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  1. Bug report

    Already been reported & fixed: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/f3382bbd603652230508cc232379424080a0d9e3

  3. Gen 2 pokemon help

    Trading to RBY removes the met location data; since the PKM on crystal had met location data, it implies it was never traded back to RBY (as the met data still exists).
  4. Blissey Invalid?

    Probably something preventing it from truly being a Happiny encounter (ie something only Chansey can have).
  5. GSC "Normal Box" + Stadium PK1 Bugs

    Some of those pk1's have held item 0x2D (teru-sama), not either of the boxes... is that supposed to be correct? That item ID transfers to bitter berry. The stadium encounters get rejected because the held item is not either of the boxes.
  6. QR code incompatible

    QR Injection still works for generation 6. You're generating QRs in the generation 7 format; load a generation 6 save file then generate the QR.
  7. QR code incompatible

    Use the latest release; you still need an exploitable browser version (-22).
  8. Pokémon SUMO QR Injection

    a simple google search for "pkhex sun moon qr" will give you all the help you need.
  9. Need Hep

    Delete the PKHeX.Core.dll and executable, then extract the latest posted release.
  10. Bug report

    It's a new addition; for gen6 it isn't behaving correctly like the gen7 variant. It's accidentally resetting other flags (unknown side effects), so you're probably best off reverting to the backup. The new version (posting maybe tomorrow) will have it fixed. Relevant fix: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/9864d84704a8e487c79c7b242cb6ef0c1f7d4755#diff-6477ac5c93a0823ea429ed4c67f8455dL434
  11. Error with myster gift pokemon

    Do you have an mgdb folder? Not sure how you snuck invalid mystery gift data into the program (I'm not able to replicate what you're experiencing).
  12. Bug report

  13. PkHex Legality Errors on Gen 6

    fixed 1,4,5; would need to see pkms for 2 & 3 https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/fb326500c1427774c34a346ec2b77ed49e1c7c97 thanks for the report