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  1. no my game is not sync with PGL so i don't have trouble to be banned
  2. Region Free Launcher on Homebrew/Soundhaxx so i could change it to Japanese country, Japanese Sub Region and JP 3DS
  3. Whats about Free Launcher? I playing a Japanese Sun/Moon on a EU console, and i recived the Japanese Events like Muchlax & own Satoshi Pikachu so after pick up these Events, they are in JPN Language but 3DS Region and Sub Country etc, are "illegal" or, so these pokemon are spotted as hacked/fake?
  4. Korea likes to use Infrared, because they can download only one Pokemon per game!
  5. No, i don't have it anymore, because i deleted or overwrite it... but i think a girlfriend could have this WC in their game i know that after loading this Gengar i was not able to Download Machamp (because same WC ID?) streetPass Germany working with Nintendo Germany and someone (NOT StreetPass) create this Fake WC to break the work with Nintendo...(so streepass germany leader tells me...)
  6. so it's possible to Edit Gen 7 WC if you rename these from wc7 into wc6 and back after editing i hope we get an Update for 7th Gen WC!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    WonderCard Distribution Patcher What it does: WCDPatcher swaps out wondercards (pokemon and items) in the Deoxys Distribution Cart 2008 and replaces it with a user specified wondercard Supports all Pokemon DS games It also enables selection of the distribution region, setting the friend distribution limit, removing distribution date limits and editing of the ROMs header info What you will need: - Deoxys Distribution Cart 2008 ROM (google for this) - A valid wondercard (Project Pokemon event downloads)
  8. Since the Cartridges are offered on ebay the VGC and WCS Distributions running over PC by clicking 'DISTRIBUTE' i've could never find the distributing DS System on the VGC 2014/2015 after closing.... so since Gen 6 (XYORAS) there are no more Distribution cartrdiges seen in the public ;-( BUT in 2015 somebody managed to distribute their own Wondercard on the German VGC with a Shiny Gengar for ORAS
  9. I think it's only 1 WC ID so you can't download it multiple times....?
  10. No nothing New, only that this event is hold in 4 Periods at every Weekend in various Pokemon Centers and you can participate with this Bewear at the Battle Royale Event
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Since the 20 may 2014, you can't any longer connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with DS/Wii games like the Pokemon Series. now you can inject the Pokemon Ranger's Wi-Fi Missions in a real cartridge.
  12. Please don't post it here! We (or i) open a new thred if we have enough informations over this distribution in the EVENT NEWS section! thanks a lot
  13. No! So wait until they distribute them!
  14. how did you these fancy images for the event gallery?
  15. I connected via Link cable Distro with cable 1 and Pokemon Sapphire with cable 2, like the other distributions...