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  1. Most likely it will have a different TID/SID, so that is cool. It will be a super common event because you could throw away the WC and get it again I assume? If you still can't get it again, then it must track serial codes somewhere.
  2. Zeropain, I am not sure who did. But I got some korean events through painstaking work.
  3. The Gen 3 generation algorithms are well known. Past RNG Research thread on Smogon details just about every generation method known. I'll give a quick overview of how it works. You will have to do the research to fill in the gaps. Also this may not be 100% accurate. 1) battle should happen? 2) which encounter slot? (Determines species & level based on location) 3) Choose nature or Sync is determined 3b) Loop through creating PIDs until you find one that matches above nature. 4) PIDL 5) PIDH 6) IV1 7) IV2 Here is the shit part. There are usually between 1 and 2 vBlanks. Where the vBlanks occur depends on the situation. For example, fishing, caves, grass, etc. Lastly, static encounters, gifts do not have #1-3, and this doesn't apply to breeding.
  4. The time frame between colosseum and FRLG is roughly 2 months, while Emerald came out 9 months after FRLG, so it makes sense that support would be lacking.
  5. event archive

    @argus1963, you have been amazing, thank you very much!
  6. Thanks!
  7. @HaxAras, I PM'd you a list of the ones I was definitive. I did not bother checking the aura mews, 10 annivs, wishmakers, and ageto since those are easy to get. I also didn't check PCNY because I have no idea if there is a PID/IV relationship. The PCNY trash bytes look legit though, so that is good.
  8. I remember 10 aniv. I'll go over them again when I can and give you a list. The new legality checks i have are more extensive than legality checker.
  9. InsaneNutter, speaking of Gen 3, are you still keeping your gen 3 sav file collection updated? There are several hacks which should be removed if you are interested.
  10. RoC, I'll go through them as soon as I get time and give you replacements if needed. There are many (not all) from HaxAras that are legal/legit as well if needed. Also while I gave away my shiny legit faraway island mew, I am sure I can find a legal one somewhere.
  11. FYI to anyone looking for legit pokemon, all of these are RNGd using RNG Reporter, or outright generated and it is obvious from the sav file itself (Unlimited money, corrupted names on party pokemon, etc). For example, shiny faraway island mew (same TID/SID on a japanese cart?) has a frame that is 127 days and some change (frame 659million) which is average for someone who generates a shiny using algorithm alone. While legal, it is outside of practicality. Hardly the work of someone who actually played the game.
  12. You can use JKSM cia, not 3dsx.
  13. Deoxyz is right. Bond made a comment to me after analyzing the 10 ANNIV cart that it looked like they started to use standard functions to generate event pokemon. When we applied the same generation method to known legit specimens, they all fit. So you could theoretically insert pokemon X and create a distribution ROM for that pokemon. I am in favor of making sure these cartridges are not public. There are tidbits about 10 ANIV that you would only know if you analyzed the ROM itself.
  14. Upload it now cause it is tomorrow in Japan.
  15. I am talking about Residence specifically, not memories.
  16. I think residence/geolocation stuff is wiped out.
  17. I was thinking about it from the perspective of having the WC, not spoofing the server that gives you the code.
  18. How is this different from Saori Machamp, which I thought was NZ also? Is 7SPOT a different kind of NZ? I ask because @SciresM said if we know the AP of the NZ, we can get it from the internet.
  19. I think @SciresM was able to spoof Nintendo zone.
  20. Also the problem with the dead battery is that values from a live battery will overlap. So any legality checks would have to be suspicious at worst.
  21. I set it up to display up to 180 days mainly to see performance (CPU/Memory). I agree that 45 days is a reasonable max.
  22. Nice, thank you!
  23. I doubt they wanted to (or have people with the skill) to fix the bug. The overflow bug is fairly pervasive. And @SciresM noted that they used a disassembled copy of the ROM to make the VC.
  24. It's not possible to make buckets for live batteries since the starting seed has such a high range. Also the period is 2^32 but I think it's unsigned (4 billion). Dead battery works for sure if it's a static starting value. I'll poke around the rng reporter.
  25. The repl I made only pertains to Emerald since it is seeded with 0. Knowing that the game always starts with 0, you can easily determine (of course there is drift, and other factors, etc) roughly how long someone played the game before they caught a pokemon. What I did was find a reasonable maximum amount of time a person would play the game and/or RNG a pokemon. For example waiting/playing 2 billion frames (~400-410 days) is utterly ridiculous. And even though I would never advocate flagging them illegal, having another flag pertaining to a realistic frame is definitely useful. For example a perfect ditto at frame ~800m is about 135-137 days, which would flag as unrealistic. I bring it up because using an emulator at 5000% with vBlank patching and creating the pokemon with that specific PID/IVs using PkHex, in my opinion, is no different except for waiting. You still used 'tools' and hacks to get there and did something outside of playing the game normally. Based on some definitions of legal it can become a stretch. Either way the cutoff I made was ~45 days, which encompasses all of the cases you brought up, except for the perfect 6iv ditto suloku mentioned at frame ~800m.