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  1. Unusual Pokémon Sightings Europe Event

    They should, the rest of the world needs a crazy event like the Yokohama Pokemon Go one too! I hope to at least add Kangaskhan, Unown and Girafarig to my Pokedex today. We managed to find a Girafarig nest about 45 mins away from the station in Manchester, so plan to make the most of the day and head over to that too. Only one person in our little group who's going has it. Is Girafarig ultra rare for you guys too?
  2. Finally caught a legendary!

    I see what's going on here I'd do the same, however i'd ruin my enjoyment of the game, even if I did it just for this event. Nice Raichu though!
  3. Will anyone be going to one of the Unusual Pokémon Sightings in Europe Events? essentially in select European cities Kangaskhan and Unown will spawn pretty frequently. From what people have mentioned you can obtain E,U, R, O, and P Unown. The event is also taking place in some UK cities, which I never realised. I'll be visiting Manchester this weekend with a couple of mates to hopefully add a couple of rare Pokemon to the Pokedex, along with doing a couple of raids.
  4. Finally caught a legendary!

    Cheers to yours also, how many attempts did it take? I've bumped in to people who have missed 8/8 Articunos, then you see others who have like 10 and it makes it seem like the game hands them out like candy!
  5. I thought i'd share this with fellow Team Valor members as it's the first Legendary i've managed to catch since legendary raids we're released. My cousin messaged me on Facebook to say the raid had just spawned up the road from where I worked, lucky I was due to finish 10 mins later. I checked the local Facebook group and various people who i didn't know said they would be meeting at 5:15. So i turned up and was the 4th there, people kept arriving and in the end we had 18 people, so easily won the raid. I then managed to capture it on the 5th ball, so was pretty chuffed as the Moltres was: "Simply amazing with defence as it's strongest feature and stats the appraisal was blown away with" To give some context theirs no gyms within a 30+ min walk of my house, so its difficult for me to do raids on an evening. I'd then spent 4+ hours in my towns local park last Saturday with a friend and no legendary raids spawned what so ever, however their is a few gyms near where I work which also never seem to have legendary raids on when i've finished work. So essentially everything fell in to place for once allowing me to obtain a Moltres
  6. The recent topics / threads widget on the right of front page seems to show all content from public Clubs, regardless of if you are a member of that particular club or not. I think it would be more user friendly to only show content in this area from Clubs you have actually joined. If you click on content from a club you are not a member of you can read the content, vote on polls, however are denied from replying, which is a bit confusing until you realise you have ventured in a post from a club you haven't joined. Perhaps even separating forum posts from club posts and having two widgets might be better? A small issue I know, however it's caught me out a few times already.
  7. Articuno Raids

    The struggle is real indeed! Their was an Articuno raid 10 mins from my work last night, so I went over when i finished and did my first legendary raid. Sadly only three people joined and we got annihilated. I'd estimate you need at least 10 people absolute minimum, maybe 11 or 12 for it to be a sure win. I think it's going to be luck if I manage to find enough people at a raid to win it, then even more luck to catch it. I'm hoping the raids are still going this weekend as i'll go to the largest park in my town which usually has loads of people playing.
  8. Eggs!

    Usually 10k as i need some of the Pokemon which hatch from them. However at the moment 2ks as I want a Pichu with a hat, sadly after around 15 eggs that's yet to happen!
  9. Who is your Buddy?

    My buddy is which ever Pokemon i'm trying to evolve next to complete the Pokedex. At the moment its Totodile, i need around 23 more candy for a Feraligatr. My next buddy will be Larvitar as I have 82 candy towards getting my first Tyranitar.
  10. [UPDATE] Pokémon GO Fest

    Someone from the Facebook group for Pokemon Go in my town went halfway around the world to attend this event. I've attached any non identifiable screenshots and photos that were shared, I imagine in years to come such images might be difficult to find info from this event. Apparently Unown spawned quite frequently and you could spell Chicago with the ones which spawned.
  11. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    Oh i never knew the Shiny Magikarp was limited, that's a shame! I have a Gyarados fully powered up and almost 500 candy to evolve a Shiny Magikarp if I ever happen to get one. Currently i'm trying to hatch a Pichu with a cap, sadly my last 10 2k eggs have all been Goldeen, Spearow or Geodudes. The first 5k i put on did however hatch in to a Magby, which i think was the only baby Pokemon i needed.
  12. that's some dandy profile photo!

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      I'm surprised I enjoyed it, and that I've never seen this before ><

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      I’ve just gotta say, that was hilarious!  Thanks @InsaneNutter, the tune is stuck in my head-rotflmao!

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      There are hundreds of sharks livin' under da' sea Great whites, Hammer Heads and White Tip Reefs, but the one shark discovery always leave out is the dreadlock rasta fish i'm talking about, Reggae Shark!

  13. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    Oh same here, i'd have loved to be been able to do loads of raids this weekend when I was actually playing with other people I knew. I'm the same level as you looking at your screenshots and i can't either, I think even if we were 5 levels higher you'd still need a few people for something like a Tyranitar.
  14. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    With the free raid pass i noticed if you have one in your bag and don't use it the day you got the pass, you can use it the next day and still a free raid pass that day too, allowing you to do two free raids in one day. I was able to do a Croconaw and Exeggutor raid on Saturday, both with free passes. I think two days worth of coins (presuming you max out 50 per day) is a lot for a premium pass, just to have a chance at one raid.
  15. Pokémon GO Anniversary

    Cheers! I'm impressed it let me catch it on the 3rd or 4th ultra ball. I once found a wild Togetic which literally took me a good 15 mins to catch, 30+ raspberries and ultraballs later I finally got it. No idea how that never ran away! The games the total opposite around here, I have to walk 25 mins to the nearest gym lol. Thankfully there is one Pokestop 5 mins from my house so I can easily keep the 7 day streaks going without too much effort. Nothing used to spawn around here, however late last year Niantic added a lot more spawn points so I can walk around the local streets and catch Pokemon now.