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  1. Dump online battle videos from codes

    You're welcome. Nice to hear that you got what you wanted!
  2. Dump online battle videos from codes

    I actually didn't test it, sorry, I would have to fix my 3DS first to do so. I just assumed 3.5 works fine since it's supposed to fix an issue with video streaming, which requires use of the debugger as well. I hope you can get an older version to work! Otherwise as I said you can also use JKSM or SaveDataFiler to export the game's Extdata.
  3. Dump online battle videos from codes

    The debugger should work with newer versions of BootNTR as well and yes the 8000 must be there too.
  4. Dump online battle videos from codes

    No problem. I already linked to the debugger in the post above. Direct link:
  5. Dump online battle videos from codes

    You put it into the debugger
  6. Dump online battle videos from codes

    @RedOrb Sapphire You need BootNTR installed on your 3DS. Get the latest BootNTR.cia from here (I'm not sure if it already supports 11.5) If you have that installed you have to use the NTR Debugger Client for this guide. The latest version can be found in the starterpack from here Battle Videos are stored in the title's Extdata. In my opinion it's much easier to just dump it with a Save Editor like JKSM or SaveDataFiler.
  7. Pokésav

    I would rather encourage them to use PKHeX instead.
  8. Don't ask me why, normally I don't care about minor things like that, lol. But I thought it might be nicer if the questionmark users without profile picture have would be less pixelated.
  9. Gen VII Pokedex QR Corner

    Marshadow QR Code
  10. Members Vs Newcomers

  11. Members Vs Newcomers

  12. Can we simulate trades with this app between nds games

    melonDS 0.4 is the emulator you want. It is already available and trading works fine, at least on BW I haven't tried the others but they might work as well. There can still be some issues though.
  13. SM - Eevee Friends (KO)

    Yeah, would have been funny if it was the missing Eevee
  14. SM - Eevee Friends (KO)

    That's what they call a "Wonder QR Code". If you scan codes which are not related to the games you will just get random Pokemon like that. This code is simply an encoded URL and leads to
  15. Gen VII Pokedex QR Corner

    Nice to see a new set was released. Especially Marshadow is interesting but I couldn't find it online yet! Unfortunately all these will ever be Japanese only.... Silvally seems to be too blurry. I wasn't able to scan it but I got the others cleaned up! This might be a bit off topic, but wwylele has an image-camera branch in his Citra fork on Github which adds still image camera support (official builds/nightlies only have a blank camera right now)! With this you can scan codes on Citra and won't have to turn on your console just to clean up these codes. Merging wwylele's additions from his last commit into a current Citra build works withou issues.