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  1. I think @SciresM was able to spoof Nintendo zone.
  2. Also the problem with the dead battery is that values from a live battery will overlap. So any legality checks would have to be suspicious at worst.
  3. I set it up to display up to 180 days mainly to see performance (CPU/Memory). I agree that 45 days is a reasonable max.
  4. Nice, thank you!
  5. I doubt they wanted to (or have people with the skill) to fix the bug. The overflow bug is fairly pervasive. And @SciresM noted that they used a disassembled copy of the ROM to make the VC.
  6. It's not possible to make buckets for live batteries since the starting seed has such a high range. Also the period is 2^32 but I think it's unsigned (4 billion). Dead battery works for sure if it's a static starting value. I'll poke around the rng reporter.
  7. The repl I made only pertains to Emerald since it is seeded with 0. Knowing that the game always starts with 0, you can easily determine (of course there is drift, and other factors, etc) roughly how long someone played the game before they caught a pokemon. What I did was find a reasonable maximum amount of time a person would play the game and/or RNG a pokemon. For example waiting/playing 2 billion frames (~400-410 days) is utterly ridiculous. And even though I would never advocate flagging them illegal, having another flag pertaining to a realistic frame is definitely useful. For example a perfect ditto at frame ~800m is about 135-137 days, which would flag as unrealistic. I bring it up because using an emulator at 5000% with vBlank patching and creating the pokemon with that specific PID/IVs using PkHex, in my opinion, is no different except for waiting. You still used 'tools' and hacks to get there and did something outside of playing the game normally. Based on some definitions of legal it can become a stretch. Either way the cutoff I made was ~45 days, which encompasses all of the cases you brought up, except for the perfect 6iv ditto suloku mentioned at frame ~800m.
  8. Congrats! I assume you didn't hack this?
  9. Because of vBlanks, it makes legality kind of complicated. Generally there is always 1 or 2 vblanks during the generation method and they can be anywhere. Some method slike fishing/caves have a higher chance of the vblank being in the PID/IV versus where it almost always is, the nature confirmation.
  10. Resolution and Terminal in Japanese can be seen as synonyms.
  11. I extended the script to go up to 180 days just for shits n giggles. Could easily restrict it to 30 or 45 days.
  12. So I wrote a repl as a proof of concept. Of course this is restricted to Emerald and static encounters. Basically for mew.
  13. I spoke with amab who said the minimum number of frames to get a faraway island mew is about 580. As for a reasonable maximum frame, 45 days or less sounds about right. The problem is, I don't think it is reasonable to loop through 233 million frames. I am thinking I could mark the frames at regular intervals (like once a million), and granted frames within consecutive buckets do not overlap within the interval period (of which I will check), it should be accurate enough. That would mean whatever the PID is, you decrement by 1 million frames. If you hit 0, or an interval marker, then you will know where you are and it is considered legal & realistic. If you hit neither, you are legal but not realistic. If you hit 0 in less than 580 frames, then you are either not legal or not realistic since (I think?) the period is roughly 828 days. Also based on the marker you hit and the number of frames, you can determine (roughly) how 'long' the person waited to get their mew.
  14. Interesting. Makes me wonder if there is a shortcut way to determine legality based on how long you would have to wait to get that pokemon.
  15. I have the pokemon. I would like the WCs. I am curious since they probably don't match the Japanese wonder card IDs.