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  1. It looks like this might correlate with the TCG Expansion Burning Shadows which releases August 4th in the US.
  2. @coltonsmogon, if it is like Magearna, then we can create the QR from in-game data.
  3. Regarding the tickets and language/game restrictions, I bet it is restricted like Pokemon events. Each version that has different offsets, would have to have its own distribution. Generally Japanese, and non Japanese IIRC for gen 3.
  4. The one you have theSLAYER is the initial EU version with the wrong OT. Looks like a recurring thing with them.
  5. There is a Clovis Salazzle that was uploaded for testing. We have no information about this except that the date is August 8th 2017. It does look like it is a US/EU serial code event. Here is a screenshot of the wondercard info for English-US.
  6. As soon as USUM was announced it clicked for me too. Also I bet the new game takes place in Kanto or somewhere similar.
  7. To that end, it will probably be almost exactly the same as Gen 1 to Gen 7.
  8. I hope so!
  9. The TID and SID are generated separately and depending on how long you take to press A at the end the prologue will determine your SID. You can have any combination. I am not sure if there are checks to prevent 0 or 65535 from being possible though.
  10. IIRC, limits on receiving a Pokemon didn't exist until late gen 3.
  11. That doesn't look right. IIRC, only egg moves and event moves are relearn. EDIT: Per your duplicate post, @Kaphotics said to wait for the next release. I am locking this in favor of the one he replied in.
  12. As an update to this, I cross referenced the seeds with the positions. It looks like the last set only has 4 pokemon in it. This also means the first set starts in position 2 (row 2, column 1). The pokemon are generated vertically in batches of 5 as I previously stated. So we can only extrapolate 419/426. No idea if the 5th in the last set was in the party, or looped back around as the first one. Otherwise there could be up to 426 total mews, of which only 419 can be determined.
  13. Employees were not present to help the line. It is possible that is how the machine looks. I want to say it was yellow, but I can't be certain since it was so long ago. My memory is not the best, but I don't remember pressing any buttons.
  14. For Gen 2, I claimed a celebi myself. I stuck my cart into a huge machine. It showed me a pic of Celebi and then displayed successful. I took the cart out and had celebi. I THINK we had to have a party slot available. I bet there are others who can confirm since this was so long ago. I also do not remember pressing any buttons. I don't remember anything about the machine, sorry.
  15. It is a fair, so there are probably other things going on. And I bet they don't want to deal with setup and lines. I can see these things being more and more of a hassle and serial codes soon becoming the only method of distribution.