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  1. OH I don't checked this folder i only looked in the EU->GER folder and noticed that these are not listed.... i'm sorry for double trouble
  2. hey there! Here the missing German Demo version Special Gifts SM Spezial-Demoversion (GER).rar
  3. how they distribute these Mews? Local Wireless? I'm Interested about the Distribution Device...
  4. looks very giod, but the sprites are to big or the text to small... change it to the same size ;-)
  5. These Events are only avaible for Korean Games that require a korean 3DS
  6. EDIT: サーナイト/Guardevor: NEWEPISODE バンギラス/ Tyranitar: MEGAPOKEMON
  7. Pikachu and Eevee again > but why? Pikachu will be catchable in the games and Eevee is only for a quick Dex filler i prefer Comfey 😍👍
  8. Who the Faack are Helen and Alexander ?? :confused: ( Hoopas and Volcanions OT) like the past Events: (Prince?) Harry Hoopa , Galileo galileii rayquaza etc
  9. HYPE HYPE HYPEEE :grog:
  10. No Shinyness :confused: It's another Guarde? Not the one from the Movie? :confused:
  11. Here a new offer for the 10ANNIV GBA distribution system, if we we could collect money to buy this and finally find out the structure of the distribution of the 3rd generation. The sticker of this one is damaged, so they exist 2 or 3 cartdridges (one including the Groudon GBA SP)
  12. sure not :rolleyes:
  13. (._." Oh ok... so i know it for the next time
  14. So here the last one, US Victini with ENG/FRE/SPA [ATTACH]13691[/ATTACH]
  15. So as i sayd Dakrai is now Avaible Code see below!