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  1. Yeah, I already know that. But it's not the same method that's being used for Wishmaker Jirachi. Also there is no easy way to manipulate it in a way as it was possible with Wishmaker Jirachi... In Wishmkr Jirachi's case the Seed was the save file checksum that was being used as the Seed. In 10th Anniversary's case however it looks like it's computed using some magic numbers instead. Haven't fully analyzed it because I think @Bond697 already did that.
  2. Huge thanks! According to the files the Trash Bytes stay the same, no matter which language. So it's just as I believed it would be... however considering that the source is a secret... There is always a chance that something could be hacked so it should be taken with a grain of salt. So if anyone has more files from other sources they would be highly appreciate. Interesting that there are still so many Event Pokemon hiding in private collections... I hope we will see a few more suprises over the time.
  3. Well... Stadium Gift Pokemon in Gen 7 are of course illegal. Pokemon RGBY VC games aren't compatible with a retail Stadium game. And I highly doubt they will ever release Stadium on VC with all the compatibilities... Wether they can be shiny or not it's like suloku says... There could be some restriction since Gen 2 was already in the works. Without a full disassembly we might never 100% sure if they actually can be shiny. @suloku The original Japanese Pokemon Stadium has no Gift Pokemon. But it seems it was the only Stadium game in Japan were you could teach your Pikachu Surf.
  4. Like I said earlier, the chances are so ridicously low... Why would they care to prevent it any further? We're talking about a chance of 1:‭4294967295‬ and this is Gen 7... Who would SRing for that...? Getting it by coincidence? Nearly impossible... And we don't even know if they really left the OTN Trash Bytes in Gen 1 VC because of that reason. We can only assume that it is the case... right? Yeah, this point I mentioned earlier. What they check in terms of legality and what legality is actually are 2 different things. The case on the stated example is clear, the Japanese Emerald Mew was the only one that was officially distributed. Therefore all other Emerald Mews are of course illegal. It's the same as was Kaphotics said above with flute Arceus in Gen 4. Even tho' they might not be identified as illegal by their systems, they would have all the rights by doing so. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/15-15-15-15-dvs-are-impossible-in-most-cases.3573219/page-2#post-7206138
  5. @theSLAYER Also ACE can be illegal in terms of fair play... like I said earlier and also seen in the graphic above... impossible to get IV Spreads through normal play. But I would even go further to maxing out Stat Experience on low LVs. Maxing Stat Experience is also a popular thing to do with ACE. Such type of editing should be critically viewed... at least in some specific cases.
  6. @Ammako. I already said this but the Shiny factor doesn't only affects IV Spreads but whole Species. Most of the Species can't be Shiny. If you want to know more about it, check this post at Smorgon. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/15-15-15-15-dvs-are-impossible-in-most-cases.3573219/page-2#post-7206138 I hope you will understand why it in fact does matter. Gen 1 became relevant again since the VC Release and the connectivity to Pokemon Bank. This way Gen 1 affects Gen 7. Even tho' I think the words @KonohaDaze were a bit harsh and I do respect other's opinions... I agree with what he essentially means. Not torwards Ammako. But when it comes to legality in general. There should be no excuses. To be honest, I personally don't like the idea to say... well... "If I transfer a clearly hacked Pokemon and transferring gets rid of the information that says it is a hack it becomes legal..." You're right when you say it will be detected legal but it still was originally a bad hack. And If we advise people to just do like this I think we are sending a wrong message. If someone is doing this for own private use, no problem... go for it... but for legal use? Just my opinion and maybe I'm alone with this... What I just try to say is KonohaDaze is right when he says PPorg has a "bad reputation". (At least some people think so...) Because we are the Hackers who make all the Tools and spread all the hacks. If you know what I mean...
  7. Well... as a lover of the original Pokemon Games and for the completeness I would love to have this... And I know I'm not alone with this, even tho' I can imagine there are not many people like me. I mean some people like Gen 1 battling with the added rule of not allowing trade backs. Also I must say that things changing a bit when you consider Gen 2 as well. Gen 2 is a Game changer and I also say this in case a VC release of Gold, Silver & Crystal happens. Because IIRC its breeding mechanics basically allow us to get all the Spreads. But there needs to be some further research regarding the Pokemon that can't be bred... Like the roamers for example and wether all 65536 IV Spreads are accessible for Stationary Pokemon ect. I think it should be like it's in Gen 1, but who knows... Anyways I personally would find it pretty cool to have it. + Some legality checking aspects in term of Gen 1 definitely need to be in consideration because it affects Gen 7 as well. For example, the fact that only a few Pokemon from Gen 1 VC can become Shiny. Most Pokemon can't be shiny at all, it's not about IV spreads but species in general.
