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  1. Yea acekard 2i its great for both and in case u get an dsi u can still use it
  2. Yeah guys its a program i was gonna use game maker for it because i have a lot of experience with the program
  3. Did you patch then wait without exiting anything until the patched file had 256MB?
  4. LOL no i was only gonna give him the second gym dont wanna go over board
  5. If you want i can make my own patch for you i got all rough translated in the second gym i can get it to u bye tommorrow
  6. Not really If they get em in time it should have up to the second gym completely translated(Rough if they use mine lol)I got the patch for my roughs.
  7. I'm trying to help too lol Mine are all rough but readable.
  8. I stumbled upon this today and got it to work up to three lines of text(after that it's clitchy so im still working on it ).Still its better then nothing .Here we go : What you need: Open Office(pretty sure you must have this) Internet PPtxt Nitro Explorer. (Take the Jap text from the Kanji type translate then put into the Hiragana type it translates better) 1.Read this tutorial on how to edit NDS rom text HERE 2.Open Your Text and copy and paste it into google translate. 3.Once you translated your text paste the translated text into Open Office. 4.After that Hit edit the find and replace 5.In the find box put \x0000e and in the replace box put \xfffe the hit find all then replace all 6.Then we have one more thing(don't do this and then you will only have two lines of text working) In the find box put \x00000 븁 \x00000 and do the same as step five but replace it with xf000븀\x0000. 7.Reinsert your .narc into the rom and play there should be translated text where you translated and it should work mostly(remember past three lines is pretty clitchy but its wayyyy better then nothing.)
  9. also wait for the newly patched game to grow to 265mb
  10. Hey Guys Just wanted to let you Know i'm working on making it so you can use google tranlate(if i get it ill post a tut)Right now i got it so there are 2 lines of text (if u tried google and tested you know what i'm talking about)I'm working on three right now so this can help us with the simple stuff. GOT THREE LINES!
  11. Read a little man in the first 3 posts
  12. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey you probaly already no this but if you change the text in pptxt to kanji from hirangana or somting then put it in google translate it comes out with a pretty good translation.</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>Im working on making it so that google doesnt mess it up (so far up to two lines of text lol)</p></p></p></p></p>