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  1. No, they always had both PCD and PGT. The PCD contains the whole of the PGT, yes, but when you receive a Wondercard it copies the gift from the PCD (Wondercard) into a different area in memory. I couldn't really tell how your PGT/PCD ordering ended up this way without knowing every detail of what you did since the start (which would have been 8 years ago and I wouldn't really expect someone to remember every detail this far back. :p) Though I guess I could try and reproduce it, and if I managed to then I'd be able to tell, but that sounds like an awful lot of trial and error.
  2. I just saw, thanks (I just went and tried quickly, when gift hasn't been claimed then the Wondercard can't be trashed.)
  3. Pretty much, because Game Freak felt like making it work that way. PCD is the Wondercard itself, PGT is the gift. PCD contains the gift as well, but for some reason they decided to have the gift also stored in a different location. I'm pretty sure the only legitimate way to get more than 3 PGT at once was to receive the Manaphy Egg from Ranger (which for all intents and purposes is a PGT with no associated PCD), if you already had other gifts then it would add itself to the list and you likely could go over 3. Not sure how anyone would have gotten over 4, though. I guess they put 8 slots in as a buffer just in case they'd ever use it, but never really ended up making use of it. D/P doesn't actually delete the card nor the gift when you receive an event, it just deactivates them when picked up/trashed, and they no longer show up in-game. It would be pretty difficult for me to tell you exactly what happened for you to end up with mismatched PCD/PGT in the same slots without knowing exactly how you've done things since you started receiving events, though. (This has to be a D/P save file, correct? Also be careful with this, PKHeX doesn't handle Mystery Gift info properly right now for Gen. IV and may corrupt stuff irreversibly if you don't keep backups.) @Kaphotics as far as I'm aware, it isn't possible to trash a Wondercard without picking up the gift, isn't it?
  4. I don't think there really is a reason why legality checking couldn't be done, it's just that no real time has been put into it yet.
  5. Well, that save file doesn't load in-game either, so there must be some kind of heavy corruption going on with it (that and over 3/4th of the file is FF's.) If you still have time, what was your method you used to get the Pokémon?
  6. The Poké Transfer thing was my mistake, see the other thread about that. As for Gen. III, it doesn't have egg met conditions, only met location. As such it doesn't have any egg met conditions info when transferred to later Gens (As for Gen. IV eggs, I don't have one right now so I can't confirm, I'm not sure if their egg met conditions info gets retained when transferred to Gen. V.)
  7. My mistake, actually. Poké Transfer refers to Poké Transfer from Gen. IV to Gen. V (I got confused between that and the Pokémon Bank PokéTransfer.) All Gen. V encounter data remains intact when transferred to Gen. VI, Pokémon transferred from III-IV get their location set to what it would be had it been transferred to Gen. V, but Gen. VI overrides it on Summary screen and displays that message that I've pointed out earlier.
  8. But why can't you just upload the save file though, someone can figure out a way to do it while you're gone, and more people working on something = better chances of success. I want to help but I can't help if you won't let me. I mean I don't think there's any downsides to it, it sounds like it was a throwaway save made just to get the Pokémon so it wouldn't have any personal Pokémon in it that you don't want others to get. Only Pokémon that you specifically want to share.
  9. You mean you think PKHeX can't load the save file because you messed up the Parcel? If that was your error and not a side-effect of the manipulation, wouldn't it be possible to re-do it on another save file? (It would be a lot easier for people to find potential solutions with access to the save file, rather than throwing ideas and hoping you can make it work, anyway.)
  10. The location gets sets to Poké Transfer, but the game shows something about which region it came from based on the game of origin ("Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the [region] region", it doesn't show "Met at PokéTransfer".)
  11. Can you upload the save here? Maybe somebody can figure something out and pull out the .pk1
  12. Yes, you can load any Gen. pkm file from 3 to 6 into a higher Gen. save file and it will automatically do the conversion exactly like how the official transfer methods do (except way faster :p)
  13. It would be very eggsciting if you managed it
  14. RNGReporter lets you search by PID in the ID/SID manipulation tool. For example, on frame 13800 is the combination 23221/50637 which makes that Shroomish egg hatch shiny. 3 minutes 50 seconds isn't too bad, shouldn't be too tedious to RNG. (You need R/S with dry battery to RNG the ID/SID combinations in that way.)
  15. It's also possible that 14 is just what it says in the code, and the act of receiving it in-game sets it to the game you received it on (in this case, Ruby.)
  16. Maybe the code says the Unown is in a Great Ball, but the receiving process overwrites that with a regular Pokéball. ;p If they only looked at the code and got the relevant info from there, without actually attempting to receive it to see for themselves, that is.
  17. There is a possibility that pk2pk creates something that is blocked by Pokébank if you transfer to Gen. 5, and that their conversion to Gen. VI creates something that is legal enough. That being said, I guess there's always a possibility that there can be instances where a Pokémon appears illegal due to its Gen. V data, and the transfer to Gen. VI effectively gets rid of the incriminating evidence, or so to speak. Regardless, in those cases, Pokémon Bank has no idea that this Pokémon used to be illegal when it was in Gen. V, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  18. They wouldn't ban anyone from using Pokémon Bank for attempting to transfer or deposit a Pokémon blocked by Bank. Ever since Bank came out there's never been any reports of that happening, and there are a lot of legitimate users who may receive illegal Pokémon from friends or other people (via local wireless trades), it wouldn't be fair to ban them. Pretty sure everything that is blocked from PokéTransfer would be blocked from being deposited into Bank, anyway.
  19. For the record, you can also just drag the .pk3 into a Gen. 6 save in PKHeX and it will do the transfer for you.
  20. I'm pretty sure the ones that were uploaded here properly have Ruby as their game of origin, so I guess that wasn't it. I'm out of ideas as to why it wouldn't go through Bank, the only thing I could see is that it's an Unown from Ruby which isn't possible, but apparently that shouldn't be a factor since you were able to transfer Unown from randomized Emerald. s:
  21. Glitchcity says that the game of origin is 14. That is an invalid value and that may be why it won't pass through. It's possible that PKHeX auto-corrects this to Ruby when loaded, so the dumped .pk3 may not have that problem. Are you trying to transfer the Unown all through legitimate methods, without any kind of save editing involved, or did you insert one of the .pk3 that was uploaded here and it won't go through?
  22. A lot easier and more convenient to have a patch around, than for everyone interested to manually do the hex editing.
  23. If you edited the Debug rom to instead give out Luvdisc, could be worth it to make a .ips patch for it and upload here.
  24. Deoxyz shared the Unown already a few posts back Also I noticed that Glitchcity says the Unown is in a Great Ball, this one is in a Pokéball though? I guess perhaps Glitchcity was mistaken, or it can be more than one ball type.
  25. "The “egg” function tries to send a Pikachu egg. It leaves the checksum in the type $10 chunk blank, so it fails with a loading error. (This could also have a 1/65536 chance of working.)" Sounds like we should try this over and over again until it succeeds. ;p (I wonder if we could just automate this or something? Like they do for TAS? Make it so it repeatedly tries over and over again with the emulators on speed-up so it doesn't take as long, if it'd even be possible to do that. If their guess of there really being a 1/65535 chance was correct it's bound to eventually work.) If someone has a good understanding of ram and AR codes it might be possible for them to make a code that makes it so every menu option accesses the Luvdisc event, since that glitchcity thread has the relevant address doesn't it? Not that I know that much about it, might not even be possible to make such a code.