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  1. Hello there. I need something to do quick.

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    2. theSLAYER


      frankly, I do not know how to get it to revert, or get it to work on older Windows?

      I certainly hope it's as easy as finding a website to load it and make it compatible, but I find it unlikely.

      Well, you can still use the older versions, just ignore the legality analysis peculiarities

    3. TheShinyMew


      Get it work on older windows.

    4. TheShinyMew
  2. Hi sir! I have a Visual Basic 2010. I'm new to making programs, but I didn't know how to code.

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    2. TheShinyMew


      I am trying to see if it was better.

    3. theSLAYER
    4. TheShinyMew


      Also, I'm going to make a program based on PKHEX, since it's now incompatible with my Windows XP.

  3. Any of your WC7 Editor programs updated yet?

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    2. TheShinyMew
    3. TheShinyMew


      Hello. I see that the PKHex is updated, and I cannot use it because it has Framework 4.5, which is not compatible to Windows XP.

    4. TheShinyMew


      I was wondering if you can make a program based on PKHex so I can use it. Make sure you can ask the original creator of PKHex before borrowing its source codes.

  4. hex-edit

    Oh, cool!
  5. HIIIIIIIIIIIII!perman___2__by_generationstar_ex-darynwu

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    2. TheShinyMew


      OK! Guess who's in the image?

    3. theSLAYER


      I have no idea!
      Looks almost like it's from Doraemon era, except that we can't see the nose.
      (Nobita's nose usually pokes out)

    4. TheShinyMew


      I know that. This is Perman, the superhero. He wore a helmet.

  6. hex-edit

    Well, but I'm still wanted to make WC7Full files...
  7. hex-edit

    OK, tonight then. Do I really need a Mystery Gift spoofer?
  8. hex-edit

    Someone had a WC6Full creator, which is not released yet.
  9. hex-edit

    Ah, thank you! I wish you can do the WC7Full creator too!
  10. hex-edit

  11. hex-edit

    I have VIsual Basic 10 maybe I need your help maiking WC editors.
  12. hex-edit

    Cool. Where is a Wonder card formatter?
  13. hex-edit

    Because I felt like it, that's why. Why isn't the WC editor isn't included in PKHEX?
  14. hex-edit

    Actually, I want it to work like a WC6 Editor, but compatible with Sun and Moon.
  15. Hi! One day that I was playing with .wc7 (Gen 7 Mystery Gift) files with Notepad ++'s hex editor plugin. I'm pretty sure that you can hex edit .wc7 files the the hex editor. I changed the Mucnhlax event to a Mew event. Check and see at the bottom post. 00000082 - Pokémon Species 0000007a - Moveset 000000d0 - Level 000000d2 - Item If you know that you're going to find Pokémon types, locations, OTs, etc, let me know. Mew for you!.wc7