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  1. All this information, basically. Update revealing all this new potential compatibility.
  2. Guys, am I okay to make a video on this? I will include links and credit everyone involved of course. (including twitter and Does anyone object to me using their images provided on here?
  3. Hi all, I'm just looking for some quick information on some questions I have. I have just backed up my 3rd Gen Emerald .sav to see if any of the eggs I have deposited are shiny. 1) If there is a shiny Surskit, will Pkhex (or any other editor) show it as shiny before it is hatched in game? 2) The Surskit was bred as egg using a PAL English Surskit and a Japanese Ditto from Japanese Emerald. (No Masuda, just needed a different ID). Why is it showing as Japanese even though it was bred on an English Emerald? Will the language change to English once hatched? A legit retail copy shiny Mareep caught in the Safari Zone after about 2350 random encounters for reference if needed;
  4. It would appear that the HA Pokémon without overworld sprites have the standard xor PID check in place. (Eevee, Deerling as well as Zorua). The other standard gift Pokemon without overworld sprites such Happiny (egg) and Magikarp do not have this in place.
  5. That's good to know. Thank you for your advice, makes a lot of sense. How is it that GameFreak install shiny locks? Could you explain precisely what a shiny lock does (in terms of numbers/coding etc). If I understand correctly the recent hack on the site meant a lot of posts where lost from before circa 2014 but I'm struggling to find anything. Thanks,
  6. Hi all, Hopefully some of the larger researchers can assist me here. I'm wondering if there is a compiled list of Generation V shiny locks available. I've done a few searches and I can't find much other than the legendaries. To be more specific, I want to know which Pokémon in the game have been coded to never be shiny. Gift Pokémon (Hidden ability Eevee, Deerling & normal Magikarp, elemental monkeys etc) are inconsistent. I believe that the gift HA Eevee has been locked yet the Jellicent with its HA hasn't. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks,
  7. I don't currently have a method of dumping the ROMS but I may do this in the future. Some interesting notes about the Manaphy cartridge is that it is not date/time locked unlike every other Gen IV and V cartridge. The event only ran for a few hours so it seems the developers saw no need to implement a date. You can set it today and it will distribute Manaphy endlessly where as if you were to use Darkrai (the event after it), it would need to be set to the distribution date presumably set in the RAM. If there are any other questions for comparison purposes in this thread, let me know.
  8. Apologies. I thought I had managed it until now, I've hit a snag. I've set the hex number to 215 as the list from Bulbapedia suggested but when I save the .pcd file and then reload it either in Mystery Gifts in PokéGen or back in to the Mystery Editor, it shows as blank. I downloaded the Enigma stone for comparison purposes but the problem seems to be that the Mystery Gift editor is saving my Lock Capsule.pcd blank. I'm probably missing something really simple here. Excellent, grazie mille. I speak Italian so no problem. For some reason then pcd files I was saving were coming up blank.
  9. How's this looking? I couldn't see an option for the Lock Capsule itself though. Will this still unlock it? (I'm terrible at this, I apologise).
  10. Interesting. I'm just messing around with it now. I can't see an option for the Lock Capsule in the editor though. Unless it's one of the Unknown slots?
  11. Thanks guys! Never made a wondercard before. Should be interesting! Is there one already premade which I can inject? Might be easier and save me some hassle.
  12. Hi, Bit of an odd request but I'm making a video on unreleased event items. The next one I'm covering is the Lock Capsule for HG/SS. Naturally I'll need to edit my save to have it put in. If I presume correctly, I will need the wondercard data to unlock the event instead of just force injecting it in to my bag, correct? If so, could you someone point me in the right direction or even a link to the wondercard itself? Much appreciated in advance.
  13. Just offering my tuppence here. The Mew cartridges on Ebay are simply .sav dumps on to retail cartridges of FireRed. The same sellers on Ebay offer them every few weeks with various prices ranging from "$200-500". The OT is Red, National Dex (including Celebi) is obtained, all badges. 4* Trainer card if memory serves right. Game time is usually 100+ but it depends on how often they've had it happen on a GBA/SP. Game time though doesn't really show anything in particular. The Mews are clones yes but how do you explain the same Pokémon traded from customers across multiple cartridges? (Unless they're smart enough to delete them). I'm not suggesting that some of them aren't real by any means but the same sellers list these cartridges claiming they received them from former emloyees of Toys R Us. Ebay has an archive, and the fact they've listed (and sold) 10 Fire Red Mystry Mew distribution cartridges in the past year is a pure sign of .sav dumping. As for the Mews themselves, yes there are only 420 Mews available but with save editing possible, editing the Mews to make them 'unique' isn't really difficult. If someone does in fact dump the save, Legal.exe them and it shows they're hacks, who are they going to complain to? They're hardly going to complain to Ebay about a Not For Resale Item.
  14. That's all I did, yeah. This is a really, really old Pearl save with 999:99 hours on that I've used since Day 1, believe it or not. Never backed this up before, so no outside interference. They're retail distribution cartridges, not ROMs.