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  1. here another chance to get free bottlecaps insert e-mail or login with FB / G+
  2. because we in the western countries do not get any event which is also distributed in Japan or US since Gen 4: US: Dragonite, Manaphy, Deoxys Gen 5: Secret Eggs
  3. I'll hope more we get this in the West! this Event is a Promotion for the coming TGC 「キミを待つ島々」
  4. A new Event is Announced for Japan! To Promoting the next TCG 「キミを待つ島々」a Shiny Tapu Koko will be Distributed as Serialcode about 7SPOT from March 17th - April 9th 2017 No further details are known, this post will be Edited if the Official Pokemon site has more Informations 3月からの配信まとめ 日本 セブンスポット 色違い黒いカプ・コケコ 3.17~4.9-シリアル Source: Twitter
  5. PAL = US/UK Engl, IT, FR,SP, GER AUS = US/UK Engl Channel Jirachi can't be Shiny!
  6. In previous generation the WC has diffentrenr ID's so thats possible to get another Egg each week Best example: the year of (shiny) Dragons
  7. The Japanese site has now updatet wirh some data for the distribution
  8. i didn't notice this.... hm then i don't know what is it
  9. German Bottle Cap Flyer (It Says a distribution over Nintendo Network is possible for a later time)
  10. found another ones Japanese Mystic Ticket Distribution (See Flyer) and another unknown distribution cartridge like a Ruby game with anti-steal protector
  11. Remeber me like the XY コロコロ Charizards from 2015
  12. Thanks i have these already, from the Gen III Collection & Mystery Gift Research thread
  13. After my search (ポケットモンスター エメラルド セーブ) ?? i know now that Japanese People don't cares about saves and dumping..etc so i've been looking for some saves of Leafgreen/Firered or Emerald for activating the Ticket Events and catchting the Legendary by myself and resetting for some Shiny Mew or Deoxys Thanks
  14. Start & Select!