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  1. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    I've seen that the last 3 distributed Pokémon don't have a Ribbon it's possible to deposit them into the GTS?
  2. Your WishList Event Pokemon

    I wish more Gen 3 Events like Jirachi(s) , Lati@s, better Battle Ready Golems (PB HA Events ._.) or Deoxys.
  3. Pikachu Carnival Parade: Ditto

    Dittochu (._.)
  4. SM - WCS 2017 Alolan Exeggutor

    If anyone start a new Event Topic could you please take More informations about this events - and formate like this, looks much better: Thank yooooouu Guys
  5. SM - Pokémon Center in Tohoku where Jirachi

    we need this people here like oRochi or co_mine_pkm in our forum to contribute the local events with WCFull....
  6. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I do not understand if the people do not see that it was not uploaded and still have to ask or not to make the effort to look on the (Download) page. If I search something specific and do not find it here, I know that it was not yet uploaded and wait a few days
  7. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    It's more relevant in the EVENTS NEWS Selection...
  8. SM - Movie Ho-Oh

    First Information airing Non Shiny Lv.100 Ability: Pressure Item: Sacred Ash Moves: - Sacred Fire - Brave Bird - Recover and Safeguard Source: Twitter/Event-Fan & Pokemon Millenium
  9. SM - Movie Ho-Oh

    nothing new about the Ho-Oh distribution?? looks very secret....wich OT, item or Moves could it have already a pre-load on the servers?
  10. Pokemon Rally Mew

    yes i think too thats the reason why Mew's skin is Whiter then the later released artworks
  11. SM - Pokemon Center Victini

    PLEASE STOP ASKING FOR WC7 Files! if we have them, they will be upload in the Event Gallery!! Stay tuned and take a look in our Event Gallery !! Whats New > Japanese Files >
  12. USUM - I Choose You Cap Pikachu

    whats about scanning this QR in S/M? maybe the game says: This Pokemon is not Avaiable or QR Code can not be scanned I think this Pikachu may have similiar data to the Other: OT: サトシ ID: 171117 US/UM Release date? Nature: Hardy
  13. SM - Pokemon Center Victini

    maybe OT トウホク (Tohoku) and ID 170630 surely with V-Create move, but suspicious they don't give more information about this event, like Ho-Oh or Bewear.
  14. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Here is the (fore)last one of them all Alola Cap Pikachu Enjoy it! SM 0223 - サトシのピカチュウ(アローラキャップ).wc7
  15. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    I thought this round icon means Pokemon GO?!