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  1. Copy your saved game so you don't lose anything and find out. I won't believe for a second (without good source & preferably video proof) that they would allow a mew to be shiny.
  2. I am curious to know about TID/SID conversion from Gen 1 to Gen 7. Is there any info on this? Also regarding the gameboy mark, does PKHex support this? I haven't heard about that before.
  3. Ohhh thank you, sorry I didn't realize it was surf/fly pikachu too.
  4. @HaxAras, we have been trying to figure out if Surf/Fly Pikachu move was random based on one of the rands used for generation. Since you have 2 of each, can you send me those and some that did not have fly/surf (if you have them).
  5. I don't know much about the script capabilities for gen 3 WCs, so please correct me if this doesn't make sense. @suloku regarding the script capabilities and bulbapedia claiming the eggs could not be shiny, is there a way to add in a shiny check to the script itself? For example, loop and generate a new PID if it would be shiny?
  6. EReader pokes can be shiny?
  7. Thanks @ajxpk for clarifying the 3rd gen eggs. I see why I was confused about the eggs. PkHex actually has a bug where it displays a Pokemon's name based on its language flag. It is not set up to work with 3rd gen properly, no wonder I thought it was japanese. I'll open the egg in another editor (since I don't have a 3rd gen game set up to test it in-game). I don't think the actual hex is Japanese.
  8. If all of the data of the pokemon matches, then no. Without using your WC and comparing, I can't tell you offhand. Tonight I'll grab the egg and check it's language. Interesting. The egg I have is on an English cart, and has no nickname flag.
  9. Can someone confirm that trading an egg changes the name of the pokemon in gen 3? I don't remember this happening at all whether hatched or not. Also the sav file is US/English. I know GoldUrsaring used tools, so I suppose its possible it was injected. Or, it is possible to receive the WC on a japanese game and it was traded to the US game. I just was wondering if we knew whether or not WC's in gen 3 had region restrictions or not, thats all.
  10. So the last question is, were there region restrictions on these WCs? Gold Ursaring has a japanese wish farfetch'd egg.
  11. I would guess that it has been leaked, but regardless I was asked not to share it.
  12. The egg was on a SAV file sent to me by Gold Ursaring.
  13. There are many ways to receive pokemon from events. Link cable or distribution rom where the poke is injected into the game for example is another way. Granted that the original METS farfetch'd egg that I have is real, it looks like it would definitely have to be a wondercard because the name is in Japanese.
  14. PCNY Wish Egg Pokemon came in WC3 format?
  15. I can send you one when I get some time. Curious, why can't you QR inject anymore? There is a patch for the new version.
  16. Maybe @Bond697 can help find the pikachu egg?
  17. Thank you guys! I was trying to remember if I read something about e-reader in other languages (german, etc)? Is this a thing? And do we know of copies of them anywhere?
  18. Generation 6 and later use a random number generator that is sufficiently random. So there is no legality between PID and IVs for encounters.
  19. @ajxpk You won't have any surf pikachus in gen 4, cause HM's cannot be Pal Parked. Let's look into rand6/rand7 because we know it doesn't have a variable item.
  20. @ajxpk How is the pikachu surf going? If Moves are rand5, then item and otg are pushed back to rand 6 and 7? Can you verify? Bond is moving so he won't be available for a bit.
  21. No 3rd gen events can be shiny. Wishmaker was the only exception and from what @Bond697 told me, it was most likely an accident (copy/paste error?) when they created it.
  22. I don't think our gallery (or for legality checking) has definitive copies of all of these pokemon in each language, nor the actual e-reader files themselves. I would love to collate all of this. I would love it if all of you could extract what you have and we could include it (with your authorship) on the gallery. Thanks everyone!
  23. @Purin, 0x4C-0x4E is the receive date. It would make sense that receiving the WC would depend on the previous date being older.
  24. Thank you so much @argus1963! We hope to get the birthday pokemon too. Let us know if you, or someone you know can acquire those!
  25. @Bond697 One thing I don't have information about is the difference between PIkachu & Surfing Pikachu. Is that taken care of on rand5? I know the standard function for pokemon construction can take a move as input, so is it rand1 and the PID/IVs after? Is it PID, IVs, Move, Item OTG?