  8. @Kirzi IV combinations from Gen 1 that translate to shininess in Gen 2 (or even Pokemon Bank) are illegal for the most part. The same goes for 15/15/15/15 IVs. The reason for this is because it's because legal IV combinations are limited in Gen 1. It's because of the nature of how the games generates Pokemon which makes this spreads unaccessible in a legal way. However it's not be the case with Charizard since it is a starter and a shiny IVs Gen 1 Charizard can be received in legal way. But it is the case with wild Pokemon. Their IVs are generated after their Encounter Slot gets called. Here for everyone who's interested in it: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php?title=Pokémon_Red/Blue_Wild_DVs http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/15-15-15-15-dvs-are-impossible-in-most-cases.3573219/ I know it's very popular to hack the IVs to be perfect by arbitrary code execution. I personally have nothing against ACE and I even think it is a cool thing as long as it's for private use and I did it myself and had fun with it too. But when it comes to legality, that's a whole different story and I'm taking the term legality seriously. If we take it too lightly we would justify for example that someone who used ACE to get a perfect IV Pokemon in Gen 1 has an unfair advantage over people who play their games normally, because they might not be able to get the same Pokemon in a legal way.
  9. @Ammako Yeah, you do have a point right there. But I mean the difference between legitimacy and legality is obvious. And even some people might not like to hear it, but IMO as soon as Save File dumping and a Tool is involved ect. we can't talk about legitimacy anymore. For example... A classical legit Pokemon Trade is trading one Pokemon for another one, not exchanging copies ect. That's why I find this whole discussion about the difference what's legit and what's legal so weird and confusing sometimes... Legitimacy has no gray area. (At least in my opinion...) In the case we are talking about now however it's more about legality and what they (Nintendo/Game Freak) consider legal and what's in fact legal. As we see in our discussion here and this is very interesting... Both things aren't necessarily the same. But I think you might agree with me that one thing is clear, legal is (in terms of Event Pokemon) what was in fact distributed. Because that's the whole point about "Event Pokemon"... Yeah, we all know they messed up on some stuff here and there... And this is also why we should take this very serious. Sometimes they miss things, sometimes they overdo it. Some may call it laziness or maybe they just didn't cared. And some other cases they cared a little bit too much. Let's take Shiny Wishmkr Jirachi which is really an unfortunate case. It is downloadable even in a legit way, yet it is blocked and we have to accept it. About the OTN/OTG/TID/SID and wether it is technical possible... The chance to get the same TID/SID combination is actually 1:‭4294967295‬. I don't wanna stretch this Topic too much...
  10. @theSLAYER: Regarding the Mew glitch... It brings us you right back to normal play. And let's face it, normally you would not be able to catch Mew unless you exploit the glitch. As a matter of fact, there's a reason why they blocked all other Mews at Pokemon Bank. It tells us that they don't want us to bring these Mews to Pokemon Bank. The only reason why we can still transfer ゲーフリ/GF 22796 Mews with different IVs than those who were distributed is because they forgot to add that check. We shouldn't be surprised if they might add it in the future... (I doubt they will do it... but anyway...) Edit: Regarding the same OTN OTG TID SID question. That's a more difficult question than you might think. Well unless you can't obtain the TID/SID and have the same OTN with the same OTG it could be considered legal, right? But you forget one important thing at this point. Even you have the same OT/OTG/TID/SID combination you are NOT the Original Trainer. That's why in Gen 3 they added the "Secret ID" (who knows how they call it, do we know?) to prevent that scenario as much as possible.
  11. No, IMO it's not legal. Because arbitrary code execution is hacking.
  12. None in Gen 3. And I can't reach my contacts anymore for some reason... (Maybe too busy...)
  13. Thanks you very much! Sorry, damn busy in the moment. I just saw this now and did a quick check... Trash Bytes matching with the other 10th Anniversary Events! No surprise, but it's cool to be able to confirm it now.
  14. Thanks @jojo12100. Always nice to see some rare pictures popping up. Joyspot Challenge Battle? Pretty interesting!
  15. https://github.com/TuxSH/PkmGCTools/wiki