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  1. I did take a look into Funfest Missions a few years ago but then I lost interest. I only have RAM adresses for stats and records that you can look up at the Entree Forest, but I guess better than nothing. RAM (Black 2 US) Unlocked Missions Flags 0x0222596E - 0x02225981 Mission stats (4 Bytes each) 0x0222AEE4 - 0x0222AF97 (mission 1 - 45) 0x00 -> total 0x01 -> usually 0xC0 (0xD0 seems to add 4096 to "total", 0xB0 gives a glitched "total") 0x02 -> usually 0x00 (???) 0x03 -> unlocked levels/stars INVALID VALUES CAN CORRUPT THE SAVE! 0x00 -> default -> Lv 1 unlocked 0x10 -> Lv 1 finished, Lv 2 unlocked (1 star) 0x20 -> Lv 2 finished, Lv 3 unlocked (2 stars) 0x30 -> Lv 3 finished (3 stars) And here the offsets of some records. Save 0x2038E Unknown 0x2120C White Lv. 0x2120E Black Lv. 0x259F0 hosted missions 0x259F2 participated missions 0x259F4 completed missions 0x259F6 top scores 0x259FA the most participants RAM (Black 2 US) 0x0223B544 White Lv 0x0223B546 Black Lv 0x0222AFD4 hosted missions 0x0222AFD6 participated missions 0x0222AFD8 completed missions 0x0222AFDA top scores 0x0222AFDE the most participants
  2. I'm not sure if there are any bytes to identify the party. I started a battle and dumped the RAM in DeSmuMEs Memory Viewer. Then I searched for the Pokemons moves, the first result was my Pokemon (Lucario) which was currently in the battle. Now from the offset of the first move id I substracted 20 (0x14) to get the offset of it's PID. Then I just had to search for the PID to find the encrypted data.
  3. I got them. Actually you can find their encrypted .pk4 data in party format (so 236 Bytes each) in RAM at 0x0226D1D0. Oh well the address seems to change, but they should be somewhere around there. Roselia.pk4 Lucario.pk4 MimeJr.pk4
  4. I just looked how the area about the bank switch in the English Red looked like and searched for similarities around the same area in the Japanese ROM. So for Japanese Blue change 0xD693 to A5 D2 Then in RAM insert 06 01 21 6F 65 CD 36 36 C9 at 0xD2A5
  5. The first one for Japanese Red resulted in a crash, the second one I didn't test. It's almost midnight here so I will try again tomorrow.
  6. The bank switch should be at 0x360E in Japanese Red/Green. I'm not sure about blue right know or if this is even correct. I already tried that offset for Red but I only got into a glitched nicknaming screen when using the Potion.
  7. I meant Red/Green. The Potion pointer offset for Japanese Blue should be 0xD693 (just an assumption, not tested yet).
  8. The Potion Pointer in Japanese Red should be at 0xD67D. I already tried modifying that to A3D2, so it points to RAM offset 0xD2A3, which is the Japanese equivalent of the English Red RAM offset. I couldn't get any result yet by inserting bytes into the RAM.
  9. I think that should be possible somehow but that's probably over my knowledge. I don't even know where the said checksum should be. EDIT: Checksum should be at 0x02000012, but I don't know how it is calculated and where the related function is. I have noticed your thread. I might look into it at the weekend but I'm not sure if I'm able to help there.
  10. So guys, I just got the Pikachu Egg! According to Háčky's post at the Glitch City forums "You can see the actual packet that’s transmitted by viewing RAM starting at $02000000." So knowing this I did the transfer via VBA-M and looked up the RAM adresses in it's Memory Viewer. You will find a few bytes in the WRAM, including the 80 bytes of the encrypted Pokemon data at 0x02000024. I extracted and decrypted this data and was able to load it via PKHeX! The Pikachu is at Lv 5 and has the Moves Thunder Shock and Growl. There's nothing special about it. The egg itsself has OT: ENGLISH and ID: 09999/00000 as well as the fateful encounter location but that all gets overwritten upon hatching. Pikachu_Egg.pk3
  11. For Luvdisc just change all the pointers that point to the Unown script to point to the Luvdisc script. So search for 43E44508 and replace all occurrences with 06E34508.
  12. I found that the whole part from 0xC0 - 0xFFFFF is just unneeded, probably the image which is shown when booted from the GBA and/or junk. If you zero this area the distribution still works. So there are only 336 Bytes that could have something to do with the region locking, 0x100000 - 0x10014F.
  13. As far as I know that methode was only used in Japan and Korea, but I'm not sure.
  14. The Mystery Gift checks for game serial. In the Japanese Pearl you can find a list at 0x30F7D8 and only those serials will be accepted. B5BJ B5CJ B5CJ B5EJ B5FJ B5GJ B5HJ B5IJ B5JJ B5KJ B5LJ B5MJ B5PJ B5QJ B5RJ B5SJ B5TJ B5UJ B5VJ B5WJ Even though the non-Japanese versions have such a list as well the cart won't be accepted even if the serial matches. There must be more than just that.
  15. They are all in the archive, but the English GF Meloetta is missing from the Gallery though.