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  1. [Gen VII] Event Randomization Mechanic

    Considering the entire ROM has symbols and @Kaphotics and I have a pretty good handle, it is easy to find the function you are talking about. Translating the code to C and then interpreting is difficult without associated data. If you want to wait for @Bond697, you will be waiting a while as he is not regularly active.
  2. Thanks to @Kaphotics for pointing me in the right direction. I took the past few days to analyze the randomization mechanic for local events. I also figured out how offset 0x205 in WCFull is used. As we know in Gen 7 you can only receive a wondercard that you have not received before in the set. It turns out that 0x205 can determine the likelihood of which one you get. Every WC in the distribution set gets a base weight of 1 (even if set to 0). The wondercard gets added to a list the same number of times equal to the weight. So if the weight is 5, it gets added 5 times. This is akin to filling a jar of M&M's and picking one out at random. This has interesting ramifications (if it ever gets used). As we know, when offset 0x204 is equal to the number of WCs in the set (like eeveelutions), the player receives each WC uniquely once, and then subsequently receives one at random. This means that 0x205 determines how likely a person would be to get the "rare" WC again. if offset 0x204 is higher than the number of WCs in the set (like the anime pokes), then the player can only receive a total number of WCs equal to the number of WCs and cannot receive any duplicates. For example, if there are 3 WCs in the set, but 0x204 is set to 4, then you can only receive each WC once and no duplicates. if offset 0x204 is LOWER than the number of WCs in the set (we haven't seen this yet), then the player can only receive a total number of WCs equal to the counter. The likelihood of a pokemon increases as you receive them because the probably of the pokemon (presumably common ones) that were already received are not included in the total weight. So if there are 5 pokemon, 1, 10, 10, 10, 10, then the first time the rare is 1/41, while the next time it is 1/31, etc. And as an interesting note, it looks like the max number of wondercards in a distribution is 20 and the maximum weight is 255. That means the list can have up to 5,100 entries (20.4KB memory), and minimum odds of 1/5100, and a maximum of 1/1 (single pokemon). I personally think it is a terribly written mechanic compared to 5th anniv eggs during the GBA era.
  3. [Gen VII] Event Randomization Mechanic

    If the data is compressed and you haven't been successful at decompressing it, how do you know the WC Data is at that offset?
  4. SM - Pokemon Team Battle Mew (KO)

    Most likely a new TID, otherwise it would have the wrong date.
  5. [Gen VII] Event Randomization Mechanic

    If you send the dump to me I can do it. I wish I knew that you were ram dumping the events.
  6. SM - Daisuki Solrock and Lunatone

    They might have been debating doing it locally.
  7. SM - Daisuki Solrock and Lunatone

    Yeah it was very interesting and broke our scrapers. As we found out recently, they can bundle up to 20WCs. I added both of them to the github gallery. I smell a mystery tool server scrape update
  8. [Gen VII] Event Randomization Mechanic

    If you are talking about the first set of items from PCJP, they did not have the flag to get one of each and it was random each time. It is possible they had weights. We will never know since nobody dumped it. EDIT: If I had to guess, it looked like this: 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 9, 1, where 9 is full restore, and 1 is comet shard.
  9. [Gen VII] Event Randomization Mechanic

    While it is possible they could have used probably weights for that distribution, it doesn't make sense since you got one of each first and you could get them all.
  10. Problems with gen 3 egg event mons

    @greenDarkness, 5th anniv eggs do not use method 2. They have a specific algorithm called DCEF (where a standard event is BACD). And shiny pichu eggs use an algorithm similar to berry glitch zigzagoons and it is DEFG (where berry glitch zigzagoon is BCDE). There are no fateful encounter flags for RS events. According to @ajxpk's research, these are the situations for the obedience flag: - All Mews - All Deoxys - Egg Pokemon from Wondercards (PCNY WISH, PokePark 2004, PokePark 2005) - Lugia/Ho-Oh from Navel Rock (EFRLG) - Latios/Latias from Southern Island in Emerald In addition to the anti-hack mechanism, I believe they did it because pokemon are from later games, when traded to Ruby/Sapphire might have issues without the flag. Edit: I do not recommend creating 5th anniv eggs since the algorithm is complicated. The first 2 RNG calls are used to determine the species and move by doing a table lookup and some complicated nonsense. PKHex does not detect this properly, so you will get false positives. I also do not recommend making BACD PokePark 2005 eggs (DS Download Play Distribution), since it most likely has some complicated species determination also that we do not know.
  11. I am very proud of @argus1963 for helping us. I hope he can go and dump this event too!
  12. It is on the github gallery - You can download the English WC here
  13. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    I updated the events gallery github with WC1618 and WC1622.
  14. Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko (EU)

    You can import into PKHex. If you need the WC, PKHex can extract it.
  15. CoroCoro Ho-Oh

    Only japan console region.
  16. Member's Card

    You can use RngReporter to do that.
  17. wc7full injection date

    Neither. You need to set the date in the Wcfull itself. When you redeem legitly, the game copies it's current date to the WC7 data.
  18. Problems with PID

    I removed my message because I realized you were just mentioning the other possible IV set. I thought you changed it to something outside of that.
  19. Problems with PID

    I need more information. Did you use the link I posted in my previous comment?
  20. I already got my ticket.
  21. Problems with PID

    RNGReporter does not support roaming pokemon. Use RNGReporter to get the PID, and then you can use this to get the IVs.
  22. Problems with PID

    The guide is not complete.
  23. I made one with no issues. You may have to upload yours so we can see. 143 ★ - Snorlax - BC00D7141CAC.pk7
  24. Problems with PID

    @camus0314 - I hid your previous post. Roaming Pokemon have broken IVs. Last 3 stats are all 0's, and the first 3 stats are calculated by taking the RNG result from RNG Reporter and doing this: rng & 0xFF You must convert the result back into the stats.
  25. Gen 3/4 PID and Initial Seed

    The only things that legality checker was not checking properly were gen 3 events. Some of them will be marked illegal because of the relationship between PID/IV/OTG. Unfortunately PKHex doesn't check the relationship properly either.