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  1. Pokemon Not in Pokedex (All JP 3DS only)

    Great work, but unfortunately some of the codes got mixed up. Gardevoir's, Rayquaza's and Ho-Oh's QR codes are actually the one from Volcanion.
  2. Gen4: Editing a pkmn generates italian pokedex entry

    This is indeed a bug. You won't even need a German/Italian save file to reproduce it. If you set a German Pokemon to the save, PKHeX unlocks the Italian Pokedex entry and vice versa.
  3. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    AP we don't have? They should all be in the NZone App.
  4. Why not? Some have relearn moves some don't, depends on which Pokemon you are talking about.
  5. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    So far local wireless and infrared distributed events since gen 6 have always been region free. Read this thread for further clarification about that.
  6. How To Use No$GBA Save Files???

    Still working for me, on v2.8f that got released about 2 weeks ago.
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Oh..... Well I failed than. I mixed up with Espeon xD Sorry, just ignore what I said.
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    The Pokemon Request forums would have been a better place for your question. But anyway I would recomment to use suloku's Gen 5 Save Tool to inject Sylveon into Entralink Forest and then catch it there. . .
  9. GCN Crypt

    Version 1.5


    A tool to decrypt or encrypt Action Replay codes for the GameCube. Author: Parasyte
  10. GBA AR Crypt

    Version 3.12 beta


    A tool to decrypt or encrypt Action Replay, Game Shark and Code Breaker codes for the Game Boy Advance. Author: Parasyte
  11. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Don't worry guys. The files are ok, they are on the servers like this. Sabresite added them to the Github repo a few hours ago.
  12. Making Certain Pokemon Legal?

    There is no certain "legal date". Each date between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2099 is actually legal because you can freely change it in your console's system settings. You can use suloku's Gen 5 Save Tool to inject Spinda into your Entralink Forest and catch it there legaly.
  13. Dump online battle videos from codes

    You're welcome. Nice to hear that you got what you wanted!
  14. Dump online battle videos from codes

    I actually didn't test it, sorry, I would have to fix my 3DS first to do so. I just assumed 3.5 works fine since it's supposed to fix an issue with video streaming, which requires use of the debugger as well. I hope you can get an older version to work! Otherwise as I said you can also use JKSM or SaveDataFiler to export the game's Extdata.
  15. Dump online battle videos from codes

    The debugger should work with newer versions of BootNTR as well and yes the 8000 must be there too.