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  1. I'll look into it when I get some time. Since it's in unicode, my inclination is that it's the master boot roms listing. And referencing an entry is how you get the pokemon for the master rom menu.
  2. Awesome than you!
  3. Thanks Holla! I added Serebii as the source. I will be personally looking out for these, because Eeveelutions are one of my favorites. @argus1963 - Do you think you will be willing to grab these for us?
  4. As a note for anyone paying attention to the WCs uploaded, GF fixed Sandshrew so it has the same G7TID as the others! This is a perfect reason for why we don't release WCs early. They do change, sometimes often.
  5. @theSLAYER Let us know if the actual wondercard has this weird formatting too.
  6. I think I have the first 2 entries out of order. I am fixing it now and testing. For anyone who is interested, I cleaned up the algorithm. This essentially derives a number between 0 and max (1000). public static int getEntryRand(uint seed, uint max) { uint rand1 = Next(seed); uint rand2 = Next(rand1); uint high = rand1 >> 16; uint first = ((high * 4) & 0xFFFF) + high; uint second = ((rand2 >> 16) * 2) + (first >> 16); uint third = (second + high + (second >> 16)) & 0xFFFF; uint randVal = (max * third) >> 16; } Next I am going to do a test and see if the distribution is appropriate considering the LCRNG, and this weird math.
  7. @marvinstrife, if you still need help please PM me.
  8. @BLACKBIRD or @katsuya, will either of you be attending this?
  9. Also keep in mind that while PKHex may tell you the PID/IVs for a Gen 3/4 pokemon is legal, that may not be the case. The PID/IV are algorithmically linked. When you reroll, PKhex doesn't do it according to the algorithm. While this is fine for personal use, just keep in mind that collectors do check these things if you trade.
  10. Another Shiny Tapu Koku! Source
  11. WCS Tournament Selection Round - South Korea Event Period: May 5th - May 7th Where: South Korea What: Mew!! How: Infrared Mew will be given out to all visitors! I hope someone from our community will be attending! Source
  12. IIRC Stamp Pokemon have all IVs of 0? Can someone confirm it for me? And reading through the code for NegaiBoshi, I wouldn't be surprised if something like that did happen since setting the flag to the wrong value would indicate you are providing IVs, when you might have meant to generate them. EDIT: I might be thinking about E-card pokemon.
  13. Please note that if you are reversing events, trash bytes are important. pk2pk will not recreate the trash bytes appropriately. So it will not be able to create legal events.
  14. Thanks to @Kaphotics' help, we have been able to determine PCJP completely. A weird calculation is done against the temporary PID to get a number between 0 and 1000. Then the ratio is subtracted from the calculated value, and the first entry where it is less than 0 is chosen. So for example, if the seed is 0x495C, then the calculated value is 638. The Wish Absol would result in 750, which means our calculated value would be less than 0. The calculation is here: