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  1. Oops, I totally forgot that, I already got used to it. But yes, you have to do that first.
  2. At the game selection screen, sorry. I'm not sure how long this is already a feature. My build is from December 2016.
  3. You can also right click the game in Citra to go to it's save data location (if there is any), so you don't have to navigate through all those subfolders.
  4. I'm not sure if you can get it rainbow colored, but if you change the pointer to the eggs palette which is at 0x304358 (originally pointing to 0x08D446FC) or the palette itself with AR codes you might get it different colored. Be aware that you might also just corrupt things or crash your game!
  5. Not only Screech, this occurs for all the moves with 40 PP base (like Acid Armor), in Gen 1 as well as Gen 2.
  6. I meant a Japanese save file. But unfortunately I don't know if and how you can reset a mission to be able to clear it again. I need to figure out the save encryption first.
  7. Yes we have all the English events. Though the Mission Injector is missing 2 missions for Ranger 3, but I have compiled untouched save files that include them all a few days ago. It is not impossible to find Ranger 1 save files online. I already found one that had a cleared Manaphy Egg mission. I don't think there's need to buy a copy. Yeah it's just like Mario 64. If you start a new game the downloadable missions don't get deleted. But with any save editing hardware/software you can erase the whole save.
  8. All we have is the missions for Ranger 2 and 3 unfortunately. The problem with the Japanese Ranger 1 is that these missions were distributed via local wireless to people who pre-ordered a ticket for the 2007 movie. For international releases they made it easier by including the data in the ROM and making it unlockable via passwords. Without the 2 promotionals and the 4 stage cards there are 20 Trainers, a 21st Trainer was found in the game. But I've never seen any details about it.
  9. 1. Currently if you want to open a PK1 file for example, you would have to open an RBY save first if you don't want the PK1 to be transfered. Now I'm wondering if I realy need the save file or if there's a way to open a blank SAV1 (or generally any blank SAVX other then the default)? If it's not possible, is this something you might consider as an option for future versions? 2. When exporting Pokemon XD or Colosseum Pokemon they will have PK3 extension. They should be XK3 and CK3. 3. Also I found two text errors. When trying to open a jpk1 file in an international version of RBY or vice versa: Thanks in advance for any reply!
  10. Damn .... I did a big fail on this! But blame it on the swapped bytes, they confused me. The actual OT of these Pokemon is neither Pokemon nor Stadium, even though those are the trainer's names displayed during the battle. The real OT, according to the RAM, is Satoru! Since Mr. Satoru Iwata was the producer of the Stadium games this makes totally sence. Unfortunately the Pokemon are still not special. Here are the fixed files. Now everything should be correct. Satoru's Debugger POKEMON STADIUM 2.fla And for Japanese.... POKEMON STADIUM G&S.fla
  11. I thought so too, but the official site and the poster in the images above don't mention any Eevee distribution as well. You can get Eevee merchandise though. The distribution title is a bit misleading. "Eevee's Colorful Friends" would have been more accurate.
  12. Dates don't affect the legality of a Pokemon since you can simply change it in the system settings whenever you want. If a wondercard can be received or not isn't dertermined by the system clock. So each date between 01/01/2000 and 12/31/2099 is valid.
  13. Maybe this will help you
  14. If I understood correctly what is written about it on, the move is just in Diglett's move table, despite it not beeing able to learn the move in any way. I don't think there's a hidden event inside, but I also don't have enough skills to check that out. I wouldn't expect anything much interesting in the Ranger games. Really interesting would be a Japanese save file of the first Pokemon Ranger with all 4 Wifi missions downloaded but not cleared yet.
  15. We don't need ORAS And here's HGSS. Lyra's Marill and wild Rattata. 183 - MARILL - 28CE1CCEF7FC.ek4 019 - RATTATA - 9A157D8ED628.ek4