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  1. Here's the Wailord test wondercard Purin mentioned above. It's in the European Movie 11 Shaymin cart. You can find it in the data.bin file or if you don't unpack the ROM at offset 0x6BD50. This is it's wondercard text, it says something about it beeing a test wondercard. ふしぎなおくりものテストだよ ふなつきばに ふるびたかいずを もっていくと さいはてのことうに いけるぞ! やせいのミュウに あいにいこう! 0011 - ふしぎなおくりものテストだよ.pcd
  2. PKHeX can do that.
  3. Check the Gallery. It is there as pk1 and pk7 files. It doesn't have any Wonder Cards since it is transfered like any other Gen 1 Pokemon. Virtual Vonsole Mew
  4. Hi I recently noticed that the French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of GF Meloetta are all uploaded to the Gallery twice, you may remove one of each. Then two little suggestions. 1. What about uploading Pokemon Link (pl6) files? They are not wondercards but we also have pkx files there. 2. The Colorization Guide is currently only present in the Template for new Event Posts thread. I think it would be good to also put it onto the main page of the Event Gallery. So people who don't want to contribute will find it as well.
  5. How exactly did you get them?
  6. I'm not sure if that would even be possible, but you won't need an emulator to do that. Citra doesn't even have a Memory Viewer. You can do RAM dumps with NTR CFW, but you will need a N3DS if you want to use it on Sun/Moon. Gateway would also be an alternative but I don't know how and if that would work with SM. Anyway there's probably only a minimal amount of data stored for enemy Pokemon, so no OT, TID, etc. You would have to recreate it based on this data.
  7. Island Scan Energy is not in the Trainer Data Editor, it should be the value at offset 0x6B803. But there's actually more data changed when scanning in QR codes, so I don't know if modifying just 0x6B803 could cause any damage.
  8. I did take a look into Funfest Missions a few years ago but then I lost interest. I only have RAM adresses for stats and records that you can look up at the Entree Forest, but I guess better than nothing. RAM (Black 2 US) Unlocked Missions Flags 0x0222596E - 0x02225981 Mission stats (4 Bytes each) 0x0222AEE4 - 0x0222AF97 (mission 1 - 45) 0x00 -> total 0x01 -> usually 0xC0 (0xD0 seems to add 4096 to "total", 0xB0 gives a glitched "total") 0x02 -> usually 0x00 (???) 0x03 -> unlocked levels/stars INVALID VALUES CAN CORRUPT THE SAVE! 0x00 -> default -> Lv 1 unlocked 0x10 -> Lv 1 finished, Lv 2 unlocked (1 star) 0x20 -> Lv 2 finished, Lv 3 unlocked (2 stars) 0x30 -> Lv 3 finished (3 stars) And here the offsets of some records. Save 0x2038E Unknown 0x2120C White Lv. 0x2120E Black Lv. 0x259F0 hosted missions 0x259F2 participated missions 0x259F4 completed missions 0x259F6 top scores 0x259FA the most participants RAM (Black 2 US) 0x0223B544 White Lv 0x0223B546 Black Lv 0x0222AFD4 hosted missions 0x0222AFD6 participated missions 0x0222AFD8 completed missions 0x0222AFDA top scores 0x0222AFDE the most participants
  9. I'm not sure if there are any bytes to identify the party. I started a battle and dumped the RAM in DeSmuMEs Memory Viewer. Then I searched for the Pokemons moves, the first result was my Pokemon (Lucario) which was currently in the battle. Now from the offset of the first move id I substracted 20 (0x14) to get the offset of it's PID. Then I just had to search for the PID to find the encrypted data.
  10. I got them. Actually you can find their encrypted .pk4 data in party format (so 236 Bytes each) in RAM at 0x0226D1D0. Oh well the address seems to change, but they should be somewhere around there. Roselia.pk4 Lucario.pk4 MimeJr.pk4
  11. I just looked how the area about the bank switch in the English Red looked like and searched for similarities around the same area in the Japanese ROM. So for Japanese Blue change 0xD693 to A5 D2 Then in RAM insert 06 01 21 6F 65 CD 36 36 C9 at 0xD2A5
  12. The first one for Japanese Red resulted in a crash, the second one I didn't test. It's almost midnight here so I will try again tomorrow.
  13. The bank switch should be at 0x360E in Japanese Red/Green. I'm not sure about blue right know or if this is even correct. I already tried that offset for Red but I only got into a glitched nicknaming screen when using the Potion.
  14. I meant Red/Green. The Potion pointer offset for Japanese Blue should be 0xD693 (just an assumption, not tested yet).
  15. The Potion Pointer in Japanese Red should be at 0xD67D. I already tried modifying that to A3D2, so it points to RAM offset 0xD2A3, which is the Japanese equivalent of the English Red RAM offset. I couldn't get any result yet by inserting bytes into the RAM.