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  1. Why do you want to catch the wild Pokemon? Is there anything special about them? And what exactly do you need to do to get that Shroomish?
  2. I wouldn't say it's his TID. In the demo they just gave him a random TID, you shouldn't be able to see it under normal circumstances anyway. The TID of the Shiny Beldum in the final games is based on the start date of the event distribution (11/21/14), like they do it with almost any other event if there isn't another number that would fit better.
  3. The files I uploaded are just like I got them from the RAM. Steven seems to always have TID 45711 with SID 03021 in the demo. Feel free to edit them. But somehow Metagross lost it's item when I decrypted it. Probably because Metagrossite isn't in PKHeX's item dropdown if you loaded a demo save file. So here's a new one with item. 376 ★ - Metagross - DA0DFF78463A.pk6
  4. I'm not sure but I would assume they are around there as well.
  5. Here's the Metagross you wanted. I got Matt's Sharpedo and Tabitha's Camerupt as well just because they were nearly at the same place. Use NTR to dump the RAM from the sango-sp process when you are in the battle (NOTE: on o3DS the game will crash after battle). You will find your team and your opponents team at 0x08803F50, the Pokemon are encrypted. They are missing some information like the OT Name and Met Information. 376 ★ - Metagross - 53CFAD9414D6.pk6 319 - Sharpedo - B36E1B545218.pk6 323 - Camerupt - 859485603230.pk6
  6. I guess you are asking only for the skins? They should hold original data. Except that Mincinno skin for the reasons I have explained above. You should use PokeGen for importing/exporting skins as it can do this correctly, PKHeX seems to have some problems (?) but the feature is still WIP there and PokeCGear might result in corrupted data.
  7. You can't clear the whole 0x7F000 block. The CRGF identifier has to be there. Otherwise the DR thinks you don't have a save file. I have an assumption for why both values get updated. I would think 3DS Link generates a new encryption key everytime it's used. Regardless of what is beeing received. This means 0x7F00C will be encrypted with the new key. 0x25E00 changes as well because I would guess this is the value used to determine the actual new key with an unknown formular. 0x7F014 and after isn't changed because it's not needed anymore and the key to decrypt this is at 0x7F090 anyway. An editor would definetly be great! I tried to code one myself a few days ago but you are more skilled so go ahead if you want to.
  8. @suloku I found our culprit! Actually it's 0x7F00C, the value which is used as the new encryption key for the next transfer. I'm not sure if it's a proper way to just set 0x7F00C to zero but the DR actually seems to get the key anyway even if it's not there. Probably the key is actually derived somehow from the 0x25E00/0x7F004 value? But since setting 0x7F00C to zero works I guess knowing the origin of the value is not so important anymore. I assume 0x7F00C is not the new encryption key but rather the legendary flags which are encrypted by the new key (where ever it comes from)! I'm thinking so because 1 XOR 0xD4C5D9CE (the new encryption key from 0x7F090 in sav 4) is actually 0xD4C5D9CF (the value at 0x7F00C in sav 2)! I've attached my save so you can see yourself. POKEMON B2.0.sav - clean save before DR transfer POKEMON B2.1.sav - after DR transfer with Tornadus POKEMON B2.2.sav - after receiving 3DS Link POKEMON B2.3.sav - 0x7F00C set to zero! POKEMON B2.4.sav - Tornadus transfered again! B2
  9. I only have the PAL version of Colosseum and according to your link it's buggy. I could give it a try at the weekend though. Actually I already looked for Bidoof a few weeks ago but I couldn't find it. Maybe I've overseen it or it was only on Nintendos servers back then. Here's Celebi. You can also get it from the GameStop Shiny Beasts distribution cart at offset 0x5F250.
  10. You can transfer all 8 legendary Pokemon at once but if you have 1 legendary and 6 normal Pokemon the last one of the normal Pokemon won't be transfered and will wait in the Dream Radar for the next transfer. Also clearing the Tornadus value won't let you receive it again. Once you transfer the next data over from DR the whole area will be overwritten with the new data and the Tornadus value will be zero anyway. I assume it must have something to do with 0x25E00 and/or 0x7F004. I did some test with those value yesterday and I was able to block Tornadus on a save that hasn't received it yet.
