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  1. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Really regret not taking a chance on the guy from Pokemonexchange, even though they had no references. Oh well, what can you do. Do you need someone to Ram dump the Exeggutor at worlds, or is that already planned to be covered?
  2. PkHex Legality Errors on Gen 6

    Really? Huh... That's strange. It's been 13 years or so, so I guess I forgot? I don't remember editing anything past Ruby version (aside from changing a nickname on a Raichu of mine) 14 year old me usually made things shiny or outrageous move sets, like a Magikarp with fire blast which I kept on that containment game. I'm very curious at whatever my intention was on the umbreon, or if it was just a side effect of me messing around. Ahh well, knowledge lost to the ages I guess. Sorry about that then.
  3. I apologize if this is the incorrect board. I did not see a general sticky to report issues, and it seems most of the legality threads were redirected to this board. I was referencing my save in PKHex while I was going through Pokemon Bank (saves me so much effort from having to go to the move re-learner to see what egg moves things have), and I noticed a few things registered as illegal, that are in fact, legal. I can send the .pk6 files to PM to the developers upon request. Just tell me which one(s) you need. 1) Baby Pokemon and Pokeball Issues: May be more, but these are the ones I saw. - Apricorn Balls with Chimecho: While it is impossible to catch chimecho in an apricorn ball in HGSS, the baby form, chingling, can be found with Sinnoh sound. The chimecho being flagged was born on Gen 6. - Apricorn & Safari Balls with Cleffa: Opposite issue of the above. Cleffa is not able to be caught in HGSS, but Clefairy is found in both the safari zone and Mount Silver. The cleffa in question originated on Gen 6. The clefairy parent is fine. 2) Shedinja and relearnable moves: A shedinja (originated on XY, hatched on ORAS) has all four egg moves being incorrectly flagged. "Invaild Relearn Move X: Not an expected Relearnable move." This shedinja came into existence upon a Ninjask evolution. The Ninjask is fine. 3) Bank HA Feraligatr: Now this is a weird one. The feraligatr that originated on my USA 3DS is being flagged because of Ice Punch. The feraligatr that originated from my JP 3ds is not. 4) N's Pokemon (JP): N's pokemon that originated on my JP B2 cartridge are being flagged "Invalid: The Name/TID/SID of N is incorrect.". Every single one I have is flagged (I misplaced his Kling and Boldore), I'll attach his Zorua. 5) This wondercard: I injected the wondercard from Project Pokemon back in '12. It was RNG abused on an JP emu save so it'd hatch shiny when I traded it to my Japanese B2 cartridge. I suspect all the event moves would be flagged, but I only have acrobatics left on mine: "Invalid Move x: Invalid move. (Acrobatics) Invalid: Fateful Encounter should not be checked." 7) Colosseum Umbreon: This one originates from my save, so I can verify it's legitimate and has not be edited. "Invalid: Encounter type PID mismatch. Invalid: Special ingame Fateful Encounter Flag is missing." I'll attach this one, since nobody is going to want a cruddy umbreon with terrible IVs. Don't trust your memory, folks. That's all I have for now. I still have over 1,000 pokemon I still have to check, so I'll report back if I notice anything else. 570 - ゾロア - 19A8FF00001F.pk6 197 - Moonlight - 105D3B8BBD8D.pk6
  4. This is a really stupid question, and I feel like I'm missing something obvious. I'm using Kaisonic's version, as I really loved the various options that ViolentSpatula's added. So, having support for ORAS is wonderful. However, after importing my old custom strings, I noticed that the IVs are getting that annoying asterisks around them when they are perfect. ((I think that's a feature for reddit? I don't use reddit.)) Is there any way to disable them, or will I need to manually remove them each time I dump? Unrelated, but is there also any chance that these will support the newest Virtual Console releases of the old games? I'd love to see the DVs of my current pokemon, as well as if they'd be shiny using the old algorithm.
