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  1. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Tldr: gen 4 best gen remakes when (Coz I totally agree)
  2. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Oh... i'm so used to CFW haha.
  3. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Yes.. Bank is a completely different working entity to pkhex and JKSM and in no way is it related ever. Not sure what made you assume this... I mean JKSM does way more than just pokemon games
  4. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Pokemon has never been known for its extensive post game story and replay value. The delta episode was quite special and I'm still in the camp that says the main reason behind it was a nod to Pokemon Emerald and Rayquaza needing a big role in the Hoenn story. On top of that they needed something to explain the origin of Mega Evolution and what better place to put the origin than putting it at a mysterious Pokemon who roams the Ozon layer which even today scientists haven't fully figured out. That said, the real replay value is indeed in what you said - battling. The competitive scene moves the Pokemon community forward and keeps it alive once we are through the story. And along with battling there is of course the hacking scene which offers randomizers and hackroms and there are challenges such as nuzlocke challenges.
  5. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    I haven't yet but as for 2 - there is an ultra beast related post game story with Looker.
  6. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    oml that's so late in the game! Well eviolite charjabug until then it is I guess.
  7. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    Friend of mine actually figured that out and I posted on his behalf on /r/pokemon about it earlier today. Check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/5cm811/spoiler_how_to_get_a_secret_pokemon_post_game_on/ Also question to everyone - is it known or can it be figured out how for the love of arceus Charjabug evolves? The only info we got is "Level up at electric" whatever the heck that may mean and it sure as heck isn't just level up...