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  1. @suloku - Can we get someone to confirm that your EFD is COMPLETE. And if not, how do we go about completing it? I would like to add it to the event gallery.
  2. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    @argus1963 goes to the pokemon centers in japan for us and dumps the event. Long tutorial shortened, in 2 minutes you can do this by taking a CFW 3DS with BootNTR and doing the following: Load BootNTR with 3.2 or 3.6. Open the game and get to the part of the redemption where it asks you to press A to receive it. Then open the NTR menu and go to process manager. Sift through the list until you find a process named Nijiloc. The process names can be found via the info option. Once that process is identified, choose dump, then 0x80000000 region. Wait (up to 30 seconds). And you are done. Copy the DMP file and send it to us or use the WC Dumper to dump the WCFull file. Anyone can do this for local wireless and infrared events and I encourage everyone to go out and try it if they are able to attend an in life event. As for online/nintendo zone/serial code events, we have bots that scrape and get this stuff for us.
  3. If GIFs end up being an issue, we can use CSS + sprite sheets to make an animation. I am not sure how compatible mobile browsers are, but in the event they aren't, we can fallback to something else.
  4. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Considering how the wireless functions worked with Crystal, I doubt it will be utilized. This has to do with the way it did HTTP requests (static url among other things) and that they most likey will not fix any issues or features. If they don't do a trade celebi, then like insane nutter said, most likely a pokemon bank event that injects the GS ball. That is of course if they ever release Crystal lol.
  5. SM - WCS Korean Mew

    I was hoping @katsuya could NTR ram dump the event.
  6. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    I attached Worlds17 to the news thread.
  7. SM - WCS 2017 Alolan Exeggutor

    WORLD17 Alolan Exeggutor! 0617 SM - Worlds17 Alolan Exeggutor (ENG).wc7full
  8. Blissey Invalid?

    Post the file.
  9. pkhex is usually correct. Do not add relearn moves. If you check bulbapedia and it should have relearn moves then tell us which event so we can fix the bug.
  10. Pokemon moon

    I was referring to the Pokemon World Championships.
  11. PCNY are the only pokemon we cannot make public since we cannot verify their authenticity. The only pokemon we are missing are: Sapporo Pikachu in original format Stamp Pichu/Absol A few of the JEREMY pokemon in original format Hadou Titans in original format The rest will be eventually uploaded as I get time.
  12. Pokemon moon

    If you are going to WCS in Anaheim, you can use my r4i to hack both of your systems. I have ntrboothax set up. You would just need go load the prep files onto a memory card.
  13. Regardless, nobody has the pokemon data. And nobody knows if DVs were random or otherwise.
  14. New event legality

    We have the wondercards, use those.
  15. Tanabata '17 Jirachi

    Slayer is right. The push back list is written to at the time of receiving the distribution. It also only pertains to random events with multiple entries. Other repeatables also write but at the same time 00 00 it out because the "max" of 0 is hit. It is not terribly important because the entries get deleted once you receive them all so there is no legality concern.