  5. Alright, this is probably a bit off topic, but I'm not exactly sure where else I can put this. Also as a heads up, I'm using a third party hardware to rip my save, and pokegen to rip the .pkm from my save to upload to pokecheck. PokeBank is actually blocking some pokemon that are pokeshifted via pokecheck, but they can go through like normal if pokeshifted on the actual hand hold. I'm not sure if it's how pokecheck is shifting them or what not, but I figured it'd be worth mentioning. For example, my ID RNG abused nicknamed Raikou, Rak'shiri. 4th Generation: 5th Generation .pkm that was shifted via pokecheck: 5th Generation .pkm that was shifted using my DS: I knew something was up when my friend who RNG abused that ID to nickname our Raikous was able to go forward, as well as her RNG abused ID Keldeo with a nickname. As a test, I shifted both a crown Entei and crown Suicune both on pokecheck and on my handheld. They were able to go forward with no problem, but they are from the Gamestop ID (and not nicknamed). I tried to upload the Suicune and Entei .pkm that were shifted on my DS, but they wouldn't appear in my box. ((I assume because they are identical in every way. Raikou does upload though, even though it appears identical so I'm baffled on that one.)) I did some other additional tests at the suggestion of Dewey911, and this also did not go forward: This is also a WIN2011 pokemon. I did not have any problems with other pokemon from my Soul Silver. Just this Raikou and that Celebi I tested for science. Edit: Actually, I realized last night that I didn't actually transfer the Celebi (I thought it was a Gen 5 .pkm). Celebi does go through when pokeshifted on pokecheck, the Raikou still won't that was pokeshifted. Mmm... Not sure what else I can really test.
  6. I seem to be getting really weird and incorrect text from chaining on my English Pearl. (Though my friend is having the same issues with Platinum, which is why I checked all these to see if it was just her) First up: Ralts I chained on the cartridge last year. If I recall correctly, I did not use any synchronizer as I was collecting them for that purpose. (mentions required adamant synchronizer) (Possible method J/K slots don't match encounter.) (Required hardy synchronizer) (Required Quirky synchronizer) (Required Bashful synchronizer) (Same chain, nothing shows up yellow) Yesterday, I was chaining ditto on the ROM. They too had the synchronizer message, even though I was not using one. (No yellow text) (Required modest synchronizer) (Required Impish synchronizer) (Required Brave synchronizer) (Required Adamant synchronizer) Strangely, the shiny ditto I caught from the chain also came out fine:
  7. This is a minor issue, but I feel I should report it anyway: ► Nickname: This event has a nickname (ID abuse or hacked). The Kanto Starter Egg events give the pokemon as eggs, so the OT can just nickname them. Not sure if it's being flagged because it was RNG'd on another game to be shiny in my JP B2, then traded to my B2 to hatch or just nobody mentioned it before. Figured it wouldn't hurt to report it anyway.
  8. That's funny; I was just about to report that. I never would've noticed this if I didn't have those pokemon accidentally not private. I just clicked them randomly trying to figure out why I had a Marstomp thinking that was my B2, but my SS had the same name. I only uploaded these guys to see who had random 31's, and never thought to check the legality analysis. More technical information: When starting my JP SS long before the English release, I sent myself some eggs from my English Pearl. When going through my other pokemon from my English Pearl, I noticed it does the same thing with pokemon traded from my JP Diamiond to the English Pearl before they hatched. Going to list all the trainer information just in case it helps, but I am beginning to believe the origin trainer of the egg sets the location of the OTs game, even if it is different. Pokemon from English Pearl with her OT: (Not sure why this one is missing some trashbytes, it was hatched on my retail copy) (Also missing hatch trashbytes?) (Same as above.) Eggs that originated on my JP Diamond that hatched on English Pearl: Not a false positive, but displays wrong game for the OT, matching the origin game. Pokemon from JP Diamond: Pokemon from JP SS: Pokemon that originated in my ENG Pearl, but hatched on JP SS: False Positives Other False positives: My surfing Raichu who was caught as a pikachu on the pokewalker on JP SS: Flail Pikachu from same pokewalker course:
  9. I have two potential issues: First issue: (False Positive) Mostly everything is correct(it's a mystery egg run, with eggs from an English game). However, the PID is showing up invalid. The thing with it is, I'm about 90% sure when I uploaded her the first few times, the PID was listed valid. I only noticed this change earlier this week. I've uploaded her from both my English White and Japanese Black 2 as I checked EVs. Second Issue: (Possible False Negative) When I got this houndoom off the GTS several years ago, I was 99% sure it was hacked. It was found in Kanto,(Houndour was only found in the wild in Emerald), masterball, and under the evolution level.(Houndour evolves at 24). The only thing the pokecheck mentions is "Non-default pokéball on hatched Pokémon." If it was hatched, it should definitely not be a houndoom. Since I transferred it to Gen V instead of checking it on Gen IV, I'm not sure if that's why it's coming up as negative in the other stats?