (Gen 1) article at Bulbapedia was edited over the time. New information was added to the Mew that was distributed at Nintendo Space World '97. Didn't took too long and I found the source and it was this YouTube video: In the scene of this video we see one of the Mews that was distributed at Nintendo Space World Event. It has the OT Name ヨッシー and since this video obviously is from 1997 (Talking about Porygons and seizures...!) there is no doubt that this Nintendo Space World '97. This should proof that the OT Names マリオ, ルイージ,ピーチ,ヨッシー &クッパ were being used for this Event. Earlier @suloku posted a link with a picture. (Great find btw!) It shows a Mew that was distributed at Nintendo Space World '99. And in the picture we can see the OT Name マクハリ. Since this is from a coverage of the Nintendo Space World '99 Event it confirms that this OT Name was being used for this Event.
  11. At least the May 1996 issue is there. http://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1047675069&ref=list But the weird thing is it seems that there is nothing Pokemon related in it. At least I haven't found anything in the index...
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought so too from what I have read on Bulbapedia ect. But it's kinda hard to find evidence about what's true or not, so I wanted to research a bit further and see what I can find. This was the only picture of a CoroCoro magazine that I've found so far. Could be also a look back to the previous Mew Distribution they did in the prior year or something like that. Which is why I wonder if this "Could be a Mew from the first Event Pokemon Distribution ever?" I personally believe that it could be the case. I highly doubt that they (GameFreak/Nintendo) would have made an entirely new Distribution System for the 2nd CoroCoro Distribution. It is more likely that they just reused it... and the same would go for a 3rd one if there was one. To underscore my claim... It could be that the Trainer ID served as a counter about how many Mews were generated so far. That's how it worked for most (if not all) Event Pokemon Distributions back in the early days. 20 Mews were distributed at the first time (May 1996 issue) and then again 100 Mews (August 1996 issue)... The TID of this Mew is "00128", so the number isn't really far off..
  13. I did some research and found this: Source: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/elementalblastsor/folder/1050506.html?m=lc It's from コロコロコミック. According to the blog it's the issue of June 1997. Could this be a Mew from the first Event Pokemon Distribution ever?
  14. @Sabresite if the Pikachu I have is legit. (4th Gen, Agility...) It would be definitely rand5, because PID and IVs are generated as they normally should. If possible I will try to get another one with Surf and still in Gen 3 just to be sure. One thing I noticed on Bulbapedia (good source... I know, lol) is that the order of Moves of these Pikachus is different. Which (if they listed the correct order) would speak rather for another ROM than a function of the generation process. Netherless it still would be good to know from Bond what it would be in case if there's a decision between 2 optional Special Moves. Because we are struggle with this question in the moment... So, yeah... this is an important question.
  15. Thanks for the great offer @Soniktts. Told this already to you via PM, I have keen interested in Distribution ROMs. Sometimes hidden content can be found on them. I have bad news regarding the PCJP03 Shiny Pichu Algorithm. I did some more tests with other examples and the result when we used the BGF Algorithm matched only on 1(!) given example out of 5, which makes me think that it was maybe coincidence and something else or more complex than the BGF Zigzagoons Algorithm. In order to solve this I would need more of these Eggs for further research and I will try to gather them over the time, which is necessary in order to confirm what is legal regarding them, if we can't get the Algorithm right we are not able to confirm their legitimacy. Best for this research would be if I get these Pokemon also in unhatched versions, also for documenting their Trash Bytes, because these Trash Bytes are overwritten when they hatch which makes this research impossible to complete. In other words we need to do more research before this information can be used in terms legality analysis ect. If someone who reads this wants to contribute to the research it would be very nice too. I know it's highly unlikely that I will ever get some, but PCJP03 Eggs from other sources would be really appreciated. Because the files I have received from Neoseeker I have always find a bit suspicious. Update: @Sabresite solved it! The same method is being used for PCJP03 Shiny Pichu as for Berry Fix Zigzagoons. There was an little error in our Algorithm. Now with the fixed Algorithm we get the correct results for both Shiny Pichus and Shiny Zigzagoons.