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  1. I'm using RoC's PKM DB, but it was a glitch Mew.
  2. Well, that explains it. Thank you! Edit: Actually I have a question for you then. Is the Mew in your DB that is not in the events folder a glitch mew?
  3. So I am running into this issue with the newest version of PHhex. I created GF Mews from RoC's DB with the stats to make them shiny. When transferred through pokebank from my VC Blue version, they all went through fine. When I open my save file for pokemon Sun, these mews are flagged as illegal. If they made it through poke transporter and pokebank are they still not legal? I've attached the pk7 file for one of the Mews. This one is unedited and exactly as it was since it was transferred through pokebank. Am I better off just editing the OT and TID of a glitch mew? 151 ★ - Mew - D437718C8C0C.pk7
  4. I believe this was fixed in the release that just came out. Make sure you're updated.
  5. 10/10 Would read again.
  6. Updates for Pokebank and transporter are live! Servers are still undergoing maintenance though.
  7. Now that update 1.1 has been released for Pokemon Sun and Moon, is there any reason PKHex wouldn't work with the new version?