  11. Damn I got confused in my post above. I should have tested on real hardware instead of relying on my 3 year old notes and crappy Pokestock lol. Actually the header values are zero when the data is transfered from the Dream Radar. The values get set by the game when receiving the data. 0xC is the encryption key, but it i only used by the DR to encrypt the next transfered data. The key to decrypt the data is at 0x90. Also I finally found the flags that were responsible for the legendaries! They are at 0x25E04 and get set by the game when receiving the data. The DR itself only touches the 152 bytes at 0x7F000. Save Offset 0x25E00 0x00 unknown (changes when the data is received) 0x04 legendary received flags 0x08 1 after DR data was received the first time, does not increase Legendary received flags Bit Pokemon 0 Tornadus 1 Thundurus 2 Landorus 3 Dialga 4 Palkia 5 Giratina 6 Ho-Oh 7 Lugia ====================================================================== Save Offset 0x7F000 (the Dream Radar itself only touches this area!) 0x00 received/not received flag (1 after the Pokemon were received) 0x01 - 0x03 0x000000 0x04 - 0x07 unknown (derived from offset 0x25E00) (0x00000000 if the Pokemon were not yet received) 0x08 - 0x0B always 0x43524746 (CRGF) 0x0C - 0x0F Encryption Key used for the next transfer from DR (0x00000000 if the Pokemon were not yet received) 0x10 - 0x11 CRC-16-CCITT over 0x00 - 0x0F 0x12 - 0x13 0x0000 0x14 - 0x33 legendary Pokemon (see values below) (8 x 4 Bytes) 0x34 - 0x4B normal Pokemon (6 x 4 Bytes) 0x4C - 0x63 Items (6 x 4 Bytes) 0x63 - 0x8F probably unused (all zero) 0x90 - 0x93 Decryption Key 0x94 - 0x95 CRC-16-CCITT over 0x14 - 0x93 0x96 - 0x97 0x0000 Legendary Pokemon Values 0x80808080 Tornadus 0x92567284 Thundurus 0x87643567 Landorus 0x96436763 Dialga 0x43867368 Palkia 0x17693572 Giratina 0x44798367 Ho-Oh 0x96636983 Lugia Pokemon Structure 0x00 Gender (0 - Male, 1 - Female, 2 - Genderless) 0x01 unknown/unused 0x02 - 0x03 Species ID Item Structure 0x00 - 0x01 Quantity 0x02 - 0x03 Item ID EDIT: Unfortunately it's not enough to just reset the flags at 0x25E04. It seems the unknown value 0x25E00 has something to do with the legendaries as well. That value is randomly created at the beginning of each save file but it changes when receiving the Pokemon/Items. EDIT2: I still don't know how the DR detects if a Pokemon has already been received, but I overlooked that legendary Pokemon seem to be handled similar like the Key System data. I don't know if there's also a unique ID or where it is. 0x04 can't be it because it's not constant while the values for the legendarys are.
  12. event archive

    Maybe the ability already gets set during download?
  13. After receiving the data only the first byte, the encryption key at 0xC and the unknown value at 0x4 get erased. The Pokemon and item data is kept there. I guess a new encryption key is set by the Dream Radar each time data is transfered and the unknown value is taken from 0x25E00. EDIT: See here I don't think there's an ability modifier in the structure as they should always have their hidden abilities. But maybe they planned to implement Pokemon without hidden abilities.
  14. Yes Pokestock has this feature. It's in PokeTrainerS at the bottom right corner, the AR button. The structure I have posted above is pretty much complete. Here are a few re-battle codes that I know. Zekrom/Reshiram Hold Select while entering the top floor. 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 10036C0C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Kyurem Hold Select while entering the room. 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 10036D18 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Lati@s Press Select 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 10020A38 00000005 D2000000 00000000 Volcarona Press Select 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 10036BF8 00000000 D2000000 00000000
  15. Check offset 0x25E00. There you can find the encryption key and maybe there are some flags as well. You would need to compare the area after the mentioned offset between saves from before and after using the Dream Radar.