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  1. Are you sure that the rom wasn't modified at all?
  2. The Chromebook VBA-M (according to what I found after a bit of research) is based on an old Mac version of VBA. If I'm not wrong that version only supported save states (so no .sav loading), had not option for cheats and even fast forward was missing.
  3. PkHex is a PC software. And you can use PkHex as long as you have access to homebrew launcher (which has no risk involved), there's no need to install arm9loaderhax (but its recommended though). You just need to remember to have backups of the saves you edit in case something goes wrong and you should be good.
  4. Its expressed in minutes:seconds.hundredths of a seconds. Getting to the flawless frame takes about 34 days without fast-forward. The Ditto frame you are talking about should be reachable with a powerful computer too (if the case we are talking about months and not 20+ years).
  5. Upload the save so we can check if we get the same error. Have you tried using an emulator?
  6. Welcome! If you have a way of dumping your saves you can start a game and add the Hoopa to your save. You can get one here (as a base file which makes editing easy in case you want to do so): As long as you have backups of your saves, messing around a bit with the tool should be the easiest way of learning how to do most of the basic stuff with it.
  7. If you used PkHex you should have a backup of the save in the bak folder. That one shouldn't be corrupted.
  8. This is what I found after searching a bit around my files. Those are from users of the forum (HaxAras and InsaneNutter I think). Pokemon Emerald Tickets Save (J).sav Japanese Emerald Save From Used Cart.sav
  9. You can open PkHex twice. Load your save in one of the windows and load a 3rd to 5th gen save with the other that contains the Pokémon you desire. Now you can just drag an drop the Pokémon from one window to the other without any problems. Dumping the boxes should work but I would suggest you to try doing it the old-fashioned way to make sure you get no errors after loading the save.
  10. Welcome! If you want to get to know all the Pokémon names my advice would be to play the games themselves if you haven't played them yet or if its has been a long time since the last time you did. I would highly recommend 3rd gen games as an introduction (since they have pretty acceptable graphics and the Pokémon found in those games can be transfered to the current games unlike what happens in the first two with the exeption of the new 1st gen Virtual Console compatibility).
  11. Do you have a backup of the save? In that case you would be able to try again. If you keep getting the same type of crash you can also try to use someone else's living dex (like the one ReignOfComputer uploaded here: Make sure you are using PkHex (or PokéGen which should work without problems too).
  12. I think that you're talking about Gen 4 spreads. In a dead battery Emerald, the only "reachable" flawless frame is this one (Method 1):
  13. You can use this page to check which ribbons are possible (since a lot of them are impossible to obtain): http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Ribbons_in_the_games
  14. Okay I'll add you then. And remember to send me a PM on friday so I don't forget.
  15. resolved

    Use this file here (from my personal RNGs too): 384 ★ - レックウザ - 235C0C7A001E.pk7 Remember to open your save file first. Then, drag the file to a free slot in one of your boxes.