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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Yellow Forest PokéWalker Course This Course Map unlocks the Yellow Forest PokéWalker Course for HeartGold and SoulSilver games. It was distributed over Nintendo Wi-Fi for all European games during the above dates. Wondercard ID 048 Games HGSS Type Wi-Fi Dates 04.01.2010-05.05.2010
  2. It'd probably be better if we didn't allow it. One of our staff members described it as our site acting "as a broker for monetary rom hacking deals", which sounds really sketchy IMO. Based on what you want, I think Ohana3DS is what you'd want to use if you want to try it yourself. I don't know its memory requirements, but the FAQ implies it can run in 32-bit, where the maximum that could be used is 2GB.
  3. @Dio_Vento has recently released his ROM hacks of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Based on his previous work, Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Pokémon Star Sapphire, these hacks aim to provide a legitimate challenge to players seeking something more from the latest Pokémon games. Here's the trailer: Features include (but are not limited to): Harsher level curve New trainer & gym teams NPC's using Mega Evolution Improved item availability Trade-based evolutions can be done in-game Downloads, as well as more information, can be found in the project thread.
  4. Here you go:
  5. What size is the save you're trying to restore?
  6. Load the game and use File > Import Backup Memory
  7. The .Net Framework 4.6 comes with many useful features compared to 4.0, which lets certain new additions be more easily made. You'll either have to get a version of mono that supports .Net 4.6 or install Windows (you can use a VM if you don't want to swap on your main computer). (Edit) Details can be found here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2015/07/20/announcing-net-framework-4-6/ I think the most notable improvement for now is faster start time (JIT compiler).
  8.  Nintendo has released update 11.3.0-36. It patches safehax, so if you do not have CFW installed, do not update if you wish to install it (instructions can be found here). Without CFW, updating will prevent you from using save editors like PKHeX or ROM hacks until homebrew is updated.
  9. IRC

    Connection Details: Channel: #ProjectPokemon Hostname/Network: irc.projectpokemon.org Port: 6667
  10. In order to backup or restore your 3DS saves, you will first need access to CFW or homebrew. Plailect's comprehensive guide on how to set up CFW can be found here. If that guide gives you no options, check Smealum's homebrew website to see if you have a compatible homebrew entrypoint. If you do not have one, you cannot backup or restore your 3DS saves without a Cybergadget, which only works on Japanese retail cartridges and is outside the scope of this guide. Powersaves, the SMS4, and the NDS Backup Adapter Plus will not work because the export the raw save. It must first be decrypted, which can only be done with a hacked 3DS or a Cybergadget. If you're using CFW: Download the latest version of JKSM and copy the CIA file to your 3DS's SD. Install the CIA with FBI. Open JKSM If you wish to backup or restore a save on a retail cartridge, choose Cartridge. If you wish to backup or restore a save on an eShop game, choose SD/CIA and choose the correct game. If your game is not listed, go back to the main menu, choose "Refresh Games", and try again. Choose "Save Data Options". Choose "Export Save" or "Import Save" (depending on what you want to do), choose a save slot, and follow any additional prompts. Your save should now be imported or exported. If you're using Homebrew: Download the latest version of JKSM and copy the 3ds folder to the root of your 3DS's SD. Open the homebrew menu using your favorite homebrew entrypoint. Choose JK's Save Manager, and target the game you wish to manage. Choose "Save Data Options". Choose "Export Save" or "Import Save" (depending on what you want to do), choose a save slot, and follow any additional prompts. Your save should now be imported or exported.
  11. Sorry about that. Will fix the link when I'm at a computer. Here's the correct one: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases/latest
  12. What says JKSM couldn't be found?
  13. I thought the definition of "legal" was "it could happen in-game given the correct circumstances". [Edit] Hmmm... this is more complicated than I thought. I don't really know, although I don't know how to change my vote in the poll.
  14. I think we just need the payloads to be updated.
  15. I recommend that you follow http://3ds.guide/ before updating, so you will have more options in the future. You never know when you want to try out the latest homebrew or ROM hacks.
