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  1. whats about scanning this QR in S/M? maybe the game says: This Pokemon is not Avaiable or QR Code can not be scanned I think this Pikachu may have similiar data to the Other: OT: サトシ ID: 171117 US/UM Release date? Nature: Hardy
  2. maybe OT トウホク (Tohoku) and ID 300617 surely with V-Create move, but suspicious they don't give more information about this event, like Ho-Oh or Bewear.
  3. event archive

    Here is the (fore)last one of them all Alola Cap Pikachu Enjoy it! SM 0223 - サトシのピカチュウ(アローラキャップ).wc7
  4. I thought this round icon means Pokemon GO?!
  5. Metangs Reciving Card after playing the Demo
  6. Yes Right. only their Eveelutions
  7. Slot2 Distribution
  8. Oh Yes! i forgot it to share I'll be adding the other Languages too 1611 SM - Mega Stone Gift.wc7 1611 SM - Recevez quatre Méga-Gemmes !.wc7 1611 SM - Megapiedras de regalo.wc7 1611 SM - Megapietre in regalo!.wc7
  9. New Mega Stones Arrived! Mega Stones for Mega Steelix and Mega Pidgeot, as well as the Heracronite and Houndoominite 1611 SM - Erhalte Mega-Steine!.wc7
  10. does bonsly appear as questionmark or missingno when i add them in my party in Gen.III (R/S/E/FR/LG) or it's only a pk3 data for XD/Colo?
  11. German code digits are E7AA22
  12. whats up like this
  13. It's Region Lock to PAL Systems/Games (E7XX) the US one get (U7XX) Japanese (J7XX or M7XX for Movie Events) Taiwanese codes works on JP and PAL Regions (?) (if i'm right but i'ts offtopic) Yes it is: [51517/00000]