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  1. Ok now I have additional questions. The program itself is working fine, but I can't seem to be able to edit my save. It corrupts the save file. You were talking about the backup saves here... where can I find it? And what should I do with the .dat file it produces?
  2. Cheers! Got it done and it's working alright.
  3. Where can I download English version of it? I only found Spanish version by Googling.
  4. Well the thing is, that pokemon is Scizor. I think the pokemon, who would hatch from the egg, would be Scyther.
  5. Kind of a noob question, but how is it possible to edit what pokemon you have and you have seen on the pokedex? The thing is, I imported myself a hacked pokemon I haven't seen in game before and it doesn't show up in pokedex. How do I fix it?
  6. Thanks! I altered the level myself and the stats automatically went into place according to the level.
  7. I generally dislike cute pokemons, but Mew is ok.
  8. Hey, can anyone please make me a legit Scizor, that's between levels 35-40? Don't know how to make a legit looking one myself. If it matters, then I need it for Platinum. Big thanks. And one unrelated question: is it possible (and if it is, then how) to clone a pokemon with pokesav?
  9. I tried playing it on my GBC, but couldn't get into it anymore. Feels too old I'd rather try to finish with Platinum.