  16. The most recent update of Invision Power Board (IPB, our forum system) comes integrated with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) support. We've decided to switch to this having previously relied on an external plugin. Anyone who has previously configured 2FA will need to re-configure it. We apologize for the inconvenience, but on the bright side, this shouldn't be necessary in the future since as long as we stay with IPB. For those of you who are not familiar with 2FA, it is a way to secure your account even further. In the event someone steals your password, they will be unable to enter your account without also having access to a device of yours that runs Google Authenticator. To set it up, install Google Authenticator on a supported device, scan the bar code found in your account settings, and enter the code that Authenticator displays. If you aren't able to use Google Authenticator or simply don't want to, you can also try WinAuth (thanks to @ReignOfComputer for making me aware of this). Using 2FA is not required, but highly recommended. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a PM, reply to this thread, or ask in our IRC channel.
  17. Hi Soljermon, it's been a while! When prompted to enter the Google Authenticator code, you can click "Verify using another method", which will let you send yourself a recovery email to get around it. Admins are also able to disable 2FA in extraordinary circumstances. Because of the hack, @Alpha has decided to require all staff to use 2FA. (See "MFA will be required!" in our super-secret staff forum.) I personally think we'd be fine only requiring it for those with access to the ACP or the front page, but now it's harder for hackers to do even more damage.
  18. This program will let you edit various things in the saves of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, and some parts of the ROM for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky! You need the .Net Framework 4.6 to use 4.0.4 and above. Other versions only require 4.5. Last Update: 12/23/2016 Latest Version: v4.0.11 Beta Download Changelog: Current Features: Credits: -evandixon (Developer) -Grovyle91 (Research of item structure) -Prof. 9 (Team Name character encoding) -matix2267 (Research of Pokémon structure) -Demonic722 (Help with cheat generation) -psy_commando (lots of stuff for ROM editing) Old Downloads: -Sky Editor 4.0.5 - Only save editing -Sky Editor 4.0.4 - Only save editing -Sky Editor 4.0.3 - Only save editing -Sky Editor 3.2.zip -Sky Editor 3.2 (No DeSmuMe).zip - same as above, but without DeSmuMe integration to keep the file size low. -Sky Editor 3.2 (Full).zip - Contains debug symbols and XML comments. Only useful if you're a developer. -Sky Editor 3.2 (Source).zip - Contains the source code for Sky Editor 3.2. When you download a zip file, it's important that you right-click on it, got to Properties, then general, then click the button that says "Unblock" near the bottom. Otherwise, you might not be able to do anything with Sky Editor. Source on GitHub Other downloads: Sky Editor v2.0 R.zip Sky Editor v2.1..zip Sky Editor v2.2..zip Sky Editor v2.3..zip Sky Editor v2.6..zip Sky Editor v3.0.1.zip Sky Editor 3.1 Final.zip Sky Editor 3.2 (No DeSmuMe).zip
  19. Yep. They can be found here: https://github.com/evandixon/SkyEditor.SaveEditor/tree/master/SkyEditor.SaveEditor/Resources/en (I should probably put these on the PP wiki at some point.)
  20. If you make a thread for it, I'll sticky it.
  21. It'd probably be easier to manage if we had one thread per request. New requests can be made in the same forum. On a side note, we should prefix future completed request threads to make it clear which ones are completed and which ones are pending. I'll go ahead and tag this one. [Edit] I moved the last few requests to their own threads, so it'll be a little easier to keep track of them.
  22. I just announced thread number 39999, figured I'd go for 40000 as well.
  23. I am unable to replicate the issue. What specific edits are you making that results in the crash? If you have a 3DS, that makes things much easier. See here for more information and alternatives:
  24. PKHeX.Core.dll is a code library that can be referenced by other applications (like PKHeX.exe) to extend their functionality. It is not a plugin for other applications.
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Original Author: RubenPikachu Source retrieved from https://pikaedit.wordpress.com/