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  1. Generation 6 and later use a random number generator that is sufficiently random. So there is no legality between PID and IVs for encounters.
  2. @ajxpk You won't have any surf pikachus in gen 4, cause HM's cannot be Pal Parked. Let's look into rand6/rand7 because we know it doesn't have a variable item.
  3. @ajxpk How is the pikachu surf going? If Moves are rand5, then item and otg are pushed back to rand 6 and 7? Can you verify? Bond is moving so he won't be available for a bit.
  4. No 3rd gen events can be shiny. Wishmaker was the only exception and from what @Bond697 told me, it was most likely an accident (copy/paste error?) when they created it.
  5. I don't think our gallery (or for legality checking) has definitive copies of all of these pokemon in each language, nor the actual e-reader files themselves. I would love to collate all of this. I would love it if all of you could extract what you have and we could include it (with your authorship) on the gallery. Thanks everyone!
  6. @Purin, 0x4C-0x4E is the receive date. It would make sense that receiving the WC would depend on the previous date being older.
  7. Thank you so much @argus1963! We hope to get the birthday pokemon too. Let us know if you, or someone you know can acquire those!
  8. @Bond697 One thing I don't have information about is the difference between PIkachu & Surfing Pikachu. Is that taken care of on rand5? I know the standard function for pokemon construction can take a move as input, so is it rand1 and the PID/IVs after? Is it PID, IVs, Move, Item OTG?
  9. I looked on Smogon at the RNG research to see if there is documentation the mechanics of Gen 5 gifts and shiny locks but didn't find anything. If anyone has links, I would love to collate that for legality analysis too.
  10. As an update to PCJP2003 eggs (Shiny Pichu) and what @ajxpk was talking about. I think we figured it out. It looks like shiny pichu uses a similar (if not the same) method as berry glitch. I updated my last post that has the algorithm method on page 9.
  11. Regarding PCJP2003 shiny pichu eggs, we have solved the PID/IVs. Here is the algorithm, and keep in mind all results from rand() are 32bit. seed = 0 -> 0xFFFF randA() - unknown randB() - unknown pid = ((randC() >> 0x10) << 0x10)) | (randD() >> 0x10) If force-shiny flag on (How this is determined we don't know) shiny = (randE() >> 0x10) & 7 pid = (pid & 0xFFFF0000) | ((pidH ^ tid ^ sid) & ~0x7) | shiny) IVs are generated normally on randF() and randG(). I think this is similar, if not exactly the same way as berry glitch zig, yet was released 8 months earlier.
  12. @ozderya RNG the distro itself? Probably, but not sure what you would get from it. 10 anniv cannot be shiny, and I don't even remember if there were good IVs in the spread. Keep in mind the seed is very contrived, with only 65535 combinations.
  13. Yeah I definitely got confused, thank you @Bond697. If I remember correctly from our discussion earlier in the week, if there is an item choice that is frame 5, and OTG is frame 6. And you said ability (only applies to Alakazam) is PID & 1.
  14. Edit: I tried to find the screenshots Bond sent me, but Bond responded quicker.
  15. From what I read, PCNY was done just like in gen 2 with 4 physical distribution machines.