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  1. Is it possible to isolate ONLY shiny Pokemon via 'requires equal', or conversely ONLY non-shiny Pokemon via 'requires equal' in the batch editor? Thanks in advance!
  2. As always, thank you Mr. Slayer - you've been a fabulous help
  3. @theSLAYER, is there a way to modify this field using batch editor? Closest I could find was .CurrentHandler, which only accepts a number. I'm not sure what it changes, but it's not Latest (not OT) Handler. Thanks!
  4. Just a thought - sometimes when I can't figure out a repetitive task I use jitbit macro recorder: https://www.jitbit.com/macro-recorder/ It records your mouse and keyboard strokes and you can replay them for a certain number of repetitions at various speeds. So you could record a macro in which you manually 'click' each relearn move section for one box, click the 'next box arrow', then end the recording. Then you can play this macro back at a high speed 30 consecutive times, and it will automatically do the rest of the boxes for you. I used to use this method A LOT before the batch editor, but it still has some good application here and there. Hope this helps
  5. Thanks, man. That makes sense. I haven't had any problem using Pokemon that throw this error in online play, but it must be best practice to keep this squared away in case Nintendo does make it part of the hax checks going forward
  6. Per the attached photo and Pokemon - what is the problem that needs addressing? The error is: Invalid: Current handler cannot be past gen OT for transferred specimen. This happened on transferred Pokemon after batch editing to modify all OT names. However, it seems like the OT name can legally be the same as an OT from a previous generation pre-transfer. After all, it's just a text string, isn't it? Help 181 - Ampharos - 9238E4AC32ED.pk7
  7. I wasn't aware that the program was this flexible!
  8. Please understand that you swapped the day and month fields. There is no 28th month. This should read 1/28/2017.
  9. I would guess that would depend on if gamesync has already detected the changes. If it's already picked up on illegal changes, then you could be on the chopping block. If it hasn't, then a game restart would theoretically erase any possibility of a ban resulting from the dastardly deeds committed on your original save.
  10. Good evening, everyone! I know everyone is preoccupied with the current ban wave, but all the same I have hit a wall and cannot figure out how to legalize a handful of genned Pokemon. Please see the attached file, and see if you can help me out. Arceus, Mew, and Genesect are the main problems, and I don't have a great answer for why they are getting blocked from unrated battle spot battles. The bottom row, I'm 90% certain, is unusable because you can't breed a a non-Alola Raichu, Marowak, or Exeggutor (am I missing any?) in Sun and Moon. I assume that you can, however, breed others (Sadslash, Golem, etc) and still achieve an alolan-bred, non-alolan form. Please verify. Thanks in advance, please let me know if you need additional information. [EDIT: thanks to whomever moved this to the correct forum location] boxdata .bin
  11. Thank you for the research. This has been the most helpful bit of information so far. I highly doubt having illegal Pokemon of any sort would trigger a ban, as (this was stated above), hacked Pokemon of all sorts can be transferred locally to the innocent. Modifications of trainer location, TID, SID, etc. after a game sync, invalid dex entries, and impossible item counts are the likely culprits. Honestly, I don't even believe that UNREASONABLE item counts would trigger a ban. As unlikely as it is that a player has max battle point, money, and max quantities of all items... it is possible. These bans have to be based on modifications to the SAVE DATA, and self-initiated.
  12. Thank you! I'll try it out after work today
  13. Good afternoon, I'm working on making a morning sun Solrock. Any advice on how to do so? He only gets morning sun in the dream world as far as I know, but I can't get it to work with any of the encounter info I've set up so far. If you would, please tell me what to put in these fields: Met Location Ball Met Level Met Date Fateful Encounter? Thank you!
  14. You are simply a rock star! Thanks!
  15. I believe Sheer Force Lanodrus can be obtained via Dream Radar. However, I have been unable to get one to work via PkHEX. If someone has a Sheer Force Landorus that works, would you please send? Thank you