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  1. Most likely automatic and persistent.
  2. Unfortunately there will probably be no local wireless events outside of Japan. It was unique for Germany to have a Nintendo Zone event.
  3. Taiwan #1
  4. I'll be honest, I am not a fan of releasing legit proof pokemon from anyone except the person who redeemed it. In other communities I know cloning pokemon where people wanted them to stay legit and uncloned has been a problem.
  5. @theSLAYER, Ash hat Pikachu has a flag or something set at 0x1fe. Thoughts on this?
  6. So we still need people to ntr dump the birthday pokemon. @katsuya, do you use CFW/NTR? Anyone else capable of trying this?
  7. Also keep in mind that in XD, for shadow pokemon that have nature locks, and/or situations where you encounter multiple shadow pokemon, the PID/IV/Nature legality is stupidly complex. Admiral_Fish's version of RNG Reporter handles this properly and will give you valid spreads for specific encounter situations. Downside, you will have to google search to find his github, compile RNG Reporter yourself, and then figure out where that new feature is. You can also contact him too via IRC for help.
  8. Nice job!!
  9. Oh I was talking about the newest compilable version, not the current release, sorry.
  10. Rerolling PID will make it illegal, right?
  11. All wondercards can be found here.
  12. I will try and get a few as I have time and give them away too.
  13. Congratulations! Thank you @ReignOfComputer!
  14. Whenever it is available I'll get a US one. Where do I go? GameStop? Is it one day only?
  15. @ReignOfComputer are you set up for CFW/NTR? If possible please follow slayers guide and try to dump boss ram. We are trying to identify the wc7full location!
  16. @Kaphotics is there is a list of variables where $suggested works?
  17. I think since this is from Greece, they are PAL only.
  18. E7A4X7MS2W4YYUWS E7A4X7PATYJU5ALA E7A4X8GYZWD82C2L E7A4X8N44TYALN4W E7A4X8RSPD9Z5L85 E7A4X8U5X9RXZSGC E7A4X8XATX62Q8A6 E7A4X9732DE3QLPE E7A4X98ZUFEEW38P I can generate more if needed. Just lazy and figure this should be plenty.
  19. @crown trainer - The WCs are by language. So whatever the language for the Dutch distribution (I assume English), would use the same WC as other countries that use English such as UK.
  20. Yeah I would love to see German, Italian, and French codes.
  21. WCS Tournament Selection Round - South Korea Event Period: May 5th - May 7th Where: South Korea What: Mew!! How: Infrared Mew will be given out to all visitors! I hope someone from our community will be attending! Source
  22. I think you can use the brick restoration method on an already hacked 3DS to force-downgrade to the recovery firmware. Then keep your sysnand old, and boot emunand when you wanna be on a higher firmware version.
  23. Nice photos! Also yes, it is shiny locked.
  24. It has to do with how the wondercard sets are listed on the server, and how the serial code translates to a particular wondercard.
  25. Those XX should be fixed per WC in the distribution. The rest of the numbers are unique and tracked. This was discovered from Movie Arceus where certain codes matched specified sets and WCs, and only half of those sets had shiny Arceus on it lol.