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  1. Yeah, that kinda makes sense. There could be many explanations for it and it would also explain why it was leaked after all. I mean it seems like nearly everything that was leaked was leaked in Europe... interesting... Edit: From what I remember there was at least one European Aurora Ticket Cartridge being leaked as well. I think I saw it on ebay before. Do you know anything about that?
  2. @Invader TAK of course. I forgot to mention that. But Emerald wasn't released until almost 1 year after the Distribution happened. @Purin Is that true? I hear about this for the first time. I personally prefer to call it American tho', since we can assume that this version was made by NOA. When did the Bergsala Distributions took place exactly? I have no informations about Denmark, would be cool to have it with some kind of proof. BTW. in the meanwhile I worked together with @Lady Ariel to update the Bulbapedia article: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_other_event_distributions_in_Generation_III The fake American Mystic Ticket is gone for good...
  3. Yep, you're correct @Sabresite. The interesting thing is that the American Aurora Ticket ROM is compatible with all FRLG language versions, except the Japanese. Of course the Wonder Card and Script is always the same English Mystery Gift. But it works in all versions. And yes the Rom is incompatible with the Japanese versions unlike it was claimed before... there was a Japanese save file circulating with a corrupted American Aurora Mystery Gift in it and it was claimed that it was received using real hardware but I have doubts. I rather think it was a hack of some kind. Dunno if either the Aurora Ticket Rom was hacked or if it was a Japanese save file forced into an English game... (Last option is more likely.) The European Aurora Ticket Rom BTW... is an enhanced Version which is compatible with FRLG and E. I really wished we could get this one in our hands for many reasons... It's interesting to note that it automatically recognizes which game you inserted, game version and language. All Mystery Gift Scripts are stored back to back on it. Like this: English E - French E - German E - Italian E - Spanish E - Unknown Data - English FRLG - French FRLG - German FRLG - Italian FRLG - Spanish FRLG - Unknown Data Since the routine (as in all 3rd Gen Mystery Gift Roms) grabs always 995 Bytes, it takes Bytes from the data after the actual Script as well and then a checksum gets computed for the whole package. It's kinda funny that almost half of the data it takes are nothing but Trash Bytes...
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon Crystal won't be released as VC version at all. But I really hope it will... with some Wifi enhanced features as already mentioned. How awesome it would be? I just wonder if they would be included in the west versions.
  5. The GBA wireless adapter contains a 2.4GHz radio frequency chipset from Motorola. Bluetooth should do it.
  6. We don't even have a Japanese 1st Gen Mew or Japanese 2nd Gen Celebi. So I'm afraid it's unlikely there will ever be a Tamamushi Magikarp popping up.
  7. I wouldn't really recommend using an Action Replay by the way... During my Research I found clearly hacked save files with leftover of Code in places were they don't belong to. Reason for this is most people mess up the use of Anti DMA Codes ect. And since the size of data for these Mystery Gifts is really big, you are required to split it and add it to your save file using the Action Replay little by little... Saving your save file ingame with Code set on... reset... select the next one... repeat the procedure until you have the full code... That's a pain and like I said, if you mess it up your Mystery Gift is corrupted and doesn't work or at least you have Trash data on your save that should not be there... I would advise against the use of Pro Action Replay Codes. If there is anyone here with good dissassembly skills it would be cool if we could analyze the whole Mystery Gift System. The Aurora Ticket Rom could be useful to achieve this. The reason why this Thread is still open is because I hope over the time someone shows up who would do this. If we have a full dissassembly, another Tool or program could be made that communicates with the GBA Wireless Adapter and sends Mystery Gifts wirelessly. How cool would this be to have for all the Mystery Gifts by the way? This way we could get Mystery Gifts into our physical games without having to hack the Game in the first place. We would even be able to make public distributions using a Laptop or whatever...
  8. I'm curious to see how the problem with the RTC was solved in the VC releases. If it's completely synced to the system's clock, which I personally would love to see. Or if they just use the clock of the system for the time you will still have to set in-game.
  9. Yeah, it's as @theSLAYER says. In Gen 3 there are actually 3 file formats for downloadable contents. ME3 - Mystery Events WN3 - Wonder News WC3 - Wonder Cards ME stands for Mystery Event and it's a completely different format, basically just containing a script and information for mixing records in case of the Eon Ticket. Mystery Gifts in Gen 3 are separated into 2 categories. Wonder News and Wonder Cards. Wonder News are like a Newsletter and received via JoySpot locally, the Wonder News were officially only used in Japan. It includes only information for the color, optional sharing functionality and the text. Wonder Cards are similar received as Wonder News, via JoySpot. However this format contains Wonder Card information like Wonder Card ID, color + optional share feature... text and Pokémon Icon (Which is the Question Mark by default) and most importantly the Mystery Gift Script.
  10. @Dark_Lucario Thanks! We know that the American Aurora Ticket Distribution Rom is compatible with all language versions. As a matter of fact we did Research about 3rd Gen Mystery Gifts for 2 years, so we know almost everything. What @suloku and I want to know is if the American Mystic Ticket Distribution Rom was compatible with all other language versions as well. Because that's a question that remains unsolved. We're asking this question to anyone who has downloaded an American Mystic Ticket netherless, because since there is no leaked Distribution Rom of it, so this is kinda the only chance to answer this question.
  11. Yeah, I just wanted to say that! You mean because of the lottery, right? No, but I'm still interested in these PokePark Jirachis. I need to confirm the OT Gender determination method. This would also help to determine if another PokePark Jirachi is legit/legal if one pops up... I doubt that this will ever happen tho'.
  12. Yeah! I'm actually damn proud to have traded with him. I had to be really patient since he's retired as you know. He has not shown me the pictures tho', since he was damn busy so didn't even mentioned it. Interested to see it actually... Great! I'm looking forward to check them.
  13. I traded with @DannyB01. Don't worry they're in good hands. I have the Gen 4 files too, it's really hard to tell... Anyway, when you find the Stamp Pokemon in Gen 3 feel free to send them to me. I know ways to determine if they're legit or not. By checking Trash Bytes ect.
  14. I have them now. I needed those two to determine what's legit in terms of PokePark legendaries and to confirm their Trash Bytes. Wow, do I get you right, you really have Stamp Pokemon in Gen 3? If you want I can take a look and see if there is something suspicious or if they're ok.
  15. As you know we made a lot of progress recently when it comes to this Research. I was also able to collect more files through trades and contributions. In the meanwhile I was even able to collect rare Events like Party of the Decade and the PokePark Taiwan Legendaries. Also we almost solved all the existing Algorithms, with the newest being Negaiboshi Jirachi and the Pokemon Center 5th Anniversary Eggs. I want to thank at this point everyone who was helping us with the Research and those who contributed. Just FYI here is what's still missing and what we're still looking for... Japanese Events: Stamp Sapporo Pikachu More DS Download Play Events (Especially Hadou Regirock...)Taiwanese Events:PokePark JirachiAmerican Events:Rocks MetangPCNYsJeremy IMPORTANT: If possible we need these Events still in Gen 3. Only this way we can confirm what's legit/legal and transferring via Pal Park removes very important data which we need.